Attitude Notes – Documented 7/15/2021

I understand myself (aware of and not free will applicable here) enough to know that I am not indoctrinated, I rather ask questions and care to find answers and don’t use the vague label God to describe whatever I don’t know the complexity of

Any label that is vague is dividing nature and therefore, when used in a sentence should be classified as an opinion.

‘defunding the police’ is a valid feelings since police don’t exist in head and pro police is the existsiance of police by nature which is an emotional response to criminals behavior considering the past and how such an idea was formulated.

what is being interpreted=what is being considered as a form of thinking variables here

morals are form normal people to practice vaguely interpreting behavior

it’s not a law if it’s not enforced

“developing desires”; since we are all the same, it has to do with how aware we are of being a carefree kid again, consider information to be a kid again, that’s what you really wanted to be.

The word kicking would mean nothing to you if it wasn’t attached the images of a person kicking someone, as that’s how memories stick. That’s a part of how feelings work.

abortion ‘saving’ a woman’s’ life is deemed based on her mindset and manipulating her desires, aka. solely mentally or based on her not just dying.

being honest with yourself admitting that you don’t know how this world started is much better than making up lies and believing it. it’s only a possible hypotheis.
this has to do with considering the past facts and identifying facts as a process, content of variables

opinions are always involuntary, there is no such thing as a voluntary opinion (or a completely voluntary opinion) and if there is, it’s called interpreting as curious behaviors

Republicans are the most simplistic confusing creatures I’ve ever came across.

interpreting behavior as thoughts, lack of isn’t a solid reason, rather it’s whatever it’s not type of reason

curiosity is what you are looking for, as the end goal; all others are just some form of fear as a turning point.

understanding deeming as from his p.o.v.
deemed as stupid

taking it personally without threatening

consider all possible ways to fail and do anything BUT THEM with it in mind

desires and identifying to pursue

taking is reacting

you’re actually mad at yourself

lack of motivation is a form of motivation, and if you deem this as an issue, make sure to not spend as much energy wasting it on others.

“how do I justify… [insert views here]” A: You don’t.

categorizing definitions using your own definitions

Remember, that’s solely just how they themselves interpret your behavior.

When I study public opinion I laugh because it’s as if I know how exactly they can get out of such a trace it’s just that they do not care to be aware

How your feelings work is something, a system that is to be aware of

avoiding the development of opinions the bible is mentally used as an excuse to hurt people

all opinions are forced, that’s exactly what makes them opinions

it’s about the process of reaching the conclusion

I feel like right wingers want problems to solve to make their life meaningful. Which is why they’re pro-cop. Republicans are the real useful idiots.

Special scientific

Know that it’s just a point of view that you have adopted, just connected it to past events factually implying by interpreting the present-tense accurately.

Connecting past events to present events is science studying, this proves the theory that studying the present tense is the same thing as studying the past tense (only in head, ideally remembering)

How come average people virtually somehow benefit from scientists work, so don’t call all liberals bad.

Describe the cop mindset via verbatim or via behavior that is to be interpreting using the right scale; i don’t want to use words anymore, I’d rather just use my own behavior and explore without the use of words and needing to organize them on paper, which is just reorganizing molecules to where it ‘makes sense’ via words to me.

Making a big deal out of nothing

“I don’t need to be a scientist to know that this is wrong” and this is exactly what is wrong with ones; own attitude – it’s the very fact that they’re unaware and they are rather kept unaware, which is what makes it good.

What lead you to consider

Atheism is a form of behavior not ideas.

If you cannot use the information gained by other people in order to resist and get then out of your way, then you are being controlled by them, virtually, like a hypnosis process, or you are being physically harmed. See: cooperation behavioral phase. Using and interpreting the information like a psychologist, not a regular normal person, and remember normal doesn’t exist but in your head, so stop treating yourself like that.

In order to debate a republican, you must first consider their entire lifestyle, and no, it’s no cancel culture, and even if it is, deeming it as bad is only based on your feelings.

Whatever possibility it is, you’ll still be alive at the end of the day

Liberals’ may take up majority of criminals, but they also take up majority of scientists, professors and intellectuals in general.

It’s not just about achieving the goal it’s about constantly pursuing and maintaining the goal. Curiosity alive bias

What is the end goal that is to be sympathized with, attachment with? And why must it have an end goal to begin with.

Republicans have a far more stigmatized view of govt.

Republicans express feelings and don’t even know it. “patriotism”

Add: “Priorities” to keywords

Using the word baby to describe a bigger goal or using the word as the goal itself.

Vague words are loaded by default and nature. See: consider what to make formulate the word (of baby), this is called questioning authority and the very fact that you blindly use such a word is proof that you didn’t question authority.

For some, it’s okay to use religion to justify ignorance, as for that very some, said people it’s the only way to keep them working.

Women are humans too, not just the baby in her stomach, don’t abuse her and leave her alive.

What is the end goal of being mad? To push more negative societal energy around?

“Only one way to find out” as a rhetoric.

Everyone feels uncomfortable, it’s just how you act on that uncomfortanitiy that changes everything, either run away for a better life or stay here and delude to conform to opinionated realities.

Stuck is a state of mind

Open-minded just means that you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know everything and have something still more to learn more about.

What formula do you use in order to categorize new events. For example, If I am “free” at this time will I do something new.

Theory: Republicans like problems

Check on Supporting abortion rights as a state of mind, and supporting abortion rights by not speaking about it.

expecting ideally categorizing

set policies, boundaries first, consider possibilities,

pro lifers pre-set goal isn’t to understand murderers, rather to push their goal and dogma and abuse the fact that we can still stay alive under the guise of religion and religious freedoms.

Responsibility is often used in synonymous with punishemnet

the goal should be trying to identify the desire and how it’s developed and stopping a person from even willing to do so as such. Meaning murder shouldn’t be done because of fear of punishemnet, rather because of caring for others’ health in such a manner. See: all is a form of health.

Something about how life started and considering it.

Study how scientists are raised.

Everybody should learn sociology and psychology at a young age and realize that it’s others that are the problem and not fall victim into marrying others.

Using your own words to categorize words.

it’s a feature not a bug in the same way shyness acted upon is a strength not a weakness

Social scientists are left wing because they know the real reason why right wingers are right wing, and examine how each of them can immediately become aware of their own bias.

Republicans perpetuate violence, and they know that they perpetuate violence – business owners know exactly what to do to keep their employees down.

Business is just another necessary evil, don’t spend your whole life wasting time on it.

Right wingers want to use their freedom into tricking others into thinking that they have freedom; This is where considering the past comes in handy.

Care to considering the specifics of how, not solely just the what. Is this what makes one think in terms of vagueness.

The label: “none of your business” is a loaded label since it doesn’t stop kids from asking more questions and using the information gained for pragmatics.

only experience what is required. changed from only do what is required in order to stop feelings from developing.

people turn right wing as soon as they start taking things personally.

“Should kids be forced to be alive” : this is proof that all and any forms of opinions are forced.

Process of existing.

Authoritarianism comes in many forms and your views on the govt. only play a small role in this; Interpret my behavior accurately please.

Scientists are, study science scientists for personals satisfaction not necessarily to contribute to society; taking nothing as a big deal; Scientists are just professional kids; See: why specifically me, using me as a robot, ofc I am going to be emotional, since I am not reaching my full potential, as that’s my feelings mean religious free will nut.

What role do others play in the development of your desires? Be aware of this.

by lack of stupidity, smartness is inevitable to come. It’s all just the form of a lack of stupidity.

what if we interpret ideas instead of behavior; What does that have to say about our behavior?

Anything new that is [insert characteristic word here]

Making fun of someone (see: treat like a scientist) is also a part of the lifestyle influences, weather or not you know it. This is why I claim that Republican business owners want to keep their employees stupid enough to stay as employees.

Theory: Religion is used to make people stop considering the past and questioning authority, and believing in free will is focusing on the present-tense variable that doesn’t exist. This is why it is used by many white people since they don’t want to be shamed for slavery and their ancestors responsibility.

Theory: in order for something to mean much to you, it must be manual labor,

Keywords: addicted to living

Calculation requires manual labor, weather that is more ideally or more pragmatically.

Keeping people unaware and mad is a part of Republicanism

be glad that republicans like Ben Garrison exist to entertain the Republican Party since they are the ones feeding energy to the republicans

just because you have no laws regarding it doesn’t mean it’s not existsiance; See: Canada no laws regarding abortion. Leads me to think what if we had no laws regarding murder?

We are not on the same page, we left wingers ideally used the govt. as somethign different, not necessarily forced.

Determining weather or not a fetus deserves to live is an example of an alive bias. Your behavior shows that you just want to act like a Hero to babies – no matter how much you try to make it look like as otherwise, since you are motivated by others.

Is it true that just because we are unaware of it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have an opinion on it’s existsiance? Since opinions are the very need of using vague words themselves

stop reinvesting energy into more vague situations, try to understand the situation, the only situation that is able to be understood- the present tense.

As a sociologist my goal is to understand how regular peoples’ attitude compared to the standard of scientists’ attitudes compare.

[UPDATED 5/22/2021] NEW WORK TO DO + Attitude Notes: [Updated 5/23/2021]

  1. Redocument the information organized under since when the Attitude Notes’ series’ title started to being used
  2. Document the mind-concepts stored on the iPhone notes application.
  3. As mentioned in this post
  4. Set a schedule on when schedule to schedule setting goals (see: level of middle attitude)
    • Stop making new schedules on the spot
      • For example, stop trying to identify more morals. (see: testing, pushing limits) Just set them and forget them.
        • Not a bad or good thing, oversimplifying it, rather interpret behavior, like a liberal would.
      • Stop spending time gauging morals; know your rights, set your social boundaries, and personal boundaries when necessary and move on.
  5. I have a roll of toilet paper carboard box thing and some content written on it – particularly mind-concepts drawn, make sure to document this along with the information mentioned above.
  6. Final Call: since nothing else worked, I am going to have to learn from the mistake of merely entering into the territory of the unknown here.
    • use the tip of surroundings yourself with better content so that I won’t be tempted or have to spend energy in resisting which I have no idea about.
      • If you have no idea about this, then you must engage in it to find out. This kind of tip is only applicable to certain things.
      • This is starting a new thing, be careful
  7. Trying to “keep a balance”
  8. I need to set my limits as to how much sounds I will tolerate (see: don’t spend entire life gauging morals, proves that we are controlled by surroundings). This is because I hear parents talking all of the time as I don’t live in a perfect house yet.
    1. I am a libertarian, however, I cannot tolerate the level of sounds such as the Dog barking as that is basically too loud, instead of reacting I need to be proactive and set a plan.
      1. I have now decided to clean out water in my ears and use it as headphones after taking a bath.
      2. This behaviors means that i am a genius (potential) it’s a sad fact that I am not treated as such.
    1. “level of sounds as the Dog barking…” proves that mentally is physically.
  9. I must set learning limits and levels, I am going too “down to the earth”
    1. This is going to cause some feelings, that I don’t like, Idk about this, should I just continue learning pushing limits, develop thick skin or still be sensitive?
      1. That’s what that feelings of emptying out means, it means that you haves topped learning from it and has been desensitized like that sand mind-concept
    • > set learning limits and levels
      • I also don’t want to spend more morals that what is only necessary, I want to keep that libertarian tolerance alive.
      • Yes, we are all born geniuses, but I just cannot start lacking right now and only be powered and motivated by fear, rather just a bit of forms of fear.
      • I get that my body wants me to move onto the next phase, but, since I live in this house, I must keep this tolerance alive
      • There are some things that I must be dogmatic about because I have no other choice.

Remember the motto: is to learn from every situation. We always do weather or not we realize it, just document those thoughts.

  1. Identifying the thoughts through the cracks [of the doors]
  2. Still finding new rhetoric’s, hence the one I made today
  3. Declassify the content words of being nice by hitting them; Use overlapping mind-concept
  4. In response to “What does it mean to be angry” I ask “what does it mean to ask questions”
  5. “Filling in the pipes” Mind-concept
  6. Check on the facts don’t change post, I feel as if I can improve that.
  7. Add alternative facts awareness and relationship to keywords
  8. “Form of” type of word is found within the definition of said word
  9. coin in slot is like the comprehension
  10. guitar tuning like connected lines? for vague sure, specifics? idk.
  11. study the 6th sense
  12. add facts “about interpretation too” (being calm part of nature) to the facts don’t change post
  13. can one plan to feel better
    1. For example, working class republicans should vote Socialist because it’ll make them feel better in the long run. Can they plan these feelings? None of that “catching feelings” type of things.
  14. Multi-tasking; Subconsciously using them as part-example
  15. how is setting boundaries a type of artificial outlook?
  16. Do you understand your own very desires itself?
  17. adding new: so far you’ve been reacting to your feelings, chemical reactions, nature, what happens if you plan our your feelings attitude? The very fact that we can plan it out is proof that we’ve been reacting to feelings, and deflecting questions to be asked and answered.
    1. see limits of attitude
  18. tip keep asking why.
  19. It’s not about weather or not you want to, rather weather or not one should want to do this and not that, prediction not reaction.
  20. A clear example of this is public opinion changing over time.
    1. Sources: 1,
    2. This is proof that feelings are the limits; See coming to the edge of a cliff as a physically representative mind-concept.
  21. Treat this as you would [this]
  22. dramatizing the desire
  23. opinions itself are goals set that are to yet to be identified
  24. specific, atoms simultaneously; idealistic thought process words
  25. used as a coping mechanism
  26. [feelings] used as a scale; see being able (blessing to, can and will) to negotiate
  27. I pushed my limits in order to identify how to measure what I really want.
    1. How to measure how I measure -> see: levels of ones’ attitude
  28. asking questions is the only way to find this missing piece.
  29. Which facts don’t care about about feelings; this should lead you to the very formula of calculating, which is your very self performing it. Your very own reality limits.
    1. Squeezing pressure making it flat.
  30. make a document on why people want to pursue the sciences. Because facts, any type of facts don’t care about your feelings, including being aware of the facts about your attitude, like I am.
  31. Identify and assign feelings using words not graphs
  32. Nobody every asks “how do I turn into a liberal” as this subconsciously happens, we spend out entire life gauging, we need experience in order to set morals as goals. We are not born with a manual in our hands. (see: reddit post) [documented this exact same phrase on reddit)
    1. This proves that goals set and pursued (mostly done subconsciously like under the wing) like morality is held by society as a whole and not not oneself alone and only being alone, and that we are controlled by our surroundings, not by emphasized choice. make a mind-concept out of this. refer to stored in feelings, pushing limits, human nature, focusing on alternative facts as feelings, focusing on feelings, etc.
  33. Don’t say “I will decide then” rather practice deciding on the spot now, plan now, this is why feeling of surprised happens on the regular see immediately, reaction, phases and pragmatics, attaching feelings to non specific time words, like dad (existing as an idea in the air) = flashback dead.
  34. Science and morality aren’t different things, one is just emphasized and personally affecting (like morality), we are supposed to be immoral robots taking over the world only considering and using humans’ feelings for ‘exploitation’ and more.
    1. Exploitations as a feelings word.
    2. “Science and morality aren’t different things”: See business negotiation
  35. Atheists can be religious too, by socializing; see: content words logic, it’s not solely applicable to mainstreams religions like Christianity, the content; Rather can also be applicable to other religions, basically anything that gives (a human beings’ body) meaning, (see personally affecting, not categorize via words therefore overwhelming information gained; see content logic and oversimplifying, just as bad as this scene:[1]) this is proof that we derive definition based on feelings and if not based on experience or time-specific (like at the moment Issacs Newton found the theory of relativity).
  36. If you aren’t able to ask why (see pushing limits), then you are only gauging feelings. don’t do this for entire life, set a scientific lifestyle as a schedule.
  37. In some contexts (pressure contexts) identifying can also mean a form of developing pressure as well. Thinking this can also be a form of focusing.
  38. Declassify Complex and simple.
  39. Affirmative action [insert noun that’s actually an adjective for describe verbs here, see formula for identifying what the word does: part of speech is what the definition of the word describes] isn’t just an idea – a goal set to identify (motivated by past feelings that have yet to be settled (peace), see history as a science and feelings = measuring reality; This tells me that past=present if interpreted and in line right), rather something that is set to be done in action itself; For example, Harvard University engages in the practice of affirmative action, affirmative action is an adjective to identify factual verbs, it is not a noun phrase rather an action phrase since it is not specific.
    1. Study how words are physical. This interpreting style is exactly what I need to study, I don’t need a science lab add this to what motivates scientists: also add personal curiosity cup.
    2. > Past feelings that have yet to be settled: see conservatism is about ignoring children as scientists. See Neil degreases Tysons on how to raise kids and most common mistake.
      1. Formulating the formula for identifying right and wrong.; What thought process does this take?
      2. This means that we are using all of the past for the present.[2] We are just unaware of it (the past, learning the most from it, we are hardwired to believe in God if we fail to learn from pasta and practice morals), see multi-tasking subconsciously.
      3. This is why I claim that you’re going through a phase and not even realizing it.; This is also why social scientist’s are lefty wingers (another example of how politics works). This is why I claim that it’s merely about being able to wake up aka. realizing it.
    3. “What does an adjective do [mentally]?[1] – merely being able to focus on feelings storing on content (not pushing limits, awareness human natures’ corners[2]) and describe it as it’s describe it. DESCRIBE HOW YOU DESCRIBE IT. This means level of awareness words are content and physicals proof.
    4. Not WHAT do you see, rather HOW do you see, focusing on two different things via one attitude experience. (see: previous posts)
      1. The what means you are being physically affected, therefore pragmatics is true.
  40. Reward system: including death penalty as a prize for playing ‘stupid games’
    1. Yes it can too be classified as a prize.
  41. Pushing buttons limit this
  42. Religious people will scream religion and die dead.
  43. Is pushing your limits the same thing as being born? I mean: is being dead a form of pushing limits to the max, and were we the same before we were conscious born and alive?
  44. Conservatives never question why liberals are liberals, they don’t look at the science behind it. They are just to ignorant and scared to question why. This here is a great example of using politics to describe and declassify ideas.
  45. Learning morals is how to become a conservative. Aka. ignorant to past.
    1. Opinions are developed, classify types of opinions, therefore it’s about being able to id. (after you’ve experienced it: see looking (you mean *forms of* identifying the feeling?) “back”[1] at childhood as an adult, I laugh at it) it as a phase opinion, pushing limits, wanting to stay alive is a middle class opinion, this is why people change as they get older especially anti-natalists. I too went through that (“emo”) phase.
      1. The reason why you feel like this when someone mentions a past even you have experienced (stored on attitude; see repetition content word) is because it’s stored on your attitude and didn’t learn from the mistakes, like laughing as an adult when you got hurt for not being moralistic.
      2. You won’t be able to use such words if you didn’t experience it, that’s why I am glad for my past experiences now that I can learn from it.
    2. Developing opinions happens when one is not aware that they are going through a phase. Plan to identify the specifics, not phase reaction cool down. This is supposed to teach my the possible phases it encompasses since one one way they can do.
    3. I can control what I want because I actually understand it and is not like phase morals.[3] [4]
  46. Feelings played with are always treated similar to a game, some physically affecting phase.[1]
  47. We need a form of charging. Declassify the word charging and what sleeping has to do with the encompassing of classification of it. See content pattern word, oversimplifying words like right and wrong or explaining the situation via pragmatically natured words, or pushing limits and being the situation in present tense.
  48. The nature of the definition of the word tells you enough that only one fact is the perception of reality, and implies experience.
    1. Your body is looking for you to understand your own experience, experience as the past learning from constantly millisecond, is like learning from mistakes, is like pieces of the puzzle that are waiting to be categorized and organized as a puzzle.
    2. See: identifying necessary evil phase (words), cannot identify words if dead. Relationship between variable
    3. More factual words used to represent your onw behavior- less feelings, if you’ve noticed
  49. Conservative pundits exist only to pander and coddle the conservatives. Like Church preachers do. describing their entire life in seconds via verbatim words.
  50. If conservatives only understood as why people like liberals existed like they could understand how nature works. The truth is, look at brain scans of liberals interpret behavior. “increased threat perception” and yes, using the information of others’ gained is a form of threat perception.
  51. How to measure and recognize phases, see (preferably an empty one) music label chart.
  52. It’s all about identifying feelings, that’s why some people are for the death penalty, and some aren’t.
  53. What do flights’ wings have to do with this?
  54. I work for my own feelings.
  55. Since opinions change constantly do we have all of the time in the world to document them via verbatim?
  56. The formula for declassifying the argument “killing a baby” is to look at the sentence and the adjectives nouns it’s made up of and using the same formula to formulate another sentence wit the same.
  57. Trainline mountain car; We are held by gravity.
  58. only focusing on the thoughts out of all the feelings you have in your head.
  59. categorize the specifics via verbatim in order to explicitly identify what must needs to learn.
  60. Judging facts is a form of criticism.
  61. Focus on ideas; And how the words are used; For example, mother asks “when do you say your name” or “when do you say thank you?” These are ideas that are being used in the air.
  62. Limits of attitude; For example, not being able to comprehend that staying here is a mistake; Basically, not being able to recognize the patterns of abuse.
  63. Feelings should only be used as a scale.
  64. Declassify the value: reward punishment phase system; Is there any other phase other than skidding wearing off?

I’m just scared that someone else might walk in at the wrong moment and disturb my train of thought. This is why you need a good phase to start off right. This leads me to the conclusion that only if you are able to focus on yourself – then only, you will.

What does it mean if you classify feeling as a strength when it clear makes you feel bad? What does this mean in terms of using words to judge time related events? (as that’s the only thing it plans to identify, aka ‘does’)


I brought myself (see overlapping feelings) to be able to desire to want to live. Now,

There is only one way to describe specifics facts via verbatim due to the nature of the definitions of a word.

Walls not fitting in, “jank” mind-concept

Word being used as [insert parts of speech here]

Only a limited amount of possibilities to use such a word in a sentence for the goal of making sense.

Focus on the how, to be aware of the how, simple.

Feeling are delicate, don’t take advantage of this in order to do something else, take advantage of this and chase goals. And actually understand yourself.

Merely being able to judge and comprehend means you are virtually entering into different territories. This is also proof of priviliaged state of mind, mentally is physically.

something else that I forgot

pushing limits

Artificial energy to get up here.

Only via new experiences can we learn anything new, so just live through the experience

Moral Dilemmas experienced

  1. Setting morals for using it during the bathroom times
  2. Losing libertarian values as body wants me to move onto the next phase, interpreting me own behavior (which is basically science itself – the mere ability to do so as such, hence why some Dems are regarded as a part of the elite)
    1. Because I am not being pressured by schoolwork in order to do so, rather am studying the specific feelings.
  3. Considering contacting my friend; Don’t need to be ignorant to why, a part of the past, as it’s the strings of the past that keep us in touch with the present and identifying plan for the future or using the same words to reflect on the past.
  4. [*] Now that I understand the formula for measuring how we measure feeling as level of attitude awareness it’s hard for me to want to stay and practice more morals, since I understand what I want. We are all born scientists with delicate feelings. [*]


[1] – unboxing phase, putting it into towards: you’re just merely able to experience the emotions, nothing specials here, you’re not pushing limits, which is why you feel like you’re on top of the world.
[2] – it’s all about the process and merely being able to focusing on the present, which is the past, which the present is the future, set goals for the future as the future can only be identified via wording so much. And refer to the title of this image. using this sentence to learn, (see pushing limits), not to use it as fear-mongering to as a command to do via syllabus are physicals sound repetition, since repetition and is artificial barrier can only be upheld if with others.

Liberals like to explore feelings, aka new experiences no phases though.

^ see “track back definition of the words used within the definition of that said definition”

[3] still being “drowned in your feeling” represent this virtually.
[4] being aware of the phase opinion
proves the invisible lines’ existence; also see conciseness and fear of death as natural; therefore it’s about the status of the level of your awareness

“invisible liens million like liens and circle” -> this is communicated via baby language.


map out communication as lines.

“Life flashes before eyes”

The line depicts the invisible lines that we are held by
^ line trainway above; also see the you are here on the map picture.
See broken guitar strings
Forgettting the caption; rather refocus on the artwork itself; we are just an aware rocks; we are as good as she rock, based on our limited level of comprehension and need for survivals.

sure hitting others is tolerable and dosen’t kill us, is this why the extending over mind concept is true? This is also proof that we are held by invisible lines.

This is what we’re doing when we focus on things
What can this say? What relationship does this concept (refer interpret content formula) have to do with anything else?
Identifying opinions mind concepts; The fact that the chain line isn’t lined up to the thing is proof in and of itself that reality is lines that are connected.

Identifying opinions as goals is like trying to see into the future, setting goals is also a form of an opinion, setting goals for identifying content of reaction is one too as well.

Identifying into the future; Setting goals, either as a reaction of a as a proation.
being able to identify something as a necessary evil proves that we are over our feelings and also process that it’s our feelings that we are identifying.
inspired from the pro-life choice debate; For pro-lifers as long as the woman is alive (see torture for the woman).
This is great proof to decide that it’s all about how the definition of the word was created.
our use of words such as content words can be represent as an extended like on graphs like these.jpg; Can also be used to represent recognizing opinions + facts.

next to do: study how mentally is physically.

take it as: learn what it feels like to have feelings extended and stored content in: it’s like having mouth open and pouring things in

why God is just a feeling; study the parts of speech of this word in order to proves this to be true.

Are the horoscopes actually true?


Born: October 13, 1989 (age 31 years)

SIDE NOTE: She was a person of my age in the 00’s

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans 180°–210° celestial longitude. The Sun transits this sign on average between September 23 and October 22. Under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun currently transits the constellation of Libra from approximately October 31 to November 22

Libra – Wiki

Along with Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez is the first female member of the Democratic Socialists of America elected to serve in Congress.[8][9] She advocates a progressive platform that includes Medicare for All, tuition-free public college, a federal jobs guarantee, a Green New Deal, and abolishing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

AOC – Wiki

tuition-free public college

When you have Democratic Candidates supporting thing like this, ofc, you are going to get left-wing (center-right wing) teachers.

SIDE NOTE: When they say it won’t work, they mean it won’t work for them.

I am a socialist, so is AOC, I am a libra, so is AOC.

The Case Against Conservatism [Rough Draft, Brainstorming, Inspirations]

A 2005 paper argued that, controlling for student ability, there was no evidence of any disciplines being biased against conservative students in grading. In contrast, the researchers did find some disciplines, such as economics and business, where conservative students achieved higher grades than would be expected by student ability. The authors concluded that this was unlikely to be due to any explicit or implicit bias in these disciplines, instead arguing that it was likely due to differences in student interest in subject matter, as well as possibly due to differences in discipline teaching methodology interacting with student personalities and values.[36]

How does this political asymmetry corrupt social science? It begins with what subjects are studied and the descriptive language employed. Consider a 2003 paper by social psychologist John Jost, now at New York University, and his colleagues, entitled “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition.” Conservatives are described as having “uncertainty avoidance,” “needs for order, structure, and closure,” as well as “dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity,” as if these constitute a mental disease that leads to “resistance to change” and “endorsement of inequality.” Yet one could just as easily characterize liberals as suffering from a host of equally malfunctioning cognitive states: a lack of moral compass that leads to an inability to make clear ethical choices, a pathological fear of clarity that leads to indecisiveness, a naive belief that all people are equally talented, and a blind adherence in the teeth of contradictory evidence from behavior genetics that culture and environment exclusively determine one’s lot in life.

As a leftist that understand conservatism much more than most conservatives understand themselves, I see them as the problem and not the solution.

I keep in touch with politics because it’s one of the reasons how I got interests in neuroscience. As politics is a sociology and so is mass manipulation.

Remember, if the word doesn’t lead you to the specifies, you are going down the wrong road, implies that it’s imposing some form of mental limit.

[Rough Draft] [Brainstorming] [Inspirations]

Right wingers don’t understand left-wingers, they cannot sympathize or adopt our lens, mindset even for a second, as they know, that, if they do, they will reach enlightenment and be proven wrong.

Cooperation over competition like they do in Finland. they do it with public schools.

Finns’ aren’t indoctrinated, it’s the Americans that are demoralzied.

Conservatives hate left wingers, aka. freethinkers so much that they killed them:

Scientists Executed by the Catholic Church

Hitler was a roman catholic

Republicans not all of them are neo-nazis’ not all neo-nazis’ are republicans.

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people [going through a phase], it is true that most stupid people are conservatives.

Yes, libs have a bias, but that isn’t an issue.

Teachers are openly left wing, yet Ben Sharpiro or any other conservative dares to criticize it.

The problem is, is that conservatives think that they’re equal to us libs. Which we don’t see it as such. This is called a lack of sympathizing. As, if they see it from our POV, they’re bound to changes ideaologies.

When presented facts, conservatives willing to change to liberalism.

Conservatives constantly prove their ignorance again and again.

Conservatives are right, it doesn’t work for them, however Marxism will work for us, cooperatives. We have a new set of right and wrong.

Conservatives moved cause they were the ones treated badly in Europe, for a good reason.

Interpret behavior

death penalty: al right wingers deserve. In the same way they cannot sympathize with the ones on death penalty and the ones that do are usually the smart, but evil businessmen, who have been corrupted by corporate America.

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing cl[the ‘behind’ᵃ.ᵖ.ᶠ.] are to represent and repress them.”

Karl Marx

The oppressed are so oppressed that they don’t know that they have bee. oppressed.

This quote can be used as a motivational quote for daily life too.

The trick is to interpret their behavior.

Right wingers fail to answer the question how do colleges profs become liberal? the very phycology behind it?

Overpopulation how professor became radical, conservatives are the ones that should die. We don’t want them using for bad.

Conservatism does not deserve to be treated as a political idealology. It should be treated as a mental disorder, an example of ignorance and indoctrination of morals – what to think.

there was a community college prof that was openly liberal on the website known as

I will not discriminate against radical leftist college professor, because I am that radical college prof.

Listing inspirations now.

Critical race theory

They call it brainwashing I call it an alternative viewpoints.

Basically, conservatives don’t understand liberals – because if they did, . Conservatives politized facts, such as evolution.

Conservatives are mad their baseless rhetorics aren’t working when they see academia is fill of libs. And figure out that not all liberals are the so called crazy people in the street.

Its not that social phycology is liberally biased it’s just that facts tend to make one liberal, because realtiy has a liberal bias.

Entrepreneur physiology – just cause smart not mean working for common good.

Liberals have low tolerance for toxociy

Facts turn one into a libearl and conservatives’ inability to answer that is proof of it.

We liberals don’t like forms of phycological violence, this is what republicans call p.c.’ing. political correctness.

Just because we stay together, in the same way you do at church doesn’t mean we’re brainwashed, we just want to be together, like a family because all works on cooperation. Like cops, they’re terrible at interpreting behavior.

Except among a tiny minority of far-left Americans

Article Here

Cooperation amongst selves over conservatives.

Everything is a science, if it can be studied it’s a science.

How Scientific are the Social Sciences?1 – Myrdal – 1972 … // if this isn’t valid then so is economics is a pseudoscience as well.

Conservatives are known to hit kids.

It suggests that Engineering and Business majors tend to hold more fiscally conservative views on both social and economic stances, and that Bio/Lab, social sciences, and fine arts majors have more liberal views.

Only mentally ill sadists torture pro-life people vote conservative.

leftist ideas

Don’t call them leftist ideas, call them a different type of plan

We don’t want conservatives plaguing our ideas. We don’t want a two-party system. We want a one-party system, we think that the conservatives have done enough phycological violence.

Interesting: engineers are more [feared person – [people]] than the general public (solutions, vs, votes)

engineers are more [feared person – [people]] than the general public (solutions, vs, votes)

I think most engineers are libertarian. That is, fiscally but socially moderate/liberal.

TO DO: why talking about certain (bigger) ideas in place of a plan is manipulative to the human body effort in imagining and ideally speaking.

The very fact that conservatives aren’t curious enough to question why rather quickly to point out brainwashing is proof of why left wingers hate them.

Must mean law professors and engineering profs are fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Define responsibility or is that a made up term for systematically force? pseudoscience.

Dear ben, what does a left-wing professor teaching have to do with anything:

“I’m a professor. I’m fairly centrist”

Conservatives fail to answer why, what makes one liberal and conservative, because truth is, most conservatives don’t take phycology classes because they believe that it’s anti-hitting kids is propaganda. They believe in the so called Bible, kicking off conservatives form college campuses, is like kicking off someone from my home, no difference, regardless of weather or not it’s private property, we leftists treat each other like family, if you don’t want to do that then that’s your problem.

They are just afraid of different kinds of threats.

Churches are the real indoctrination camps.

Ted Cruz, a republican Harvard graduate isn’t saying Harvard is a liberal center. [1]

Conservatives judge too much, which is how racism in the south and the southern strategy was adopted by the republican party

trump’s mental ilness.
The concept – totalitarian corporations is true. Conservatives deem this as a thought-crime and hurl baseless insults like lazy for wanting to criticize it[1].

Is Political Conservatism Synonymous With Authoritarianism?

Yes, it is practiced under the name of freedom; they shouldn’t even have a chance at explaining themselves, it irrefutable evidence.


Arguments like this only prove the fact that capitalism is just a mere phase.

We liberals are more modern, hence why we live in cities and are primarily found amongst the tech areas.

Liberals are more modern because we don’t advocate for the death penalty out of fear.

Hence so called ‘common sense conservatism’

Justin Trudeau is a teacher and a liberal.

Politics is culture; Look at southern-Texas’ barbeque and Scandinavian views.

Commentary: We need liberals and conservatives for a whole society

They tend to see educated people as a status class detached from the concerns of most people, and feel that intellectuals dominate political discourse and control higher education.


educated people as a status class detached from the concerns of most people

Hence, how the term get a real job was created and used.

control higher education

Yes, liberals control higher education.

Notable anti-intellectual philosophies include pragmatism, positivism, and Bergsonism, which advocate distrust of reason and promote feeling and emotion over thought, intuition over logic, immediate action over critical consideration, and results over means.


God is a feeling. Don’t be ideally manipulated, refer attitude.

And this anti-intellectualism is inseparable from the capitalist-minded entrepreneurialism of the Revivalist spirit endemic to American religion, especially American Christianity


Conservatives expect you to listen to their information when they are practicing their pre determined rights.

Not specific enough, common sense is exactly what makes you stupid.

using my rights to advocate against it, manipulate desires stuck on body

liberal academics are supposed to be teaching book smarts, conservatives are supposed to be teaching discipline at home.

teaching discipline

Why teaching discipling is ignorant to past, naturally learn hardwired, and a form of indoctrination which kills curiosity -> Democrats are curious, hence, why they are infested at Hollywood.

Conservatism is a guilty pleasure.

passive aggressive by nature hence cops; in the same way they want to hit everyone as their kids.

their secret it to systematically manipulate people to work for them in the name of keeping their freedom and rights not manipulated – that’s why many on the left is actually silent.

It is funny AOC is considered a radical socialist yes if you look at her positions . They are supported by large majority of Americans meanwhile the #GOPTaxScam had about 29% support in US and media never used the phrase “HUGELY UNPOPULAR” when describing it and even today the media keeps on saying it is one of [Man’s] biggest achievements


Businesses leaving [1] [2] -> this is the only form of sociology that right-wingers, the parasite that makes all things turn into crap when touched.

left wingers stay silent because we are passive, we want you to interpret our behaviors.

no friends, just businesses, conservatism, by nature is toxic.

why don’t we get any time to criticize how we were raised or the school we are forced to attend and developed the desire to attend.

people become conservative because they stop learning.

conservatism has failed, that’s why liberals exist.

change is inevitable – we have literally half of this countries’ support already and it’s only growing bigger.


Having been around both academia and agriculture, I would say the liberals believe in the theoretical and conservatives live in reality.

Republican Party Member

“The more you do the less you think [and conservatism is all about doing, hence their endorsements with trade schools]” ~ Ebenezer

they only support freedom if you support what they want

violent passive aggressive

end goals of liberals.

freedom to choose pro-life, this is proof that pro-lifers only want freedom for themselves.

conservatism has killed people.

their hidden agenda is to merely get you to desire to talk to them from the limits of your rights > in the same way Christian missionaries do.

Conservatism expects too much of people – they’re like that guardian how makes you do too many things in childhood.

Conservatism incites the violence and complains when ‘the left’ is being violent.

Although previous research in the United States showed that conservative ideology has been related to stigmatizing attitudes toward mental disorders


This is why most therapists are liberals because they know the specific effects on a person, and not just merely the vague ones, like common sense conservatism promotes.

Unpopular opinion, thought-crime, feelings formulation, sentence formulation:

Adults are [the] dumb [ones] kids are [the] smart [ones], only one who cannot interpret behavior says otherwise.

commentary: the adults fail to see the real beauty in the kids which is the very thing that they demonize.


Conservatism is all about judging people based on ow it affects you, and what you perceive as the common good.

Bridging Political Divides: Perceived Threat and Uncertainty Avoidance Help Explain the Relationship Between Political Ideology and Immigrant Attitudes Within Diverse Intergroup Contexts

> The political divide between liberals and [feared person – [people]]s has become quite large and stable, and there appear to be many reasons for disagreements on a wide range of issues.


The current research sought to explain these divides and to extend the Uncertainty-Threat Model to intergroup relations, which predicts that more dispositional, perceived-threat and uncertainty-avoidance will be related to more political conservatism.


A study by Julia Elad-Strenger and Golan Shahar discusses how the surge in far-right political discourse comes from perceived societal threats that encourage the endorsement of issue positions associated with far-right ideology. Conservative political ideology relieves uncertainty and anxiety associated with threats to “binding” moral foundations—such as language, religion, or ethnicity—and it therefore serves as an effective defense mechanism for these perceived threats.


Keeping people divided in the name of individualism is how they keep them stupid.

You are not obligated to listen to any pro-life arguments – this is a clear example of how they try to brainwash their people with pre-established freedom.

Family is basically Stockholm syndrome in the brain – There have been many people that are successful and don’t regret losing touch with their family members.

TIP on combatting pro-lifers: interpret their behavior, not just their words.

Conservatism, by nature, is toxic and forces ‘family values’ more like behavioral social stigma, dogma. This is because there is no actual behavioral logic on the behavioral wheel chart, moral compass.

I knew it, one is depending on surroundings and hitting others is bad because it makes them think that it’s okay.


The logic of believing in the pro-life cause requires dogma (and feelings) to be applied to this idea, which increases the risk of applying it to other areas. This is why atheists are pro-choice.

My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge

Quote Above

Conservatives – especially the ones complaining about college campuses – think that using the label conservatism is equable to liberalism, when in reality it’s just another word for fear-mongering, passive aggression, toxicity, phycological violence aggressor, and social stigma normalizer.

People who flaunt this[1], don’t realize that they are the ones that are mentally ill, having their voids filled with baseless facts and assigning more feelings and following one thing, left-wingers play around with their feelings, hence are more creative.

[1] Pew study indicates leftism is LITERALLY a mental illness

Famous People and Mental Illnesses – Mental Health Ministries

The association Between Major Mental Disorders and Geniuses

Pro-lifers only want freedom for them to choose, not the freedom for pro-choicers’ to choose, the freedom that they upheld

Dear pro-lifers, Interpret us, pro-choicers’ behavior, nothing else, we just want to be left-alone, thank you very much, PERIOD.

Conservatism, especially the ones who were poor and made it to the top, have fallen into the false delusion of the system – they are fallen in for the stupidity rewarded rhetoric. They are the one that have conformed to phycological violence – they are the ones who have quit fighting the good fight – to keep childhood curiosity.

Liberalism and left-wing ideas are dominants in universities because people are given the free time to assign themselves the responsibilities to think.

Marx’ Critique on Family Life is very useful too:

Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family | The Nation

Conservatives get mad because they expose their wrong doings that they practice in the name of freedom from government intervention:

Conservatives never inspire their kids and train them to be scientists, rather good workers.

The conservatism indoctrination happens right when the child is born, hence the pro-life movement.

Calling liberalism indoctrination is the same thing you telling me that not introducing God to a childs’ life is indoctrination, both ideas are stupid and everyone indoctrinates their kids, we should just indoctrinate them to be curious, to reach the rational conclusion, and to use a good curriculum and not to be brainwashed and hurt in the name of your freedom.

Yes, and Marxists consider that as a good thing. It’s moral in their eyes.

As you can see, stigmatizing such ideas – in the same way conservatives do to death – is a way THEY can propose indoctrination on an individual. The truth is in the goal set system, human formula system, idea and human nature relationship (refer divide nature).

Conservatives prove to us, Marxists, how NOT to act over and over again.

Learning to listen to what other people have to say is an example of flawed behavioral logic applied, which pro-lifers and god-believers take advantage of.

TIP: If you hate any idea, you are not at peace with nature, so stop hating nature.

liberals are aggressive because the conservatives are first aggressive, done in the name of their pre-established freedom; They want to change people into ‘family men’

Religious child soldiers carrying AK-47s. Bullying anti-[not ‘straight’] Jesus kids. Infant [things] mutilation. Teenage suicide bombers.


^ Religion indoctrination is just as bad as mentioned above. no we are not dramatizing it, we are undoing the normalization of bad behavioral logic, you proposed.

Hitler was religious too, you know.

Make it clear: I don’t hate capitalism, you don’t have to hate in in order to desire change, you just must want to make it for the better.

Teachers are openly left-wing.

This man here is a public school teacher and a DSA member.
She’s a professor

Professors running for seats -> why isn’t Mer. Ben Sharpiro debating these teachers? that’s right, he’s a populist.

the ones that are republican are usually history teachers, or have served in the army, or are religious [1].

Andrew Yang talks about how is family is practically all into academia… and Ben Sharpiro says nothing. Time @ 2:35

16 AAPIs were elected as Democrats while 4 AAPIs were elected as Republicans.


When someone starts complaining about their freedom being taken away- like the conservatives have been doing lately – like religious people indoctrination their kids in the name of parental freedom – in the same way, their point automatically becomes invalid.

Bringing bipartisan

Applying pragmatically too early is the problem, hence the conditioned elephant.

by that logic, that colleges are liberal indoctrination, I claim that churches, trade schools, army camps, etc. are conservative indoctrination centers. These claims are proof that conservatives simply just don’t understand liberals – because liberalism is about complex thought process – not about so called common sense , which is a euphemism for judging,- which is just as bad as racism and hemophobia.

Tech industry is generally socially liberal.

But then again, the idea of nurturing your child and treating them as something of an equal seems to dominate parenting books these days; you’d be hard-pressed to find a parenting book about the right way to dole out [hit]ings. But we’re awash in books about making a kid creative. assuming that this reflects an underlying reality of parenting, the present age of parenting wisdom would seem to imply two things: 1. Liberals won the parenting debate. 2. The next generation of kids should be liberal as [heck]. The latter actually seems to be true.




So I was right, family indoctrination does have a lot to do with conservatism.

Far right brainwashing resources:

More Stories from Real People Who Have Lost [Likeᵃ.ᵖ.ᶠ.]d Ones to the Far-Right Media Machine

This is proof that conservatism is about street smart and is parents responsibility to teach it, not liberal teachers’.

These patterns reflect the tendency of the more religious and less educated to have larger families and more conservative views on the family.


I wouldn’t change a thing about my conservative upbringing!


This is proof of Stockholm syndrome.

Conservatives never get inspired by this type of content:

How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Mom Explains How to Raise a Brilliant Child

Let Your Curious Child Jump Into That Puddle. Here’s Why!

What You Know Is Not as Important as How You Think

The strength of ones’ surroundings.

Not even that, most develop countries in this world as liberal, UK and the EU outlawed hitting people.

Conservatives are the mentally lazy people, liberals are the ones who think, come across new ideas, because that’s what’s left to do (it’s natural) is to perform thinking -> and college professors have a lot of time on their hands.

Call it an idea not left-wing ideas. The real reason they use such words is because they want to panhandle their base -> conservatism is for populists followers, hence the model of the Church.

They take advantage of the labels and try to equate them.

They hate sociology because it exposes the real reason why they believe in God.

they have never debated an actual sociologist.

Liberals ask for perfection but conservatives don’t want to cooperate.

Conservatism isn’t humble.

Ghandi was a peaceful left-libertarian.

The “only in America does this happen” means “only do republicans systemically condone… so and so”

America isn’t free because conservatives don’t want liberals to exist.

conservatives see creativity as a/the problem (whilst liberals see it as a good thing[1][2]), promoting the silencing of thoughtcrimes amongst their own very kids – their parenting style is authoritarian totalitarian fascisms. It all starts when one is born – actually before they are born, hence the pro-life movement.

they don’t see how their thought processes retaliate creativity and promote facasim in the name of freedom from government intervention and freedom for me but not for thee, hence family values.


hence obedience

Sources for images: Teaching the Children: Sharp Ideological Differences, Some Common Ground

death penalty is a form of c.p.

conservatives only care about how it’s affecting them, personally, that is.

[2] for example, many forms of communicating.

the very fact that countries are divided (via names amongst nature) is proof of a subtle form of violence according to behavioral logic (also know that this only exists in our heads)

All of right wing populism is fascisms due to the nature of individualism^ see above.

Since it all exists in the head and the idea only – including all thoughts, which includes god.

conservatism works based on cooperation too.

liberals are people who aren’t close to their family members.

The government uses violence to catch, kill or otherwise stop anyone it does not like.


Hence how all of the death penalty members are a part of the Dem Party, and how Ghandi died at the hands of a right-wing racist facist.

In 2003, Dr. Lawrence Britt wrote “14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism”:[10]
Nationalism: saying one’s own country is better than other countries
Disdain for human rights
Scapegoating: blaming someone else for the country’s problems
Putting the [unprogressive people] first
Sexism: saying men are more important than women
Control of m[the ‘behind’ᵃ.ᵖ.ᶠ.] media: telling newspapers and other sources of news what they can and cannot tell the people
Focus on national security
Close ties between religion and government
Protection of businesses and corporations
Suppression of labor power: preventing labor unions from becoming powerful
Disdain for intellectuals and the arts: telling people not to listen to scientists, scholars and artists
Focus on crime and crimefighting
Fraudulent elections: Even if the people vote, the votes are either not counted or otherwise abused. In some fascist governments, leaders will have their opponents killed.[10]


Younger adults put higher value than older adults on creativity as a most-important value. Although all agree responsibility is important, fewer young adults put it on their top three list.


“Child-rearing values are also associated with education,” the report noted. “College graduates tend to place a somewhat higher priority on teaching children empathy, curiosity, tolerance and persistence. Compared with college graduates, those with no more than a high school education tend to put more emphasis on teaching children obedience, religious faith and being well-mannered.”


Americans are too materialistic – Experience (this is why poor and religions people fall under)

liberals discusses idea and identify them, don’t deem it as a thought-crime.

Survey reveals [in the ‘clouds’] job satisfaction among blue-collar workers


College grads are also more prone to prioritize curiosity than are those with less education. The same is true for teaching empathy.

We college grads don’t want moral dilemas dramatizing of ones’ lifestyle.


the whole college doesn’t mean a persons’ smart is just solely based off of jealousy, claiming that they don’t have the money to pay for colleges, calling us the elite liberals.

conservatives go to college with a pre-set goal, liberals go there to explore new ideas and learn, hence why there are more law conservatives from Harvard (ted cruz, tom scott, lady at fox new).

Why Are the Poor More Religious?

Evidence-based dialogue: the relationship between religion and poverty through the lens of randomized controlled trials

Brazil is religious and has a lot of crimes. but ofc, conservatives don’t follow the stats or sociology -> because they only want freedom for themselves and to enforce Christian nationalism and make the whole world Christian => which is the agenda behind every religion.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”


Hence the freedom don’t hurt me suffer your own consequences and the choice rhetoric.

Religion is basically an example of the big lie rhetoric:

Religion is the big lie rhetoric.

Conservatives want to set goals for you, expect much out of you -> all done systematical.

Opium of the people

not everyone is blessed with a good family and conservatism takes advantage of that in a systematically manner done in the name of freedom, they are pro-life so they can have homeless people murder and think that the death penalty works, they are pro-life so they can use the homeless people and threaten them with converting to Christianity to appeal to the vulnerable -> like how conservatives are glad for attracting black people to portray them as not racist rather just less creative.

Social scientists are left-liberal

Democrats are more creative, look at the entertainment industry.

People turn liberal when they are children, liberalism is basically just the lack of indoctrination.

Judge the greatness based on how it treats it’s poverty-ridden members, not by how it treats its worst.

Ebenezer Suresh

Conservatives tell, they don’t teach (refer ben franklin quote) only follow morals cause of pressure.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


We are animals ourselves, too, you know.

there is no liberal indoctrination, just regular liberal, promoting curiosity, parenting

Young Democrats of Arkansas | YDAR

Young Democrats – University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Denzel Washington is a favorite celebrity amongst democrats.

What you like says a lot about ones’ political party.

Here are some more interesting divisions. In the military, the Marines and Air Force tend to be significantly more conservative than the Army and Navy:


Bright minds and dark attitudes: lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice through right-wing ideology and low intergroup contact

Conservatives make reality crap (something related to the whatever you think is your reality) and then force people to go through their system.

One cannot be pro-life without being indoctriated with being passive and bottling up emotions and conforming to pressure and violence.

the use of right and laws divide people -> religion divides people, America itself can be considered a

Americans want to demoralize people then offer the solution as religion all done whilst protected under their rights:

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

This is the hidden agenda of the choice and freedom agenda brainwashing’s.


deem capitalism and social conservatism as religion and phycological warfare.

Hence, individualism (divide, not collectives). Religions is nothing but feelings of energy.

There’s no secret handshake or hidden agenda. Becoming a Christian requires following these simple steps. Except, Christianity IS the very agenda in and of itself – Americans want a 100 percent Christian Nation. Some even claim that it’s moral-ness and how unfettered capitalism has it’s root in it.

thinking that people are bad is a thoughtcrime

At the rate this is going, socializing might as well be considered as a religion, too, and my rights support that.

According to a study published today (Dec. 7) in the journal American Sociological Review, religious people gain life satisfaction thanks to social networks they build by attending religious services. The results apply to Catholics and mainline and evangelical Protestants. The number of Jews, Mormons, Muslims and people of other religions interviewed was too small to draw conclusions about those populations, according to study researcher Chaeyoon Lim, a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We show that [life satisfaction] is almost entirely about the social aspect of religion, rather than the theological or spiritual aspect of religion,” Lim told LiveScience. “We found that people are more satisfied with their lives when they go to church, because they build a social network within their congregation.”


Conservatives want people to say that school isn’t for you, because they want more dumb people. This is another reason I am studying politics at this age.

Republicans see freedom from others as the solution, democrats see [excessive] freedom as the issue.

Want to help people in the name of freedom or want to help using restricting others’ freedoms?

judging by corporations they don’t get curious, therefore conservatism indeed. [1]

Surgeons are fiscally conservative because they work for money, some are religious, and can be turning dirty to work for money breaking ethics.

critical race theory isn’t a left-wing idea, it’s a plan for identifying facts unbiasedly.

The “Intro to Critical Race Theory” training course was posted to WakeLearns, the internal portal that houses teacher and staff development and training.

“Deep inside the Equity Collaborative brain, we see schools through the lens of Critical Race Theory. Join us to explore how CRT help[track]plain everything about why public schools continue to perpetuate inequities, possibly permanently,” the course description read.


Critical race theory is, among other things, “acknowledgement that racism is a normal feature of society and is embedded within systems and institutions, like the legal system, that replicate racial inequality,” according to an article on the American Bar [The ‘behind’ᵃ.ᵖ.ᶠ.]ociation website. “This dismisses the idea that racist incidents are aberrations but instead are manifestations of structural and systemic racism.”


mental thought process words (content and part of it-> formula), pragmatics feelings unawareness

tobacco companies and oil rig vote republicans’

the w. identity is always linked to money.

Americans are overworked. -> funny thing is, is that they are manipulated to want to like it.

Practicing morals is fueled by violence, phycological violence and the republicans admit it saying that it’s supposed to hurt.

If you hit more people – you wouldn’t have as many scientists

formulate your own plan. Know your limits to formulate this.

they know people are going to stay under capitalism- at least the gullible masses, [which is why they tell you to leave if you don’t like it] they want to get you to interact with them so they can push their pro-God agenda.

So they utilize PR stunts and businesses as corporate propaganda and do these things

Did the #WalkAway Campaign Use Stock Photographs for People It Claimed Left the Democratic Party?

as you can see, these photos are fake.

America is the greatest country at the expense of peoples’ lives.

ownership is a flawed concept, just like morals are.

The GOPS’ers are really the useful idiots, they are the ones imposing a mental handicap on themselves.

They’re the ones who channel their feelings upwards not downwards, I need to channel them in the middles because I am a scientist and one with nature, inner child.

People turn right-wing when they realize that the masses are too dumb to cooperate with each other. They say socialisms can work small scale, but not o big-scale because we don’t all see each other as family, rather as hostiles to manipulate.

the death penalty and conservatives’ endorsement is proof that they don’t care about it unless it directly affects their experience, a part of nature, we are remember that.

It’s hard to make friends with a person who believes that you should be killed if you murder someone they deem as innocent.

conservatism is all about social stigma and passive aggression.

liberals see morals as bad, whilst conservatives see them as good; Following morals is nothing but a mental handicap on daring to think new thought, ideas, hence why academia is all about ideas.

Conservatives can’t answer the question: how did you decide to be a conservative, usually they answer with more logical, etc. usually logical means feelings to them. they can’t specifically point it out. They’re not self-aware of their own emotions.

Conservatism should be taught via family because that’s what it all about – so called family values, conservatism is usually learned via growing up in a home, not in a learning institution.

Family Values and the Rise of the Christian Right

Why ‘family-values’ conservatism persists in the United States

And professors aren’t your parents, so they shouldn’t have to do as such. Plus, professors have indifferent lives as well, different from the normal status quo.

saying liberal higher ed is all about conspiracy theories. Look at certain class discriminations in the American Army [1]

The modern US military is self-selecting (hence why so many drop out – 14 percent, higher than college) — a professional army, not a conscripted one — so I doubt this effect would hold true historically. But as a rule, the political Right tends to value military service as a symbol of deep patriotism. As a consequence, those who lean politically Right who want to serve the nation will be more likely to think of the military than those on the Left (who will think of such service more in terms of domestic political action), and those who lean politically Right will be even more likely to consider the military as a career, not a mere tour of duty. Further, all the branches of the military (with the exception of the ‘Space Force’ which is too new for this to be relevant) are deeply committed to tradition and history, commitments that foster a conservatives outlook. For example, few people outside the Marines think about Tripoli and the 19th century Barbary Wars, or understand the point of a Marine Color Guard; but few Marines forget them, and it is unwise to disrespect either to a Marine’s face.
In short, the modern professional military both attracts people with the kind of national pride that is typical of conservatives, and fosters conservative attitudes through its attention to tradition, history, and honor. In a way, we can see this as the flip side of why academia tends to be liberal, as academia draws in and fosters liberal attitudes.


Not everyone is fit to be a military member and liberal teachers understand that.

Since the conservatives don’t want to cooperate with the liberals, this is why the liberals are against the conservative ideology on college campuses.

More religious (yes, capitalism is a religion) = more conservative.


When conservatives are bashing liberals – they should take note, that they are too, bashing their very own work force, as some military members and opps are liberals as well.

The Liberal policeman: A Contradiction in Terms?

‘Liberal’ Police Less Effective Under Criticism, Study Finds [2]

[2] this is also why we don’t want conservatives on campuses – due to phycological reasons. And the very fact that you bully yourselves.

Conservatives can change their minds if given some insight and motivation to cooperate and not to learn to separate.

Liberals turn conservative because of the existsiance of conservative toxicity.

Liberal Socialists just want the economy to be regulated by the government and society to regulate itself – but like the conservatives say, there are far too many squid people to cooperate.

Conservatives don’t want to go back because they themselves have been hurt (aka. being ignorant to asking questions), and the hitting of minors, and learned that cooperating wasn’t possible because they were raised as such.

Don’t want government regulated morality rather directly community regulated morality.

Democrats also happen to support education publicly [1], whereas conservatives want to make it a businesses [2] [3] [4]. What about the conservative bias in private education?

Half of this country is already left wing and straying from God’s values, we can change!

Conservatives don’t understand the concept of self-assigned responsibility. Rather want to systematically force people via a hierarchy, they simply don’t understand why people vote Democratic – they just cannot sympathize.

Conservatism is a social construct and the very social stigma in and of itself.

Rather want to systematically force people via a hierarchy

This is what Marxism pursues to critique.

Most Liberal: teacher

This is sure to vex conservatives…


coaches employees

Quote above

Saying learn to be independence isn’t enough, you should be willing to teach them not to scare them via the death penalty, that’s crossing the line into selfish ness.

Whatever you do- use it for learning. See child prodigy inspiration, conservatives hate these kids – they want more loyally proud and dumb people because they themselves are dumb you are what you think of others see mirror quote.

Cooperation doesn’t work because selfish conservatives don’t want them to – this is why liberals engage in so called groupthink – which isn’t a bad thing.

Again, don’t insult Army men, some are even a part of your own endorsed sectors:
Military Atheists .org

Since freedom is a state of mind and due to the hierarchy there will always be poor people (death penalty), this is proof that conservatives are just as bad as libertarians that have the priviliage to think of libertarianism, don’t ignore the poor ->it’s called a society, sociology, socialism for a reason.

Denzel Washington is a Democrat

Democrats support public education and college education, so ofc, they are going to be more dems in place.

This is proof that people are getting manipulated against their own will:
Court OKs Barring Smart People From Becoming police
Police applicant eliminated for being too smart files federal lawsuit

If conservatives were true to the bone, they’d use this argument:

This is a clear example of gallizing.

Not wanting to ackwnodlege own mistakes in debating.

This isn’t true because what you’re doing is stigmatizing a certain idea, plan of action.

I can see past the Republican Propaganda.

Same thing with ‘don’t force me to pay for [this]’ because if you take it the right way, you will want to pay for [this].

Liberals learn from the mistakes of themselves and others, whilst conservatives are the ignorant ones and don’t.

When conservatives insult liberals they don’t realize that they are insulting more than what they see past the label liberal: liberals are the more creative ones, more educated ones, more smarter ones in general; The dumb jock stereotype is very true.

Master the behavioral logic in order to calculate how conservatives manipulate people in the name of freedom.

how conservatives manipulate people

hence the death penalty and the stigmatization of mental illness.

Holy Hate: The Far Right’s Radicalization of Religion … [Narcassists love religion]

sin, repentance, and salvation

Conservatives want to keep people in that reward and punishments phase

People naturally selfish; only God or punishment prevent it. (Jun 2007)


Social conservatives are just disturbing to be around, they are like those religious zealots knocking’s door-to-door, disturbing our peace.

Conservatives consider anti-sin to be a thought-crime hence why laws and rights.

Conservatives don’t get community regulated morality because they are not the good-ly socially ones, they are the ones who have to force their own kids to interact with them via violence.

Using the freedom granted under the constitution, I am going to use it for newer laws; I am not going to conform and mentally handicap myself from freethinking following this Dogma people call constitution and treat it like God gives moralistic rules.

Morals are learned via gaslighting and the GOP is a master at gaslighting.

the U.S. military overwhelmingly backs the GOP. . . . in the same way academia is liberal; Military brainwashes’ people by desensitizing them. See child soldier brainwashing,


desensitizing them

Like, the liking of being hit, this is an example of Stockholm syndrome and the dramatizing of the existsiance of ones’ mere desire, hence Church and wanting to think that he exists, wanting to think anything we are are manipulated and we are identifying thoughts represented and symbolized on paper.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

Unions exist because of the sociology exposed.

Sociology exposed.
Freedoms protected these conservatives are talking about is an example of the just in case attitude and not focusing on reality and the sociology of society, hence the empathy and the lack of it.

Free? Free from what? being forced? because you deserve to be forced to do so as such in the same way you manipulate these people in the name of freedom. Weather or not I am free isn’t up for you to decide, dear conservatives and I clearly prove it.

To “know your rights” means to be ignorantly to past in order to comprehend this.

This is why, if someone brings up because I can, their argument is invalid, hence the academic freedom on college campus’s and why conservatives aren’t allowed to be passive aggressive.

Conservatives plan short-term, hence why they are more pragmatic than idealistic, liberals able to predict long term and not the short-term practiced in ones’ lifetime rather a philosopher.

in the same way therapists are liberals and have the right to kick out any toxic conservative, the same way is collage, treat it as a home. this is why conservatives are kicked out of colleges.

TODO: The big lie of hard-work.

Conservatives only care about the freedom, for example, if you criticize their parenting styles, they get sensitive, but if you take away their rights like academic freedom, they are mad.

Calling social scientist useless is an example of anti-intellectualism. Conservatives practice this; Hence why Ben rejects the notion of the existsiance of social science and the hidden agenda of so called not-straight people.

Conservatives dramatize everything: My Turn: America’s ‘radical left’ and other myths

Same way with religion, conservatives are scared of being criticized, so they turn into snowflakes and gaslight an try to make people engage with them, just like the Church does, their hidden agenda.

We liberals and leftists are just trying to undo the conservatives fear-mongering brainwashing that they have undergone the experience; This is why socialist professors try to convive conservatives with facts, and not vague, alternative facts.

There are more conservative think tanks than liberal ones, this means that conservatives are the ones that are trying to control the media. This means conservative hope to get some engagement and brainwash them in the name of freedom.

“How to become a liberal, conservative,” this is what the curriculum means.

Why should capitalism “working” be considered a good thing?; Note: working is a vague word, hence the so called common sense of conservatism.

Conservatives hate social science because – like they hate Karl Marx – It exposes the real reason why most of them believe in religion and the very fact that god, facts, good and bad are all patterns of the forms of feelings.

This is why Marxists professors are a thing and only conservatives are scared of it.

just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you work for the common good.

Conservatives don’t understand how thought process and ideas work. Hence why they are prone to hate science and sociology of any sorts.

Being spoiled, you cannot say if you haven’t been in my shoes.

While progressive ideas like universal health care, higher education for all, and reducing income inequality may seem quite radical in this country, they are decidedly mainstream, and in the political center, in most of the industrialized world.

In fact, they aren’t even new ideas.


higher education for all

this is why teachers are center-right wing or social democrats, like they are in Finland.

the drama about schools is all about Christian Fundemantialism.

The fact that conservative hates this is proof that they are anti-intellectualism and that they want to brainwash you in the name of freedom keep you in that state of mind of fear.

they use the bible in the lords’ name in vain for money. Americans are the worst. Saying greatest country in the world proves it – the guilty dog barks the loudest.

In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace; Family values isn’t freedom it’s ignorance to past.


Survey Predicts Huge Amount of Non-Religious Americans by 2035

Side Note: I am doing this so that I can gain energy to document more items.

Academy is liberal

Refer to the rhetoric “get a real job” – a job that requires stupidity, manual labor.

“Ivory Towers”:

Another challenge for modern education is “ivory tower” research, an epithet used to refer to concerns disconnected from everyday life and the fact that many universities focus on publishing scholarly and incomprehensible academic articles that will be read only by a select few. How do we accelerate the learnings from academic research and demonstrate their usefulness in the real world?


Hence the rhetoric “laymen terms”

Conservatives are the exact same people who praise god but not the doctor.

religious people are just as bad as conspiracy theorists, thinking in terms of good and bad.

The more atheists there are in a country, the more peaceful it is

Atheist nations are more peaceful | Tom Rees – Patheos

Hence the absence of the death penalty, this is why when you travel you get humbled since the guilty dog barks the loudest and turn into a liberal like Casey Neistat did.

Comprehending morals takes ignorance to past to comprehend this is why Americans are called ignorant to history.

Conservatism, by nature, is social stigma , as it requires it in order to comprehend hierarchy, and social conservatism as its’s tribalism and norms.

Wouldn’t have as many scientists today without liberal parents. So, next time conservatives say crime bad, ask them to rethink the way they interpret others’ behavior.

Conservatives proves that not everyone has a change to go to therapy, and the existsiance of them, proves it.

Just because you don’t take responsibility to calculate their lives and how it works, including consciousness does not mean it’s magic.

Conservatives don’t like sociologists because it exposes the unethical manipulation they practice under the name of, guised as, “freedom” (for the fascists’ and not for the workers)
A commonly used business tactic is to store things too close to each other to look appealing, by dividing it, increasing the likely hood of one practicing the comparison thought process.

Car Salesman – 74 Percent Republican

We socialist’s know what’s better for them, literally.

Liberals take the time and not use common sense, rather see the complexity of the situation, hence the social sciences.

Doctors are known to be corrupt and are also known to be right-wing.

Trapping thought process (connected with acceptable spectrum of debate)

Liberals are low on morality and property rights, which are a part of morality, which is exactly what make as them smart.

Don’t need the abusing trust then creating social stigma drama.

The reason why we don’t get enough time is that if we do, we can see through the b.s. they teach.

Source for progressive politics: The Lucretia Report

Anti-Intellectualism in American Life: “He briefly joined the Communist Party USA. By the time Anti-Intellectualism in American Life was published (1963), he was a mainstream liberal, not a radical.

Conservatives want more conservative professors, but they don’t understand liberal ideas.

Conservatives deny the effects of the very system that they practice.

Right wing pundits are like Church preachers; plus, left wingers have to do their own research – we don’t have major think tanks.

Conservatives complain about freedom of speech so they can push their non-scientific thinking learning cirriculim agenda.

Money just adds more social stigma, is money social stigma, status in and of itself?

Conservatives are connected with their money like it’s food to them.

Liberals speak of politics a humanitarian issue.

Libertarians don’t complain about this liberal indoctrination, they speak of.

Conservatives are very classist. Refer systematic discriminations. And they are a part of it proving to be true, interpreting their behavior.

Conservatism = Hierarchy / Manual Labor including military is at the bottom like tradespeople fiscal conservatives

Remember, politics is a state of mind, it can change second to second, job to job, short-term long term.

They don’t care to understand, they have a hidden agenda in the name of freedom.

classism in action

If you have to [systemically] kill someone [yes, death penalty] in order to succeed, it’s like the quote “sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither”

Vaush did a debunking of ben sharpiro video on Y.T. link that.

Stupidity-rewarded, taking from the dumb hitter and giving to the passive anti-hitter is fine.

Working a conservatism job is a form of stupidity, they really didn’t turn out fine.

Conservatives claim moral superiority not knowing that’s the very bad thing in and of itself.

Conservatives create the problem and get mad when liberals yell. They are the hypocrites.

^ I disagree with the classification that architects are left-wing and laywers are right wing.

Conservatives expect too much.

Conservatives are like libertarians – they are concerned about their rights being taken away.

“indoctrinating our youth”