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Set of thinking variables, contents to consider:

Examples of daily experiments you can try out:

Extra Information in Word Problems:

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Then they can identify the extra information that is not necessary for answering the question because it has no effect on the answer.


effects are created in the head as feelings.

liberals lacking common sense

Intelligent people, however, have a tendency to overapply their analytical and logical reasoning abilities derived from their general intelligence incorrectly to such evolutionarily familiar domains and, as a result, get things wrong. In other words, liberals and other intelligent people lack common sense because their general intelligence overrides it. They think in situations where they are supposed to feel. In evolutionarily familiar domains such as interpersonal relationships, feeling usually leads to correct solutions whereas thinking does not.

I am an ideal, as Thomas Sowell criticized intellectuals for living in a isolated place and are rather more idealistic.

the intellectual is the inner child within you, reach that state of mind, potential.

Computer scientists are liberal

I am both liberal and conservative, I live in differently realms at different times as deemed necessary.


Government isn’t something scary

We liberal socialists don’t have a heart and will kill any religious people in our way. We will promote atheism at universities.

Babies mean nothing in my head, as judging the process of existsiance as babies is indirectly judging not understanding.

“unnecessarily complicated”

Is where the drama (feelings thought process) starts

Rules makes things unnecessarily complicated.

Jordan Peterson – Liberals And Conservatives Need Each Other

Using creativity unrestrictividely is like exploring the limits of your own senses, basically studying your own phycology.

Lectures: Exploring the Psychology of Creativity

Reminds me of examples of formula sentences are formulas, don’t let formula be small, rather test limits and use for curiosity.

Putting feelings into words: Is this even possible?:

Is it possible to reach the goal, as a sate of mind of happiness, before being successful?

Since we often think of being successful as being happy.

The Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives | Jonathan Haidt & Jordan B Peterson

Things can only be predicted if they are cared enough to be calculate, other than that’s is only being unaware, but does calculating play a role in the prediction (as opposed to hypothetically not calculating aka planning things)

“bronze/brains over brains/bronze”

Mental acuity or intelligence and great power or physical strength, considered together. Our star football player got into an Ivy League school because he has brains and brawn.

The Emotionary: A Dictionary of Words That Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do

Wisdom of Ignorance: Knowing What You Don’t Know

Why Thinking Like a Scientist Is Good for You

7 Signs You’re Letting Other People Make Decisions For You


Side Note: I wanted to create my own Wikipedia as such.

Rational Wiki

The Science Behind Why Introverts Struggle to Put Their Thoughts Into Words

Why Are Genius and Madness Connected?

Trump on millennials preferring socialism: ‘They’re young, idealistic

Also see: Socialism and Utopianism

Why and how idealism stands in contrast with the ‘common sense?

Old and Wise: Why Do Smarter People Live Longer?

Why Intelligent People Smoke More Cigarettes | Psychology Today

We make all our decisions based on feelings


Science has limits: A few things that science does not do


Forgetfulness could be a sign that you are super smart, say neuroscientists – The Week

Freedom From Poverty Should Be a Human Right | The Nation


Marxism is the highest state of enlightmetnt; Conservatives demonize the intellectuals and sometimes even kill them.


in the same way atheism is nothing but a lack of indoctrination- being introduced to such ideas

[Website] https://www.howtolearn.com/

American Prisoners of war who refused to return to America at the end of the Korean War, 1960s

One of the three black soldiers (who returned to the US in 1966) explained that discrimination in US was the reason he went to China in 1953. In 1991, he said: “Brainwashed? The Chinese unbrainwashed me. The black man had his mind brainwashed long before the Korea War”.

What your dreams actually mean: Dream symbols, interpretation and causes – CNET

^what it implies

only so few will care to find out: those are called curious scientist.

Power Thesaurus

Thesaurus Plus



50 Common Proverbs in English

Finally, someone else has a set or organized notes that I don’t have to put together myself.

How to bridge the gap between academia and industry

The Military Views Poor Kids as Fodder for Its Forever Wars

Study: Being forgetful might actually mean you’re smarter

10+ Quotes Websites That Will Actually Change Your Life

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Mental Health’

Common Sense Is Neither Common nor Sense

Dyslexia ‘is just a middle-class way to hide stupidity’

Fact vs. Opinion: Simple Examples to Show the Difference

Does the information being symbolized that : matter that life begins at conception?

For example, when using the word should you are indicating an opinion.
Since you are trying to change the way nature’s programming works.

What is another word for opinionated?

Mentally limited; Opinion is just a nice way of saying I am stupid.

opinionated synonyms

Are Any Historians Supporting Donald Trump?

Medical Students for Choice

Dear pro lifers: I didn’t ask for your opinion….

Anti-literacy Laws in the United States Once Prevented Blacks from Getting an Education

Ask a Scientist | Science Mission Directorate

4 Scientist Couples and Their Love Stories

The cliché of the pragmatic and lonely scientist gets old. Although scientists are highly analytical, their emotional range is not as limited as the media and stereotypes portray. In their work, scientists must be logical and methodical, but that doesn’t necessarily carry over to life and relationships.

Responses to Top Arguments Against Animal Rights

Veterans for Biden


Liberal Forum

Texas GOP Declares: “No More Teaching of ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ in Texas Public Schools“

Understand Myself

The Honest Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Get Married Anymore

Why I Think Marriage Is For Idiots


11 Things That Are Social Constructs

Ten Black Scientists that Science Teachers Should Know About

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Angry – Thriveworks

It’s nice when you have a sheet of questions to ask yourself, and a plan, map of the thoughts that you will think in the future without actually having to be in the future: it’s like living the future in the present-tense.

Children’s Exposure to Violence: A Comprehensive National Survey

You Should Not Force Your Opinion On Others

opinions are always forced onto others, that’s what makes them opinions

Your parents forced their opinion on you when you came alive.

Albert Einstein’s Struggle with School

As the need for highly trained scientists grows, a look at why people choose these careers

Ten Reasons Not to Abolish Slavery

Sad reality

Reality often works differently than ideal reality does.

5 charts show why the South is the least healthy region in the US

Dr. Jen Gunter

7 Ways to Teach Children Morals That’ll Last a Lifetime

Side effects of being moral: Last a lifetime

6Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

The Psychology of Referring to Yourself in the Third Person

If you want people to trust you, stick to commonsense morality

Neil Gross – Why Are Professors (and Scientists) So Liberal?

A college professor wrote a biting explanation for why so many professors are Democrats