Organizing Opinion(s)

how do your feelings affect my feelings?

good things come to those who resist distractions; better yet, avoid distractions

become a scientist isn’t a mix and match type of process: it is a systemically well thought out curriculum that must be undergone: like boot camp, in the same way you don’t revive guns on the first day.

thinking [1] as a behavior or preventing abortion

I value experience over materistic things: including human meat sacks

Conservatism by nature is a form of social stigma

Does the feeling come after the thought process has been performed?

too tired to care too tired to have an opinion

saying somethign is right or wrong as a goal; rights or wrong goals: is like saying you’re opinion (goal in categorizing or performing) is wrong
Conservatives lack curiosity: the fear of the unknown.

I have no desires to convince pro lifers to be pro choice or vice versa: as i understand the insignificance of their words.

When did morality start?
when did dogma start?

morality as in moral behavior

Conservatism values common sense more than liberalism does.

Organizing Opinion=Organizing feelings

as long as they are pro life they don’t care

telling your feelings what to do; or let them tell you what to do (what is happening to you, how you are programmed)
For example, I’ll only do when I feel like it.

Are opinions even supposed to be organized? And when they are put organized are they made “un-special;” for example, It’s just a baby, or it’s just a word: it’s not special to me.

Specifically and pyscholgoically speaking: define force; The point is, we all have different definitions based on it based on the way we’re attached to things.

I murder people however much I want and that desire is none

Does moral=God; In terms of thinking style?

stop dividing and treating us differently because of the labels we are assigned by just because i am pro life doesn’t mean i am pro-choice
This is called respecting desires.

Attitude Notes – Documented 8/7/2021

i hate struggling i want to be a scientist already/ something good HAPPEN TO ME ALREADY; Is science something that happen to you?


I am good now because i sucked before I’ve burt myself out of mistakes

other people motivate us
moral motivation

necessary evil
love is connected to necessity evils just because you don’t realize this connection does not mean its not there

socially awkward professors
socializing requires social identity i don’t have i am not me i am nature don’t treat me specially

allowed to want is laws
addiction is giving up control hierarchic and repentance is motivation to live and continue on society

“think to self”

God as a euphemism for fear

i am so behind in life

tome short that’s what makes it special since if we had forever it’d be meaningless no pressure goals

meaning implications
meaning is either goal (ex. meaning that you must do this, set this goal, make yourself want to do this) or implications

match scientists’ (learn from best) opinion, opinion encompasses schedule too, all is considered in formulating opinion and you may not this and is exactly what makes you factually measured ignorant

Does manliness even exist and does it only exists in the head as a moral personality goal?

tired of maual labor writing this

What’s stopping you

random and uncorrelated plan therefore failed, keyword: uncorrelated
Moral tiresome somethign else about this and how it’s just to stay in society and not confirmed or clear goal
its hard to id this cause it don’t exist bit in head and requires same experience and motivation to stay or else
why is my body shivering? A; Because I am doing something wrong prevent it stop it now, or else get addicted and suffer the consequences

11:27 pm: spending energy to say forget them

takes a particular kind if energy to resist




love is a form of addiction (and opinions encompass addictions)

stupidity rewarded is being moral social refilling

vague hierarchy not scientific thought process rather replaceable changeable interchangeable “facts”

Care about criticisms, taking it personally or as constructive depends on the persons’ attitude themselves, and you cannot change a person if they are not willing to learn.

apply scientific method to thought process
anti abortion (known as conservative) thought [process]

deliberately controlling (going against the wind, up the hill rhetoric here) desires whilst tempted is hard, as used for information in the used, i wish i didn’t have to experience this and only experience what is needed for being a scientist.
looking for experience because i am curious

making decision based on feelings an putting into words: if you’re susceptible to getting bored [then…] it isn’t worth it

it’s a matter of sharing information ideally and who can reach the conclusions since not everyone reaches the same thoughts via the same energy experience

it won’t mean much to one if they don’t care to respect them involving dogma here

goal set to gain new ideas deliberately

scientists energy indication

motivation to parse goals since anyone can merely think in in terms of words
complex issue

treat everything else as a distraction; “not enough time” (because you have other priorities goals, feelings attached to ideas, that you think you must attend to as form of a mental limit; setting goals is a form of setting a mental limit, deliberately, like deliberately forcing opinion) to fix it

shared decisions make it work this is called morality

care about Identifying how you care

hierarchy is motivation, since you feel the need to satisfy someone elses’ feelings, sharing feelings with them.
weighted gpa

republican’s, like cops deal with the really bad and dumb (republican’s don’t hang out with scientist, but someone does: and those are the liberals, hence why liberals tend to be scientists), to keep society safe for us smart people.

smart people aren’t gullible to right wing populisms’ rhetoric.

pro goals con goals
Deeming as pro and con is a goal in and of itself; It is a form of a mathematic calculation; What are the limits of math?

Winners require losers? or can we all be winners?

Don’t be embarrassed for who you are, and yes, feeling good is a form of feeling embarrassed. Don’t allow yourself to be treated specially (respected) as something specially by other people- you are nothing more than a rock.

possible interactions

Good requires bad and the more good (thankful) the more bad it means that they have experienced.

human interaction with the environment= studying science

Everybody starts somewhere and at the same place: birth.

It takes a certain amount of energy (opinion) to think and write these notes.

If it makes sense to you then you are delusional.

why the usage of the word: indoctrination doesn’t make any sense.

Trick is to have 100 percent control of yourself, no morality. Morality is giving up control a part of your body.

Categorizing themselves and emphasizing white is a from of a racist opinion itself.

true left wingers aren’t illegal immigrants as bribed, true lefties and leftist’s are curious people, who don’t follow authority.

“Don’t get used to this”

how does work just means how does it change?

Setting one goal and settling with it: hard head, not getting distracted easily, full focusing (all or nothing), changing goal based on situations, not blindly following goals, rather being specific to context.

if it is something that requires artificial encouragement then it isn’t worth it: following morality.

Don’t sacrifice (=changing desires, turning point) brains for brawns.

Getting mad is a form of good motivation, as everything (all parts of life lived from baby to 17 years old aka now) should be considered.

working a job you hate is like virtually cutting off your own foot.

All else (other forms of pressure, only form of pressure that exists:) is peer pressure.

Hierarchy itself is a form of an opinionated answer, a goal.

It takes more skill to try and change someone deliberately without using shame than using shame.

Debate possibilities

Abortion is a more complex issue, than is it dogma and morals.

Reasons, results are goal(s that are identified)

Don’t have an opinion on others’ opinions, try to understand their opinions, deliberately set this goal as this is what feelings mean and the body automatically does.

Opinions are always a phase

“I shouldn’t feel comfortable doing this”

opinion correlation

Everything can be solved if the scientific method is applied

i don’t want to ‘respect people’: this is why smart people avoid people, we don’t feel the need to be obligated to treat a bag of skin with respect, this is also why we tend to be very intelligent.

scientist feelings no feelings used in science

Everyone is born a genius, not all geniuses have the resources to stay as geniuses: This [proves inequality and controlled by surroundings. How people work: how to set goals. Awareness of one specific facts, and since facts are not debatable it’s not left wing groupthink in academia.

Current goal: putting feelings into words


The criteria is the experience itself; This is why I hypothesize that school is just a silently selecting criteria: if it were easy then everyone would do it, it’s all about who is willing to manipulate what they want in order to get this goal; See: success not coming without sacrifice, the harder the work the greater the reward.

only when you feel the need to remember it will you do it, that’s how feelings work

Marxism clearly depicts how society works that’s why right wingers hate it

Change is uncomfortable, always

Sharing information ideally creates feelings

Without mistakes, you wouldn’t know what to avoid

mistakes pattern

Life is an experiment; Treat is like a scientist would: as a scientific experiment, know what variables to measure.

What life tells you to measure.

Expecting feelings; Don’t expect to feel safe if you keep visiting the public.

Decided to set the goal of chasing new ideas, generating new ideas, foricng new opinions

Are feelings useless? Is fear useless? Is there ever such a thing as rational fear? And if there is, is fear a necessary evil that is to be stored in the back of ones’ head?

I am mad at my feelings, I want to know how to take out anger on my feelings.

“it makes sense” says the person; “yeah, to you, be aware of your own bias” says the next person.

if one person is happy does that imply another is sad? And what does this have to say/imply about societal energy?

family is a necessary evil, all so called good things, as categorized motivated to be categorized as such is a form of a necessary evil ideally speaking.

Desires are just desires

Pursue desires?

it’s the same thing (thing as in message) shared in 40 different ways.

only when you feel the need to [remember/do] it will you then do it.

treat it like as scientist would

sharing feelings remembering remind useless

what chasing useless feeling unnecessary unnecessary goals

necessary/unnecessary goals

What it’s actually doing subconsciously to your head if you mentally limit yourself via morality.

opinions are like bathroom business: they should be a social construct as something that shouldn’t be shared?
Are most of what people know and follow a form of social constructs?

feelings in head means that it exist solely and only in the head and only in the head
like respectane

the white people are systematically feeding off of black peoples’ energy.

when did the world start? We need to consider this piece of information too, in the equation.

hitting does not work for some meaning it does not work for all since we need to consider all of the societal effects of how it affects others, scientifically speaking.

Religion as a form of suicide prevention

Religious people are deep down insec.

unintentional goals

Taking an idiots’ opinions is like taking a car mechanist’ opinion on how to fly a jet.

keywords: understanding desire, facts aren’t debatable, we are actually constantly stuck in a phase, setting goals how humans work, connect the dots, put the pieces together,

When going to vote, systematically speaking, we always vote for our individual best interest, if someone elses’ interests encompasses it.

take out anger on myself to change not professors problem it’s your problem

hate what they lack

know where to look for it then learn how to learn

Curriculums = expecting what to learn

words are ideal calculations: like math; Therefore, politics shouldn’t be taken personally.

Keyword: translate, nowhere near as you think, when to know to conclude something as a fact using the words only and deductive reasoning, societies and others don’t exist but as respectance in your head (why do you think so few people decide to completely leave society?; Proof that we are controlled by surroundings)

Hating idea in head, wanting is needing

Studying (considering) history makes you a libearl

judging one solely by their political views

Keyword: balanced, training feelings,

if you have the energy to spend on complaining then you have the energy to spend on caring to understand why.

Studying science is not done for chasing feelings or hoping to get someone to love you back it’s done to satisfy your own curiosity.
Inspirational: science chasing feelings not done for…

motivated to identify something as as such as… [insert word used here]

Societies expectations=morals

they’re not helping they perpetuate forms of hate disguised as love. Why not just prevent the problem to begin with? Be proactive, not reactive, reactionary conservatives.

Conservatives don’t comes in good faith to debate: Their goals are to triggers us.

Since conservatives deal with criminals a lot: That is why they tend to think in terms of morality, not curiosity.

Pro life requires a fear-mongering experiences, that’s why many pro lifers try to unexpectedly shove abortion pictures to face.

subconsciously calculating multitasking, if you label specific facts that you can’t comprehend and conclude that as a liberal bias as labeled, that is a personal problem.

You want to know why I know how right wingers act? A: Because I used to be one of them, I was that boy, I was that idiot. I was that fool that fell into the trap of being mindlessly manipulated to get mad at people whom I’ve had no idea about, judging them solely by their political views: Like a pro lifers trying to convince a pro choicer as soon as they heard they were pro choice: This is proof that they came in bad faith goals; Consider conservatives life: they hit people, bully their kids and make fun of them.

I really feel sorry for anyone who falls into that trap of investing energy into that moral crap.

Politics isn’t unrelated to science: it’s only unrelated if you think it is as somethign special, a set of ideas expressed via verbatim, all forms of politics is a form of an opinion, therefore it’s all bad.

I don’t like to hang out with right wingers because stupidly is contagious

Feelings are done solely in the head

[insert politics view] thought process.

Is judging a necessity evil?

Don’t speak about things that you have absolutely no idea about

What is the end goal in discussing this?

Right wing ideas are always populism: it requires someone to hate: weather or be g**s or the elite, etc.

I don’t speak stupid

Understand your goals better than you understand mine.

right wingers have a deluded view of understanding natural desires, because they are a part of it. refer see: overpowering desires.

I am using conservatives information gained for critising, helping my crirtizign skills.

lack of stupid is what leads me to do great things

waste energy hating others’ goals


study history change mind

facts about facts affect aren’t debatable morals prevent

deeps downs lonely people=republican’s

Liberal just means curious, stop creating new words like god and getting mad at people just because.

Why use the term liberal to describe the humanities? That’s the only nature of the humanities, what is the end goal?

Deeming as different=comparison being made as calculated in the head.

What is the end goal in sharing liberal thought police? A more clear example: What is the end goal in calling out a Champagne socialists’, and why does that term even exist? A: To embarrass them?, so much for free wills.
Used as a guilt tripping mechanism in the head

ego = controlling

Don’t respect republican’s, just kill them, our end goal, globalist agenda is that we don’t need them (for end goal agenda), meaning we need them to not exist as a threat.

Right wingers look for something new to get mad at, That’s their behavior.

Behavior goals

Don’t treat the blacks as if they’re bad, and you’re good: Don’t be like the white people and leave them dirty.

end goal of changing desires to pursue
is like controlling desires.

Getting mad at someone but still respecting them not (WANT TO as otherwise) to kill them is proof that you are trying to get them to feel bad and take it personally.

Be glad for them get mad at the right things because if it weren’t for liberals: You probably wouldn’t have that iPhone, yes apple leans liberally.

categorizing ideas in head Aka organizing takes energy that some don’t’ have

tired of caring

I must care about manual labor in order to write this but I must hate physical work in order to reach certain thoughts, so how am i supposed to documents these thoughts? Or are they meant to be experienced not to be documented?

Studying science is just being honest with yourself, no self control.

Self control is actually bad.

obsess react testing training same suffixes words
fun goal set for having fun do it for the experience itself
we all help each other out even if we don’t think that we do
intimidation debate not a science lab

engaging in culture wars is pushing moral boundaries this content doesn’t get the attention of intelligent liberals
ask what is right wingers end goal? putting such contents online.
we aren’t programmed like that as humans

you are the problem yourself always

controlling desires is the hardest
forcing opinions

life telling me, since my thoughts are only speaking to me as a separate person from another point of view: quite literally

i don’t value the rules as much as I used to anymore because they don’t make as much noise and cause discomfort anymore

i want to take out energy on me

Why don’t people just cooperate and not be a b***h.

can i just do something fun already?

avoiding life

share your thoughts and feelings

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/21/2021

TIP: Know what you’ll be doing first, then perform it; experience it; via the curriculum- the point is, is to know what will happen.

^ This proves that nothing is really new, rather we just experience the event in action.

why specifically me as in why me lord

it tastes like [it] feels like [it] etc.

sense of [privacy]

need something to work on as a problem to fix like cops schedule as interchange variables

meaning is feeling attachment

wrong place wrong time

making sense of feelings

real reason for being pro life is feelings dopamine’s is produces problem solely in head

allowing self to want following policy

mapping out state of mind see it as a state of mind as a pov; look bad on paper (hitting in theory anything pragmatic) and bad on paper (socialisms good ideally state of mind); know the differences

How do you know, plan to change opinion later: means to look for new answers acknowledging the fact that you don’t know everything.

TIP: Follow curriculum, never make actual conclusions

The goal isn’t just to reach that state of mind for 1 or 2 seconds to receive a bit of a dopamine’s boost, but rather to maintain that until you die, and you can do this, (TIP HERE): VIA A SCHEDULE WITH INTERCHANGABLE VARIABLES, allowing yourself to want different things only at a certain time frame.

Science is just studying yourself, your own senses and how things: things as in atoms, particles, in specific, react to your existsiance (bodies’ senses) by the second.

Science is something that can happen to you not you happen to it

Set the goal to understand and you will have no feelings; As mentioned above if someone else gets in the way of you transferring info from surroundings, then that’s going to stop learning curriculum. Its like someone barging into science lab and coughing all over the place, the point is, is that it’s going to mess up some of experiments’ specifics.

Libertarianism and directly affecting

not all values are the same

not everyone values the same ethics – this is proof that we put feelings on a different matter here. Using this sentence will only help one become aware of the fact that we are only emotionally attached to said sentences.

does everyone have the same basic ethics

According to the definition of ethics (moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.), we are subconsciously actually constantly being governed by ideas of morality.

you don’t actually know this (are aware of this: because you cannot always put feeling into words) but you pretend more than you think that you do, for example when talking with others you delude yourself imagine physically respecting and pretend to respect them, which is deemed as actually respect someone since vague system and not nature reality system that’s how feelings work

you don’t actually touch anything; It has to do with measuring things existsiance of passage of events in terms of electrons.

check on scale unit of measurement

Feelings existing is proof that you are unnecessarily making a big deal out of something.

Always manipulated to want, possible desires, why do you think we need new lawmakers based on unexpected events that occur.

Does unexpected mean unaware since we are born scientists in the learning phase?

Being pro death penalty for the reasons of being confidence attached to the idea that it deters murderers is a personal problem not a pragmatically applicable problem, a problem that, potential murderers too, need to change themselves.

The drama, too, is a part of politics, it’s all intentional, and it acts as form or motivation or average people.

You see something as good and bad, it’s just that you don’t know it yet; For example liberals see being moral as bad and something that is to never to be engaged in (and will not change their minds about it), in the same way Republicans see murder as bad and would never even do it. And until republicans can acknowledge and sympathize with this liberal mindset, they will never be able to understand us.

Seeing it as a weakness vs. seeing it as a strength. For example, categorizing anti social behavior as a strength and not a weakness.

Liberals believe that merely being in the pro-life state of mind as something bad– as an infringement on civil liberties. They don’t want to change or have others change to be pro-life. See: seeing it as as state of mind, not as ideas or behaviors that are to be taken personally. Knowing when to take what personally.

Pro life as a form of woman abusing

And pro death penalty for born people is valid feelings to have.

acting in public is interpreted as vague behavior.

check on science fiction and nature of this specific physical realm

Check on “getting in the way of” Either you got in my way or I got in yours, is what morality is.

Conservative opinions are more opinionated, (need to measure public opinion here) meaning that they’re based on more feelings-related dogma. For example, they see the world in terms of property rights and not nature as nature. They use labels such as illegals to describes others’ desires, actions as divided.

by measuring opinions we are seeing how far you are deluded in your own world.

Saying I am an atheist is just saying I haven’t performed the calculation to conclude weather or not a God exists or not. It’s like saying I don’t know what the answer to 100×100 is because I am intimated (putting feelings into words here) by it’s large numbers.

In the same way one can submit and perform [2-proof that thoughts are just considerations] the thought of killing someone or not, the same thing with abortion, don’t act like a slave to ideas (aka the law that is supposed to be directly enforced)

Some things just aren’t meant to be, some contents are to be solely said and not written (at the same time, I don’t have 4 arms to do this you know!) and others are to be written and not stated

Fists speak (aka. violent behavior) (via behavior or paying attn aka. looking for to words) of peaceful voice speak

For me there is a difference in personal values and enforcing the contents of my values (see: labels don’t change contents of said person, only change what is as stored in your mind according to the nature of nature) onto others via the law; I am personally pro life, and but politically pro choice.

think in terms of possible definitions, think in terms of rights and wrong, think in terms of possible thinking in terms of. See: check on scale unit of measurement

Thinking in terms of variables, considering physicals subconsciously but not explicitly acknowledged via verbatim

Satisfied my only curiosity

Your feelings are my feelings

“It’s not there unless you think it is”

What if I was immune to stupidity, the only way to be this immune is if you didn’t have to be forced to experience it by time.

What are examples of: “You can’t be both”

Science is just studying yourself, your body, your own senses.

Keywords: Real, Fake, Bare Minimum, Set time aside for new things on schedule.

TIP: JSYK, wanting to write this itself is a form of an opinion itself. see below:

not do it unless pressured therefore it doesn’t become important or deemed as a necessary unless important, this is how you work as a human being, slight physical abuse

“how do you know?”

“You didn’t ask, [so] I didn’t tell” [1] [2]

Being aware of specific motivation=studying science.

How to organize ideas so that they don’t produce any feelings

Is it necessary to think this as of right now? And are you what you what you think? For example thinking of pro-life ideals, vs. being pro-life? Any differences here?

Keywords: Relationship between,

Only emotional attachments make you want things to stay the same

What does socialist mean to you? A: depending on who you ask right wingers claim facasism because it personally hurts their businesses, but left wingers claim anti facasism because it hurts their civil liberties.

Think in terms of possible experiences measuring experiences

“Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves”

time is something that is to be became aware of

Studying science is something that is to be specifically motivated by, what is nature motivated by?; And is science something that can be studied?

Are others a part of your body? When experiencing the living of life?

When confused, ask yourself: What are you experiencing, exactly?

“You shouldn’t be confused by specific facts, and if you are it implies that you are not willing to change to become a scientist”

I think that children need to be in science labs more than they need to be in school.

Asking questions requires identifying the variable that is to be ‘found out’ first.

What does the very fact that nobody is boring having friends or nobody is born wanting to have abortions imply?

What do your feelings depend on? is basically asking how do your feelings work

politics only exists because we respect each others desires and we treat each others’ desires as something different based upon it. we react differently based upon weather or not one is identifies similarly to us or not.

Everything you do, you actually only do for you, your feelings. Therefore, declining euthanasia is also done via done for the persons’ who declindes’ mental health

it changes, but what exactly is up for the people to decide.

Are the ideas shown in a negative light or is that the only way it can be shown, as in, is that the nature of the ideas? Eg, wanting to kill someone via the death penalty.

Thinking in terms of money or systematic influences.

all answers are answer’s to the question of why; for example, as a riddle, the answer is 45 what are the possible questions that lead to 45 as the answer?

Why do we define the word first? A: to avoid confusion

Proof that we are always manipulated to want as otherwise, as else: Stating: “i was a Marxist” vs. stating that “I wanted to pursue marxisms’ end goals”

“nothing is a big deal unless you make it a big deal” – and you won’t know how important it is, until it’s gone[1,2,3].

everybody feels, everybody feels the same way, etc.

knowing the value of money; This is proof that in order to make someone chase the goal of meaning, since meaning=short term feelings goal- basically an opinion.

“Value of a hard earned dollar”

stop dreaming

Thought Process= depends on the actual process of experiencing itself. therefore, by using words, we are actually describing theoretical thought processes and not the present tense.

Motivated to forms of living

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/20/2021

care to identify the specifics enough

as long as you can ask why, that there itself is a variable that is to be classified

is everything we experience an idea, in our head only are we in a simulation?

is respecting others only a form of showing others over us as a from of authority physicals respecting
see: me before you policy quotes, you as a priority

Guns can be used in many different ways, and aren’t solely just killing machines, same with govt.

It’s usually not important until, unless we need it (if as in physical info and how to use it: symbolism, energy to id. as symbolism) to survive

feel the need to id cops as the solution?

investing energy

perfect the way you are

relationship of thinking this thought and feeling this and feeling that thoughts are useless when in reality is has some sort of correlation; proving the usefulness of reflection and awareness of own behavior
thinking that it’s useless and as else

If it means something bad (interpreting the variable of others’ attitude, feelings, perspective, from my perspective) to conservatives that means it’s actually good to us, as liberals that’s how I use, interpret said information, desires as expressed by them

intelligence costs morality, vague possibilities don’t cut it anymore as satisfaction standards of desires changes. This is why anti social intelligent people isolate themselves, because we need to be immoral for a while and don’t want to risk getting caught or hurting others.

Performing the lawyer thought process

I consciously stop the development of opinions on others’ opinions

What if I could record my whole life from my p.o.v. and when I die it’s all stored in the cloud, would that even make it special? asking this as a liberal idealist

liberals want to avoid the hardships and others too as that is what keeps them liberals to be with

how does it feel like to describe yourself personality character traits

mental health the fact that there is such words exist is proof that it’s a judgmental stigmatized created type of word

you, yourself are the experience itself

on conservapedia: It’s not about weather or not it’s true it’s about if it’s funny or not

Existsiance of non-specific, many possibilities denotated by one vague word.

“Your behavior means nothing to me” refer to opinion=scale of interpreting [parts of ones’ own surroundings, content that sensed]

Assigning a bigger meaning=symbolism

physicals are the very things that give feeling

depends on []

What is [this idea here’s] relationship to you?

curiosity-powered research is unbiased research, money-powered research is not.

It’s either that you’re performing research or not

How do we, as conservative, liberally lawmakers use the information that life begins at conception?

*You can still be in the state of mind of being pro-choice accepting that piece of info as a fact.

Judging factual ideas, judging=cherry-picking specific facts.

stop the feelings pattern cycle, consider the past and learn from it.

It’s about the process of defining such a word.

what you want is based on how you use the information gained

don’t take politics and religion as a separate idea, since they both interfere subconsciously as only a part of ones’ life.

[insert vague noun object here; such as church] is categorized by their [insert characteristic here]; reminds of of something that [insert characteristic here]

Consciously know hat the very thing that liberals see as good is the very thing that conservatives see as bad; Convinced to be a liberal or a conservatives avoiding via both sides; For example, when conservatives make fun of people for not complying they are only pointing (what us libs, see as the:) out the good parts of being a liberal.
It’s the conservatives that take our behaviors very seriously and personally

the language of how we interpret language is done solely based on feelings

specifics matter

theory: physicals are unnecessary informations, ideas, solely ideas.

making mistakes intentionally

doctors want you to be sick, doctors want to keep you sick, doctors want to pull the plug, a cured patient is a lost customer

4 Steps = Rules to Setting Your Own Rules And Keeping Them …
make your own rules quotes

What you’re thinking isn’t necessarily what you alone are influenced to think; There are many thoughts out there, why only this specific one that is identified as of right now?

I am not motivated to identify it as something bad

Putting their feelings on the spot: I don’t think a woman should be forced to give birth because you feel uncomfortable, irk at the idea of them getting an abortion.; Proving and reminding them, that it’s all in the head.

Deeming as a mistake is determined by your very feelings itself. [1] [2] [3]

performing the thought process of God told me so meaning that you think that’s how human beings work[1][2] – this is why computer scientist and doctor who know how you (s a human being:) actually works know otherwise. This is something that is to be aware of.

wait to think, want and then think,

Since nothing is ours, do I really even own my own physical body?

“only do what is required”

need to know rights as interchangeable variables facts aren’t interchangeable regardless of alternative facts.

care to identify (proof identifying=thinking) about the specifics

Scientists have feelings too, you know!

Only until you realize that feeling good is actually bad.

There is no need to add the word: biologically; In: “it’s a biological fact“, it doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t change the contents of said facts.

Attitude itself is a part of the problem, in order to deem as such, one must first be aware of themselves [1] [2]

Tip: if you want no feelings just follow the policy prevent feelings

Tip: Just don’t be satisfied with vague answers.

physically affected by [stress]; is stress something to be affected by?

This is what the body thinks: (studying senses, this is somethign you must be aware of, but when pragmatically applying requires pressure)

Religious people don’t understand the specifics of motivation. hence why a lot of them are only motivated to think of God, but rather are unaware and don’t focus on the motivation of WANTING TO TNHIK[*] of God.

professional relationships

the whole point of liberalism is to be a sin in and of itself

care enough to research? about stem cell research, etc.

calling it special doesn’t make it special in the same way considering and calling it reproductive rights doesn’t either.

how to show your support (as interpreted by others): thinking that you’re pro life vs. showing up for showing support at the march for life pro life protest.

Why do you feel the need to know?

is it mandatory to “be” pro-life? No. this proves the existsiance of a specific type of motivation.

What does it mean to be pro life? Meaning=experience itself; this is why I claim pro lifers chase the pro life and sometimes pro death penalty goals for feelings attached. this is why i claim that republicans ride off the backs of liberal scientists.

When conservatives try to ‘disprove’ me they usually only end up proving my point; proving unawareness

the nature of nature

opinions are just emotional attachments to ideas.

Conservatives think in terms of rights, whilst liberals think in terms of the reality of how nature works, the nature of changing desires over time.

Know that it’s just a perspective

Why are you attached to your body? [s] Does emotional attachment make us who we are? This is proof that we are only a part of this world, as a part of nature, the universe.

pro life is just subtly conforming to an idea, living your life to a set [of ideas] and not considering behaviors.

Why do you feel the need to have cops? It’s all about feeling the need to.

Politics isn’t actually politics, it’s just as bad as reality tv shows, he point is, is that it’s all in the head.

life is just about realizing our own behavior and either becomming a scientist and practicing caring to id research via curiosity behaviors, or treating others specially via morality- which is too, all and only done in the head.

In reality, according to nature and not social constructs (things that motivate one to live a moral life) nothing is really important and if it is, it’s only important in the head.

no one is out saying “I just want to do something, I just want to conduct research

Know what you want meaning put desires into words.

thinking “in terms of”

difference in what? A: the definition of the word.

organizing information ideally creates feelings, follow the policy for the most pleasant of the unpleasant-necessary evils

testing limits and torture as the only way one can find the limits, physical limits represented in words=science; Using vague words is proof that you haven’t tested limits and rather made an early conclusion, a conclusion that is celebrated by others thus making them a stupidity rewarded generated.

its all about becomming a scientist from current position

Theory: school is just whomever can tolerate their b.s. and still care enough and not manipulated to be anything other than a scientist. measuring life, as it isn’t a big deal.

nothing is really a big deal but feeling it makes it so; be aware that it’s all in the feeling

your behavior doesn’t mean much to me

Conservatives used as a euphemism for []

where do thoughts exist?

To understand means to understand the difference of a fact and what is an opinion

It doesn’t matter says person a, person b responds, being aware “yeah, to you”

unspoken rules

Should shouldn’t be considered = lawmaking thought process

Measured via restrictions and ideas relationship to human nature

How to measure ones’ pov?

Learning is just organizing ideas, as organizing is how we avoid ideas.

unintentionally eavesdropping is an example of a unnecessary physical information gained
this is proof that physically organized is mentally organized and it depends on the specifics

Using God as a form of magic, but merely identifying it as a form of magic is a form of calculating itself, content word as a conclusion; conclusion itself is a tool used as type of word, so if you don’t want a conclusion, don’t treat it like one in your head ofc, done ideally.

“knowing what to do for college;” “caring enough to know”

Opinion encompasses planning to identify as or identify it unbiasedly; This should tell you what opinions are, what kinds of the existsiance of said possibilities it encompasses.

Question: How are feelings calculated by the body, head?

the limits are the law so unless there are many new things there isn’t any other ideas; this is why curious people lean left, because there are always in need of democratic lawmakers for changing opinions based on new info.

consciously following plan is consciously preventing the development of opinion, feelings for someone/thing