Freethought Notes – Documented 1/29/2022

your lack of knowledge should act as the very reason why you want to know more

Does the environment adapt to you, or you adapt to the environment?

Treating Children as Individuals –

A higher moral ground is ones’ ability to punish

Those who can’t teach make laws about teaching

Imagination is the ability to form mental pictures or ideas in the mind.

The Power Of Imagination. “Imagination is more important …

we never grow up we just learn how to act in public

Stop spending much of your time with others and spend it exploring yourself, with your own body. Science is nothing but exploring ones’ own body.

CCTV News reported that Liang also said it was also a chance for him to be “alive in another way.”

Doctors Bow In Reverence To Cancer Victim Who Donated Organs ‘To Be A Great Kid’

The human brain is unable to comprehend nothing

Comprehending nothing=comprehending perfection

there is no such thing as a bad experience, only learned lessons

Not everyone is the same on a molecular level. No one is normal, so stop suggesting “normal” solutions.

Men Weight Loss Transformation 2021 That Will Make You Try Harder

They[2] are not superhuman, they are regular humans just like you that are making a difference

They are not the same person again

The goal of catching criminals is to make sure they don’t do it again, it’s not justice.

The One Idea That Saved Me From Suicide.

the middle class is a different type of creature, yes, we are being referred to as creatures not humans since not all humans re the same, some are smarter, and others are dumber this making them not humans since using that word is too vague.

The world can’t afford to make everyone rich

Nigerian governor ready to sign death warrant for killer of 5-year-old girl

Monique Roffey: “Not all white people are the same, not all white women are the same”

40 Things Average People Don’t Do | Brian Dodd on Leadership

10 Common Characteristics of Average People

Military Service and Socioeconomic Status.

Socioeconomic Status And Incarceration

He pointed to American Medical Association guidelines that say medical professionals should not be involved in the involuntary taking of a human life.

“Doctors are ethically prohibited from taking part in executions,” Dunham told The Associated Press. “That’s why nearly all doctors don’t want to participate and those who do don’t want to be identified.”But Dunham said courts, the public and the condemned person should be able to know the qualifications of anyone contracted to take part, including doctors, EMTs and others.“The person who is being executed has an interest in not being tortured to death,” he said.

Doctors can and do participate in executions

Raghunandan Yandamuri sentenced to death by lethal injection

Would anyone in their right mind reward murderers?

But Kyle Janek, a Texas senator and anaesthesiologist, and a vocal advocate of the death penalty, insists that levels of anaesthetic are more than adequate. He says that an inmate will typically receive up to 3 grams – about 10 times the amount given before surgery. “I can attest with all medical certainty that anyone receiving that massive dose will be under anaesthesia,” he said in a recent editorial.

Execution by injection far from painless

how do people draw the line between necessary and unnecessary cruelty?

“Response to Doctors of the Death Chamber”

yes, he is a doctor at harvad

Doctors Who Participate in Executions Should Lose Their Licenses

Medical professionals and the death penalty

When Law and Ethics Collide — Why Physicians Participate in Executions

does rehabilitation work?

Does it do what it says it does?

Only applied to patients who won’t cooperate

Why not commit evil?

Why Morality Demands the Death Penalty

I favor the death penalty for humans who can’t act like humans who trust

In fact, a strong argument exists that execution of those guilty of murder is very pro-life.  How so?  As mentioned, executed killers will never again take innocent lives. Also, many would-be killers are deterred from murdering by the prospect of their own lives being taken for such actions.  Cleary, the death penalty doesn’t deter some from committing murder, but it does stop others.  Support for the death penalty – because it without a doubt saves innocent lives – is a very pro-life stance to take. (Changing human nature),stance%20to%20take.%C2%A0

Real love would show a person and deter them from ever needing to use capital punishment

Don’t Tolerate Intolerance

humans are not special

Real sanctity of human life is preventing the development of murderers

How did you learn to support to the death penalty?

We’re going to hear that he’s mentally retarded and psychologically unfit to know right from wrong. This will be an attempt to save his life and allow him to keep breathing as a guest of the state until he dies in a cell.

Of course, putting the murderer to death doesn’t bring back their loved one, but it sure does provide some sense of justice. That’s why Dr. Petit, a physician whose life is devoted to saving lives, wants the murderers of his wife and daughters put to death. In his words, death “is really the only true just punishment for certain heinous and depraved murders.” Is the doctor wrong? Is he immoral? Well, if you think capital punishment is immoral, then Dr. Petit is immoral.,Petit%20is%20immoral.

Steven Hayes condemned to die for fatal Connecticut home invasion

It sure is immoral, but so what?

I support the death penalty not as a deterrent or for revenge or closure, but because it is just and because it prevents murderers from ever harming again.

Meaning of “justice”

Neutral justice

Justice vs. Revenge

Moreover, by keeping every murderer alive, many MORE people are murdered -– other prisoners, guards and people outside of prison in case of escape or early release — than the infinitesimally small number of people who might be wrongly executed. And now, with DNA testing and other advanced forensic tools, it is virtually impossible to execute an innocent person.,an%20innocent%20person.

Closure for the victim’s families and friends is another point often argued in support of the morality of the death penalty. Mark Costanzo is a professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College in California. In his 1997 book, Just Revenge: Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty, Costanzo provides a first hand account of closure. He provides a statement from a family member of the victim’s after watching the killer be put to death: “‘It was spiritual. When he [the condemned man] leaned over for the last time, everything I went there for just lifted off my shoulders. I felt peace … I have finality”. Another example of closure comes from a video Prager (2017) did on the death penalty. In the video, Prager talks about the murder of Dr. Petit’s wife and two daughters. Prager relays that when asked about the two men’s punishment, Dr. Petit said that death ‘is really the only true just punishment.” The moral justification that closure supports is that even though the victim can not be brought back, the criminal will face justice and bring peace to the victim’s friends and family.,friends%20and%20family.

 Another common argument against the death penalty is that no human has the right to kill another person, unless it’s for self-defense. I will agree with this; however, the death penalty is not just some person killing a murderer because they want to, it is a society killing a murderer as a punishment.,as%20a%20punishment.

Not surprisingly, there has been much speculation within the church about whether William Petit, a physician, supports capital punishment. Though he has participated in tributes to his family and has attended church in recent weeks, Dr. Petit has not granted interviews since the killings. “He’s just not ready,” his mother, Barbara Petit, said recently.

Right after 911 The Marines had on their website home page a quote, “It is up to God to judge Osama ben Laden. It’s up to us to arrange the meeting”.

I don’t have a problem with the death penalty as a fair and reasonable punishment. With DNA so accessible and viable there is little reason to believe there will be many who are executed by accident.

I say these are animals, God will judge them and its up to the state/us to arrange the meeting.

Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting! – Real Doctor Explains


don’t even start, you’re a disgrace, communication words, take care of yourself, learning is intentional, death penalty for juveniles, honor=law, mentally a 5-year-old, contagious laughter, figurative language, characteristics, nature of being a cop, I can rest now, being /existing vs. needing, crime event, nobody was there for me, I was there for me, fascinated, psychology of working, moral needs, my feelings are telling me, real vs. fake, ability to imagine, psychology of working, make it better, let it be, practical words, basic psychological needs, moral behavior in public, you didn’t have to, who in their right mind would (want to die), think about the effects, honor wishes, honor my wishes, forget my sorrows, libertarian psychology, comprehending nothing, perfection is nothing, love is in the air, common problems in everyday life, effectiveness, unique, respecting bad decisions is a bad decisions, no such thing as “political” bias, goal bias, mental example, come in all shapes and sizes, treated like normal person, he gave his life a ransom for many, describe it as is do not try to use adjectives only factual words, abstract noun=emphasizing characteristics, how to use others, weaknesses=our Achillies heel, impossible to resist, humans aren’t a measurable variable (describe nature it’s rather a vague criteria that does not meet standards and leaves many questions unanswered, format of a fact, tireless, focus on people, public morality, hiding mental illnesses, depending on how it’s used, possible moral uses, irresistible, the government is a tool, perspective=use for what goal, goal of thinking, format, alcohol keeps me moral, elipsey, not all drug users are bad, turning point, treated like normal, normal moral standards, lower moral standards for mentally ill people (not eligible for death penalty), what saved me from suicide, not everyone who “looks” (feels) normal is normal, clear criteria for looks like normal, common sense common characteristics amongst humans, humanely, feelings of a scientist whilst conducting an experiment, heal, observe, anti-cop, anti-authority, obsessed, practical effects vs. theoretical effects (ex. rewarded for stupidity), reaching and sustaining imperfection, left me stranded, permanent cure for boredom, outline, treat the human body as a machine, vague concepts, vague=multitude of possibilities (useful for goals of identifying specifics with what we have or useful for artists to give room to imaging ideas), characteristics, authority, looking is feeling, looking=/=observing, not worrying about politics is a privilege, don’t be scared to live again, the very people you see as a solution are actually the problem (not helping goals, set better goals, see past goals), don’t be scared to try, fear of the unknown, drama queen, you are a part of the situation, describe it as is do not add adjectives to it, using adjectives=opinion piece, practical effects, using adjectives, abstract nouns, practicalism, focus on the how not the what conclusion, focus on the process not the outcome, I need a doctor, relationship between thinking and doing, relationship between thinking and language, increase vocabulary, everything is language, set the goal to do better, feeling over exaggeration, cancer patients, the middle class is dying, middle class and poverty is an indication of brain damage, bring self out of poverty, give me neither poverty nor riches, slow process, rich people smarter, keeping the middle class as middle class isn’t helping the middle class it’s working against them, measuring behaviors, equal judgement, not all people are the same (so stop treating them like it), that’s making it worse, special needs kids need more than regular needs kids, most middle class and poor people are healing from trauma, don’t associate with middle and poor class people if you don’t want to be like them (that’s how the world works), md. c.l. people are stupid, everything is healthcare, I am my own doctor, rare, died of natural causes, grey area = magic, self-censorship is self-control, censorship is good to a moral degree, moral-necessary evil for practical effects, how people work, why do we need morals, diligence, integrity, critique, use practical goal, possible, before they are hanged, before they are broken, Abominable, possible alternative, study the grey area, work the system, options, socioeconomic status of prisoners, change to voluntary, change goals, different person, comprehending morality, executing animals, draw the line peta, bring back alive, revive, dirty doctors, learning is boring, consider, change people, learning to support the death penalty, fact unbiased, opinion piece vs. fact piece, opinions describes (uses facts), using for goal requires a dose of self-control, feelings depend on how something is used, feelings change based upon adjectives used trust broken physical force, observing and feelings, and doing and feelings, bringing back alive, feelings depend on goal, the law does not stop the insane, middle class opinion, factual evaluations, focusing on people, miniscule changes, using=goal, not a human being, the limits of trust, draw the line of trust, Physicians are healers not executioners, used for a goal, this fascinates me, turning into monster, feelings involved, possible pain, how nature works, practical goals and effects, setting goals, content words=adjective, opinions are wordplay, study opinions, opinions practical, change opinion, change mind, goal measure, effect other areas of thinking behaviors, justification process, conclusion, a reason to be curious not to stop and be dogmatic, the effects on feelings, opinion vs. fact, trapped, death penalty should only be used for the unchangeable/the unteachable, what else, No murder, perfect world, vague possibilities, politics is bad, criteria describing nature, sociology, guilty in the womb, recognize human, adjective, complicated words, creating new words, illegal, effective, impossible, vague, focus, sanctity of non-human life, moral goals, moral purpose, moral limit, consider the past, sanctity of any life is bad, moral drugs, Law and Order, smarter than an adult, prison changes people, unclear, morality is a drug, which crimes deserve, death penalty is a drug, adjective, make up words, describe, accurate, moral effects, does the law describe reality, chasing excellence, bacteria cells dying, executions are happening on a smaller level, purpose of living, continuous goals, learning in school to support the death penalty, you’re not real, goal: change mind, molecular level changes, targeting the wrong things, using for different purpose, life is too boring, imply dogma action, others have it worse is an indirect comparison, using certain words implies comparison, teachers support for the death penalty, no one would give their life up for someone else, feelings are figurative language, moral equivalence, conservative brains’ are smaller, lazy thinking, measuring opinions, some opinions are better than others not all of them are equal psychology, thinking is identifying and applying criteria, sanctity of life is bad, depending on each other, moral compass=bad and good guide practical actions, giving a murderer access to the right to life, it takes more energy to be angry, properly use, respecting it makes it worse, Forced Trust, all opinions are examples of something, if it can be given into an example of something it is not over its dogma, ability to change, feeling formula, afford to be curious, ability to focus on process, Real Feelings vs. fake feelings,

Figurative language: The Death of the Death Penalty

I am glad for the chance to start at the bottom


Freethought Notes – Documented 1/13/2022

What is the limit between following my standards perfectly as a priority without thinking anything else and documenting notes out of need for self-control

By putting one thing on you are putting one thing off; This is called multi-tasking; In the same way we indirectly ignore things that we don’t know we are talking about.

Source matters

Look out for the desire, they come like a thief in the night-when you least expect it.

Should not disturb you

Tolerating inconveniences

Ready to constantly move on- change

Science fiction doesn’t make it a fact

Ready to learn

I want a job that I can perform that will help people who can’t help themselves to help those in need. Maybe a therapist.

Stay in society grey area

Everything is a risk

Poverty hurts

There Is always something better than you

I don’t want to see them as it triggers causes (applying the need to avoid mistakes) of bad traumatic thoughts

All require trust even being anti social although it arguably requires more to be social

Someone to admire

Psychology behind everyday life

There is no such thing as randomness that’s like claiming that there are unexplainable phenomenons. There are only unexplained phenomenons.

Is it controllable?

Unconditional respect

Have a big of respect please

Legal immigration

“Blue wave”

If only you could clearly see how events shape your interests

Predicting your feelings is a great skill when applied

Only know what you’ve learned from the past. This is why you can’t imagine new colors.

Thinking is manually filtering things. In this case make sure your surroundings manually filter out the bad thoughts. This takes effort.

You’re not a big shot. You’re a “regular” person – but you are special and someone will treat you like it.

External motivation- happen to me-Blame others

Informal education

Describing itself

Informal education is the best

These bad thoughts only occur because I need new mistakes to finish. For example, it is only when making the mistake of talking to my mother (focusing on distractions here) that I am able to have a sense of urgency to identify some thoughts. So at this point it’s either I make more mistakes and write down notes or I avoid all mistakes, get just as much as notes, but at one point, these notes get deadly boring to document. And I need to have a source of new information to look back upon. Slow progress. That’s the cycle I’m observing.

Resist the mistakes it’ll do you longer term better- you will be using them for moral limits – maybe not pushing them but definitely moral.

I hate waiting
I hate being vulnerable
“Voluntary” is suffering voluntary
Coping mechanism
Less is more

You never know a person until you’ve seen them going through a mentally stressful situation. This is because one can turn into a whole new complete person. Mentally stimulating.

Set artificial deterrence obstacles just in case your mind does wander

Conservative psychology

Prevent mental dilemmas. Since mental illness can happen to anyone, anytime.

I am being left behind and dragged. I am not keeping up with the others

“The things we hide” include from taking a dump to suicidal thoughts.
Hide is defined as deliberately don’t showing or training the subconscious mind not to show. Implications. Our actions speak, but no one recognizes.

To be is to what to be so stop wanting to by setting standards on everything one does. You don’t check the phone in the middle of the class – same equivalency to all other activities. I hate it when my brain trains itself to compare myself to others. It’s as if my brain is an involuntary muscle. I also hate the requirement for the goal. Like why can’t it be easier?

Keywords: weak spot, soft spot, conditions, same mistake, stuck with me, ready thoughts of others (only if this is your goal), multitasking, moral behavior, moral opportunity, look out for,

The death penalty logic is flawed saying it’s a deterrent is like waiting for the crime to be committed. It’s also like gathering up some people and killing them all in hopes that you’ll kill the criminal.

No human being can do this.
Sometimes I ask myself if I am even a human being regardless of the fact that I look like it. What’s really in my brain is what makes me a human being. I need a psychiatrist to help me improve my life.

Don’t let it crumble before your eyes

Sure it might get boring, but moral perfectionism is what everyone strives for.

My goal in life is to point out fallacies

I need new sources of information and to start networking

The presence of other unnecessary people at my school keep reminding me of my past

Find the money vs. making it find you

I can reach it, but I can’t sustain it forever

I would if I could

Manipulated to want

Focus on the causes of the addiction and then avoid it. Stop self controlling.

Society stays as is because of reward and punishment. A clear example of a problem and solution is smoking. People smoke knowingly that it is only going to cause health issues later in life. This is also proof that your fate has already been decided.

“Healthy” coping mechanism

Stop the need to resist by avoiding school altogether

Priorities not needing to take notes vs. making mistakes to take notes

Iconic, sacrifice, taken for granted

Give it some time

Pressure is a necessary evil as without it, I wouldn’t have to document notes. But I need to find a balance.

Feeling good doing bad things is a way of the body working againt the self; Practice self-control and prevent this from happening.

confuzed=don’t know what one truly wants, having their desires change over time, human behaviorual theories, good pressure, practicalism,

All feelings are involuntary

Admit that you’re jealous, that’s the first step

Don’t get too comfortable

Unneeded risk

Shouldn’t be desensitized to

Do your best, all the rest of

Allow yourself to make mistakes

distraction, blame others, it exists only if you focus upon it, don’t get comfortable with tolerating sin

Requires sacrifice of unneeded things for a goal set, is the goal unnecessary?
You can’t bring it

never underestimate the power of anything

How focus affects behaviors

What if your feelings were a hand: what would you say they do?

Opinions are innacccurate predictions and explantions of the preset-tense and futture-tense, identifying as a process
opinions are also partial facts- see: cherry-picking fallacy

Your feelings tell you what your mind is not focusing upon. If it’s too good to be true it is, it’s a form of a cherry-picking fallacy, but for some reason you keep commiting the same mistake.

My thoughts are comming into view

My head and my body are two completely differnet people, at different places.

In the middle between caring and not caring

I missed out on my childhood. I had to work hard, but I was immediately given a place in playback.

Lata Mangeshkar



A variable is the question that is asked to be answered; For example, waht is your goal?

Former drug addict now works to help those in need | New

I consider myself a former drug addict. An addict of both bad and good things. Not all drugs come in the form of a substance or a needle- some even come as immorality disguised as feeling good.

Ebenezer Suresh

we are all addicted to something, just like I am addicted to documenting these notes out of necessity after getting my trust broken over and over again

some things are only there if you care to think it – like goodness or badness, it starts with a push; thinking is a team effort.

don’t start till you have all of the requirements first and if you don’t at first, make sure you fight to get them


thinking is cherry picking (fallacy), get a real job, thinking is a fallacy, moral is a fallacy, self-control, measuring, opinionated evaluation,, theoritical ability to exersize, facts are specific to when not vague statements that classify many posibilties pls grey areas yet to be identified (see: UFO), book smarts, the goal is to identify the goal, illusion of pain, make it understandable, make it unbearable, understanding pain means to get over pain, missing you, how much are you willing to invest, how much work are you willing to put in, predict your own behaviors, do not act on impluses, do not react, clear goal, focus on the goal, don’t get used to it, don’t tolerate it, change what you don’t like immediately, don’t put it off, that’s procastination, don’t let people tell you Don’t procastinate but actions say as otherwise, simple as input (investement) and output, on a minute molecular level we are all very different – not this normal and common, naked eye limits, survialism, obstacle to survival, i am just a “regular everyday normal” guy, based on how you are treated, can you afford to be curious, common sense and respect for human life, let nature take its course, all goals are the same, respect my goals, mental illness is real, Good pressure vs. bad pressure, social science statistics, Social Statistics, consideration of information, come without struggles, part of the plan, what was that word again, prevent to need to, allow yourself to, no self-control, feelings as a hand, feeling transitioning, don’t give in, feelings something else about feelings levels, control your feeling, it isn’t automatic you must put in effort to practice self-control and draw the line to say this is wrong, perfectly curious, just as bad as, only morally good is possible, new problem, make or break, it takes two, in the mind lesson, works out for the better, focus thinking and behavior, ive always wanted a friend, all goals are set out of curiousity: either curious to see your name come out of their mouth- it’s always a form of curiousity, where to look for, source, you had a friend in me, perfect source of motivation, mistakes are my motivation to pursue manual labor-which is why i find my goals conflicing to be perfect and not perfect to write more notes conflicting, implications set goals, roast, moral boundaries, my feelings won’t let me, moral emotions, Interest Emotion, nsfw contents should be treated as badly as cheeze pizza contents, mistakes are proof that you are trying, mistakes are good, mistakes are opportunities to learn, deliberately make more mistakes, mistakes are how i learn, train of thought, thought flow, as long as you are not dead you are fine: whatever does not kill you onlymakes you wiser, have faith: it will all pay off one day, being a Christian (a moral person) is not supposed to be easy, immoral curiousity, save me from moral decline, don’t give in, self control, moral support, don’t give up, put my finger on it (identify it’s limits), calmness, not an excuse, science is not an excuse, man to man, it’s just one possibility, descibing the definition using the definition=self-explanatory, describing the word using the word, describing the limits of the definition, observing thoughts, pleasure, unlucky one, bad happening to me, if you follow the rules nothing bad should happen to me, folding under pressure, who is “me” – you are an idea repected in the head – happened you, you are society, you are the very thing you hate, use resist, feelings, obstacles test who really wants, devaling money, recognize criteria, calling it differently does not change the critieria, devaluing money: see: rupees to dollars, i don’t want to hurt your feelings, i missed out on my childhood[2], feelings criteria, blame others or blame yourself, I need some drama in my life, crying (problems) keep you alive, putting myself in a bad situation, think before it’s too late, what should i feel, calculated risk, describing itself, possibility, bad faith, book smart no common sense, measuring opinon, on another level, academic writing, sacrifice, personally affected, unconditional feelings, act on feelings, measuring socioeconomic status, i used to be a bully, doctor supervised weight loss, feelings down, download your feelings, working against gravity, going against nature, going against the wind, from humble beginnings, open to be convinved, convince me meme, Literal and Figurative Language, difference between law and science, Figure of Speech, Part of Speech, what does morality measure, moral as an adjective, former drug addict, inspirational source, we all need a God, we are all adults here, we are all addicted to something, coddled kids crumble, that’s the point, i got nowhere else to go, unintended side effects, moral change measure, be your own doctor, but he started it-so let me tell you something you end it!, be alone, moral comparison, moral purpose, keep me from being bored, open-minded=ready to learn mindset,

I document these notes to make myself feel better when I am passive aggresively being tortured


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