The limits of the 8th amendement – The limits of capital “punishment”

It is a privilaige to punish and not to have to be in ones situation.

Comment: “An eye for an eye”, but where does it stop? – The Update (


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Freethought Notes – Documented 2/11/2022

Seize Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way : Harrison Barnes

Patience Is the Most Underused Investing Skill – TheStreet

I remember buffet saying that his method is simple, but most people fail as they lack patience

I require cooperation.

I stay here to show that anyone can do it

If I don’t block it from the beginning, then it’ll come in the intricate ways I stop following morals. let’s restart this even though I’ll lose some of my time.

I hate manual labor and it takes manual labor to document these notes and think. For example, this very text should be posted on the Blog post page, but I am posting it here since I am too lazy to scroll downwards.

If only I had a therapist with the ability to read mind accurately, I would be screwed and happy.

Social Media Usage Statistics for 2021 Reveal Surprising Shifts

What is Social Statistics?

White Male Patriarchy + Misogyny – Feminism = Trump’s Election

whites Say, Their Culture, Patriarchy…Permits white Men To Abuse Women, The Poor, Non-whites, & Children

Use this to crititisize and create new ideas:

Those who can’t teach make laws about education

Ebenezer Suresh

Murderers are wolves in sheeps skin. They may look human but are not really human.

Ebenezer Suresh

20 Remarkable Pro Choice Abortion Facts and Statistics

NEA’s Bad Lessons: National Education Association Pro-Abortion Stance Is Deadly For Students

Do laws work to stop abortion? – Laws focus on the wrong things.

Quick answer: No one is forcing anybody; the woman is already pregnant.


Actually yes, you are you are forcing the person to sustain being pregnant.

Quick answer: Sometimes when murderers are killing people, the murderer gets hurt or killed in the process. Should we make murdering legal so that the murderers don’t get hurt or die?


Making life harder for peoples.

Why is human even a word that is being used? In such a loaded context, too?

Pro-Life Laws Work

Thanks for saving me against me against my worst self.

Ebenezer Suresh

Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

15 Reasons To Be Pro-Choice

Pro-life vs. pro-choice: A debate continues

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion Worldwide


Why Women Abort

Causes Of Abortion – 1033 Words | Internet Public Library

13 Most Common Symptoms And Causes of Abortion (Miscarriage)

What are American Values (Berkely Center)

When You Wish Good Things For Others – Mind Journal

What would a kid do?

What Counts as a Medical Issue?

Gen Z: Proudly The Most Sensitive Generation

Pro-life books have too many adjectives

A source

Pro-Choice Literature

Suffering – a part of life

Cop Busts Mom For Stealing Groceries But Sees 3 Starving Adopted Kids And Changes His Mind

It’s still wrong but we need another solution rather than punishment

“Nothing else you want to do after your dreams come true. You’ve become numb. You shouldn’t have ever stopped dreaming.
“Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.” Ray Bradbury

Comprehending Feelings = Empathy, Compassion

The cure for boredom is curiosity.

There is no cure for curiosity.


Coping mechanisms are equivalent to drugs, so make sure to take the right prescription

New York military police Soldier finds path to civilian law enforcement career


Let nature do its thing.


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correlation with death penalty, grey area, goal-setting, indirect comparison to standards, adjective, slow progress, start somewhere, justification, morally justified, in principle, not written by doctors or professionals, use of adjectives, moral means to do something, unconditional, evidence says, academic, goal: to change mind, viability, laws focus on the wrong things, evidence, turning point, public morals, not a professional, ignorant, ability to be moral, ability to feel, good curiosity vs bad curiosity, isn’t it true, thanks for the thanks, persuasive, physical coercion, serves as a reminder, devolution, most of the time the people making such “pro-life” laws aren’t physicians, capital punishment, murdering someone just means that person need to change, still in that mode, change mind, anger, justice, only support death in the form of self-defense (can death penalty be used as deterrence, threat, self-defense?), horribly heinous crimes, cause of the problem, laws are for the 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it, Xbox car game, victims of society, life is a literature, read life like a book, animal death penalty, animal death penalty, death penalty to bacterial cells, purpose, dying breed, hidden talents, opportunities, debate, debating which is the better goal, do it for the sake of doing it-the experience not the external reward, wish good on others, justice for the poor, have yet to reach a conclusion, ask for help and you shall receive, done in good-faith, keep convinced, impossible to be good at everything, practical usage of words, definition=formula, staying in the same place, anti-death penalty books, bring together, books on pro-life, we don’t need the govt. to enforce morality, everything is a risk, calculated risk, grey area, sustaining life, symbolism feelings, no such thing as a stupid question, too much fun, doctor things, limits on everything, there is a limit to everything, there is a limit to what one can learn, balance of nature, slower-paced life, come back to catch you, 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everything is a medical problem if treated like one, I had too much of the dosage of private contents I was advised to not take more that I needed to for the goal of curing boredom, don’t get addicted, sensitive generation, practical education, rural people disabilities, being bad isn’t cool, criminals don’t follow laws, assuming they work like you, common sense, purpose of law, good and bad depend on the goal, good and bad aren’t flexible your ways of following morality are, we are an imperfect creatures, give me a reason to live, help the poor, we need something to hate or we wouldn’t be productive, hate repeating myself, principled, stop trusting the wrong people, taking advantage of human nature, give myself a try, next level of life, mentally ill normal moral people, normal people coping mechanisms, suffering is good, why do I feel the need for, can’t help but to cry, men don’t cry, suffering is part of life, find what you want, can’t afford to rest, can’t afford to be lazy, no ending, the end to moral behaviors, definition describing, using the word to describe itself, overdose on entertainment, everything can be considered medical, moral compass, guidance, do I really deserve this, the cycle of making mistakes, be exclusive, change what they want don’t punish them for it, see past the violence/punishment, I want to be a politician, it’ll come to me, sociologist, practicalism, we do things not because they are easy, it’s supposed to be hard, came from the bottom, avoid the first cause, why ask why, military family, life coach, military police, fun is a distraction, no fun allowed, work crazy hard and then rest harder as resting is a part of working if you’re doing it in good faith, I’m going to regret this, military community, right wing, let nature do its thing, practical effects of morality, repent now, I wish I was perfect, irredeemable, organized, make it the law, helping criminals, seeing is believing, shouldn’t have to worry, the bad is the good, 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You can’t stop a drunk man to stop doing drugs when he’s drug that’s why you wait till, he’s calmed down.

I am pro-choice as I understand everyones’ situations is unique and not the same and needs to be tended to accordingly.

It’s like typing, you shouldn’t think about it whilst doing it.

In principle, I am pro-life

In order to remove all distractions, you must first accurately identify them, if you don’t the rest of the steps don’t suit the goal.

Being angry just means it does not the suit the goal.

Actually I am glad human nature works like this; we should make it hard to be immoral.

Never underestimate anyone, everyone has their own talents

…Even the poor who “seem” as if they’re talentless

Just because you’re not good at school does not make you a subhuman (don’t be disappointed) or a superhuman (don’t get cocky) it only proves you are a human, even if other humans don’t treat you as such.

It’s just that some people don’t know how to show it

“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken England. It means they know another language.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Yes, even babies have their own language.

People reject what they can’t afford

10 Millionaire Businessmen Who Committed Suicide

“You don’t have to be smart to be successful – Jack Ma (Chinese Billionaire)
Jack Ma, Elon Musk debate AI at China summit
I recall there was a point in the video where Jack Ma proved to be stupid.


discover your hidden talent, you don’t have to be smart to get rich, Normalcy is a mental illusion, desperate, developing a mental illness,

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/13/2022

What is the limit between following my standards perfectly as a priority without thinking anything else and documenting notes out of need for self-control

By putting one thing on you are putting one thing off; This is called multi-tasking; In the same way we indirectly ignore things that we don’t know we are talking about.

Source matters

Look out for the desire, they come like a thief in the night-when you least expect it.

Should not disturb you

Tolerating inconveniences

Ready to constantly move on- change

Science fiction doesn’t make it a fact

Ready to learn

I want a job that I can perform that will help people who can’t help themselves to help those in need. Maybe a therapist.

Stay in society grey area

Everything is a risk

Poverty hurts

There Is always something better than you

I don’t want to see them as it triggers causes (applying the need to avoid mistakes) of bad traumatic thoughts

All require trust even being anti social although it arguably requires more to be social

Someone to admire

Psychology behind everyday life

There is no such thing as randomness that’s like claiming that there are unexplainable phenomenons. There are only unexplained phenomenons.

Is it controllable?

Unconditional respect

Have a big of respect please

Legal immigration

“Blue wave”

If only you could clearly see how events shape your interests

Predicting your feelings is a great skill when applied

Only know what you’ve learned from the past. This is why you can’t imagine new colors.

Thinking is manually filtering things. In this case make sure your surroundings manually filter out the bad thoughts. This takes effort.

You’re not a big shot. You’re a “regular” person – but you are special and someone will treat you like it.

External motivation- happen to me-Blame others

Informal education

Describing itself

Informal education is the best

These bad thoughts only occur because I need new mistakes to finish. For example, it is only when making the mistake of talking to my mother (focusing on distractions here) that I am able to have a sense of urgency to identify some thoughts. So at this point it’s either I make more mistakes and write down notes or I avoid all mistakes, get just as much as notes, but at one point, these notes get deadly boring to document. And I need to have a source of new information to look back upon. Slow progress. That’s the cycle I’m observing.

Resist the mistakes it’ll do you longer term better- you will be using them for moral limits – maybe not pushing them but definitely moral.

I hate waiting
I hate being vulnerable
“Voluntary” is suffering voluntary
Coping mechanism
Less is more

You never know a person until you’ve seen them going through a mentally stressful situation. This is because one can turn into a whole new complete person. Mentally stimulating.

Set artificial deterrence obstacles just in case your mind does wander

Conservative psychology

Prevent mental dilemmas. Since mental illness can happen to anyone, anytime.

I am being left behind and dragged. I am not keeping up with the others

“The things we hide” include from taking a dump to suicidal thoughts.
Hide is defined as deliberately don’t showing or training the subconscious mind not to show. Implications. Our actions speak, but no one recognizes.

To be is to what to be so stop wanting to by setting standards on everything one does. You don’t check the phone in the middle of the class – same equivalency to all other activities. I hate it when my brain trains itself to compare myself to others. It’s as if my brain is an involuntary muscle. I also hate the requirement for the goal. Like why can’t it be easier?

Keywords: weak spot, soft spot, conditions, same mistake, stuck with me, ready thoughts of others (only if this is your goal), multitasking, moral behavior, moral opportunity, look out for,

The death penalty logic is flawed saying it’s a deterrent is like waiting for the crime to be committed. It’s also like gathering up some people and killing them all in hopes that you’ll kill the criminal.

No human being can do this.
Sometimes I ask myself if I am even a human being regardless of the fact that I look like it. What’s really in my brain is what makes me a human being. I need a psychiatrist to help me improve my life.

Don’t let it crumble before your eyes

Sure it might get boring, but moral perfectionism is what everyone strives for.

My goal in life is to point out fallacies

I need new sources of information and to start networking

The presence of other unnecessary people at my school keep reminding me of my past

Find the money vs. making it find you

I can reach it, but I can’t sustain it forever

I would if I could

Manipulated to want

Focus on the causes of the addiction and then avoid it. Stop self controlling.

Society stays as is because of reward and punishment. A clear example of a problem and solution is smoking. People smoke knowingly that it is only going to cause health issues later in life. This is also proof that your fate has already been decided.

“Healthy” coping mechanism

Stop the need to resist by avoiding school altogether

Priorities not needing to take notes vs. making mistakes to take notes

Iconic, sacrifice, taken for granted

Give it some time

Pressure is a necessary evil as without it, I wouldn’t have to document notes. But I need to find a balance.

Feeling good doing bad things is a way of the body working againt the self; Practice self-control and prevent this from happening.

confuzed=don’t know what one truly wants, having their desires change over time, human behaviorual theories, good pressure, practicalism,

All feelings are involuntary

Admit that you’re jealous, that’s the first step

Don’t get too comfortable

Unneeded risk

Shouldn’t be desensitized to

Do your best, all the rest of

Allow yourself to make mistakes

distraction, blame others, it exists only if you focus upon it, don’t get comfortable with tolerating sin

Requires sacrifice of unneeded things for a goal set, is the goal unnecessary?
You can’t bring it

never underestimate the power of anything

How focus affects behaviors

What if your feelings were a hand: what would you say they do?

Opinions are innacccurate predictions and explantions of the preset-tense and futture-tense, identifying as a process
opinions are also partial facts- see: cherry-picking fallacy

Your feelings tell you what your mind is not focusing upon. If it’s too good to be true it is, it’s a form of a cherry-picking fallacy, but for some reason you keep commiting the same mistake.

My thoughts are comming into view

My head and my body are two completely differnet people, at different places.

In the middle between caring and not caring

I missed out on my childhood. I had to work hard, but I was immediately given a place in playback.

Lata Mangeshkar



A variable is the question that is asked to be answered; For example, waht is your goal?

Former drug addict now works to help those in need | New

I consider myself a former drug addict. An addict of both bad and good things. Not all drugs come in the form of a substance or a needle- some even come as immorality disguised as feeling good.

Ebenezer Suresh

we are all addicted to something, just like I am addicted to documenting these notes out of necessity after getting my trust broken over and over again

some things are only there if you care to think it – like goodness or badness, it starts with a push; thinking is a team effort.

don’t start till you have all of the requirements first and if you don’t at first, make sure you fight to get them


thinking is cherry picking (fallacy), get a real job, thinking is a fallacy, moral is a fallacy, self-control, measuring, opinionated evaluation,, theoritical ability to exersize, facts are specific to when not vague statements that classify many posibilties pls grey areas yet to be identified (see: UFO), book smarts, the goal is to identify the goal, illusion of pain, make it understandable, make it unbearable, understanding pain means to get over pain, missing you, how much are you willing to invest, how much work are you willing to put in, predict your own behaviors, do not act on impluses, do not react, clear goal, focus on the goal, don’t get used to it, don’t tolerate it, change what you don’t like immediately, don’t put it off, that’s procastination, don’t let people tell you Don’t procastinate but actions say as otherwise, simple as input (investement) and output, on a minute molecular level we are all very different – not this normal and common, naked eye limits, survialism, obstacle to survival, i am just a “regular everyday normal” guy, based on how you are treated, can you afford to be curious, common sense and respect for human life, let nature take its course, all goals are the same, respect my goals, mental illness is real, Good pressure vs. bad pressure, social science statistics, Social Statistics, consideration of information, come without struggles, part of the plan, what was that word again, prevent to need to, allow yourself to, no self-control, feelings as a hand, feeling transitioning, don’t give in, feelings something else about feelings levels, control your feeling, it isn’t automatic you must put in effort to practice self-control and draw the line to say this is wrong, perfectly curious, just as bad as, only morally good is possible, new problem, make or break, it takes two, in the mind lesson, works out for the better, focus thinking and behavior, ive always wanted a friend, all goals are set out of curiousity: either curious to see your name come out of their mouth- it’s always a form of curiousity, where to look for, source, you had a friend in me, perfect source of motivation, mistakes are my motivation to pursue manual labor-which is why i find my goals conflicing to be perfect and not perfect to write more notes conflicting, implications set goals, roast, moral boundaries, my feelings won’t let me, moral emotions, Interest Emotion, nsfw contents should be treated as badly as cheeze pizza contents, mistakes are proof that you are trying, mistakes are good, mistakes are opportunities to learn, deliberately make more mistakes, mistakes are how i learn, train of thought, thought flow, as long as you are not dead you are fine: whatever does not kill you onlymakes you wiser, have faith: it will all pay off one day, being a Christian (a moral person) is not supposed to be easy, immoral curiousity, save me from moral decline, don’t give in, self control, moral support, don’t give up, put my finger on it (identify it’s limits), calmness, not an excuse, science is not an excuse, man to man, it’s just one possibility, descibing the definition using the definition=self-explanatory, describing the word using the word, describing the limits of the definition, observing thoughts, pleasure, unlucky one, bad happening to me, if you follow the rules nothing bad should happen to me, folding under pressure, who is “me” – you are an idea repected in the head – happened you, you are society, you are the very thing you hate, use resist, feelings, obstacles test who really wants, devaling money, recognize criteria, calling it differently does not change the critieria, devaluing money: see: rupees to dollars, i don’t want to hurt your feelings, i missed out on my childhood[2], feelings criteria, blame others or blame yourself, I need some drama in my life, crying (problems) keep you alive, putting myself in a bad situation, think before it’s too late, what should i feel, calculated risk, describing itself, possibility, bad faith, book smart no common sense, measuring opinon, on another level, academic writing, sacrifice, personally affected, unconditional feelings, act on feelings, measuring socioeconomic status, i used to be a bully, doctor supervised weight loss, feelings down, download your feelings, working against gravity, going against nature, going against the wind, from humble beginnings, open to be convinved, convince me meme, Literal and Figurative Language, difference between law and science, Figure of Speech, Part of Speech, what does morality measure, moral as an adjective, former drug addict, inspirational source, we all need a God, we are all adults here, we are all addicted to something, coddled kids crumble, that’s the point, i got nowhere else to go, unintended side effects, moral change measure, be your own doctor, but he started it-so let me tell you something you end it!, be alone, moral comparison, moral purpose, keep me from being bored, open-minded=ready to learn mindset,

I document these notes to make myself feel better when I am passive aggresively being tortured


Google Docs


Whilst all links linked above are arvhived on; At times, website owners don’t want parts of their websites archive so they email the webmsater of the archive site and request to take down what I’ve archived. This may happen, so don’t get mad. (this happens outside of my control, and I would not be able to calculate this)

For Moral Support Section:

Freethought Notes – Documented 1/7/2022

everything is a language and a mental state, it’s just not treated (recognized) as such

Abuse is relative to morality

Indirect comparisin

Before you attempt to justify it (judge it again, judging opinions), make sure that a criminal can’t say the same thing and justify it; For example, you God told you not to murder whilst his God did
Measuring violence, passive aggressivism, manhood is anger and fear and passive-aggressivism,

what criteira applied what do yu mean look like a human?

analogy: face acts, serves as a battlefield; sway opinion care systematiclly about
loaded words, adjetive abstract nouns, using

You only care about the things that affect your goal of understanding and idenitfying process. Thinking proess, not a conclusion.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal

peer pressure is passive aggressivism but can it be used for morally goodness? Making the best out of human nature

I want to make it hard to think of bad things, This is the art of swaying opinions

you only identify what you care about, so if you are able to think of them (imagine them), then you care about them

the reason why you don’t know is the very reason why you’re curious -> you want to know; This is formally called curiousity

There is being NSFW curious and SFW curious, do not get into the NSFW curious, as that is being morally curious.

Ebenezer Suresh

you cant learn from something you didnt do; The only source of knowledge is experience

you can’t learn from everything, sometimes you’ll have to apply what you’ve learned

The 10 Things You Can’t Learn In The Classroom

I asked you to describe reality, as-is, not your infrences or imagining a perfect world, but to merely describe it as is

descricing what is going in in your mind

Your face is a battlefield

What are you describing? Criteria for behaviors?

How Do You Learn?

how did you learn it

you are learning every second, so be wary of you learn

i will not hesitate to get rid of anything gained in bad faith

good citizens enforce the laws by following it influencing others

isn’t it simple, if you don’t want me to get violent please show it with your actions instead of solely using words, don’t make me get violent

critiera is a goal for identifying, and the less natural it happens (involuntary and automatic) the more effort it requires the more opinoianted (biased) you are

it comes from within

opinions are a sign that you are a human

how it should be used, if pro life also pro death penalty, that’s proof it’s not solely fact based rather opinion-goal based

I am like a kid, I need a teddy bear – something to hold onto while I go thru this process called torture under the guide of schooling.

when people are happy, they are really sad, it’s just not treated as such

Why should I keep doing this if it’s going to keep coming again?

vagueness as a grey area possibilities; Think about how the word unidentified flying object is used in context, you wouldn’t use this vague word implying you don’t know the speifications of said object unless you were talking about something vague and abstract

what is stopping you

If your goal is not to explain and understand and comprehend then you’re the biased one

Respect kids

You only care what effects you

Putting the life on the line

Avoid imperfections

The worst place is when You know you deserve to die but you don’t let nature won’t let you. It’s so unjust.

Nature is unjust.

Nobody wants to invest in me

And I don’t want to die an embarrassment, a failure so I’ll just commit suicide.

I wish to exist as idea but I am a human too

Something else about thinking about the kids.

Unless you want to from the moral conscience

The hardest part is channelizing feelings to be moral again and try again even though it’s Never going to work.
For example, respecting bad people and not applying justice. I don’t want to tolerate the presence of badness.

I think this secretive desire stem from documenting ft notes as an exception and making excuses instead of being perfect. If this was the military you would have been caught and punished by now.

Moral outrage

What are you allowed to want says society hidden curriculums indirect language

“I lived thru it”

Mixed desire multitasking

Reduce the need for violence by reducing the cause of it

The need for religion and moral suffering

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sharing my deepest secrets

Lack of understanding, it’ll only go up if you truly wait for it to, feel like something is missing.

I wish I could tell my feelings what to do on command. I wish I had that power but that’s now how nature works.

Strategies for immediate physical distraction:
Choke yourself
By sticking finger in the throat
Punch yourself in the legs
Slap yourself where it wouldn’t cause longer term damage

Under all circumstances do not:
Ever harm the brain
So don’t slap yourself in the side of the head or the forehead like you usually do

Keywords; be nothing, fake smile, things go wrong, self control, no effort, drugs desires, focus in words or actions, tired of bad things happening to me, tired of needing self control, keeps me good, give something to cry about, artificial feelings,

The s* The NSFW virus is stemming from the involuntary changes I went through and now tolerating problems of.

two brains may look the same but inside no one is the same: this is proof that normal can be decieving, there is no “normal”
We all secretly suffer in silence, under the guide of so called “minor inconviences and of the like”

Like Fingerprints, No Two Brains Are The Same

Every person has a unique brain anatomy

There is a difference between forcing for the goood and the worse, a criminal can say one is forcing them to reeturn the money they rightfully stole and the original owner can say he was forced to give up his money at the will of the robber, measuring forced by conditioned behaviors. See: moral outrage, parental responsibility,

what if people could read your mind? understand your behaviors implications?

Man Up! – Social Justice Books

Does Your Personality Type Decide Your Political Opinions?

why are you able to endure torture? and still live, be conscious? I wish I didn’t have much of a pain tolerance and went straight into self destruct mode or I wish I could have either never seen or been introduced to it to begin with.

human stupiy isn’t subejctive, therefore morality isn’t subjective.

what you want is what you get; Consciously choose what you want, don’t let involuntary attractions desires get the best of you, stop acting on urges.

at least you know it’s useful enough to be useless, nothing is really uselsss – a word that shouldn’t exist

No restrictions

I can’t be trusted with a human body

No one can be trusted alone

Direct effects

I am not okay with this longer term

When I am alone I do bad things, so I need to be with others

To stop something, stop the need for it, stopping it directly will only lead to a failure. For example, stopping the need to have kids.

I’m ready to move on but I can’t. I hate repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

I hate school. There is no need for it. It’s just a distraction. Bullying intellectuals.

It’s all schools fault

Focus on your limits

I hate developing s* interest it’s an unhealthy addiction

Actions say as otherwise

Don’t think twice just do


Feelings guide the way no.

Perfection does not exist

Try my best

Thinking is the enemy of progress

Mentally ill

Why do these desire only come when I am breaking the rules?
It’s as if it’s a necessity in order to write notes. Or else perfection would exist and there wouldn’t be anything to do. Love your mistakes but not enough that you decide to keep pursuing them. Rather embrace them and keep resisting.

Go all of the way

I wish I was o. Gen. And hit pk:ed

Wisdom can only come alone and via experience -no other way.

Can’t do it as it’s not perfect now

Can’t go it out of bad faith – everything is out of bad faith, you only do it because of how it’s channelized to affect you.

It’s a bad time now as it’s not perfect yet. Stop waiting and start making it perfect; it won’t work itself, or do it for you. Have that sense of urgency.

Abuse of trust turns on. This is because it requires outside motivation and a lack of desire for perfection. You stop thinking of them as obstacles and start thinking of them as the solution – being demoralized is a sign of wisdom. I want to be idealistic again – for it to affect my behavior in such a manner.

I am tired of systematically caring, that is what I am really tired of chasing my goals at all costs. I just want to slaughter everything on my way and leave with nothing – return to dust as I found it – myself.

A lifetime of regret.

I can feel the pain which is what makes it so stimulating. And unsafe, however it’s as if I am attracted to the violence. How do I stop this involuntary attraction?

The goal is to make it easier to resist

You just found another wha that didn’t work. Stop being discouraged. I remember saying that if Its susceptible to being can be encouraged or discouraged it’s not with it as it’s artificial motivation.

I offer good advice that I myself don’t follow

It’s as if I don’t want to anymore due to boredom

If you decided to stay in society you might as well start being active. As there is no other way to stay safe in such a place. They’ll kill you out of love.

Love is everything

I am a Christian a perfection and morality


trusts matter how much

It’s the manual labor I hate: for example just having to take my shirt off before I take a poop so I can stop making fantasies.

I choose boredom over s. Activeness

I did it before and I’ll do it again

Bad things should stop feeling good as feelings are a guide for many people, however, you should guide them, force them.

Great is the man who is able to practice self control and trust.

My right hand isn’t a v.

I just want to crumble myself
I want to stop existing; but I still have that one side of me that says don’t give up and you’re still alive regardless.

I hate needing to survive. It’s not my responsibility to keeping being alive and to commit suicide.

We are like credit cards we are to be used.

I don’t have much faith that this will get better. I’ve tried for 7 years and it didn’t work.

How many times

I don’t like the need go to school

I hate my feelings

I hate the fact that my goals aren’t practical

I hate bottling up my feelings. I hate the need for self control.

What makes me set this goal?

I need some moral limit but I don’t know which ones


I want to kill these people. But I can’t since it’s illegal and I’ll probably be killed in return and I don’t want my life to go.

Crying is inevitable me it happens

I am not a computer programmer where I can use my skills to prevent myself from becoming s. Developed.

My feelings don’t make any sense

Why am I able to feel pain

Why am I Able to be confused

Stop myself from laughing

I don’t want it anymore

I don’t know what to hate

I am tired of all of these stinking rules

I have so many desires at one time I hate this. I hate multitasking.

I don’t want to have to use the mental ability to perform self control.
It’s like violence I have to perform. It’s like being an executioner, I don’t want to have to execute someone b it if I have to I will, under all costs.

Be proactive and strong, even though it requires stupidity and effort.

I do recall smacking my head did work in forgetting thoughts.

Extrinsic motivation comes from trust

I wish I was in Finland where suicide wasn’t a thing and if it were it was peaceful.’

I don’t have the motivation for this anymore.

My more feelings compass is confused

I knew it was wrong I just acted on my urges

Urge to identify it as wrong


Life is so boring

I want to, want to make myself like dying

I hate schooling and subconscious multitasking

Trust is giving up control

Has a mind of its own

I don’t want to have to survive or do this

Most teachers don’t have any common sense regardless of their “education.” It’s like giving a kid a spoon and expecting him to eat a salad as if he has a fork.

roo couldn’t afford to be focused on school because of my physical barriers. Human nature is a physical barrier.
Under all conditions I will have to work it out.

What you focus on and respect the presence of is going to sway your opinions

I want to give myself something to do

Against my will

I can’t do it now since it’s not the perfect time yet I don’t have tall the resources: such as having a clean room and a quiet house

Come back when you’re 18 and then enlist manipulate desires

Why isn’t anything easy?

School doesn’t teach you the important things in life: such as:
How to set goals
How to love
How to live life

It only teaches you to be morally pressured

anger does not work but I want it to work

Only taught me to be stupid

You can’t fix stupid

Everything require suffering
It’s not worth suffering for

It’s only rewarding stupidity

Reminding me via actions language not word language

Is It a Sin to Disobey Your Conscience?

Where does the need to think, the desire to think come from? Since we only do what we want

The hidden pandemic

Need for Affiliation

Where Are You Mentally?

How Do People Learn?



Understand how we learn

Science is about understanding how to learn

Grey area

Understand the reason part of reason

Justice in heaven

Are you really looking for a solution or looking for more problems inadvertently


One step ahead of us, indirectly, too late now, one more here

To me it’s either all or nothing

Notion of mental health


Definition is what is considered the formula the criteria applied

Logical criteria of being pro life (pro make it harder to get an abortion and honor killings) and pro death penalty

Theoretical ideas aren’t opinions

Ideas are criteria themselves

In action are calculating with actions

depends on how you measure their behavior – done morally or not. A criminal saying why not is not the same as a innocent saying why not – one clearly does not know what is best for them.

Define civilized, indication of passive aggressive judging, sense of guilt

What if a crmimnal said that? Couldn’t they justify it too?

comprehension level

I don’t lsiten to my feelings, my feelings listen to me (See: paradox, illusion of control), meaning, that, I tell my feelings what to like and dislike, what to love and what to hate, my feelings don’t command me. Even though they kind of do in the beginning, as required by that sense of urgency.

Necessary evil is an indication of indicrectly judging opinions

Definitions-criteria, consideration of information used.


ready to give up, from boys to men, irreversible damage, code language for stupid, civil, How to set your limits, how to set your morals, limits, my own bible, blame genetics, how does it effect my goals of living, attraction, curiousity, moral curiousity, moral biologically predisposed, able to pursue at all costs, no secretive no si*izng, morals aren’t facts (even if treated like one), survival mechanism, parents responsibility; laws vs. reality, yes they are different; respect to kill, part of the problem identifying it, trust nature, moral coninsciecne, the price of my life, at the crossroad, at all costs, something to die for, deepest darkest secrets, shouldn’t have to worry about that, treat reward, happy when other people are sad, happiness is the way you treat someting, never get cocky[2], never get used to people, breaking point, escape interrogation tactics, put me out of my misery, honor killing, personal psyciatrist, have something to respect, once and for all approach, the word you’re looking for it [idealism], permanently solve problem, is being moral pointless if not threatned, Return on Investment, privacy, something to hide, learn nothing, learn nothing else matters, not going to work, wisdom, only way to get notes, focus thinking, affecting thinking, mind is a battlefield, morgue, wired differently, how to act in social situations, sociology, giving it another go, distract yourself, school is a distraction from learning (real learning), focus on standards, the instagram feed of life, ads feed distraction, one last time, can we afford to be moral when overpopulation occurs, what you want is bigger than what you don’t want, trust me, think past feelings, keep yourself pre-occupied with other standards, school isn’t important anymore, wirred bou example of human stpidt, idealism is useless, go get off, stop bothering me, used as a tool, used for good and bad, do what is best for me, everything has a time and a place, meaning of looking like a human, out of all of them, i don’t want to be a frog, i don’t want to have to (ex. i don’t want to have to sign in everytime), try harder, delibierate thinking, moral perfectionism, why not, pre-set bias, worth suffering for, physical pain distract yourself, physical pain is the best drug, nurture, suicide prevention starts from childhood, thought control, focus control, don’t ask your body to honor your request, do it yourself, force it, the part of speech of a word is what is descrbes for exaple a noun most liekly describes a/an [physical] object, some things are meant to be experienced and not documented, distracted from distraction by distraction, set it automatic setting, automatic thoughts, going against your conscience, the more adjectives the less facts, analytical, usin the word “unidentified flying object” implies you don’t know much about it, martyr, moral language, even smiling is a language, speak a different language, thinking is a process not a conclusion, psychiatry, self-reliant, anti-psychiatry[2], adjective, the need for, the need for a church/thinking/desires, failure is not an option, failure is not necessarily bad, those who can’t do teach, those who wish me dead, those who smiled, those who can’t teach quote, those who remain, using limits, false sense of confidence, goal, give me sometihng to do, purpose, reason, stop overthinking, thinking is overthinking, capital punishment for teachers, society respects the bad indirectly, exception for, energy to go the other way, reisistiance, common sense, law vs scientific theory, exist in head, understanding opinions, by definition opinions=imagination, limits of government, big government, no such thing as a painless lesson, no such thing as a fish, no such thing as normal (mental illness), take it slow, i hate the new netflix user interface, mentally how old are you, back to where i started, make them stare, questions to ask, no one is immune, necessary evil, most nouns specifies an object, practical words, theoritical idealism, smart and evil, most of the time evil is dumb, teach the way we learn, if you were me, objective opinions, evidence is objective, looking for someone to protect and defend, chasing something that doesn’t exist, chasing that first high, learn how to learn is all one needs to learn, waiting for justice, life guide, enforce laws, violence is passive aggressivism, i’ll show you what it’s like to be loved, source matters, indirectly hurting someone, thinking behavior actions, resist death, psychological adjectives, deductive reasoning think this, comfort yourself, coping mecahnism, problem solved, no difference in starting now, deliberately change your feelings, Metacognition, pre-set bias, learned behavior, looking for inspiration, describing words = adjective, no one can escape death, you can’t learn from, slow progress, reduce the need to, survival acts as an obstacle, adjective, understanding how to learn, goal-setting, curiousity is it’s own reward[2], defining the limits of an opinion, how to be curious, everyone goes thru the same facts, expect learning cirriculum, do you truly know yourself, do you truly want to change, truly, the only way to prevent this on the light setting is to constantly document note which is beyond human limitations: See: channelizing feelings, protecting the defenseless, everyone has those urges it’s what keeps society together and in check, justice is social order, human life what about other lives?, are they merely just tools not the matter as much as the rest of us?, give life up for an animal different than you, nothing to hide, nothing to hide argument = pre-set bias goal pushing limits of respect interpration, interpret=treat, mental tools, innocence, good places for education, everyone is born innocent (judging at the end of the race, conclude now), seriel killer gene, betrayal, unwritten contract (moral behavior trust), unspoken rules, stop being lazy, i can explain, intellectual, …even if you don’t feel like it, what do adults do…, thinking limits, lazy intellectuals, imagination limits, thinking is imagining, missing the feeling or the person, can’t wait, predictiable, irrationalism judging opinions, can be mapped out, real feelings, feelings are a part of reality, how to use feelings, indication implication of what, moral predictable, practical words, moral limits, self-made, give credit where credit is due, measure how you measure; anti bias; practicalism requries opinion bias to be swayed, how to think how to learn how to develop opinions (opinions are formed subsonsciously), how could you say no, requires bad, coping mecahism, think psat deisres to identify as such, mentally consider, all murderes are mentally ill, respectable, take care of yourself, unexpected murder, unexpected suicide, obsessed about applying the penalty, before you give up, constitute as a human due to passive aggresivism, more important goals=prirorities, curiousity, survival mode, sigmund freud theory, can confirm, fact is how to think, prevent, involuntary, accept what is let go of what was, killed tired tolerate crimainal defesne lawer, limitations, desire want and demand with example, desire want difference, metaporical or literal, changing human nature, predict behaviors, easier than you think, only smart ideas seem bad to stupid people[2], tools, mass psyshcology, fact: later becomes never, defining what a fact is, too many people these days think their facts are opinions and that opinions are subjective, real expereicnes aren’t subjective it’s called transitional subsonscious goals, read my mind, lack of challenge, educational psychology, drop the ego focus on the grind, exception, measuring feelings morality, Clear criteira label, constitutes as a human, if “it’s a human life” dogma justifies pro life then it justifies anti-or-pro-death peanlty as well, i am pro choice because I want to kill (not in right mind), battlefield on face comparison analogy, human describe pro death penalty justify, measuring opinion focus fact process facts describe process of existing, change desires, human stupidity moral objectivity, family integrity, notion, curious, do it now, judst on d it fact mol, proactively prevent nsfw desires,

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/15/2021

I understand myself (aware of and not free will applicable here) enough to know that I am not indoctrinated, I rather ask questions and care to find answers and don’t use the vague label God to describe whatever I don’t know the complexity of

Any label that is vague is dividing nature and therefore, when used in a sentence should be classified as an opinion.

‘defunding the police’ is a valid feelings since police don’t exist in head and pro police is the existsiance of police by nature which is an emotional response to criminals behavior considering the past and how such an idea was formulated.

what is being interpreted=what is being considered as a form of thinking variables here

morals are form normal people to practice vaguely interpreting behavior

it’s not a law if it’s not enforced

“developing desires”; since we are all the same, it has to do with how aware we are of being a carefree kid again, consider information to be a kid again, that’s what you really wanted to be.

The word kicking would mean nothing to you if it wasn’t attached the images of a person kicking someone, as that’s how memories stick. That’s a part of how feelings work.

abortion ‘saving’ a woman’s’ life is deemed based on her mindset and manipulating her desires, aka. solely mentally or based on her not just dying.

being honest with yourself admitting that you don’t know how this world started is much better than making up lies and believing it. it’s only a possible hypotheis.
this has to do with considering the past facts and identifying facts as a process, content of variables

opinions are always involuntary, there is no such thing as a voluntary opinion (or a completely voluntary opinion) and if there is, it’s called interpreting as curious behaviors

Republicans are the most simplistic confusing creatures I’ve ever came across.

interpreting behavior as thoughts, lack of isn’t a solid reason, rather it’s whatever it’s not type of reason

curiosity is what you are looking for, as the end goal; all others are just some form of fear as a turning point.

understanding deeming as from his p.o.v.
deemed as stupid

taking it personally without threatening

consider all possible ways to fail and do anything BUT THEM with it in mind

desires and identifying to pursue

taking is reacting

you’re actually mad at yourself

lack of motivation is a form of motivation, and if you deem this as an issue, make sure to not spend as much energy wasting it on others.

“how do I justify… [insert views here]” A: You don’t.

categorizing definitions using your own definitions

Remember, that’s solely just how they themselves interpret your behavior.

When I study public opinion I laugh because it’s as if I know how exactly they can get out of such a trace it’s just that they do not care to be aware

How your feelings work is something, a system that is to be aware of

avoiding the development of opinions the bible is mentally used as an excuse to hurt people

all opinions are forced, that’s exactly what makes them opinions

it’s about the process of reaching the conclusion

I feel like right wingers want problems to solve to make their life meaningful. Which is why they’re pro-cop. Republicans are the real useful idiots.

Special scientific

Know that it’s just a point of view that you have adopted, just connected it to past events factually implying by interpreting the present-tense accurately.

Connecting past events to present events is science studying, this proves the theory that studying the present tense is the same thing as studying the past tense (only in head, ideally remembering)

How come average people virtually somehow benefit from scientists work, so don’t call all liberals bad.

Describe the cop mindset via verbatim or via behavior that is to be interpreting using the right scale; i don’t want to use words anymore, I’d rather just use my own behavior and explore without the use of words and needing to organize them on paper, which is just reorganizing molecules to where it ‘makes sense’ via words to me.

Making a big deal out of nothing

“I don’t need to be a scientist to know that this is wrong” and this is exactly what is wrong with ones; own attitude – it’s the very fact that they’re unaware and they are rather kept unaware, which is what makes it good.

What lead you to consider

Atheism is a form of behavior not ideas.

If you cannot use the information gained by other people in order to resist and get then out of your way, then you are being controlled by them, virtually, like a hypnosis process, or you are being physically harmed. See: cooperation behavioral phase. Using and interpreting the information like a psychologist, not a regular normal person, and remember normal doesn’t exist but in your head, so stop treating yourself like that.

In order to debate a republican, you must first consider their entire lifestyle, and no, it’s no cancel culture, and even if it is, deeming it as bad is only based on your feelings.

Whatever possibility it is, you’ll still be alive at the end of the day

Liberals’ may take up majority of criminals, but they also take up majority of scientists, professors and intellectuals in general.

It’s not just about achieving the goal it’s about constantly pursuing and maintaining the goal. Curiosity alive bias

What is the end goal that is to be sympathized with, attachment with? And why must it have an end goal to begin with.

Republicans have a far more stigmatized view of govt.

Republicans express feelings and don’t even know it. “patriotism”

Add: “Priorities” to keywords

Using the word baby to describe a bigger goal or using the word as the goal itself.

Vague words are loaded by default and nature. See: consider what to make formulate the word (of baby), this is called questioning authority and the very fact that you blindly use such a word is proof that you didn’t question authority.

For some, it’s okay to use religion to justify ignorance, as for that very some, said people it’s the only way to keep them working.

Women are humans too, not just the baby in her stomach, don’t abuse her and leave her alive.

What is the end goal of being mad? To push more negative societal energy around?

“Only one way to find out” as a rhetoric.

Everyone feels uncomfortable, it’s just how you act on that uncomfortanitiy that changes everything, either run away for a better life or stay here and delude to conform to opinionated realities.

Stuck is a state of mind

Open-minded just means that you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know everything and have something still more to learn more about.

What formula do you use in order to categorize new events. For example, If I am “free” at this time will I do something new.

Theory: Republicans like problems

Check on Supporting abortion rights as a state of mind, and supporting abortion rights by not speaking about it.

expecting ideally categorizing

set policies, boundaries first, consider possibilities,

pro lifers pre-set goal isn’t to understand murderers, rather to push their goal and dogma and abuse the fact that we can still stay alive under the guise of religion and religious freedoms.

Responsibility is often used in synonymous with punishemnet

the goal should be trying to identify the desire and how it’s developed and stopping a person from even willing to do so as such. Meaning murder shouldn’t be done because of fear of punishemnet, rather because of caring for others’ health in such a manner. See: all is a form of health.

Something about how life started and considering it.

Study how scientists are raised.

Everybody should learn sociology and psychology at a young age and realize that it’s others that are the problem and not fall victim into marrying others.

Using your own words to categorize words.

it’s a feature not a bug in the same way shyness acted upon is a strength not a weakness

Social scientists are left wing because they know the real reason why right wingers are right wing, and examine how each of them can immediately become aware of their own bias.

Republicans perpetuate violence, and they know that they perpetuate violence – business owners know exactly what to do to keep their employees down.

Business is just another necessary evil, don’t spend your whole life wasting time on it.

Right wingers want to use their freedom into tricking others into thinking that they have freedom; This is where considering the past comes in handy.

Care to considering the specifics of how, not solely just the what. Is this what makes one think in terms of vagueness.

The label: “none of your business” is a loaded label since it doesn’t stop kids from asking more questions and using the information gained for pragmatics.

only experience what is required. changed from only do what is required in order to stop feelings from developing.

people turn right wing as soon as they start taking things personally.

“Should kids be forced to be alive” : this is proof that all and any forms of opinions are forced.

Process of existing.

Authoritarianism comes in many forms and your views on the govt. only play a small role in this; Interpret my behavior accurately please.

Scientists are, study science scientists for personals satisfaction not necessarily to contribute to society; taking nothing as a big deal; Scientists are just professional kids; See: why specifically me, using me as a robot, ofc I am going to be emotional, since I am not reaching my full potential, as that’s my feelings mean religious free will nut.

What role do others play in the development of your desires? Be aware of this.

by lack of stupidity, smartness is inevitable to come. It’s all just the form of a lack of stupidity.

what if we interpret ideas instead of behavior; What does that have to say about our behavior?

Anything new that is [insert characteristic word here]

Making fun of someone (see: treat like a scientist) is also a part of the lifestyle influences, weather or not you know it. This is why I claim that Republican business owners want to keep their employees stupid enough to stay as employees.

Theory: Religion is used to make people stop considering the past and questioning authority, and believing in free will is focusing on the present-tense variable that doesn’t exist. This is why it is used by many white people since they don’t want to be shamed for slavery and their ancestors responsibility.

Theory: in order for something to mean much to you, it must be manual labor,

Keywords: addicted to living

Calculation requires manual labor, weather that is more ideally or more pragmatically.

Keeping people unaware and mad is a part of Republicanism

be glad that republicans like Ben Garrison exist to entertain the Republican Party since they are the ones feeding energy to the republicans

just because you have no laws regarding it doesn’t mean it’s not existsiance; See: Canada no laws regarding abortion. Leads me to think what if we had no laws regarding murder?

We are not on the same page, we left wingers ideally used the govt. as somethign different, not necessarily forced.

Determining weather or not a fetus deserves to live is an example of an alive bias. Your behavior shows that you just want to act like a Hero to babies – no matter how much you try to make it look like as otherwise, since you are motivated by others.

Is it true that just because we are unaware of it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have an opinion on it’s existsiance? Since opinions are the very need of using vague words themselves

stop reinvesting energy into more vague situations, try to understand the situation, the only situation that is able to be understood- the present tense.

As a sociologist my goal is to understand how regular peoples’ attitude compared to the standard of scientists’ attitudes compare.

[UPDATED 5/22/2021] NEW WORK TO DO + Attitude Notes: [Updated 5/23/2021]

  1. Redocument the information organized under since when the Attitude Notes’ series’ title started to being used
  2. Document the mind-concepts stored on the iPhone notes application.
  3. As mentioned in this post
  4. Set a schedule on when schedule to schedule setting goals (see: level of middle attitude)
    • Stop making new schedules on the spot
      • For example, stop trying to identify more morals. (see: testing, pushing limits) Just set them and forget them.
        • Not a bad or good thing, oversimplifying it, rather interpret behavior, like a liberal would.
      • Stop spending time gauging morals; know your rights, set your social boundaries, and personal boundaries when necessary and move on.
  5. I have a roll of toilet paper carboard box thing and some content written on it – particularly mind-concepts drawn, make sure to document this along with the information mentioned above.
  6. Final Call: since nothing else worked, I am going to have to learn from the mistake of merely entering into the territory of the unknown here.
    • use the tip of surroundings yourself with better content so that I won’t be tempted or have to spend energy in resisting which I have no idea about.
      • If you have no idea about this, then you must engage in it to find out. This kind of tip is only applicable to certain things.
      • This is starting a new thing, be careful
  7. Trying to “keep a balance”
  8. I need to set my limits as to how much sounds I will tolerate (see: don’t spend entire life gauging morals, proves that we are controlled by surroundings). This is because I hear parents talking all of the time as I don’t live in a perfect house yet.
    1. I am a libertarian, however, I cannot tolerate the level of sounds such as the Dog barking as that is basically too loud, instead of reacting I need to be proactive and set a plan.
      1. I have now decided to clean out water in my ears and use it as headphones after taking a bath.
      2. This behaviors means that i am a genius (potential) it’s a sad fact that I am not treated as such.
    1. “level of sounds as the Dog barking…” proves that mentally is physically.
  9. I must set learning limits and levels, I am going too “down to the earth”
    1. This is going to cause some feelings, that I don’t like, Idk about this, should I just continue learning pushing limits, develop thick skin or still be sensitive?
      1. That’s what that feelings of emptying out means, it means that you haves topped learning from it and has been desensitized like that sand mind-concept
    • > set learning limits and levels
      • I also don’t want to spend more morals that what is only necessary, I want to keep that libertarian tolerance alive.
      • Yes, we are all born geniuses, but I just cannot start lacking right now and only be powered and motivated by fear, rather just a bit of forms of fear.
      • I get that my body wants me to move onto the next phase, but, since I live in this house, I must keep this tolerance alive
      • There are some things that I must be dogmatic about because I have no other choice.

Remember the motto: is to learn from every situation. We always do weather or not we realize it, just document those thoughts.

  1. Identifying the thoughts through the cracks [of the doors]
  2. Still finding new rhetoric’s, hence the one I made today
  3. Declassify the content words of being nice by hitting them; Use overlapping mind-concept
  4. In response to “What does it mean to be angry” I ask “what does it mean to ask questions”
  5. “Filling in the pipes” Mind-concept
  6. Check on the facts don’t change post, I feel as if I can improve that.
  7. Add alternative facts awareness and relationship to keywords
  8. “Form of” type of word is found within the definition of said word
  9. coin in slot is like the comprehension
  10. guitar tuning like connected lines? for vague sure, specifics? idk.
  11. study the 6th sense
  12. add facts “about interpretation too” (being calm part of nature) to the facts don’t change post
  13. can one plan to feel better
    1. For example, working class republicans should vote Socialist because it’ll make them feel better in the long run. Can they plan these feelings? None of that “catching feelings” type of things.
  14. Multi-tasking; Subconsciously using them as part-example
  15. how is setting boundaries a type of artificial outlook?
  16. Do you understand your own very desires itself?
  17. adding new: so far you’ve been reacting to your feelings, chemical reactions, nature, what happens if you plan our your feelings attitude? The very fact that we can plan it out is proof that we’ve been reacting to feelings, and deflecting questions to be asked and answered.
    1. see limits of attitude
  18. tip keep asking why.
  19. It’s not about weather or not you want to, rather weather or not one should want to do this and not that, prediction not reaction.
  20. A clear example of this is public opinion changing over time.
    1. Sources: 1,
    2. This is proof that feelings are the limits; See coming to the edge of a cliff as a physically representative mind-concept.
  21. Treat this as you would [this]
  22. dramatizing the desire
  23. opinions itself are goals set that are to yet to be identified
  24. specific, atoms simultaneously; idealistic thought process words
  25. used as a coping mechanism
  26. [feelings] used as a scale; see being able (blessing to, can and will) to negotiate
  27. I pushed my limits in order to identify how to measure what I really want.
    1. How to measure how I measure -> see: levels of ones’ attitude
  28. asking questions is the only way to find this missing piece.
  29. Which facts don’t care about about feelings; this should lead you to the very formula of calculating, which is your very self performing it. Your very own reality limits.
    1. Squeezing pressure making it flat.
  30. make a document on why people want to pursue the sciences. Because facts, any type of facts don’t care about your feelings, including being aware of the facts about your attitude, like I am.
  31. Identify and assign feelings using words not graphs
  32. Nobody every asks “how do I turn into a liberal” as this subconsciously happens, we spend out entire life gauging, we need experience in order to set morals as goals. We are not born with a manual in our hands. (see: reddit post) [documented this exact same phrase on reddit)
    1. This proves that goals set and pursued (mostly done subconsciously like under the wing) like morality is held by society as a whole and not not oneself alone and only being alone, and that we are controlled by our surroundings, not by emphasized choice. make a mind-concept out of this. refer to stored in feelings, pushing limits, human nature, focusing on alternative facts as feelings, focusing on feelings, etc.
  33. Don’t say “I will decide then” rather practice deciding on the spot now, plan now, this is why feeling of surprised happens on the regular see immediately, reaction, phases and pragmatics, attaching feelings to non specific time words, like dad (existing as an idea in the air) = flashback dead.
  34. Science and morality aren’t different things, one is just emphasized and personally affecting (like morality), we are supposed to be immoral robots taking over the world only considering and using humans’ feelings for ‘exploitation’ and more.
    1. Exploitations as a feelings word.
    2. “Science and morality aren’t different things”: See business negotiation
  35. Atheists can be religious too, by socializing; see: content words logic, it’s not solely applicable to mainstreams religions like Christianity, the content; Rather can also be applicable to other religions, basically anything that gives (a human beings’ body) meaning, (see personally affecting, not categorize via words therefore overwhelming information gained; see content logic and oversimplifying, just as bad as this scene:[1]) this is proof that we derive definition based on feelings and if not based on experience or time-specific (like at the moment Issacs Newton found the theory of relativity).
  36. If you aren’t able to ask why (see pushing limits), then you are only gauging feelings. don’t do this for entire life, set a scientific lifestyle as a schedule.
  37. In some contexts (pressure contexts) identifying can also mean a form of developing pressure as well. Thinking this can also be a form of focusing.
  38. Declassify Complex and simple.
  39. Affirmative action [insert noun that’s actually an adjective for describe verbs here, see formula for identifying what the word does: part of speech is what the definition of the word describes] isn’t just an idea – a goal set to identify (motivated by past feelings that have yet to be settled (peace), see history as a science and feelings = measuring reality; This tells me that past=present if interpreted and in line right), rather something that is set to be done in action itself; For example, Harvard University engages in the practice of affirmative action, affirmative action is an adjective to identify factual verbs, it is not a noun phrase rather an action phrase since it is not specific.
    1. Study how words are physical. This interpreting style is exactly what I need to study, I don’t need a science lab add this to what motivates scientists: also add personal curiosity cup.
    2. > Past feelings that have yet to be settled: see conservatism is about ignoring children as scientists. See Neil degreases Tysons on how to raise kids and most common mistake.
      1. Formulating the formula for identifying right and wrong.; What thought process does this take?
      2. This means that we are using all of the past for the present.[2] We are just unaware of it (the past, learning the most from it, we are hardwired to believe in God if we fail to learn from pasta and practice morals), see multi-tasking subconsciously.
      3. This is why I claim that you’re going through a phase and not even realizing it.; This is also why social scientist’s are lefty wingers (another example of how politics works). This is why I claim that it’s merely about being able to wake up aka. realizing it.
    3. “What does an adjective do [mentally]?[1] – merely being able to focus on feelings storing on content (not pushing limits, awareness human natures’ corners[2]) and describe it as it’s describe it. DESCRIBE HOW YOU DESCRIBE IT. This means level of awareness words are content and physicals proof.
    4. Not WHAT do you see, rather HOW do you see, focusing on two different things via one attitude experience. (see: previous posts)
      1. The what means you are being physically affected, therefore pragmatics is true.
  40. Reward system: including death penalty as a prize for playing ‘stupid games’
    1. Yes it can too be classified as a prize.
  41. Pushing buttons limit this
  42. Religious people will scream religion and die dead.
  43. Is pushing your limits the same thing as being born? I mean: is being dead a form of pushing limits to the max, and were we the same before we were conscious born and alive?
  44. Conservatives never question why liberals are liberals, they don’t look at the science behind it. They are just to ignorant and scared to question why. This here is a great example of using politics to describe and declassify ideas.
  45. Learning morals is how to become a conservative. Aka. ignorant to past.
    1. Opinions are developed, classify types of opinions, therefore it’s about being able to id. (after you’ve experienced it: see looking (you mean *forms of* identifying the feeling?) “back”[1] at childhood as an adult, I laugh at it) it as a phase opinion, pushing limits, wanting to stay alive is a middle class opinion, this is why people change as they get older especially anti-natalists. I too went through that (“emo”) phase.
      1. The reason why you feel like this when someone mentions a past even you have experienced (stored on attitude; see repetition content word) is because it’s stored on your attitude and didn’t learn from the mistakes, like laughing as an adult when you got hurt for not being moralistic.
      2. You won’t be able to use such words if you didn’t experience it, that’s why I am glad for my past experiences now that I can learn from it.
    2. Developing opinions happens when one is not aware that they are going through a phase. Plan to identify the specifics, not phase reaction cool down. This is supposed to teach my the possible phases it encompasses since one one way they can do.
    3. I can control what I want because I actually understand it and is not like phase morals.[3] [4]
  46. Feelings played with are always treated similar to a game, some physically affecting phase.[1]
  47. We need a form of charging. Declassify the word charging and what sleeping has to do with the encompassing of classification of it. See content pattern word, oversimplifying words like right and wrong or explaining the situation via pragmatically natured words, or pushing limits and being the situation in present tense.
  48. The nature of the definition of the word tells you enough that only one fact is the perception of reality, and implies experience.
    1. Your body is looking for you to understand your own experience, experience as the past learning from constantly millisecond, is like learning from mistakes, is like pieces of the puzzle that are waiting to be categorized and organized as a puzzle.
    2. See: identifying necessary evil phase (words), cannot identify words if dead. Relationship between variable
    3. More factual words used to represent your onw behavior- less feelings, if you’ve noticed
  49. Conservative pundits exist only to pander and coddle the conservatives. Like Church preachers do. describing their entire life in seconds via verbatim words.
  50. If conservatives only understood as why people like liberals existed like they could understand how nature works. The truth is, look at brain scans of liberals interpret behavior. “increased threat perception” and yes, using the information of others’ gained is a form of threat perception.
  51. How to measure and recognize phases, see (preferably an empty one) music label chart.
  52. It’s all about identifying feelings, that’s why some people are for the death penalty, and some aren’t.
  53. What do flights’ wings have to do with this?
  54. I work for my own feelings.
  55. Since opinions change constantly do we have all of the time in the world to document them via verbatim?
  56. The formula for declassifying the argument “killing a baby” is to look at the sentence and the adjectives nouns it’s made up of and using the same formula to formulate another sentence wit the same.
  57. Trainline mountain car; We are held by gravity.
  58. only focusing on the thoughts out of all the feelings you have in your head.
  59. categorize the specifics via verbatim in order to explicitly identify what must needs to learn.
  60. Judging facts is a form of criticism.
  61. Focus on ideas; And how the words are used; For example, mother asks “when do you say your name” or “when do you say thank you?” These are ideas that are being used in the air.
  62. Limits of attitude; For example, not being able to comprehend that staying here is a mistake; Basically, not being able to recognize the patterns of abuse.
  63. Feelings should only be used as a scale.
  64. Declassify the value: reward punishment phase system; Is there any other phase other than skidding wearing off?

I’m just scared that someone else might walk in at the wrong moment and disturb my train of thought. This is why you need a good phase to start off right. This leads me to the conclusion that only if you are able to focus on yourself – then only, you will.

What does it mean if you classify feeling as a strength when it clear makes you feel bad? What does this mean in terms of using words to judge time related events? (as that’s the only thing it plans to identify, aka ‘does’)


I brought myself (see overlapping feelings) to be able to desire to want to live. Now,

There is only one way to describe specifics facts via verbatim due to the nature of the definitions of a word.

Walls not fitting in, “jank” mind-concept

Word being used as [insert parts of speech here]

Only a limited amount of possibilities to use such a word in a sentence for the goal of making sense.

Focus on the how, to be aware of the how, simple.

Feeling are delicate, don’t take advantage of this in order to do something else, take advantage of this and chase goals. And actually understand yourself.

Merely being able to judge and comprehend means you are virtually entering into different territories. This is also proof of priviliaged state of mind, mentally is physically.

something else that I forgot

pushing limits

Artificial energy to get up here.

Only via new experiences can we learn anything new, so just live through the experience

Moral Dilemmas experienced

  1. Setting morals for using it during the bathroom times
  2. Losing libertarian values as body wants me to move onto the next phase, interpreting me own behavior (which is basically science itself – the mere ability to do so as such, hence why some Dems are regarded as a part of the elite)
    1. Because I am not being pressured by schoolwork in order to do so, rather am studying the specific feelings.
  3. Considering contacting my friend; Don’t need to be ignorant to why, a part of the past, as it’s the strings of the past that keep us in touch with the present and identifying plan for the future or using the same words to reflect on the past.
  4. [*] Now that I understand the formula for measuring how we measure feeling as level of attitude awareness it’s hard for me to want to stay and practice more morals, since I understand what I want. We are all born scientists with delicate feelings. [*]


[1] – unboxing phase, putting it into towards: you’re just merely able to experience the emotions, nothing specials here, you’re not pushing limits, which is why you feel like you’re on top of the world.
[2] – it’s all about the process and merely being able to focusing on the present, which is the past, which the present is the future, set goals for the future as the future can only be identified via wording so much. And refer to the title of this image. using this sentence to learn, (see pushing limits), not to use it as fear-mongering to as a command to do via syllabus are physicals sound repetition, since repetition and is artificial barrier can only be upheld if with others.

Liberals like to explore feelings, aka new experiences no phases though.

^ see “track back definition of the words used within the definition of that said definition”

[3] still being “drowned in your feeling” represent this virtually.
[4] being aware of the phase opinion
proves the invisible lines’ existence; also see conciseness and fear of death as natural; therefore it’s about the status of the level of your awareness

“invisible liens million like liens and circle” -> this is communicated via baby language.


map out communication as lines.

“Life flashes before eyes”

The line depicts the invisible lines that we are held by
^ line trainway above; also see the you are here on the map picture.
See broken guitar strings
Forgettting the caption; rather refocus on the artwork itself; we are just an aware rocks; we are as good as she rock, based on our limited level of comprehension and need for survivals.

sure hitting others is tolerable and dosen’t kill us, is this why the extending over mind concept is true? This is also proof that we are held by invisible lines.

This is what we’re doing when we focus on things
What can this say? What relationship does this concept (refer interpret content formula) have to do with anything else?
Identifying opinions mind concepts; The fact that the chain line isn’t lined up to the thing is proof in and of itself that reality is lines that are connected.

Identifying opinions as goals is like trying to see into the future, setting goals is also a form of an opinion, setting goals for identifying content of reaction is one too as well.

Identifying into the future; Setting goals, either as a reaction of a as a proation.
being able to identify something as a necessary evil proves that we are over our feelings and also process that it’s our feelings that we are identifying.
inspired from the pro-life choice debate; For pro-lifers as long as the woman is alive (see torture for the woman).
This is great proof to decide that it’s all about how the definition of the word was created.
our use of words such as content words can be represent as an extended like on graphs like these.jpg; Can also be used to represent recognizing opinions + facts.

next to do: study how mentally is physically.

take it as: learn what it feels like to have feelings extended and stored content in: it’s like having mouth open and pouring things in

why God is just a feeling; study the parts of speech of this word in order to proves this to be true.

Are the horoscopes actually true?


Born: October 13, 1989 (age 31 years)

SIDE NOTE: She was a person of my age in the 00’s

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans 180°–210° celestial longitude. The Sun transits this sign on average between September 23 and October 22. Under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun currently transits the constellation of Libra from approximately October 31 to November 22

Libra – Wiki

Along with Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez is the first female member of the Democratic Socialists of America elected to serve in Congress.[8][9] She advocates a progressive platform that includes Medicare for All, tuition-free public college, a federal jobs guarantee, a Green New Deal, and abolishing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

AOC – Wiki

tuition-free public college

When you have Democratic Candidates supporting thing like this, ofc, you are going to get left-wing (center-right wing) teachers.

SIDE NOTE: When they say it won’t work, they mean it won’t work for them.

I am a socialist, so is AOC, I am a libra, so is AOC.