Proof That Different Energy Motivating To Pursue Goal Of Identifying, Setting Goal To Pursue Goal Pragmatically, Setting Goal To Pursue Goal Pragmatically-Ideally, []

TIP: Identify the only one possible to way interpret it as such. [1]

  • Being “pro-life” and pro-death penalty; These take different types of measurements and awareness to justify, and to pursue
    • For example, in order to be pro-death penalty, one must first have a certain type of feeling motivating them to do so and be so as such. And unaware to it. Or not motivated to deem that as an issue.
      • This should tell us able the hidden criteria, lines; Like being pro-death penalty means that you are some form of scared, in order to have to identify it and accept it and pursue it pragmatically-ideally.
    • What it means if one plans to identify their reaction to the words stated as “I don’t think (agree; Don’t think means don’t agree with the contents of said statement; using the word agree implies comparison) that the death penalty deters people from comiting certain crimes.” [source]
  • Politics is a clear example of treating others’ desires as special
  • What does it require in order to be unaware of what you are doing (doing is experiencing, proving that it’s a phase)
  • Feel like is a reaction phase most of the time, what does feel like imply factually though?
  • I see being pro-life and pro-death oenalty as completely different event (judging events by numbers, since the word different is used, as this is identifying what it implies)

what planning to id. death penalties’ effective ness means what does planning this imply towards the past? reflect no dogma. Your own reaction awareness

Question: now that one is aware of the death penalty (introduced to it, like God), how exactly do the feelings of desire to pursue it or not develop? (see: studying data, experience; See: forms of focusing; See: forms of imagining)