Attitude Notes – Documented 7/23/2021

feelings change, thoughts change; therefore feelings, too, are a form of a thought process

“only way this can go is bad” is never the case because you can never experience the exact same thing twice

what if we never made mistakes? we’d never be motivated to live because lack of understanding powers curiosity which makes us want to live as otherwise

virtually useless
respect exist only in the head

freedom to be lazy and still sustain a good life is what i define freedom as

follow the law is motivated by morality and others, as it’s not a scientific concept, rather it’s meant to be vague and confusing

measuring caring and love

socialisms shouldn’t be described are people advocating for ideas, as this itself is based on perspective, rather should be described as a state of enlightenment, awareness experience that is to be reached, experienced.
see: think in terms of states of mind.

measuring organzing opinions

the best medicine is prevention
prevention is the best cure

stop it before is starts because once it starts it can’t stop

I need something that motivates me to follow social constructs. A: understand why hierarchy is a necessity like Jordan Peterson

possible desires=possible possibilities=possible experiences to undergo

reasonable reasons put into verbatim as a certain state of mind

everything is a form of a personal problem

predicting opinions- or are opinions themselves are form of predictions themselves
more opinionated=more reaction(ary)

morally wrong

susceptible to experience must learn from

libs have the abnormal lifestyles

Chasing feelings = Meaning

made up words expressed via verbatim; for example, calling one indoctrinated, smart or stupid, republicans are already known to stigmatize labels

respectance of desires existing in place is what makes one feel as if people are authoritarian; for example, left wingers wouldn’t kill people, but rather they respect the bourgeoise in order to not to want to kill them but rather want to overthrow them with a revolution in time coming

Here is my opinion, reasons for being a liberal and why I will stay a liberal.

Because conservatism, by nature makes people think that they know everything.

in the same way where you are unable to completely express love in such a manner, the same thing can be said about the describe of experiences via words, verbatim.

Economics shouldn’t even be a thing, it’s all in the head and only only in the head. Therefore identifying economic ideas are a forced opinion. Measuring from kids’ perspective, since kids don’t know about economics when they are born, which is an indication that it’s a measured opinion as such.

When calling one indoctrinated what exactly are you describing (see: specifying parts of speech), the changes to what variable? liberal indoctrination not even a valid phrase

Opinions are just how much you lack understanding of the natural world, and the more opinionated the more delusional you are and vice versa interchangeable words.

even wanting to run away from someone else as a reaction is a form of an opinion to via behavior, it’s just not normally treated like one, by others, happening to you.

Experience=process=whatever is considered physically ideally.

being a conservative is only a part of being a liberal

TIP: Know what to avoid [2]

Perspective possibility: possible perspectives

separate facts from feelings like serial killers liked killings and feel good about it whilst Republicans feel the opposite

Republicans just like to speak and judge, they don’t actually like to go out and do, explore, travel, etc.

Five types of possible experiences: Curious (science, new), Vague rules (early conclusions, put into words), or death (see: happy wheels: funny ways to die edition), controlled by others this is why I claim that conservatives aren’t very aware (this is a necessity in order to stay motivated to be moral), (it’s supposed to be) up and down,

You may not know this or how to put this into words, but you are actually emotionally attached to your body

your body ACTS LIKE A TOOL, a filter

making decision solely based on feelings; For example quitting because you’re tired not because you’re actually done.

knowing the difference between personal opinion

Be alone, most people think if this as bad, but it isn’t. it’s a trap, it’s a dead end only bad type of possibility: like shooting yourself in the head. bored of practicing morality because there is no new things.

thinking in terms of states of mind the less special it becomes

Thinking=/= experiencing; In the same way easier said than done.

realize that you are pretending more than often

Theory: we are all fake people, there is nothing as a genius friend, unless that friend is yourself. There is no such thing as your feelings and my feelings: as divided like that. We are all interconnected.

Whatever you do do it for your own feelings satisfaction

Acting like: “*an example of these words*”; for example, acting like a dog, personification, etc.

As long as you are not dead, you can still recover.

Socialism is supposed to be imagined not practiced

realize and wake up, see the patterns in your own behavior, define who yo are and keep being aware of this definition.

There is only one way the goal for everyone it’s just whomever puts in the energy to care to identify, plan and pursue such goals

know what experience do avoid pro life is a dead end desire conclusion, pro life no new experience with *x, pl’ers act like everyone is pro life like them, with the same desires and all, proving that pro life is a form of a desires expressed via verbatim

Don’t want to experience, using words itself is always intimation words are always overthinking, thinking is overthinking.

“i don’t want to be a Christian anymore”

Learned via peer pressure

There are no such things are criminals, there are only scientists who’ve gotten very curious and wants to push the limits of law and getting caught.

Republicans use the word liberal as in liberal bias to come away from facts, as an excuse; a clear example of how labels can be used to ideally manipulate one into performing such a calculation.

Wanting to performing the calculation of calling it a liberal bias and wanting to stay with society is an example of an opinion itself

being pro life (and moralistic for hat manner) is preventing the need for getting an abortion (be aware of this fact and realistic possibilities of humane limits); preventing the desires from developing.

^ This comes from interpreting the behaviors of those who go in moral outrages.

What if you wanted to abort a baby, like deliberately, or on purpose.

What is the point in sharing this info?

Key, map scale to read the map, for example 1 inch on map is 1 mile irl.

Is coming to a consencious a form of practicing groupthink?

no such thing as []

Practicing morality is like constant reactions, motivation to pursue hierarchy because of using the info gained for respectance

reps try to speak for the poor, but the poor speak enough with their behavior, them struggling

It’s a good thing that you realized that you don’t want to chase it because the answers lie in the present tense not theoretically imagined words like economics contents

What is the most least opinionated job? A: left-leaning jobs.

Conservatives reach more dead ended dogmatic conclusions than liberal (new) ideas do.

set the goal to understand not to short term judge as a form of a reaction.

different possible ways to interpret the bible [behavior]

liberally diversity means to not be emotionally attached to one set of ideas.

What does it mean to understand why? Since why is a much bigger reason, and it’s a reason rather why is in action as a form of physical information (put into ideas, as words ofc)

motivation is nature changing as a variable aware of this as part of the universe aware of how nature works is how you work

an example of interpreting behavior like sales man manipulative

What is the format of why? (see: mind map) It’s much bigger than you think.

once perfection starts, imperfection will never come back

Inspirational keywords: free market <-> free wills, aware of behavior = aware of natures’ motivation to sustain and act (because nature is a person that has behavior too)

how to measure skill sets

is denying racism a form of racisms itself

What is natures’ motivation for living, continuing to be nature?

thinking in terms of nature and not being divisive.

confusing thing to do is put into words

pragmatic tips: planning when to plan, planning is a form of behavior, a set of ideas that are to be chased, pragmatically

right wing or left wing we are still a part of the same wing which is a part of nature

Liberal bias is used as a slur, in context by right wingers but in reality it’s a good thing.

moral =/= resonable

easy to distract someone but hard to get back on track

I need something new to keep me motivated to live or else all is boring

question words themselves, and their existence and usage and what the words are doing themselves in the head (are they confusion you, etc?)

feelings are mine do it for self realize this


What you see as good I see as the opposite

Why are you asking questions? A: Naturally to understand; don’t return ask me why does it matter that you know this because I’ve already answered it via my behavior: it’s because I am curious

Defining voluntary and force as you are forced not to murder by the govt. in the same way you are “forced” to pay living wages for employees.

End goal or manipulative desires. Sticking to end goal is just a lack of motivation for pursue other goals, opinions, tempting is a form of an opinion too and you mustn’t even be tempted with new things and not even have to experience the presence of new things.

Desire manipulation (opinion) by the second, how often does what you want change, ever care (deliberately set the goal) to notice this?

Pro life is still a part of a conspiracy theory see: ideas only exist in head, therefore, pro lifers respect pro choicers ideas and existsiance but still, seeing that as a barrier (solely in the head) the pro lifers then move onto passive aggressiveness.

Are you(your identity) the idea that you (care enough to put the energy into focusing upon) focus upon?

natural desires

Technically speaking, considering the past and becomming aware, aren’t we all forced some way shape or form; for example, being by others makes one want to be moral, and not being by others and needing to kill in order to survive makes one immoral- that’s how behavior works.

Site ideas:

answering the question (by the second passes what question are you answering: you are answering what will I spend my time doing as of right now, this portion of my life?) which convinced you the most is like asking what changes feelings the most, even thought they were both expressing feelings via verbatim

Running the program in head meme.exe

Conservatism is all only about necessary evils.

Pro life doesn’t work because not everyone cooperates (since some Americans are pro-choice); since morality is to work based on cooperation for society

realize the pattern: it looks good in the beginning but bad in the end

Instead of using vague words, describe what is actually changing, like scientifically- instead of creating and using labels like liberal with a negative stigma around it.

What only exists because you cooperate? A: morality.

Think in terms of specific changes by the (mili)second because if we don’t we cannot go anywhere else, we wouldn’t be anywhere without scientist, so pay respects to scientists by voting Democratic.

Just because [insert criteria here] doesn’t mean [insert goal of identifying as a winner here]

good too be bored as an indicator that you are a scientist need a challenge

Vague words have gotten boring, bored of simplicity

personal opinion are personals problems : don’t force it onto me

adults are children too

what is motivated to

The republican state mind isn’t anything specials, even if republicans’ don’t care to interpret behavior.

Specific goals only have one possibility.

Facts are an ongoing present-tense process

formulate morality artificial limits

your personal feelings (categorizing as ideally) regarding me meaning nothing, respecting opinions as existence means to not understand ones own opinions

Being satisfied with a crappy conservative life is an example of desire manipulation as a form of necessary evil.

opinions vague are always in the vague format

ackwnodlege the complexity of situation by asking more questions or setting the goal to feel feelings.

still with questions unanswered= do not make conclusion acting like you know everything

abortion is a personal problem

Why have morality worked so long for society?

using words to describe experiences existing

explain feeling attachment to idea via verbatim; for example, claiming that I am very sensitive to this idea.

“you don’t need to be as scientist to know this is wrong”

Deeming it as an important idea

Sympathize with the pro choicer categorizing it as reproductive rights.

Conservatives attitude is a part of the problem that is plaguing society, we need to change that variable, it’s not us libs that need to change.

See: I don’t have time to hate murderers enough or theoretically hate women who get abortions.

Other: angry divisive punishment personal opinions bored of practicing morality energy limited for lifetime lifestyle correlation think I am tired of having to practice rule that get me nowhere

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/5/2021

If only everyone were to only interpret your behavior no one would feel a need to do else.

Criteria for identifying as words, or criteria for identifying words?

Called require pragmatic physical experience.

Pushing out more words. That are yet to be identifying

Healthy is an alive bias used words

Judging feelings.

I need motivation to change motivation.

I want to be able to meet I want to want to

For example when being introduced to a party at late night you can say to your friends that I want to want to sleep and not be tempted to do otherwise.

Opinions are solely an ideal calculation.  (Or are they??***) Meaning that such words only exist in the head, such as possibilities and motivation. Also words used to calculate but are not noticed for their secretive hard work; like ghost writers. And one thing else…

Religion is an opinion by definition. Meaning it only exists in the head as a calculation performed.

Technically you’re still imagining that

Liberalism only exists in the head.

If you want to say hi because the other person looked at you and the other person says the same thing then how does the cooperation start to form?

Add fantasize, man-babies to keywords.

There was something else… something else about 

Unnecessary information morality tolerance using for otherwise. Passive “civil” 

I can’t comprehend it unless I experience it.

Organizing your thinking is called to systematically think and not to go all out in like pro life thought process. It’s not a thought process it’s part pragmatics.

I don’t want to turn into a normie, punishing and rewarding myself.

Self making myself feel good for bottling up feelings, basically like patriotism, Abusing your own feeling system

Looking for a Heaven is like looking for something that doesn’t exist: but in your head.

When someone asks what are you, say: I am in the process of changing lifestyles constantly (gauging), or say i don’t know, proving awareness, or just say that I am a learner, 

Calling oneself a conservative is a vague lifestyle.

Calling it a fetus and a baby only exists in ones head.

Did you care to look into that, experience it, proving that identifying process conclusion = experience itself.

Define choice and freedom 

Going through the series of enlightenment

The problem is my actions depend on others actions, Which I don’t like, but this is necessary in order to live in society other words in other words in order to want to live in society

What does it mean to means how you use feelings. For example we know the fact that abortion is murder but why did pro lifers and choicers reach different conclusions?

Instead of recalling the content of the facts like calling abortion murder and saying fax don’t care about your feelings how are you focus on the process Of reflecting

Able to reflect that, in order for the word to be said it must have a how

It’s only there if you focus on it. For example dramatizing facts another example is republicanism Social Hierarchy 

Debating is a form of gaslighting

Spending my energy on left and right physical mindconcept.

“That’s all there is too it…” there is nothing to chase, doing is the bad thing in and of itself..

“You’re teaching me… about human decency?,, out of all the people, you?!?!” As an attitude expressed.

“What does English have to do with math”. What does being “well-rounded” have to do with anything”

Opinions, not predictions.

Being pro life is just a form of peer pressure and confirmation.

If you wanted to protect babies you’d want to protect the mother as well, that’s how families work.

Something about identifying possibilities as an argument 

“It’s only expected…”

Lawmaking is forced opinion; it’s a necessary evil as deciding what to bs scared of, the rest are pragmatics.

If a conclusion is judgment such as calling the right to privacy as frivolous, then you see rather motivated by someone other goal and have a bias to judge. What motivates one to judge? Either feelings before or after? Does one get feelings after they judge of before to judge as a form of motivation? And judging the process of actions as abortions.

Liberalism is to increase personal freedom. If Republicans don’t care to understand this and keep criticizing it, then there is no point in opposing them via verbatim.

Reach potential…

Keywords as a phrase: “systematically wanting this, for example, you can develop such desires but in the end it’s the dad that makes the decision to want to buy it or not..”

Do socialists, like liberals just have a more open-minded mindset compared to conservatives? See: your best friend might actually be a socialist… (like my best friend: Dillon Jones, is a Republican and I didn’t know this for years)

wanting to be with others is only a form of peer pressure.

Free Market Capitalim ideas’ only exist in head as it too is a social contruct.

How do I set a plan when I don’t know how to set a plan? A: find out yourself, it’s supposed to be like this for everyone, only you can say otherwise.

Must make mistakes and then practice lawmaker thought process: plan for pragmatics and then chase it possibility.

What do feelings mean? either these things: curiosity, curiosity + bounded by morality, new, bored, unaware

Planning out the policy like a lawmaker

Vs. based on making one as you go based on feelings not unbiased looking at facts.

Also check on deeming as healthy.

Is it resallt a punishment if you enjoy it?

What do feelings mean in relation to reflecting upon it.

The chance to achieving or fail. What elese something about liberalism 

Reminds me of the fact that only had things can come out of this. Reinforce this.

I need to stop this cycle of abuse.

I don’t mind about g*ys existing and getting married (long term) vs. I want to go out of my way to make life harder for g*ys! Proof that it takes more energy to hate, than to just ‘let it go.’

Hateing people is interpreting feelings improperly and bottling them up.

Is there only one way to show love hate? And is it deemed, defined differently person-to-person?

Motivation to be pro-life personally but not pro-life via govt. legislation
Specifics matter on everything: the system of thinking, the vaguely specific, specifically vague, etc.

Behavior focusing on specific facts

Why not following the law is a good thing; that’s a strength not a weakness.

Limits of idealistic

What should be tolerated?

Life made of uncorked that control you which is why the death penalty is valid it controls people.

When you ask what does that mean you’re asking for the definition

Emotions are a self imposed disability, it’s like virtually slapping yourself in the face.

Why should I be categorized based on the way I want to use the government? As a liberal the government is a financial tool.

Specifically why 

Laws only work on people who are in a certain state of mind and take it seriously, those who don’t and those who use it for encouragement personally expressing feelings states or mind take it otherwise as identified.

What does it mean to be personally against murder but politically legalizing murder:

Calling it murder isn’t really considering the specifics of what the woman has to go through: this proves definition= considerations

When asking what does it mean (the word(( you are asking for the definition

Only if you don’t care to understand why will then you judge and create feelings.

We just think we are special via a lack of understanding 

Desire consider, something along the lines of considering.

Forced in the name of freedom. Like encouragement is forcing.

Anarchist I think complete freedom.

Peer pressure good pressure and bad pressure judging goals based on priviliahed thought  process integrity

Right thing for the wrong reaosn

Add to keywords form selfintroducing a personal relationship

Parts of the process of metacognition giving yourself the death penalty

Idea what are you waiting for

I’m not going to stick to Conservative that price is not going to generate any new ideas I need to identify new ideas

Answer the question what’s stopping you what are you waiting for and was motivating you live? Living comes in many forms, you can either live to kill someone else or kill you self and who says you can’t do both at once?

A clump of cells as a thought process behind labeling a being as a baby

What are your thoughts as correlation to being alive?

Due to the nature of experiences, what are some things that will never be documented at least via verbatim or via typing?

Motivational Content – Documented 6/24/2021

Refer to physically controlling, but rather are unaware of this.
Identifying the scientific reason then chemical reaction
or become aware of how surroundings control you.
Just like love is a necessary evil dogma to keep living life; This is why some are still conservatives.

Other than motivational Quotes:

Words expressed at times. Proves moods we have at times. Studying your own behavior
restart my train of though of understanding; we were born curious.
how is it possible to have such an “unrealistic” desire?
Types of goal ideas plans mindsets
The goal is so specific, the changes that happen by the second, proving the fact that the goal is in identifying the specific, and the only thing that can be completely understood is the present tense. Not mentally is physically.

Motivational Quotes – Documented 6/23/2021

“oh thank God my child is okay”
Be aware of how-the programming.
Point is, see the whole picture.
be aware of what it’s based on
observing events, mentally is physically, wearing off phase if entire life for some
Also had another quote like this stored on my Qu/ora account.
how to describe feelings, in words? (use variables?)
Putting words into mouth
Even when you think it, identify feelings that as something that doesn’t
“I don’t care enough about you to hate you” Hate as a form of hate, love as a form of hate, regardless of considering feelings personally affected.
Control or be controlled; Kill or be killed.
imagine perfection, what is classed as perfect, or is that a forced opinion alive bias?
Just imaging is comparing. and why divide it by variables of people?
then is it really perfection?
Proof that it’s whatever you define and set as an example to compare to perfection (inspiration is healthy comparison)
Calling it wrong, right just means that it’s a level of uncomfortabiltiy that needs to be changed, like folding under pressure.
Are plans of pursuing proof of alive bias, for example, being able to formulate a plan that is not specific (only possibility specific is identifying present tense situation) and being able to *luckily* going all to plan. Because all of the time non-specific plans fail, and all pragmatic plans are not specific. Focusing on sense, pushing limits, or focusing on alternative variables alive bias, not focusing on the fact that you are alive. Like focusing on the how, not the what ideas with no how or what, rather just abstract ideas. Like how being able to call it stupid is a priviliage.
Happiness is whatever you experience, whatever you know and not using it for curiosity.
Old and boring vs. new and curious; Comfort zone=conservatism.
If only we all agreed with this mindset, these words; What kind of thought process is justifies, is it like morality goals set of vague goals, mindset sympathizing, labeling ideas?
Learn what? That’s Called situation, and that’s what we must explore specific to lifestyle. See: dramatizing information.
Simply put^^. this is why curiosity is in correlation with the left-wing.
Able to ask why, proving unaware and alive bias.
Is failure permeant? More importantly? What’s motivating you to stay in society, specially? vaguely set goal Pragmatics, like morality?
Answers are the conclusion that is reached; See: reaching the right conclusion, answer to this math problem.
Systematic, channelized curiously.
how do i train myself to be afraid of this? how do I alone forcefully develop an opinion about this? Opinion=alive bias; Does this mean that morality is the decisions other people make that affect us? Laughing , etc. is an example of physically being biased.
Being able to speculate this as a form of a risk; Opinionated ,loaded word used here: risk.
But it does cost time and physicals as energy.
because if you were to perceive reality, you’d be dead.
There is a time and a place for everything.
was* or is it actually is and we are rather numbing the pain and or rather are unaware of it?
At the bottom: “I am tired of being tired”
then get a daily quote or something, let that ignite a flame, train of thought, curriculum.
Level to understanding. Don’t reach the conclusion of being too tired of answering the question. You must be putting feelings on track.
How much of the surface (vaguely) do we actually interpret things? specifically vague proving awareness of vagueness.
let go of your emotional attachments, if only everyone adopts the same mindset it’d be easier, but we need to stop waiting on each other. Or should we all just stop assuming and trusting (morals) Feelings are created based on the learning curriculum, how we understand; That’s why the death row inmates are made of people who never went to college.
Reminds of the fact that we are part of the universe.
My desires (that I used to have; proof of identifying is the desire in and of itself). There is a difference in between wanting to identify it and wanting to go and get it. Allow yourself to develop and mindset and systematically think according to societies system and natures’ system; Proof of awareness of system.

Tired wearing off after physical workout proves phase: for example, running up the stairs is an example of a daily task that is done unnoticed and taken advantage of. We wouldn’t do this if we had robots. For example, I don’t have to go to the gym because I used the stairs instead of the elevator today. Keywords: Motivational schedules

Motivational Quotes – Documented 6/22/2021

Point is, it takes time to be successful. Stick in touch and be specific whilst planning according to how nature works.
Proof that addiction needs context. Proof that life is a coping mechanism all done alone, we only imagine others’ cooperation. It’s truly not that big of a deal – don’t waste parts of your lifestyle on it (see: drama, introducing ideas, plan onto ones’ lifestyle, delicate feelings)

Imagine others’ cooperation- meaning it’s not real.

life is suffering pick your Poisson Pick your poison; bad or worse?
This is proof that we hate the feeling of getting bored. But we still practice morality because morality is the ability to feel love, love as good feelings feelings felt.
hate [insert feelings here]
Is the goal to be calm? At peace with reality?
Is this even possible?
Answers the question: is a perfect life, really perfect if it’s boring? Are we powered by the illusion that there is more to life?
Nothing really; you’re not special, just being unaware of your own outside influences aren’t (interchange variables, using for pragmatics) is only feeling special, which is an illusion.

Don’t waste time living another’s life quote by Steve jobs. (by practicing morality is one too, lack of sympathize with ideas, vague, or understanding, you are the ideas that you want to id.)

Failure comes from excess morality.

Compassion is not just for other people


So, be compassionate with yourself.

Identifying the definition via verbatim vs. identifying it via experience, feeling successful.
Proof of focusing on definition vs. using it in sentence along with physicals (getting attention via microphone).
refer to is social science based against republicanism and how people change their minds based on specific facts. Do Republicans ever care to question why people are liberal?

Motivational Quotes (and Content) – Documented 6/21/2021

What are thoughts and what are words? And what is teh correlation between them and our behavior? (treating this like a science experiment for setting my own schedule, possibilities)

How it’s specifically affecting you putting this information into words.

Feelings, like words, are to be remembered.
“understand” is more than one thought going on in your head? And what correlating does this have with gauging schedule?
no such thing as properly opinion, proving awareness of illusions. See: how are illusions learned? A: via [no] hard feelings phase. Is science fiction ever specific? This is prof that we live in a science fiction word with variables like body representing persons’ perspective experience.
Are feelings only words that are yet to be identified? And why do they change? See: Systematic thinking
First of all, is it even a doo-able idea? Like socialism in America? See: people laughing at that thought.
Proof that thoughts are contents that are being focused upon. What is the meaning of socialist specifics is one is only thinking of it and not putting it into words? Does this prove the theory of the dumb jock? Does this mean that the more you think, the more you do? What are thinkings’ variables (awareness, no thinking blank state of mind), and doings’ limits?
That’s it! I am tired of resisting.

ask yourself: how was this decided? And concluded? My death sentence that is. Proves pragmatics.

Saying words like “this is boring” is an example of being motivated by an opinion, and comparing.

“bottom” (location) of heart.

Motivational Quotes (and content) – Documented 6/20/2021

The most blatant example of staying in touch with how nature works.

My hatred for my family and friends is what has gotten me this far. Using information for tolerance, bottled up feelings is this moral compass that you’re not born with.

We live in a society.

Ebenezer Suresh

Systematic thinking, not all of the place, Know when to decide on where to travel (on what variable). This is why, when you are a kid and talk to parents, you don’t know the difference of who to talk to about what, which is why you talk to strangers like they’re your parents.

Visualize possibilities; this is the in-the-middle of birth and death
There is no such thing as beginning and end; they are just made up variables that describe time.

The only thing that you can be aware of, is the specifics, if it’s vague, you’re not done yet.
Don’t wait. The more you procrastinate, the more the energy is going the other way. We feel like there is more, but, in reality, there isn’t
That’s how us liberals changed status quo. You must want to change it so bad,
Proving awareness
Focusing on other things, is the only way to have fun. Comprehening of time=fast.
Be aware that you are failing to prepare.
Don’t even want to try (to identify) Like, that’s too big of a math problem for me to calculate. Proof that we shouldn’t judge theoritical calculation.
Want to work for it, because that’s how the world works.
you are the science that is being studied, all other words are fake, the interchangeable variables that you study
“You’ll be begging to die” says the torturer.
How do you react to the new information?; The new information that make life interesting.
Depend on yourself.
And so what if you’re shadows leave you in the darkness; What does that imply?
stop expecting vague things; Like morality.
there are no such things are accidents or hypothesis that get proven wrong. the more vague the hypothesis is, the more
the variable of a new color isn’t something that is made up, rather one that is only becomming aware of itself.
use for discovering the limits, then classify the possibilities.
And I’ve tested this theory enough times that I don’t have enough hope to test this again; I’m dealing this as a fact; This means alive bias experience; What happens after death?
Expect Good possibilities. Limits of expecting=Specific prediction of current awareness proving awareness.
Because that’s the way possible. And no matter weather or not you like it, your body is actually performing science experiments by the second.

What is a plan you ask? Plan is just a fancy label; See below:

just that those events are typically pragmatic to the humans and not solely idealistic like academic socialists who don’t practice pragmatism much

Motivational Content

“doesn’t even exist”
Proof that correlation =/= causations; These facts are proof of alternative facts, and that real facts are specific.

Proof that studying science=studying lifestyle.

Motivational Quotes – Documented 6/19/2021

Attitude is the planning that goes on at home.
Schedule, life, value is always up and down, reward and punishemnet to keep us alive until we die from “natural causes”
Behavior of what you want to do in the future is something that is to be identified (see: planning out life= predicting the present-tense=being aware of ones’ own actions)
Only way meaning possibilities, meaning
Actually, all ideas are only neutral, it’s you that adds the emotional attachment to it. Proving goal of identifying, and morality is a barrier, that barrier is identified by the limits of thinking.
Dramatizing information
The quote at the bottom.
“that’s it” attitude
“Where am I going?”
Change your comfort zone.
I wasn’t aware of morality or pro-life, meaning that I wasn’t born chasing morality, resisting.
wrong; you know that you want to know the answer to the questioning thought process; proves awareness.
Which brings me to my next point: Do you know or do you understand?
that is to be sympathized with. Also refer to ideal depicts of death fear.
Ideally too; mentally concluding, and physically, running; what other areas does it imply that you are pragmatic moralistic if you are pro-life, meaning that you are less creative, this is why liberals are in the entertainment industry.
Science fiction; Specific scientific facts as limits themselves;

the more you think the less you do; Meaning that the more you think the less you pragmatically apply.

Which is why smart idealistic people aren’t pragmatic.

can’t put it into words

saying is pragmatics
> 7 Ways To Come Up With Creative Ideas [2] {basically, how to think, how to learn} – Minutes Actually it’s: Identifying ideas, brainstorming, and pursuing ideas.
Sensitive, perfection, no taking advantage of being “normal” – treat every space as if it’s a ther-apists office

Motivational Quotes – Documented 6/18/2021

you always have an opinion of wanting to be alive over the passage of time.
Morality, human limits of survival,
criteria is vague in and of itself.
Only possibility, without forms of dying (see: all funny ways to die, pushing limits), then
voice in head when thinking thinking itself is a form of overthinking don’t let physicals think, make decisions for you.
interchangeable variable, replace; and using info gained for pragmatics
In the same way we replaced the interchangeable variable of other people, same goes with all else, and feelings.
Proving that the word consistency is only a judgmental attitude performed in the moment, attacking virtually physically.
Proving that mentally is physically, physical barriers = mental barriers; Proving that living life is all a form of identifying, identifying conclusion of a math problem takes time and exploring same thing with physicals, you must must shine a flashlight on it and focus upon it How to do this is the same thing as asking one for their thinking style.
Q: What is the scale of measurement; Also see: Quality over quantity.
What even is a “tomorrow?” Point is, don’t think, just do. Thinking=resisting. thinking should only be used for physical tactical forms of resisting (like how being with other friends, resists depression and promotes morality).
Proving increasing vocabulary, proving identifying process of living as.
And no, both aren’t the same thing; Define your (examples of) success.
commitment, consistency are great ways to describe this process, attitude.

“your health” is your body – forms of health; Hint: You’re doing it right now, planning itself is a form of taking proactive care of health.
Since we do these things without being near a person to help us, you need to re-evaluate your life.

How do you work? Proof of awareness of schedule (lifestyle)

How you work is how your body works specifically, the more specific you can plan, the more healthier you can be, why do you think most doctors don’t smoke? It’d only be ironic if a doctor went to the doctors as a patient variable.

How to physically tie a shoe -> how to think, forms of identifying, being alive. Notice the correlation of variables of your own behavior.

Proving that if you know yourself, you wouldn’t be doing this.

By being aware of how you work, you’ll then notice that you are not separate from surroundings.

Then only are you aware of how sh*tty your life is. “don’t remind me gif”
proving mentally is physically.

correlation is not causation; keyword: correlation; minor changes in lifestyle=bigger changes, control it. this can be id’d Based on the nature of the variable.

“So what if other people do that, that’s just a vague fact, what is that supposed to imply? Just because someone murdered doesn’t mean they deserve to die.

Focusing on the what, judging as the what; Vs. sympathizing with how, the present-tense, or identifying a possible-to-complete goal (not one like riding unicorns -> proving that we formulate goas based on past, and also proves that we are all the same, if we come to peace)
Q: Why aren’t we always practicing metacognition? Does this mean that something else is thinking for us?
How did our ancestors define progress? And how did we define progress? Is progress simply goals that we should be aware that we are able to complete, called (theoritical) potential.
This is what kids’ behavior actually means, it’s not a sign that you should scare them to respect you. Proving awareness of what the body is thinking.
What does this mean (imply, awareness of the specific formula, thought process)? Mentally is physically?
Be in touch with how experience works. Sky’s and times is the limit.
USING AS type of word
USING AS an excuse
don’t follow morality goals, be curious, it’s what the body is made to do.

As depicted here:

Dragging a curious kid.
It is a fact that some things will only make us feel scared and scared only.
Are you aware that this is the only possible way? Meaning that we only identify possibility, so don’t make up things based on feelings. Pay attention (be aware of) to the input and output of information.
motivated by alive bias, to forcefully develop a pragmatically applicable opinion (hence why Republicans are more emotional towards their money and morality); unicorns and of the like – which are just as bad.
then make it a big deal, don’t sweep it under the rug.
actually do, not just action of identifying via ideally.
Repetition; Keep doing it over and over again; Do not have to practice the resisting bias, if you do, walk away from the situation and avoid the problem. (this is why I didn’t want to return to in-person schooling)
Yes, morality included, sympathized with how not what to use it for, pragmatically.
If you were only being “you” – you wouldn’t be here, rather in the soil as a part of nature. If you followed actual phycological advice, you wouldn’t want to work your job anymore, that’s the agenda.
Backward=Forward, thinking of past-present-future, how time works (is how feelings work).
you’re not just doing this, you want to do this, #Capitalismmanipultions #nooneis’above’thelaw
I hate facts too; they’re what makes us limited, it facts weren’t real, I could fly, but if nothing exists, perfection isn’t real, proving only possibility, looking for more greedy, I wouldn’t be alive. It’s the facts that you hate. The attitude you have towards the specific facts. Proves that facts are specific to be aware of, count in; how often do you count in decimals? All words represents some form of a decimal.