Freethought Notes – Documented 4/7/2022

Why do I feel guilty for doing the right thing? – Quora

I feel bad for doing the right thing (

When I look at marathon for disabled, I feel as if I, as an able-bodied person, have no excuse.

Stop Looking for the Silver Bullet and do the Work |

You’re Only as Good as the Company You Keep — Frank Sonnenberg (

To Anyone Who Struggles With “Letting Go” | by Jaimee Ratliff | Personal Growth | Medium

^^The problem is this in written down form: there are a lot of things that are from my past to be used as sources for my future life (not in this house), since I have decided to stay here and necessary evil, I just face these unpredictable, but sure-to-come temptations. I have stayed 14 days and 15 hours without nsfw research the longest since this started, but I can’t keep forcing myself to face this torture and sustain it. I refuse to live a bad life and accept the defeat.
Since I cannot let these things go, there is a little energy on me that says to continue doing the nasties. It’s all or nothing for me; I hope I don’t cause any long term damage.

40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain (

How to Learn to Let Go of What You Can’t Control – Lifehack

Why self-compassion is key to stopping feeling like you’re always in the wrong (

I don’t know how to live. What should I do? – Quora

Defund the police, not education | Liberation News

I say this because I am not going to do all of this work to merely sustain this life with no other goal of changing for the better after that. It’s supposed to be a cycle of changing for the better. Real Help: An Honest Guide to Self-Improvement eBook : Awosika, Ayodeji: Kindle Store

What are the limits of free speech? – Big Think

Why is society always telling me how to live my life? – Quora

5 Reasons Why We Hold On to the Past + How to Let Go – Hush Your Mind

Fundemental Advice: Workarounds Vs Permanent Solutions | Freshservice Knowledge Management : Freshservice

I am not sure if the changing of these feelings are just a normal part of this stage of life or if they rather indicate something graver.

When You Feel Guilty for Moving On | She Blossoms (

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Move on from the Past – Lifehack

Why do I feel like I secretly want to fail, or at least not be ‘first’? – Quora

How to Stop Finding Fault in Others [15 Expert’s Advice] (

Why do we take risks? – BBC Bitesize

Sometimes we take risks because we’re bored and want to ‘spice up’ our lives.

In most cases this boredom is the result of some imbalance in how we are living.

Why do we take risks? – BBC Bitesize

Is being easily influenced really that bad? (

8 Times That Giving Up Might Actually Be A Good Thing (

Why Is it Impossible to Stop Thinking, to Render the Mind a Complete Blank? – Scientific American

Why Trying to Stop Thinking is Impossible and What You Can Do Instead! (

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” — Morticia Addams | by WWW | Medium

Introduction: Do We Really Want Government Off Our Backs? – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (

The Creation of Industry Front Groups: The Tobacco Industry and “Get Government Off Our Back” – PMC (

The Time Is Now: Abolish the Department of Education — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (

Letter to the Editor: How to teach students how to think — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (

How to deal with authority issues » myShrink

A License to Kill: Shoot First Laws, also known as Stand Your Ground | Everytown Research & Policy | Everytown Research & Policy

Shoot First, also known as Stand Your Ground, laws allow people to shoot to kill in public even when they can safely walk away from the danger. These laws threaten public safety by encouraging armed vigilantism. They allow a person to kill another person in a public area even when there are clear and safe ways to retreat from a dangerous situation.

Repeal Stand Your Ground Laws | Everytown | Everytown

Internal Monologue: What It Is, What It Means, and More (

How We Affect Each Other | Psychology Today

A Simple Way to Really See Each Other and Be Seen (

The Mystery of the Nation of Immigrants Who Fear Foreigners (

The Dictatorship That Is School. The top-down structure of school limits… | by Jennifer Osborne | The Startup | Medium

Children Exposed to Violence | National Institute of Justice (

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Depression (

Buy only what is necessary, not what is convenient. What is unnecessary, even if it costs one cent, it is expensive. – philosiblog

Do the Necessary: A Lesson on Habit, Business, and Life from a Friar | by Will Richardson, MBA | The Startup | Medium

What should I do if my friends are losers and I hate them? Is it bad to just ditch them and move on? – Quora

How to become a legislator – CareerExplorer

What are some of the most underrated things (or people) in the world? – Quora

I’m depressed and convinced everyone has a better life than me. How do I stop thinking like this? Why is it so hard to remember that so many people have it worse than I do? – Quora

I am a racist and proud of it – Charleston City Paper

“I hate my own race. The teachers just always think we’re smart”: Re-conceptualizing the model minority stereotype as a racial epithet. – PsycNET (

‘Americanized’ Recounts What It’s Like To Grow Up Undocumented : NPR

People Admit Who The Most Underappreciated People In Society Are – George Takei

Death is not final. When a loved one dies. ・Angie Corbett-Kuiper (

Why do I want to suffer? – Quora

If the rules are what is keeping you from succeeding, then, in fact, break the rules. It is our moral imperative to break unjust rules

What I’m Learning About Being a Minority in America (

6 reasons why it’s time to defund the police | American Friends Service Committee (

7 myths about “defunding the police” debunked (

It is also a terrible calumny; cops are not murderers. No officer goes out in the field wishing to shoot anyone, armed or unarmed. And while they’re unlikely to defend it quite as loudly during a time of national angst like this one, people who work in law enforcement know they are legally vested with the authority to detain suspects — an authority that must sometimes be enforced. Regardless of what happened with Mike Brown, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the cops, but the people they stop, who can prevent detentions from turning into tragedies.

I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me. – The Washington Post (

Characteristics of an Ideal Police Officer ||

If You Want To Master Your Life, Learn To Organize Your Feelings (

If You’re Overwhelmed, Take a Moment to Pause, Reflect and Look Within | by Esther George | Change Your Mind Change Your Life | Medium

What is intrinsic evil? – U.S. Catholic (

Is It Immoral To Be Rich? Yes. Absolutely. Next Question. — The Everyday (

Is being rich immoral? (

Working Out: When Will I Start to See Results? (


why do i always get the worst teammates, i don’t need others, document change log, I’ve got a long day ahead, perfectly follow rules, no one is a perfect angel, we all make mistakes, we all bend the rules, sometimes more often than others, feeling bad for doing the right thing, show no mercy to NSFW contents, good moment at the moment, at the moment, what you want can change don’t be attached, stop everything, no mercy, at this point in my life I don’t need it, stop giving me things I don’t need, stop giving advice, hit the roots, heaven on earth, Dominance hierarchy – Wikipedia, stop looking for easy solutions, it’s how we raise up after mistakes that prove how much we care, I need a permanent solution, I don’t see this as a problem that is to be solved, I think this is hopeless, lesser of the two evils, Misanthropy – Wikipedia, Closure (psychology) – Wikipedia, get a real job, teen mood swings, why do my feelings change so much, why do my feelings change so quickly, fundamental principles, one at a time, planning requries self-control, can happen to anyone, lucky to have such good parents, lucky legality, stuck with people who don’t want to see me succeed, hitting home, tired of coping I want a permenant solution, part of me wants to fail, doing it for someone else, remember you are just a tool, risk factor, next best option, retentionist, reflect allowed, anxiety, destroyed childhood, why does the law allow this to happen to me, I like taking risks, very reason why, stopped caring, eliminiate risks, eliminate uncertainty, influence can either be morally good or bad, only way, allowed to feel, it’s not about the conclusion it’s more of how you reach it, permission to feel, plan your feelings, plan the changes in your feelings, rewarding careers, implement strict rules, maturity, I/we don’t have all day | meaning of I/we don’t have all day in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE (, too strict, lack of newness in life, pushing an agenda, vulnerable, healing from trauma, hidden abuse, i will still love you, real world, anti teacher, attachment = dependency, attachment dependent personality disorder, copy good behavior, instinct=intrinsic, know the difference between good dogma and bad dogma, trust and authority, authority issues, trust issues, using your thoughts, causes of needing to use coping mechanisms, english lanaguage, everyone goes thru this, Vigilantism – Wikipedia, the community is the police, confused authority, kill anyone who stands in your way, smart recovery self control, trust murders, Process Thinking – Wikipedia, men only, defunding, psyche, Men Only Have 4 Moods, manly buisness, manly work, impossible for some people, why is this possible, surviving torture is living against our wills, experiencing against our will, hard work is only way, never let your guard down, ignored, nobody helps me, do only what is necessary, start small, no hope left, By any means necessary – Wikipedia, it’s ok to break the rules, Keep me in check – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, know that better is possible, it comes with its perks and downsides as well, parks are the downsides sometimes, my new parnets, parenting yourself, be your own authority, I need some new better friends (becuse being alone and bad friends need to be replaced), better is possible, keep your feelings to yourself, going into a trade, I want to be everything in my life, a whole life planned ahead of you, just wait and see, forget the rest, wish good on others, the mystery of consciousness, against our will self-control, how to survive is how to live, stop hanging around losers, daily motivation, to be exist verb, stop thinking like that no matter what, now is not the time to make new relationships, at this point in my life, romantic, be conservative with the people whom you are around with, self-made, bare bones, protecting my rights by knowing them, just for laughs, do you deserve what you want, real feelings from past dealings, secure your wellness, I don’t need reognition and or attention in fact I need the opposite, they want to take our money, people at their worst, how to deal with people you can’t stand, stop looking at me, forced to trust, go to bathrooom take care of buisness, criminals need parents not prison, setting moral boundaries, student responsibilties, i don’t want to be a part of society, accessible, be a kid again, take a moment to reflect, i need some gas like a car does, change comes from within, make a decision already, finishing unfinished business, pleasing the mind, not final, It’s not over yet, see it as a distraction, a necessary evil, Moral hazard – Wikipedia, I will only eat until I have done something productive, vigilante justice, I don’t need to be seeing that, they were asking for it wearing such clothes, supposed to feel bad, moral corruption, i need to start seeing results now, acting as a burden obstacle, can always be worse, before they become gremlins, before they are brainwashed,

everything about the job I work reminds me of something bad, it’s like a mini-trauma trigger

sometimes you have to kill a life to save a life.

One of these days I need to take the time to organize the research that I am conducting.s

organizing feelings can make your life a whole lot better. just having the thought of organizing your feelings makes your day better.

The funny thing is, is that it’s not really a big deal, but it can be if survival needs are not met.

I can’t wish good on others if I don’t have good myself. It’s emotionally impossible.

I need to stop feeling guilty and surprised, I am litearlly getting what I deserve.

This website acts as a Think Tank.

Acts that should be illegal

Some of them, I advocate a mandatory sentencing of death

We should use the condemmeds’ body parts to serve someone else, that way it’ll be used for the common good.

  1. Certain Parenting Styles – All children deserve good parents, but not all parents deserve children
  2. Viewing certain NSFW contents – Like, why is the public even able to access this. The only good thing it shows is that some people can resist it and for some it acts as distraction. Why use people like this?

What makes an action a just action? If the ends justify the means

Unbiased information about the death penalty and biased information as to why I support the death penalty


When one person breaks the contract the other is no longer bound by it

  1. Many people see the death penalties’ irrevesability as a reason not to support, but I see it as a reason to support it. I say this because once the person has been executed, it is never possible (see: recidivism rate for executed criminals) for the executed criminal to be loved in person again, thus elimitating the possibility for stockholm syndrome.
  2. The death penalty may have adverse practical efffects, such as encouraging those who are suicidal and wish to recieve lethal injection as a means of achieving it. I argue that these people are mentally ill.
  3. I see the death penalty as a form of killing in self-defense. I love this quote that I once saw: “If police didn’t exist, most crimes would carry the death penalty”
  4. The goal is to punish not to deter; Death-penalty opponents fail to comprehend this ideal
  5. The very reason I support it is because it’s irreversable, that way the victim does not have a possibilty of developing stockholm syndrome; Thus, satisfying moral closure.

For what crimes?

Notice how the universe themes of these crimes is breaking the contract of trust

  1. Kidnapping
  2. Hurting the vulenerable, helpless, defenseless
  3. Killing police officers or other law enforcement
  4. Terrorism
  5. Slippery Slope Euthanasia
  6. Psychological Abuse


Unthinkable crimes, thought crimes, boundaries to thinking, disciplined thikning, Irredemable offenses, Victims familties and prodiving closure, crossing the line, 8th amendement, know your rights, animals don’t have rights and we prove that by executing criminals who act like one, beastly, irreversable, never possible, redicivism rate,

The limits of the 8th amendement – The limits of capital “punishment”

It is a privilaige to punish and not to have to be in ones situation.

Comment: “An eye for an eye”, but where does it stop? – The Update (


draw the limit 8th amendment, using people, purpose of goal, goal of punishment, moral freedom, limits of freedom, limits of freedom of speech,

Rebuttle to the argument: “But the poor join the military at a disproportional rate” – Documented 2/26/2022

Who Serves in the U.S. Military? The Demographics of Enlisted Troops and Officers | The Heritage Foundation

Inforgraphic portraying the countries with the largest military spending in 2020 by percentage

Practical Arguments:

  • The miltiary will teach the poor how not to remain poor, if you are still poor whilst in the military, you must be doing something with your money that we don’t know about
    • I currently serve in the national guard and I, myself, won’t make it to the 12.9k poverty line (for a single person)
  • If anything, joining the miltiary is a good thing, as stated above, it’s a way out of poverty and brings discipline and structure to one’s life. As mentioned before, without morals we wouldn’t have academic education. As without morals, such events wouldn’t be able to take place.


military socioeconomic status infographic,

Freethought Notes – Documented 2/21/2022

Joe Biden – “We the People are the Government” – YouTube

Never Do This at the Doctor’s Office, Say Doctors (

What if there was a victim who say their fathers murderer get executed and their mother was murderered the next day? Should we execute the murderer or stop the need to execute people?

You can’t grow up and still be a socialist

What If Everybody Did That? | Social Skills for Kids | Read Aloud

Sulfates: Know What to Avoid |

Don’t confuse the word honesty with rudeness. Try mixing in some kindness. – On Life, Hope y todo lo demás… (

I will only change my doings if my doings effect my learnings

I hate elitists. I hate conceited people. I hate pompous people. by Neil Cavuto · MindZip

I Am Not an Elitist! (Or Am I?) | Psychology Today

Do Some People Deserve to Be Poor? – PLACE

Poor people are poor because they are lazy.” Sure, this is true, but how did they become lazy? How diid they learn to be lazy? It’s not magic.

Why We Need the Police | City Journal (

Dying For A Cause: When Men Make The Ultimate Sacrifice


default settings, automatically, attracted to me, I need some room, easier said than done, acting like you’re on top of the world, most people don’t have acess to this, it’s all about opporunity, happens when I *think* I am alone, mental barriers, balance between bad-used and good-used, give up control to an authortative source, running out of energy, I am not getting what I deserved, people aren’t cooperating with me and my goals which is why I like to stay alone, being alone is addicting, stop bothering me, don’t let any pass thru, I need some space/some leeway, lifestyle change, racist but true, baiting me, imagination, thought experiment, scenarios, event, don’t fall for tricks, not ready to make nice, everything has a beginning and an end, choose one, I can’t choose, the goal should be to change them, deserve therapy, resotrative justice, justice vs. revenge, heat of the moment, if you don’t want grandmother to see it don’t place it on the internret, done in private, appropriate when, browsing history, work like me, very reaosn to change mind, heat of the moment, Samuel, team effort, as long as I am getting paid, at the doctor’s office, taking care of yourself, my body involuntary, brain teasers, morgue, keep them under the belt, wondering why you’re getting shot, common sense mistakes, doctor as, it comes as a surprise, it comes as a beauthful person but really is decieftul bible verse, too good to be true, monitor, how do adults learn effectively, behind someone’s back, environment, curriculum, ivory tower, government education, read your lips, who to trust is a hard source to find, requires, stailling, opprtunities, everything you do affects your health, speak for yourself, late bloomer, change the user interface of your life, you are only limited by what you want so if you want to change know what to change and that is to change what you want, wants vs. needs, hungry for more, anti-justice, messed up people, Don’t confuse the word honesty with rudeness, literary devices such as a hyperbole, Patience, Maturity, relationship between individual and society, perfect people, once a vet always a vet, imagining and comprehending perfectiom, I hate elitists, cherry-picking facts, eavesdropping, real vs. fake, fault, don’t want to risk it, why we need the police, why we need to change goals, quality of life, necessary evil, anti-cop, something else about idioms, hate it with a passion, only the ones that are caught, death penalty research, kill me if you have to, Mass Psychogenic Illness, mass hysteria,

Freethought Notes – Documented 2/13/2022

This costs my sanity

What would you do if u were God?

‘People are moving on with their lives’: is the end of Omicron in …

Watch: Students Forced to Destroy Own Smartphones After Bringing Them To Class

Fear of Moving Forward – Experience Life

Overcoming the Fear of Loss: 5 Steps to Get Unstuck

The Psychology of Self-Improvement: Why It’s So Difficult To Change

Banning the Type of Police Raids That Killed Amir Locke Is Just a Start


once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, neutral injustice, I wish I could forget you; I wish I knew how, contradict, nature do its thing, Colin Kaepernick, I went back but went forward and sustained where I was, next time visit gym regardless of the fact that the car may not be here all of the time, moral fiber definition, come to stay, just for today, narrow way, stop sticking with one thing, using analogies, go many things I haven’t seen, I’d rather die, in the medium between voluntary and involuntary, what keeps you from dying and what keeps you from living to the max and prioritizing only yourself, I hate (…needing to perform/practice…) patience, moral injury, why wait, nobody needs obstacles, user interface of life, moral user interface, urgent can’t wait card, welcome to the real world, predatory loans, unregulated, personal trainer, be your own personal trainer, I need a personal trainer, I need external motivation to, notes requires sacrifice, blood sacrifice, replace use music as go to no other choice, oh so now you need me, difference between good and great, difference between good and evil, second trial, learned via bad faith, until I die, do yourself a favor and forgive, murderers walk free, don’t know don’t care, how do we prevent this from happening again, left a scar, if you’re going to do something do it right, I hate regulating it, I don’t know where to draw the line, be free, demands of this world, I need help from others, God is just a word, impossible feelings, impossible morality, illusion of possibilities, I learned something new, baby elephant syndrome, laugh at it you’re part of it, behind in life, it should be illegal to, make it possible to, unregulated dopamine, social media (like drugs) should be regulated due to its harmful effects, deter even merely thinking about it, wrong to think about it, program your life not vice versa, working against the clock, people things, working against yourself, work against me, my phone is working against me, doctors can’t give access to drugs unless need be, opioid overdose, moral law definition, drugs that need to be regulated, drugs that need monitoring, mistakes give you experience, give me something to do, lack of responsibilities, laziness, blame yourself, blame the parents, blame the contributors, the purpose of law, punishment=/= deterrence, purpose of justice is self-fulfilling, remove this scum from the face of the earth, say one thing do another, white lie necessary evils, I need time to rest, don’t wait too long or the energy will be gone, plan b, backup plan, something to fall back upon, social safety net, theory into practice, calm down, society is an illusion, stop making a big deal out of it, it’s just death, security is an illusion, illusion of security, security is an individuals’ right to control, moral psychology, power of touch, public access, jump scare, there is no end in sight to mastering life, no rush, applied science, juris doctor, never forget the workers who make it possible for you to enjoy such a convenience, life isn’t fair and just, sources, forget me, productive, lasting mark, morally disturbed (bg, mxr, wrestling, never compromise on quality, smart glasses, anti-school, anti-formal education, fix yourself first, no other way, you can’t cheat God, cheat the system, honorable discharge, don’t lose me, be conservative with your money, be conservative in what you send, spend the present remembering the past, better safe than sorry, lost cause, lost purpose in life, stuck in life, stuck in love, move on, stuck in the middle, stuck=attached, scared to move on, trust is a necessary evil and must be kept to a bare minimum at least, only thing I know, unattractive, military as a family, I will never kill, last resort, self-defense, cost too much morals, cost my sanity, afraid to lose, why are some things just naturally embarrassing, n* and unafraid, children sentenced to death, justice for families, immoral thoughts, arrested development, brand loyalty, common characteristics amongst death row inmates, expect moral actions, I get mad I am only human, balance between bad and good, balance of nature, Serenity, abuse of responsibilities, need cell phone not smart phone, Warren Buffett humble house, making laws about teaching, criminals can’t comprehend justice, bad version of me, unexpected learning, how do you know when to stop, safe word, decide under pressure, unfair, not trying, graduate, changing mind past [nsfw] seeing, deceiving desires, learning the hard way [nsfw], it can wait, don’t come crying to me, missing note, conducting research, keep in touch, ready to let go, some things are good, pharmacy drugs, always going to be that person, internet should be regulated, immoral desire, forced to live, educated women, contribute, only happens under what conditions, iphone turned on, set on track for life, you would never think, I don’t attack defenseless peoples, you did enough, some idiom I forgot, get it over with, celebrate, rewarding bad behavior, drug regulation, rather be alive, pro-life hoodseters, never have to decide between food or clothes, overexaggerated effects, military police, feelings towards soldiers, how does it work = how does it change, withholding curiosity is making me more curious, assimilation, people tingz, relationship to ideas, a cond. ad I watched a long time ago, people don’t talk about stats curiosity, replace use music as go to no other choice, the way the define the problem is the problem, focusing on the problems you’re creating, allowed to be mad, producing feelings of ease or security, capital punishment for child abusers, magical feelings, targeting the cause (it all started when), go slow, wish you harm, express anger, productive expression of anger, purpose of feelings, feelings never come voluntarily, sandbox games, law make moral, purpose of law, illegal thoughts, lesser evils, nature of badness, to be is to want to be, pursuing, study the usage of words, time passes constantly so change what you want or sustain what you want, adults only church, fiber, regulating church services, I wish I could type as fast as I think, all of this for your glory, the three pigs, public safety, feelings wheel, emotional conditions, The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Little Red Hen, moral motivation, on wings like eagles, literary devices in the bible, studying the bible vs. taking it personally, real love, what is keeping you from murdering others, wasting life trying to find out why, no one knows, for the sake of it, fire dying out, Christopher bell john boozman, conservapedia, time for play, refrain from, stop making me, you don’t have to be crazy to work here, trump demands penalty, constantly learning, take a break, not within my power, consider, real trust, trust is required to live, real world, safe and sound, fight for this country, life is back and forth, the cycle of hurting and healing, thank teachers, military service should be mandatory, thank veterans senators, just wanted to let you know, normal people, public health, sanctity of money, dignity, pain becomes pleasure, loosen yourself, need religion, can’t afford to lose, moral conscience, used as a reminder, values, say one thing do the next, moral superiority, the question isn’t who is going to let me, Marxian economics, my entire life is bad faith, there is no such thing as a society, preventable death, go out to, I’ve never heart his voice, nature of the job, encounter, rewarding intellectualism, I don’t care about the rules, I won’t let you do, use God as moral motivation, keep being mad, moral s*, fair and just, honor killings, moral urgency, social media, not my words, hating people who aren’t like you, served in the military, too much success, home situation, working to improve, are teachers supporters of the military, thank me later, Americanism exceptionalism, study history to understand the present, productive, obstacles, society isn’t natural, handed to him, society isn’t for me, from my shoes, give me a reason, unclear, cheating doesn’t pay, veto power, public access, regulating morality, in principle, goal, unconditional theoretically, using words, in a perfect world, still alive following moral standards, keep public moral, cults that are alive today, penal, deterrence, self-defense, used as a threat, what scares you does not scare me, get basic down first, drug regulation, learn for the sake of learning, to learn means to change, served in the military, perfect life, moral motivation, not-s* but used as moral motivation, keep it a secret, internet regulation is a form of drug regulation, act like smart people, conducting tests, underestimate, opportunities, I don’t want to see you succeed, jail, prioritize school work, goodness is turning the bad into the good, average soldier, safe curiosity, invest in, fiber, moral as an adjective, man-to-man, seeing everyone else move on in life, neurosurgeon, most of my life is wasted searching for the way, kingliness, the why is the how, why do you have to be so special,

The ‘why’ will guide the ‘what’ and the ‘how’

We are distracted from distraction by distraction, filled with fancies and empty of meaning. This is what is formally known as a rabbit hole.


I don’t care about the rules. In fact, if I don’t break the rules at least 10 times in every song then I’m not doing my job properly.

Jeff Beck

Before you heal a man, make sure he’s ready to let go of the thing that is hurting him. Love-hate relationship. Can be used for good and or bad.

If not now, when will I study the grey area privates

Towards the private material: laugh at it, okay to surf and use as laughing material nsfw

About the private contents: I was planning on getting it all nice and then delete it to disappoint myself

Buy Now, Decide Later | Joybird

By ‘immoral thinking’, I do not mean thinking about immoral actions. No, what is meant is having thoughts that cause one to be less than ideally happy or are not conducive to the project of reducing suffering. These could be thoughts of a kind that fester anger and hatred inside of you, or memories that evoke sadness, or regret.


Life Is Back and Forth

Moral Conscience

President Bobby Jindal Would Spend More Money On Defense

15 ‘BobbyJindalIsSoWhite’ Memes That’ll Make You Go ‘Enough Internet For The Day’

What works for you may not work for (Gen)Me: Limitations of present leadership theories for the new generation

Freethought Notes – Documented 2/11/2022

Seize Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way : Harrison Barnes

Patience Is the Most Underused Investing Skill – TheStreet

I remember buffet saying that his method is simple, but most people fail as they lack patience

I require cooperation.

I stay here to show that anyone can do it

If I don’t block it from the beginning, then it’ll come in the intricate ways I stop following morals. let’s restart this even though I’ll lose some of my time.

I hate manual labor and it takes manual labor to document these notes and think. For example, this very text should be posted on the Blog post page, but I am posting it here since I am too lazy to scroll downwards.

If only I had a therapist with the ability to read mind accurately, I would be screwed and happy.

Social Media Usage Statistics for 2021 Reveal Surprising Shifts

What is Social Statistics?

White Male Patriarchy + Misogyny – Feminism = Trump’s Election

whites Say, Their Culture, Patriarchy…Permits white Men To Abuse Women, The Poor, Non-whites, & Children

Use this to crititisize and create new ideas:

Those who can’t teach make laws about education

Ebenezer Suresh

Murderers are wolves in sheeps skin. They may look human but are not really human.

Ebenezer Suresh

20 Remarkable Pro Choice Abortion Facts and Statistics

NEA’s Bad Lessons: National Education Association Pro-Abortion Stance Is Deadly For Students

Do laws work to stop abortion? – Laws focus on the wrong things.

Quick answer: No one is forcing anybody; the woman is already pregnant.


Actually yes, you are you are forcing the person to sustain being pregnant.

Quick answer: Sometimes when murderers are killing people, the murderer gets hurt or killed in the process. Should we make murdering legal so that the murderers don’t get hurt or die?


Making life harder for peoples.

Why is human even a word that is being used? In such a loaded context, too?

Pro-Life Laws Work

Thanks for saving me against me against my worst self.

Ebenezer Suresh

Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

15 Reasons To Be Pro-Choice

Pro-life vs. pro-choice: A debate continues

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion Worldwide


Why Women Abort

Causes Of Abortion – 1033 Words | Internet Public Library

13 Most Common Symptoms And Causes of Abortion (Miscarriage)

What are American Values (Berkely Center)

When You Wish Good Things For Others – Mind Journal

What would a kid do?

What Counts as a Medical Issue?

Gen Z: Proudly The Most Sensitive Generation

Pro-life books have too many adjectives

A source

Pro-Choice Literature

Suffering – a part of life

Cop Busts Mom For Stealing Groceries But Sees 3 Starving Adopted Kids And Changes His Mind

It’s still wrong but we need another solution rather than punishment

“Nothing else you want to do after your dreams come true. You’ve become numb. You shouldn’t have ever stopped dreaming.
“Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.” Ray Bradbury

Comprehending Feelings = Empathy, Compassion

The cure for boredom is curiosity.

There is no cure for curiosity.


Coping mechanisms are equivalent to drugs, so make sure to take the right prescription

New York military police Soldier finds path to civilian law enforcement career


Let nature do its thing.


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correlation with death penalty, grey area, goal-setting, indirect comparison to standards, adjective, slow progress, start somewhere, justification, morally justified, in principle, not written by doctors or professionals, use of adjectives, moral means to do something, unconditional, evidence says, academic, goal: to change mind, viability, laws focus on the wrong things, evidence, turning point, public morals, not a professional, ignorant, ability to be moral, ability to feel, good curiosity vs bad curiosity, isn’t it true, thanks for the thanks, persuasive, physical coercion, serves as a reminder, devolution, most of the time the people making such “pro-life” laws aren’t physicians, capital punishment, murdering someone just means that person need to change, still in that mode, change mind, anger, justice, only support death in the form of self-defense (can death penalty be used as deterrence, threat, self-defense?), horribly heinous crimes, cause of the problem, laws are for the 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everything is a medical problem if treated like one, I had too much of the dosage of private contents I was advised to not take more that I needed to for the goal of curing boredom, don’t get addicted, sensitive generation, practical education, rural people disabilities, being bad isn’t cool, criminals don’t follow laws, assuming they work like you, common sense, purpose of law, good and bad depend on the goal, good and bad aren’t flexible your ways of following morality are, we are an imperfect creatures, give me a reason to live, help the poor, we need something to hate or we wouldn’t be productive, hate repeating myself, principled, stop trusting the wrong people, taking advantage of human nature, give myself a try, next level of life, mentally ill normal moral people, normal people coping mechanisms, suffering is good, why do I feel the need for, can’t help but to cry, men don’t cry, suffering is part of life, find what you want, can’t afford to rest, can’t afford to be lazy, no ending, the end to moral behaviors, definition describing, using the word to describe itself, overdose on entertainment, everything can be considered medical, moral compass, guidance, do I really deserve this, the cycle of making mistakes, be exclusive, change what they want don’t punish them for it, see past the violence/punishment, I want to be a politician, it’ll come to me, sociologist, practicalism, we do things not because they are easy, it’s supposed to be hard, came from the bottom, avoid the first cause, why ask why, military family, life coach, military police, fun is a distraction, no fun allowed, work crazy hard and then rest harder as resting is a part of working if you’re doing it in good faith, I’m going to regret this, military community, right wing, let nature do its thing, practical effects of morality, repent now, I wish I was perfect, irredeemable, organized, make it the law, helping criminals, seeing is believing, shouldn’t have to worry, the bad is the good, respecting the bad, bad version of me, don’t give them the satisfaction what if I want the satisfaction, don’t give them attention, don’t give them what they want quotes, rationale, not an excuselost time, suitable towards goal, it takes time, change your goals change your life, the science if practical behaviors, chasing something (identifying something) you want, obsess, usage of words, how to use time, depends on how you use it, abusing the system,

You can’t stop a drunk man to stop doing drugs when he’s drug that’s why you wait till, he’s calmed down.

I am pro-choice as I understand everyones’ situations is unique and not the same and needs to be tended to accordingly.

It’s like typing, you shouldn’t think about it whilst doing it.

In principle, I am pro-life

In order to remove all distractions, you must first accurately identify them, if you don’t the rest of the steps don’t suit the goal.

Being angry just means it does not the suit the goal.

Actually I am glad human nature works like this; we should make it hard to be immoral.

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/31/2022

I don’t know, which is the very reason why I want to know: my lack of knowledge motivates me to know more.

Documenting notes requires manual labor which is something that I cannot tolerate.

I don’t hate doctors, I hate the fact that I need one in order to survive; Target the cause not the effects. In other words, I hate the way nature works.


Why trust, give up my life, what did I just do moment, anyone can make a difference, it costs nothing to be kind, thinking pace[2], sense of shame, purpose of government, goal of govt., mental is physical, physical spiritual mental emotional, location describes characteristics of a place, abstract noun, study usage of words, indirectly correlated, stick, describing what, ratchet, it’s okay to not be okay, Political obsessions, I hate you I love you, I’ve changed, productive,

“you’ve changed”
“We’re supposed to”
“You are the change”

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/18/2022 -Version 2

Start now prevent later
the root of education is bitter

I keep subsconsiosuly judging but I don’t want to stop

The Myth of “The One”

can you request to delete pages you archived in the archive machine?

why don’t I sign up for online accounts? A: it’s too complicated

shouldn’t have touched nsfw contents but it was in the way of documenting my ft notes

This is because version 1’s post editor has glitched and now is quickly automatically alternating back and forth with some twitter link and I don’t want to deal with stupid technical and manual labor issues.

Why You Should Never Depend On Anyone But Yourself

Make your life dependent upon it, it’s like food to make

nobody knows the things I do alone…

After seeing the worst in human nature, I don’t think I have much faith, it’s as if I have Trauma and PTSD from war, but in this case it’s from seeing nsfw contents at a young age.

physicals sway opinions, everything else is an idea yet to be identified/discovered.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

― Ernest Benn

Only Let Yourself Make New Mistakes

Words that shouldn’t be a word, reference: how to create a word

Relearning there is a word for that

focus on what part of the effects

how to learn how to learn; metacognition, paradox, 

What are you doing when others are not around

*k* shaming

There is no possible way to fake this

What is a word for that blah you’re feelings

If I really wanted perfection I’d make it a convenient to attend an elitist all private school

Accept fate, trust source

It’s just an opinion

Learning How to learn, shouldn’t be a word, how to make a word, words imply and indirectly state criteria,

Learn how to learn in school

Stop trying to achieve perfection when you know for a fact it isn’t real

At a crossroad here again

I don’t want to stall myself

Your loss not mine

People reject what they can’t afford

No imperfection no notes

Jesus came for the military


Normal is a pretty low standard

Standard = subconscious

Keep thinking attract common sense is anecdotal evidence

Public school authoritarianism school teaches

All is temporary

Integrity should be cared about

Be patient

No thoughts left behind

It does not get better you just get used to it

You only see what you focus upon

Social order effectiveness human nature

Over achiever

No way

If you focused on protecting yourself all of the time you wouldn’t have any fun

In the same way they don’t care how you feel as if you protected your feelings all of the time then you wouldn’t have any problems to solve

Protecting feelings

This is what it feels like

I find it hard to pursue moral perfectionism as that implies that I would need to take more notes
However, I pursue moral perfectionism in other areas: such as not using social media, so I should treat my nsfw addiction the same.

From School Documenting Notes Session

never underestimate the power of virtually anything

Research lying and human nature

Medium gray area

Thanks for being hard on me

Common sense is anecdotal evidence

Save mistakes or attempt to correct them?

Physical effects exaggerated=feelings, drama queen

All feelings stem from dogma

Don’t trust, left me alone,

Trust as a social skills

Social “sciences”

focus on the feeling

focus on feelings not thoughts or vice versa – they are only ideas that “your body” has identified

The effects of feelings
What are thoughts and feelings? In order to define this you must first know it’s limits- to understand.

understanding feelings=understanding the limits of feelings/fear

All obstacles are physical objects that are over exaggerated

Vibes as a tag/category

Don’t focus on the wrong things, it will come automatically to you

indirectly judging too

do you have a plan to change or improve it why

So called protection, unless you have a systematic plan other than loud and violent

feelings virus

Decided for you

Fate is decided far before it happens you are merely the longer term effect in action – aware of it or not. Focus upon it.

Faith is believing before seeing (thinking) evidence is doing then thinking, believing

Opinion-belief, vague

name for feelings

“manuals are for losers”

Facts specific to when answer all possible questions to be asked

Science mag:

Everyone is not the same despite what common sense says

There is a formal diagnosis for everything

formal medical diagnosis

property rights

Social hierarchy

See: political compass test

stop imagining fake scenarios

imaginary=fake, it is literally defined as fake,be%20caught%20off%2Dguard%20again.

Displacing feelings is love it does not “come automatically” and isn’t magic and can be gotten out of

Is it possible to cure cancer? Is it possible to cure an “nsfw” addiction? Yes, if you see it as a problem, never lower standards for comfort, unconditionally here.

doctor is next to god

soldiers angels
soldiers are heroes

Soldiers are considered as pawns to some

Mother as a doctor, janitor a verb

Existing as an action, just be no change but just be

Participation trophies for just being


Doctor hierarchy

why do i imagine fake scenarios

It happens

recall bhoov dancing involuntarily at the sight of noise, that one scene event in the movie: home

Break rules by documenting notes is okay other purposes not, must have justified reason to keep social order effectiveness

How to build an artifical sense of urgency

Honestly, I don’t feel okay… even though it’s thought to be “normal”

Limits, stop using human nature as an excuse in the same way explaining why isn’t an excuse for letting a nsfw person who preys on younger ones go free.

Know the difference between a necessary evil and bad

iPhone Notes

One day I’ll be laughing at this and I want things to look back upon to laugh at. Like I am documenting events in blogspot.

Don’t take advantage

Literally and figuratively speaking here

Feel the pain now so you can rest later

It does not matter if it’s going to happen again, you still must keep integrity and high moral standards


Common sense requires stupidity, thinking and feeling correlation, feeling is doing, tabs tails linking, going against conscience, do you really want to pursue this, feelings had whilst doing are not focused upon as if they were you wouldn’t be motivated to do practically, necessary evils, getting mad if it’s not there, feelings are formally called what, common sense, learning how to learn, Layers to feelings, physically effect, did my deed, tradeoffs, being a mom is a job, you don’t want to know, that’s different, double standards, defenseless, (figuratively speaking,) me and you are like puzzle pieces that don’t fit, in a perfect world we wouldn’t need to live, greatness thrust upon them implies feelings are being shared upon to you via contagious feelings, can teachers tell if a student has a thing for another, came from nothing, self made, from humble beginnings, thinking brings us together, artificial sense of urgency, mistakes then back again after mistake, don’t lie to yourself saying that you didn’t make any nsfw mistakes along carrer and tolerate b.s., requires caring to focus upon, obstacle desires, can’t make myself do it, hidden talents, testing my patience, testing my feelings, working the system, only good faith, burn burn burn song, drug tolerance, how do scientists set limits, I should have felt this bad when I was documenting notes without headphones or in bad faith knowingly and keeping posts, set limits for your child, stop lying and saying that you feel fine, set up screen time limits for your child, mass psychology, common sense diagnosis, evaluation type, bad addictions, the myth of one last time, satire, figuratively “run” for president,

Dear nsfw contents, I may hate you, but I really miss you too. You’ll always have a part in my life.

> They think in situations where they are supposed to feel

Source: why intelligent people lack common sense

only pleasure forettign notes, area with more notes in two other areas, hitting rock bottom,

I feel so hesitant to let go solely because it’s hard finding these good sources again

Learned this in bad faith

Think of this as secretly collecting samples of contents that make me feel this way so I can study it and solve my problem. Don’t do this in bad faith.

Add this one (nsfw link, do not open with others around) to nsfw desires as well. I want to laugh at it when I get older. But forget this day.
if I am feeling bad about this, why am I not allowing myself to feel bad about the post I archived via BlogSpot titled inspiring examples in the archive machine? Why is the system so complicated?

This is how I developed desires, via bad faith.

Done secretively.

Should have never archived my nsfw from chats shouldn’t have even started as it lives with me for the rest of my life and will continue on as a disease that has been passed upon into via organs for generations to come. Like most people do.


hyperindividualism, yes that’s a real word, I don’t want to go to school too many distractions and obstacles, real science has not obstacles, content goal, conservative=survivalist lifestyle, middle class voting patterns, keep us divided, prevent start temptation, focus on what part of the effects, requires common sense, unteachable, a crutch people use is common sense, reviewing concepts, relevant as a goal word, target the root cause, take this as an example, protecting the defenseless, protect as a goal word, boy scouts awards, social interpretation, goal, try not to sz3ize it, take this as an opportunity, grief counseling, looking for trouble, only way to know, a day in my quote book, a day in my shoes, role model, focus on effects, only make mistakes, formula of thoughts, keep me occupied, no one knows what the future entails, perfection is boring, is science boring, perfection=no need for change, words can’t explain how I feel, conditioned feelings, go easy on him (way treated), class is a communist concept, discipline, comfort, informal, professionalism, ROTC, respect=tolerate the presence of, price, value, die for…, no shortcuts to successfulness manual labor is it, method matters, integrity matters, world police, Amorality, lying addiction, think about ideas, think about death all the time, death, life, and in between, and s8, Thinking too much, restricting yourself, thinking=restricting channelizing feelings, doing requires feeling not thinking, opportunity to help, formal legal, feelings goal, thinking correlation with physical, allow yourself to be lazy, outside motivation, build a lifetime resistance, psychological drug, your past does not matter here, acknowledge human nature, how do scientists set limits, this drive comes from small talk tolerance, that’s different, new problems, temptations, automatic, resilience, recognize the lives lost, traces of war, the scars never fade, the past never lies, the present is the past, bored of taking notes, channelize feelings, shouldn’t have to do this, pleasure, don’t let feelings goals change, don’t let feelings change your goals, resilient build in public places; for example no staring in public, use necessary evils to advantage, necessary evil force/violence, root of evil, in my way,