Attitude Notes – Documented 7/15/2021

I understand myself (aware of and not free will applicable here) enough to know that I am not indoctrinated, I rather ask questions and care to find answers and don’t use the vague label God to describe whatever I don’t know the complexity of

Any label that is vague is dividing nature and therefore, when used in a sentence should be classified as an opinion.

‘defunding the police’ is a valid feelings since police don’t exist in head and pro police is the existsiance of police by nature which is an emotional response to criminals behavior considering the past and how such an idea was formulated.

what is being interpreted=what is being considered as a form of thinking variables here

morals are form normal people to practice vaguely interpreting behavior

it’s not a law if it’s not enforced

“developing desires”; since we are all the same, it has to do with how aware we are of being a carefree kid again, consider information to be a kid again, that’s what you really wanted to be.

The word kicking would mean nothing to you if it wasn’t attached the images of a person kicking someone, as that’s how memories stick. That’s a part of how feelings work.

abortion ‘saving’ a woman’s’ life is deemed based on her mindset and manipulating her desires, aka. solely mentally or based on her not just dying.

being honest with yourself admitting that you don’t know how this world started is much better than making up lies and believing it. it’s only a possible hypotheis.
this has to do with considering the past facts and identifying facts as a process, content of variables

opinions are always involuntary, there is no such thing as a voluntary opinion (or a completely voluntary opinion) and if there is, it’s called interpreting as curious behaviors

Republicans are the most simplistic confusing creatures I’ve ever came across.

interpreting behavior as thoughts, lack of isn’t a solid reason, rather it’s whatever it’s not type of reason

curiosity is what you are looking for, as the end goal; all others are just some form of fear as a turning point.

understanding deeming as from his p.o.v.
deemed as stupid

taking it personally without threatening

consider all possible ways to fail and do anything BUT THEM with it in mind

desires and identifying to pursue

taking is reacting

you’re actually mad at yourself

lack of motivation is a form of motivation, and if you deem this as an issue, make sure to not spend as much energy wasting it on others.

“how do I justify… [insert views here]” A: You don’t.

categorizing definitions using your own definitions

Remember, that’s solely just how they themselves interpret your behavior.

When I study public opinion I laugh because it’s as if I know how exactly they can get out of such a trace it’s just that they do not care to be aware

How your feelings work is something, a system that is to be aware of

avoiding the development of opinions the bible is mentally used as an excuse to hurt people

all opinions are forced, that’s exactly what makes them opinions

it’s about the process of reaching the conclusion

I feel like right wingers want problems to solve to make their life meaningful. Which is why they’re pro-cop. Republicans are the real useful idiots.

Special scientific

Know that it’s just a point of view that you have adopted, just connected it to past events factually implying by interpreting the present-tense accurately.

Connecting past events to present events is science studying, this proves the theory that studying the present tense is the same thing as studying the past tense (only in head, ideally remembering)

How come average people virtually somehow benefit from scientists work, so don’t call all liberals bad.

Describe the cop mindset via verbatim or via behavior that is to be interpreting using the right scale; i don’t want to use words anymore, I’d rather just use my own behavior and explore without the use of words and needing to organize them on paper, which is just reorganizing molecules to where it ‘makes sense’ via words to me.

Making a big deal out of nothing

“I don’t need to be a scientist to know that this is wrong” and this is exactly what is wrong with ones; own attitude – it’s the very fact that they’re unaware and they are rather kept unaware, which is what makes it good.

What lead you to consider

Atheism is a form of behavior not ideas.

If you cannot use the information gained by other people in order to resist and get then out of your way, then you are being controlled by them, virtually, like a hypnosis process, or you are being physically harmed. See: cooperation behavioral phase. Using and interpreting the information like a psychologist, not a regular normal person, and remember normal doesn’t exist but in your head, so stop treating yourself like that.

In order to debate a republican, you must first consider their entire lifestyle, and no, it’s no cancel culture, and even if it is, deeming it as bad is only based on your feelings.

Whatever possibility it is, you’ll still be alive at the end of the day

Liberals’ may take up majority of criminals, but they also take up majority of scientists, professors and intellectuals in general.

It’s not just about achieving the goal it’s about constantly pursuing and maintaining the goal. Curiosity alive bias

What is the end goal that is to be sympathized with, attachment with? And why must it have an end goal to begin with.

Republicans have a far more stigmatized view of govt.

Republicans express feelings and don’t even know it. “patriotism”

Add: “Priorities” to keywords

Using the word baby to describe a bigger goal or using the word as the goal itself.

Vague words are loaded by default and nature. See: consider what to make formulate the word (of baby), this is called questioning authority and the very fact that you blindly use such a word is proof that you didn’t question authority.

For some, it’s okay to use religion to justify ignorance, as for that very some, said people it’s the only way to keep them working.

Women are humans too, not just the baby in her stomach, don’t abuse her and leave her alive.

What is the end goal of being mad? To push more negative societal energy around?

“Only one way to find out” as a rhetoric.

Everyone feels uncomfortable, it’s just how you act on that uncomfortanitiy that changes everything, either run away for a better life or stay here and delude to conform to opinionated realities.

Stuck is a state of mind

Open-minded just means that you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know everything and have something still more to learn more about.

What formula do you use in order to categorize new events. For example, If I am “free” at this time will I do something new.

Theory: Republicans like problems

Check on Supporting abortion rights as a state of mind, and supporting abortion rights by not speaking about it.

expecting ideally categorizing

set policies, boundaries first, consider possibilities,

pro lifers pre-set goal isn’t to understand murderers, rather to push their goal and dogma and abuse the fact that we can still stay alive under the guise of religion and religious freedoms.

Responsibility is often used in synonymous with punishemnet

the goal should be trying to identify the desire and how it’s developed and stopping a person from even willing to do so as such. Meaning murder shouldn’t be done because of fear of punishemnet, rather because of caring for others’ health in such a manner. See: all is a form of health.

Something about how life started and considering it.

Study how scientists are raised.

Everybody should learn sociology and psychology at a young age and realize that it’s others that are the problem and not fall victim into marrying others.

Using your own words to categorize words.

it’s a feature not a bug in the same way shyness acted upon is a strength not a weakness

Social scientists are left wing because they know the real reason why right wingers are right wing, and examine how each of them can immediately become aware of their own bias.

Republicans perpetuate violence, and they know that they perpetuate violence – business owners know exactly what to do to keep their employees down.

Business is just another necessary evil, don’t spend your whole life wasting time on it.

Right wingers want to use their freedom into tricking others into thinking that they have freedom; This is where considering the past comes in handy.

Care to considering the specifics of how, not solely just the what. Is this what makes one think in terms of vagueness.

The label: “none of your business” is a loaded label since it doesn’t stop kids from asking more questions and using the information gained for pragmatics.

only experience what is required. changed from only do what is required in order to stop feelings from developing.

people turn right wing as soon as they start taking things personally.

“Should kids be forced to be alive” : this is proof that all and any forms of opinions are forced.

Process of existing.

Authoritarianism comes in many forms and your views on the govt. only play a small role in this; Interpret my behavior accurately please.

Scientists are, study science scientists for personals satisfaction not necessarily to contribute to society; taking nothing as a big deal; Scientists are just professional kids; See: why specifically me, using me as a robot, ofc I am going to be emotional, since I am not reaching my full potential, as that’s my feelings mean religious free will nut.

What role do others play in the development of your desires? Be aware of this.

by lack of stupidity, smartness is inevitable to come. It’s all just the form of a lack of stupidity.

what if we interpret ideas instead of behavior; What does that have to say about our behavior?

Anything new that is [insert characteristic word here]

Making fun of someone (see: treat like a scientist) is also a part of the lifestyle influences, weather or not you know it. This is why I claim that Republican business owners want to keep their employees stupid enough to stay as employees.

Theory: Religion is used to make people stop considering the past and questioning authority, and believing in free will is focusing on the present-tense variable that doesn’t exist. This is why it is used by many white people since they don’t want to be shamed for slavery and their ancestors responsibility.

Theory: in order for something to mean much to you, it must be manual labor,

Keywords: addicted to living

Calculation requires manual labor, weather that is more ideally or more pragmatically.

Keeping people unaware and mad is a part of Republicanism

be glad that republicans like Ben Garrison exist to entertain the Republican Party since they are the ones feeding energy to the republicans

just because you have no laws regarding it doesn’t mean it’s not existsiance; See: Canada no laws regarding abortion. Leads me to think what if we had no laws regarding murder?

We are not on the same page, we left wingers ideally used the govt. as somethign different, not necessarily forced.

Determining weather or not a fetus deserves to live is an example of an alive bias. Your behavior shows that you just want to act like a Hero to babies – no matter how much you try to make it look like as otherwise, since you are motivated by others.

Is it true that just because we are unaware of it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have an opinion on it’s existsiance? Since opinions are the very need of using vague words themselves

stop reinvesting energy into more vague situations, try to understand the situation, the only situation that is able to be understood- the present tense.

As a sociologist my goal is to understand how regular peoples’ attitude compared to the standard of scientists’ attitudes compare.

Practicing morals is like chasing something that’s not even there. Since morals=set of vague goals.

Practicing morals

Same thing with practicing personality, but personality is based on others’ feelings

chasing something that doesn’t exist=forcing opinion=morals are a form of an opinion

refer to feelings really mean this.

People “don’t want (what does this imply, mean?)” you to commit suicide but in the end they’ll put their own lives before yours.

Refer to stored in as a form of fear, pressure.

Morality like social constructs only exist in the head.

phrases – Chasing something that doesn’t exist – English Language & U…
archived 5 Jul 2021 16:18:57 UTC

“”Your’ healthcare decisions shouldn’t be made by ‘the government'”

I am anti abortion restrictions because I think morality should be enforced via community not via government. But is government a part of we the people, the community? Depends on how you define it.

Also see: What is the correct expression “it is up to you” vs “that is up to you”?
contradictory, why should it be up to you to tell me what my choices are?
solely you, not considering anyone elses’ feelings.



  1. What if you want to, as in it’s voluntary
  2. What if you are a part of the government? Why is the government seen as something scary? Proving content words and ties to.
  3. How do you define government? What are its’ limits?
    1. What is the process of defining a word?

shouldn’t be made by

Expressing desires via verbatim? Proving feelings limits.

Attitude Notes – Documented 6/27/2021

Being pro choice doesn’t men you hate babies, don’t speak for Me.

Can only make such a decision based on  feelings .

You’re partly motivated by feelings to ask this idea

Regarding the criminal justice system: You shouldn’t be surprised if anyone dies in society, because if you really wanted to be safe, you shouldn’t live here systematically speaking.

Is the end goal okay acceptable?

Something about developing schedule routine scale.

Check on part of the process (thought) quotes.

Basic question: how does this affect your schedule?

More in-depth question with more variables: what parts of the schedule does this affect?

Feel as if there is more to study.

It’s the thought process that produces the feelings 

Studying imperfection from a perfect perspective and what does it mean to be class as perfect?

“Perfect” is an example of a loaded considers word and the rest of the thought process under there.

Also refer to the goal oriented word: save used in the pro life argument.

Why liberals see politics as a humanitarian issue

Stop abusing my openness. Don’t take my Open kindness and mistake it for (something else) quote.

Ideally everything would be perfect and I’d be pro choice

What does a perfect life (is a lifestyle) look like to a conservative?

Only conservatives find this disturbing: liberal professors

Is it possible to make yourself “stop” thinking: there is a lot of specific thought processes  under the word stop

Key tip: is to Regulate information gained.

Attitude is background: like a light passing through.

Practicing bad an later.

How it affects your attitude ideally and why leftists aren’t indoctrinated.

Thinking skills. Refer video of slavok jejivkeg what does it mean to be a great thinker today?

Why does the creator have to be a form of a god?

I wish others would help me by not being obnoxious since we are controlled by surroundings so that I don’t have to resist.

Resist developing desire how to learn cruisers take a break

Putting it in the middle 

I don’t want them to ask me questions or rather just practice taking it as their rights but that builds tension that I need to let loose in some other form.

See breaking barriers.

How to prepare use use information

I came from the bottom

Sometimes the question must be answered.

Who else will come across these ideas?

There was something else about something. I was something about.

I forgot one thing else. It was a gif that I wanted to save.

That depicts what  do we need to do? Surprise. Something else about that

Something avoit attachment? Idk a meme on 

Reflecting and answering questions on dogma 

In order to want to learn you must first ask an alive bias question first.

Knowing why is I motivation 

I am not motivated to identify, developing desire for chasing mas in private also implies not developing desires for chasing to study neuroscience

Since you can only do one thing at a time; how would you know what you are able to develop the desires to pursue neuroscience?

Why do so many middle classers like to have not universal health care and like to mess with the in the middle  alive bias?

Special means needs of thinking 

Why Babies aren’t that special it special for pragmatics since I understand how and bringing it up will only make it worse. Via verbatim and 

You don’t murder people because you’re forms of being scared.

Study your own lifestyle and set your own morality

No way you can concision be flawed 

No way you can plan to be scared

Stuck in the middle and not willing to either leave or do work. Rather just stuck in this meaningless life.

How to not even think about it it if I truly want to get an stay calm and in the learning phase of life 

You wouldn’t know unless you’ve experienced.

How to get regulate physical energy from other sources?

Proof that it’s decided by others: what should a pro lifer expressing freedoms for testing for them to determine whether or not I should be able to get an abortion

Doing a test experience experiment

The pro life movement is proof of how someone can get attached to babies: see pragmatics morality lack of understanding of situational desire avoiding said desires. How chasing Doing it in private must use unaware of chasing neuroscience goals for example, I forgot to wake up early to go to school today.

Content lifestyle variable meeting new people

Social liberalism has failed it’s ourIt’s a success for us

Why should I be motivated to


Denying as a part of forms of 

Value the baby the same as

Responsibility scale loaded words is like protect police

And conditions under what will you support this and end this co tract? Plan

I am an observer, a mere idea that i have no strong feelings for anything 

 solely idealistic 

Change your desires

Lack of understanding curiosity 


Republicans create the problem (pro life) and often the solution (pro death penalty) don’t even think about it,

^ alive bias words, and something about “problem and solution other people”

How society works in the middle of freedom 

Start hating socializing.

If you haven’t learned anything you won’t change anything

The only way you can learn is if you make mistakes like liberals make mistakes hence why a lot of them are criminals

Go with a learning growth mindset.

Energy in realation to all else all the limits and what you Jane experienced yet

New reach camp check

White culture is a lot like Indian culture 

Know the facts about your behavior

Plan your own behavior

How Thomas Sowell keeps in the desiring phase, limits and how you set categorize information

Religion is subconsciously forms of fear leaning phase

And what else?

Hating what they saids

Toxicity is how it affect you. For example as a left wing college professor I say this because conservatives ideas are toxic ideas. And it should be toxic to you. Okay 

When asked why does it matter? Lien why does it Mayer it’s still murdering a baby

I ask how do you know enough to determine that this dosent matter proving curuodityiris limits, usage, awareness.

Why didn’t you tell me that earlier? Proof of how information is used? My response: why didn’t you expect to ask that, why weren’t you curious enough?

Conservatives arguments are to personally affect you, hence the loaded words use in the pro life thus proving introducing plans and dramatizing information and identifying moralistic

The very fact that some people cannot put into words accurately why they should be against not straight marriage is proof that nature and it’s relationship to the awareness of the limits of to usage  of words

Liberate them from financial duties is fiscally liberalism

Calling it a liberal bias is a euphemism for reality this is proof of how limits or words can twist realities and relationship to human limits.

Murder as wrong, can we all agree on this, or do left wing ga*s have a different opinion on that as well.

Study it replace fear and criticism with curiosity the only way that you can criticize is if you fear. Refer to being able to call one as a cop itself is a mindset. Proving phase.s

Capitalism is proof of how they take advantage of normalcy state of mind.

How morality make you stop focusing on death fear. Fear of death. Suicide as an unforgiving sin.

Protect, exactly how mr. cops? 

Or am I protecting myself. For my safety and yours?

Professor liberalism contagious proximity

Don’t call it liberalism when it really isn’t, you’re misidentifying or we aren’t on the same page with the same definition. Definitions formulation is experience. Like morality. On the same page.

Add developing desires to identify as a 


How does killing one sanctity the value of human life? Do they think that their soul will leave their once dead body and then be with the murdered person again?

Vague planning like killing is wrong

Questioning the variable of surroundings as an answer. Keywords: question, variable, surroundings, answer variable.

Practice use intimation set goal expect

Studying changes- spent whole life studying it 

Nature feelings what else changes in the middle and planning

Feelings phase like a drug aftermath

Feelings phase studying this slowly.

Determining the reason why is the dramatize

Whose fault was it? And why does it have to be a who?


Can you study the moments that you can’t study or must that only be done via reflection?

Studying even while on a plane or in the air. Spend my whole life studying.

Alive bias system is like you take this task and I’ll take this task.

Proving caring to identify. Studying the changing in wanting to feel and desire and how feelings work according to reality.

If confused, test the limits

Mad and judging

Madness only comes when judging don’t practice judging on lifestyle variable.

Skill set learning phase curiosity

Child’s view of freedom. That’s the real view of freedom. Not a distorted capitalists’ view of it.

Plan what are you looking for skill set learning phases

St a shuffle on when you shoulda be shouldn’t eat

Sotmaifc conservatives arguments: 

Just because you have to do it is not meaning others have to do it as well 

Taking: we need god personally and atheism science behind Sympathize proof of disturbance

Possibilities mindsets to adopt is possible experiences 

Only if you can criticize 

Goal so this law oppressed how phase?

What does it mean if one conformed to pro life arguments?

What is your end specific goal?

Can I just the facts instead of the present tense which is specific

what are the limits of desire?

I think it is in society control so I meant to make the decisions on abortion.

Why true atheists cannot be conservatives 

I don’t do it because I can expect just it will end up bad possibilities if you think and want to do else otherwise then you need to 

What to look for alive bias learning 

Saying babies as a variable means you’re judging a situation babies is an idea that is a part tor the Situation.

Their goal pro lifers goal is to enforce order morality.

Addicted to the feelings

Focus on the long term goal not the short term goals 

Remember all is alive bias and sometimes youd wish you’re dead

dear right wingers did poor people “earn” their poverty

resources also encompasses mean experiences.

Why is treating a baby special (pro-life argument) the same thing as bowing down to a baby and like giving up your rights for the sake of the babies’ life (as a goal for identifying and pursing a pragmatic plan here)

treating a baby special

See: “sanctity of life”

the same thing as bowing down to a baby and like giving up your rights for the sake of the babies’ life

sometimes subtly changing your mind using loaded arguments or emphasizing facts.

Attitude Notes – Documented 6/24/2021

Why information form them hear their opinions is a form of dramatizing information attaching emotional attachment; the other is introducing ideas

See mindset ideas as a conclusion.

Cooperative because we all want the same thing.

Status of religion: na there is no such thing as a nothing.

Developing an opinion = state of mind.

Christians take advantage of the normal schedule and vague states of mind. 

What else?

I forgot one thing it was a question

In the end it’s all on you. Actually; it’s always on you, you just never realized it.. proof of awareness here.

Sidewalk counseling gaslight proof of using freedoms for stupidity

What else? It in

It was something along the lines of communism and propaganda.

I want to be calm but I cannot come across these conclusions if the end goal is to be calm. This is proof of only come actors this idea physically encouraged.

Everybody gets mad the same way

Categorizing definitions

Conservatives in social science

  • New

Check on the Driving test for that I must bring Friday.n

Barriers start feelings Start when you stop asking questions

Interpret as (learning morals) Moralstic training and not how it affects you for example focusing on the medium of saying and not the content of saying, rather paying attention to how

Desire specific identifying 

Show what yup want

What else?

Why everyone should want what you want awareness no valuing different 

Any feelings is indicating that something bad has happen

No separation between thoughts and expression, this is becUsss ideas are a mindset that is to be sympathized with how it is. Introduce like pro life and moral responsibility

Love as a form of hate.

Pro choice is peace of mind to choose and is sometimes more complicated than that

Calling is murder is the sman thing as emphasizing a certain Judging facts: for example, but that’s liberal ideas! And my response is: so what?

Check on physicals control us.

Aware of how.

There was one more thing that I forgot.

Check on curiois and morality

Morality is a clear example of unaware of how and pragmatics ask more questions

Calling it wrong is part pragmatics consciously considering emphasizing

Loaded arguments are valid arguments sometimes? Based on how you feel about it. Meaning that there are multiple factors towards it. This is why sidewalk councilor for pro life causes are on sidewalks and not at anywhere else conspicuous like ones’ own basement or near a volcano.

Refer able to think of in this situation.

Something about categorizing properly and it giving feelings.

And the rest is something that I should have documented in the past. Tedious.

If you say I want to go to Walgreens but not go, you are unaware of the formula, what you really wanted to do is just say that you wanted to go to Walgreens 

Tip: being by others and not (wanting to) killing them is a form of peer pressure

Proof of identifying possibilities is identifying the possibilities of there being a god

Something about conservators is

You are saying how to live my life

Conservatives are the reason why I am not a conservatives 

Liberal just means a liberal mindset that is being aware of

Proof of being aware of the process

Thinking of liberalism as a critique of conservatism.

Why conservatives don’t know what’s best for themselves.

Conservatives and Libertarians are the ones who are biased, because they are teh ones who are attached to money or families. Do harsh experiences turn one into a conservative? What is an saying is the right wing ideas are hierarchical, which, by nature are biased against reality.

The whole purpose of this project was to each a calm state of mind

Proof that goals are state of mind and that attitude = background

How do scientists know when to stop experimenting?

No other bias reach the same conclusion

What motivates you to reach this conclusion?

This is why I theorize that social conservatism is motivated by group think

And that fiscal conservatism is motivated by hierarchical authoritarian systems societies

No pressure added to ideas.

Conservatism as a necessary evil. Liberalism as very idealistic.

What else did I not do?


Something about provikiafe, I forgot this.

White priviliage and what else 

Learning phase and not learning phase  dramatizing infosmrion 

Emotions attachment  is non learning phase

Just compare and how the India


What else was this? I need to learn about how white probiotic are, and what else?

Interchange variables on my lifestyle

And pragmatics

There are a lot of ideas that I have yet to document

Masculine conservatives 

How will we keep motivated on if you we don’t judge

An untested hypothesis

Dramatize information when talking to others actually

Pragmatics applying 

Shouldn’t value the same a

Change behavior

Conservatives physiologists are like conservatives atheists m

Who to their society rules and that’s it

Right and wrong used as a critter like Wes a wanes a

What else was this?

Necessary evil

I don’t have a website fancy one ready because I haven’t done the calculations yet.

Why saying” stop imaging this” thing dosent work, because the word “stop” classified specifics

Process of the process

Lifestyle variable

Skill set,

Step by step process

Interchangeable variable pragmatics 

Death makes life Meaningless

Plan confidence

From Docs.Google.Com

Don’t be emotionally attached to anything, that’s how one becomes a liberal. However, some need to be a conservative in order to keep society moving.

What else I feel like there was one more thing along with something else.

How does one become a libearl is it an explicit goal set, is one aware of this change?

Aware of end goal as death state of mind

Check on a goal as a state of mind to reach rhetoric.

Civil libertarian
Importance of rights- how they came to be and how people really act
Social psychology and marxism as a critique of capitalism and how it’s only a limit of ideas, only thinking, purely ideally.
End goal is to be in a dead state of mind.

How to learn, learning phase, non-learning phase, since we are learning constantly

Consciously considering is imagining parts of ideas situation
What else? Emphasizing ideas, and what else?
I think something else here.

Resisting temptations

Proof that deeming it as inhuman is a state of mind: The search for a “humane” way of killing (Identifying as human, as that is a form of language, identified in the air, see below) people should be seen for what it is — a search to make executions more palatable to those carrying out and witnessing the killing. This includes the governments that wish to appear humane and the public in whose name the killing is carried out. Source (proving alive bias, tolerance, )

You Actually learn from feelings,this is how one is able to identify the alternative variable as a mistake as it requires physicals and dogma

Leftism as a longer-term goal

By caring about their pragmatic abilities you do care about their political views, indirectly at least, since their views affect their pragmatic performance.

Something about barriers and relating that to systematic thinking

Conservative just means a supporter (agreeing with identified ideas; Q: by identifying with said ideas, do you agree with identifying them) of certain beliefs, proving planning to identify.

It’s about how you come across said idea. Introducing idea and dramatizing said piece of information

Lifestyle variable interchangeable variable and using information gained for pragmatics

You don’t have to classify realistic ideas as liberal.

Classifying it as a result and the contents being vague is an example of an alive bias.

Does studying psychology naturally make you a liberal? And not necessarily a “liberal bias?”

If you think enough, you wouldn’t want to do it.

What are the limits of [insert word here]? Then, you’ll realize that the word itself is the limit itself.

What else about changing feelings, attitudes, towards? For example, saying “I remember that person, that person was the person who stole my car, I am still mad at him” type-of attitude; This is also why one is able to have a liberal mindset when thinking and a fiscal conservative mindset when doing.

Variables = interchanged content within a certain constraints; For example, whatever it is, it must be the result of something, thus narrowing the possibilities and acting as a interchangeable variable on ones’ lifestyle.

This is what happens when conservatives think they understand our end goals. They start judging us even more, which doesn’t work. We need more liberals. Liberalism and Conservatism are false equivincies’.

Attitude Notes – Documented 6/22/2021

Do whatever you’re mother says (as a variable) but within reason as a criteria, constraint for evaluating limits. This is called the coding behind the thought process. Systematic thinking.

And something else about testing limits and expecting possibilities.

Why the potty monster was means to scare curiosity.

A plan is a used as variable – one that is taken personally

Should the conservatives changer their feelings and become liberals?

I wish my surroundings were perfect and I didn’t have to resist so much. 

Next time document audio recordings on the website so.

Nothing you can say would make me mad at you. Meaning based on what their past experiences is:

How do we set rules is it always happening? Is our body asking for chasing curiosity? What motivates us to stay in the same place?

How do we set rules? There is no such things as rules, rules are alway vague. Only rules of nature’s limits.

Is there ever really rules that are set?

Stupidity rewarded.

Do we just learn from over emphasis mistakes by other we meet respect trust?

Are we always experimenting? Will we do the right thing when no one is looking? “When god is really looking?”

Is there any non religious reason for being against lgbtq rights?

Your body learns that if you do this other people will hurt you, this is why you tend to do immoral things whilst being anti social, this is why smart intellectuals are immoral and socially isolated see: anti intellectualism on comrade finnegans’ blog.

It’s all muscle memory. It’s proves the theory of stored on the body attitude.

When has progress been made whilst being moralistic? The whole point is to make the conservatives stay conservatives to reproduce and dramatize.

The best way to prevent friendships is to not even see another person

The body naturally desire to know ask questions about how nature works

Ensuring order

Channeled to personally affect.

If morals are cooperation then you are constantly cooperating with others, virtually and physically, which produces feelings, too.

How does this Channeling feelings , expecting possibilities, else?

Atheist are leftist because we understand the reasons, we are rather aware of why.

What is the only way to get you to feel like this? Proving awareness of past (experiences) fun fact: your body has actually experience all of history, from Jesus’s supposed birth till now- it’s just that you existed in different forms, as other organized versions of cells.

The more opinionated (shown in behavior not use words, in practice not just Saying) one is, the less they care to understand, this is why being a conformity conservatives is being non curious.

Why deals and sales on objects are not critically thinking, systemic thinking.

Morals and church socializing take advantage of Normalcy.

Plan possigurkies event

What else?

Tip you can’t conciouely fail, that’s an oxymoron 

It was something about doing something

Energy opposite and equal that’s why crime and science good more testing limits – this is why you shouldn’t judge via only one event and cherry pick rather dig into the specifics

We stop testing experiments via alive bias. This is why results change via our very senses. Senses= body

Physicals limits is what is being studied in experiments

Make mistakes dramatize them and don’t do them again 

Liberal ideas work that’s why resound are

Factors and physically and what else is considered physical information

It depends on how much questions you’ve care to ask and answer

Broad interpreting = many ways, processes that are to be identified.

No such thing as mortality, just a set of vague goals, possibilities that are practiced and are failed to sympathize with – used for pragmatics after being motivated to identify this specific(ally vague) idea. Also refer to morality is cooperation with others. Ethics is even more cooperation.

Are there still questions that are to be answered? if yes, then it’s systematic!

Conservatives are satisficed being stupid.

You can get this piece of information anywhere, what makes it so special that you want to pay 50 dollars for the same exact chair that you can get at Walmart?

If you are not curious and deeming it as only a possible event and rather are crying then you are only hardening. Keywords: Learning, possibility, curious,

The power is in resisting or learning

This is how regular people fail. Regular people fail whenever they fail to resist and rather get influences by the people in the public, taking things personally and not using for learning rather a reaction.

S***** desire can only come if you don’t resist it, and are not proactive, only if you “let it loose” will the desires start to develop.

why you shouldn’t sympathize with views just because you’re favorite conservative commentator endorses NordVPN.

Why do we do and not thinking whilst we do?scientist mindset don’t ruin it. And be with other people, you’re only going to make it hard for others, like you. Take it slow and learn from mistakes, most people take it fast and spend their whole life learning and not knowing the solid facts. See: wearing off phase.

You don’t have to be a liberal your whole life (This proves that stating that “I am a liberal” is a mindset that is applied, using information phase.); your feelings can change time to time and there is nothing wrong with that so stop stigmatizing it. Feelings are complex and specific too you know; you don’t have to express feelings via verbatim and say that you’re a liberal every time you’re asked. For example; you don’t have to be only a liberal scientist, you can have conservatives views when it comes to working class. That’s why most scientists are independents.

You must have a liberal mindset when in academia and a conservative mindset whilst working. This is why some people are still conservatives in academia.


Tried every say and failed and don’t what to try again proving tired bias and dying limits bias

if we are connected/touching to everything at once, then why don’t we notice it? Proving emphasizes of facts thought process (see: news titles as an example of this)

What are the effects of practicing morality? Is it just imaging things that aren’t even there? How was it developed during childhood? Is this proof of the wearing off phase? The more we practice morality and respecting others, the longer it takes to wear off. Proof of good and bad phase.

“Life is uncertain”


No, we’re just unaware of the plans. (that god has in store for us). Our curiosity for identifying is what keeps us motivated, half-understanding is motivation.

Start with the basics and work your way up


Learning curriculum; Don’t be random with lifestyle, must be systematic.

the real question isn’t why do you hate, it’s why do you want to- are manipulated to want to hate?

Being surrounded by positive people can make you more positive. But being surrounded by complainers will encourage you to complain.


So what are you encouraged to do?

if “Your circle determines who you are” What are the limits of this circle? Proof of feelings=physicals (always), and thinking variables; See: idealistic academics vs. pragmatic tradespeople.

Do morality and s****ity have a correlation? It seems that the more moral one is the more likely they are the engage in such activities.

I don’t know how to love, (proof that you must know how it feels), meaning that knowing – sympathizing with actual experience itself by experiencing love.

Can we decide when we take something personally? Or does this prove the theory that you cannot consciously prepare to fail?

Always keep the possibility of failure in mind


The more specific your end goal is, the less(er) likely you’ll fail.

Do others know, and do we know how others feel behind closed doors?

Judging and taking personally is the same thing as getting physically punched in the face.

What does it mean if one thinks hitting people (see: content words used) is nice?

Think what this failure taught you


What it should teach you is that you need to test and prepare more (specifically).

We only feel happy when we don’t learn from our mistakes; For example, you still going back to other people when it is the other people that hurt you; this is proving the unaware of how theory.

keywords: Trust tolerance 

We often don’t see this during the time it’s done, but it’s the only time you’ll be feeling like this.

I know how to understand.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you come out alive as the criteria.

Stop practicing morally and push your limits

Judging is what changes history you cannot change history with understanding it

Organized life. Instead of focusing on one, why don’t you just look at all of the possibilities – means to use the information gained from learning- the body is a tool after all thus validating the phrase “using the information for”.

Progress is literally immoral. In the same way one had to die first and then learn that that hurts people. This is why a lot of parents let their kids make the mistakes and then learn from them.

Morality is a clear example of applying pragmatics and requiring not being aware of how.

Some people don’t want to work for a living. That’s when I stop thinking and start feeling I don’t think that they deserve to be taught to work. This proves that freedom is the problem and not the solution.

Conforming to the economic systems. For example, Americans don’t want the Nordic model and thrive best in unfettered capitalism.

Life itself is a test and the constant variable is time.

Apparatus is an example of a how it’s used words; These types of words stored content under.

Judging facts (cherry-picking specific facts and either emphasizing them part of situation or dramatizing them or introducing plan like pro-life identifying morality) or is like calling evolution a liberal idea. Or better yet, climate change a liberal idea.

When to practice what morals?

kids (actually teaches them to) learn not to get caught

Weather or not you’re aware of it. This is proof of how we are programmed.

Proof that we are all going through a phase.


This is a fact, if the person isn’t in touch with others to refill moral compass, the person will lose all sight of morals (vague goals , possibilities, plans, ideas, events)

how do you know that there isn’t another place better than this? Stop being attached and go explore for new ones. The energy used for being attached should be used for exploring.

Are you using the box, or is the box using you? (proof of cooperation and ignoring certain other possibilities)

If we didn’t introduce anything new you wouldn’t be motived to learning anything new on ones’ own lifestyle 

Specific to lifestyle

Want to change reality is feelings uncomfortable = conservatism; vs. wanting to understand reality is liberalism

Ask why you want what you want; Proving alive bias and awareness.

how do laws work?

expressing the fact that you were antiabortion by campaigning for pro-life campaigns or practicing abstinence or basically expressing what you want vaguely.

The why is the how, what other answer are you looking for? An alternative variable, fact?

But there are still unanswered questions

Attitude it formulate based on how many questions are answer. “You’ll get it later”

If you don’t want your kids turning bad and immoral atheists and scientists, then why don’t you just not have kids?

The purpose of debate is to change future goals set.

Just because you don’t know know that you don’t know that you will die (soon or not) doesn’t mean that you don’t die.

The purpose of debate is to change future goal

Anything that’s identifying is solely morals identified at a distance.

Conservatives are unsympathetic meaning non understanding

desires changing

aware of specific facts aka only thing to be aware of is the current situation

secularist principles and values

can you even call secular values as values? they are non-existiant!

Tip: pay attention to what and how you learned as a kid and who systematic thinking.

I love not straight people so much that I want to not give them rights? Does this proves forms of?

Keywords: simple, complex, phase

morality isn’t just morality, it is progressivism. progress cannot be made whilst practicing morals.

Teach aware; what are you actually teaching (to the homeless)? When you kick out homeless people. Aware of manipulation that’s why us libs are mad.

facts that conservatives are unaware of.

Look at how the ideas of conservatism is formulated to begin with. that’s what makes these ideas not equal.

Proximity = feelings; This proves the 2 feet apart is still close.; See: friends.

Is the root of all problems, merely being alive?

science is always changing


proof of evolution in action; proof that our body shapes changes thus making the formula different for everyone; roving the theory of one consciousness action.

Try all first, and then decide, be aware of all specific possibilities first, and then decide; This is proof that mortality is used to stop one from being curious (of identifying ones own limits) and that morality and stopping stem cell research is a barrier to progress.

This is proof that mortality is used to stop one from being curious

See: mixed feelings, physicals and idealistic, fear-mongering, aware of all of the possibilities (ideas=event possibilities, specific, part of event ideas), and one more idea that I forgot.

and stopping stem cell research is a barrier to progress.


Keywords: think deeply, specific possibilities

Weather it’s worthy or not is due to the facts of nature and status of awareness of these facts of nature.

Refer to alternative facts, like “taxpayer” And refer to the specific actions, that, that very taxpayer is doing (ex. moving bacteria).

pressure, pragmatics, vs. identifying specific facts.

I didn’t know the rich paid 41 percent of their income in taxes! that’s not that fair!