Performing Deductive Reasoning Tips

Deductive reasoning=being aware that you are only a conscious rock and by performing math calculations you are only emphasizing facts.

  • Deductive Reasoning is a thought process that is applied to find out specific facts, it is done in the same way to everyone else – meaning the everyone is different rhetoric doesn’t work here – in finding out science, specific facts.
  • Learning phase vs. non learning phase notes: one creates feelings, one is random and cannot be learning phase anything but the learning phase, which is why it’s defined as the non-learning phase.
    • This is called using information for learning about more possibility not sticking to one (narrow-mindedness of conservatism); the more you know the more you are aware that you don’t know (variables)[s].
  • The baby doesn’t have a choice the pro choicers says I respond: define choice the pro lifer response: ability to make a decision; then I ask define ability to speak specifics questioning the definition
  • It’s hard to know out coding because we only know what we feel like, how we will react in the moment: until we actually perform it (for example, I will have fun until someone else, like my mother, would come to my room and disturb me