Studying Grammar IS Using The Information For Learning

refer to self-explanatory words

saying right = just the same as saying right goal wrong goal
as right and wrong is a mere adjective

studying is how you use the information gained ideally

When you see something do you feel like asking questions and caring to find out more or do you feel like disregarding it, the details as you’ve been trained to act like in public?

the subject answers the question what is the sentences about

Everything you do is an example of how aware you are of how feelings work. And how you use the information for, how you take it personally or not.

Studying how it’s formulated. and not using applied variables on sentences, its like using sentences to describe sentences. How does one learn to do this using the very thing they are trying to learn, it’s like using the word in the definition itself.

Focusing on the Characteristics of the words.

Studying grammar is basically studying science

Measure value in terms of money (see: pragmatic plan, misplaced) or measure in another term.

focusing on the formula vs. focusing on using the formula; aware vs. being unaware of limits. Only true awareness is when you fill attitude with pushing limits. Ask yourself what formula are you practicing right now because it certainly not the formula of testing your limits.

Inspired from: “Using the word: “do” at that specific time, implies that it’s saying at this time; Also using words like cat, also imply that it’s measuring it by singularly, not plurally, and we know that labels cat are just the same as calling it 1 and 2.” [Source]

Studying grammar is studying how using such words shapes ones’ mind.


this is a formula derivative type of word.


Q: How are new words created and formulated and what’s the limit? (ideally, and pragmatically useable, this proves that using words itself is an example of pragmatically applying formula)

A: You (are you body) are the tool to be used as a scale; And the answer the what’s the limit part: The answer is the very fact that using certain words[2] implies that you are going through a phase (alternative variables, facts in particular)

Feelings stored in the air as a phase

Tool is an example of a repetitive word

We create new words based on how things affect our senses via our lifestyle phases

Using words is bottling up (see; past posts)

language is the formula itself. speaking to surroundings is studying science.

inspired from:

“language is a formula itself” implying that language is a phase that is to be learned, see: learning phase, and also remembering words phase; See: words are physicals.

There is a limit to where personification can be used to make sense. For example, it doesn’t make sense to classify tides as waiting for a man to get done showering.