Mottos I follow + Highlights of important facts:

“Using The Information Gained For Learning, Not Entertainment” [same thing as this: 1]

Moving too fast for identifying specifics, as that is that one small goal being set, constantly, called morals.

Life moves too fast for me to document the content of it in words, big words too, for that matter of fact.

Responsibilities is a euphemism for focusing, let no one else but you and you alone assign a task, in order to this, one must first be alone and not squished, pressured.

I learn something new everyday and I don’t have enough time to document then that’s why some people would rather experience it, rather than study it.

What even are you experiencing right now? Name the specifics. Are you aware of the situation? Or is it too forward, or too backwards, thinking in theory?

To more you insult and judge the less you care to understand, you are the only one that is missing out. Don’t half judge and not develop a strong opinion on it.

Opinions are manual labor goals, these should be set to understand, not to keep as an opinion.

Life is a test, you’re testing everyone’s reaction and conforming to them. Either subconsciously or consciously. It takes time to bring it out. Set a plan -> this is why the poor fail.

Consciousness is powered by involuntary muscles.

Always practice the learning mindset, all experiences going forward bring new content.

Ask a question to yourself, never stop until you reach the answer.

When asked to explain, explain he interpreting style, not the content, explaining the content means, implies that you were personally affected by it in the past.

Don’t lie to yourself

Politics is a clear example of being personally affected by it

Emphasized fact? Does this make it an opinion expressed? opinion of wanting it to be expressed. no verbal gaslighting.

What are you interpreting?

Goal: Identify the formula, so I can stop looking at the content.

Goal: To identify how verbal communication specifically affects us.

Goal of this website: To provide access to documented information that will be used to help me stay on track of this journey for pursuing my interest in neuroscience, seeing connections between events and ideas more than regular people due to the first reason

Goal: Should I create another page to document to document the information of Motivational Quotes, etc.; For the mere purpose of categorizing it.

Goal: To identify how the need for oversimplifying words and identifying certain nouns came [derived from ideal system].

Question: How do you categorize the news content gained

Patterns are inevitable to be learned as time passes constantly. Don’t learn fake science, pseudoscience called stereotyping.

Question: Why do certain words, phrases remind you of past event and past event only? For example the Black Lives Matter movement. As soon as you hear this phrase, you remember when the events took place, etc, because of the how it affected you and when amongst in your life you experienced it.

Words/Interpreting style are like the placeholders used to classify like this. Or else it’s like paint dripping on a wall, either forwards or backwards -> recalling bad memory from a certain event, false reality, ex racism development.

If confused, ask yourself what is the information intended to be used for. For example, CNN’s home page -> what’s it’s purpose?

What are the limits of seeing, hearing, and all of these senses? THIS IS THE QUESTION I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! Limits of comprehension of complex ideas.

Needing to convince someone to do something is proof of mental limits.

The word, the vague noun theoretical idea, death, is a state of mind that is to be reached. Question for proof and an example of how this is identified. Ask how do you know, question authority.

state of mind that is to be reached

This is a state of mind [as all states of mind are the body being a part of the environment]:

Glass has fallen on the floor and broke up. Very shallow DOF.

As well as this [merely sensing it with your body]:

Beautiful blazing sunset landscape at over the meadow and orange sky above it. Amazing summer sunrise as a background.

If it classifies all aspects in terms of 5w’s and 1’h then you are good [mentally it gives off a certain feeling], however practicing this process is the special part and is what is used to reach conclusion.

How does the inspiration mindset work?

How all behaviors raising hands is miscategorize behavior, which is what makes us surrender control. thinking certain thoughts is a crime.

How To Remember Something You Forgot: [21 Proven Tips]

See the World Through Patterns

What is self-reflection, and why is it important for self-improvement?

The flaw is that when you are in the system, a part of the drama, it’s like a hurricane – one must genuinely make a choice to step out in order to back up and see the b.s. they were a part of. This is why many people lose friends made from high school.

The only thing other people can train you to do is to take orders. Other people won’t respect your boundaries eve though we are born sensitive to nature and are able to be gaslighted, I mean, look at me here, right now, from childhood; Develop some thick skin and get out of this brainwashing.

Socialism is the final state of evolution.

The science is the very experience you are experiencing right now. Wake up and realize this.

Comfort notes to start off this list with:

  • Yes, I am acting on my half-known, half-witted, half-aware-of feelings on this topic, but I want to know about the specifics, the why, therefore I will keep pursuing this, no matter what, I am still hanging on.
  • Adopt and use the Learning mindset
  • Quotes motivate me
  • Resist Indoctrination, more specifically, I have a first-person front row seat to see how indoctrination works, as I am playing a role in this movie called “The Life of Ebenezer Suresh” -> we all have own individual experiences, this is MY LIFE, no one else can see it.
  • Criticizing behavior in a funny way
  • They know the perfection, they just want you to reach it yourself.
  • The very word ‘skill
  • The rhetoric: increase vocabulary skills is popular because self-explanatory.
  • Identifying certain thoughts take a certain state of mind to do as such, hence the rhetoric ‘observing thoughts’ – what’s really important is known how – the phases of how this occurs, not in theory, rather observing the preset, this is called applying science mindset in the lab.

To Do List:

  • Document all of the thoughts I had picked up for inspiration – even the ones when I was unaware of the interpreting styles.
    • In order to get all of the thoughts that I want, I must scrape through all of my social media profiles for notable content, which I don’t know if I am willing to do – especially now that I am in this sticky situation.
  • Declassify common euphemisms for words, science words, in relation to ones’ attitude, as all of life is physical and is a phase.
  • Document the visualizing of what it takes to judge and call an idea ‘stupid.’
  • Categorize the words, behavior expressed via the location it is on ones’ attitude.
    • For example, what part of the Brain does it stimulate when thinking “All dogs will go to heaven”
  • Why does thinking about sci-fi thoughts naturally make someone feel high? Do we have a natural connection to the physical body and the ideal system that is to be identified?
  • Document: Don’t get confused between facts and opinions, they are the same thing. It’s about the scientific study of the phases of life.
  • Document: Trust intuition, your personal feelings, guts, face fears of the past, don’t avoid it.

Here is what I’ve noticed about my behavior and getting inspired:

  • Quotes
  • Certain Books [ex. manufacturing consent]
  • Articles Online [1] [2]

How I’ve gotton inspired:

  • Expressing in words
  • Mass manipulation
  • Why does it feel right when classifying facts? A: because of the very fact that you are able to, free will and freedom of choice isn’t real.
  • Only feelings lead to truth
  • I’ve had a gut instinct tell me that I was doing things wrong [in the same way people fall for Christianity, except it’s this and it’s valid]; As I’ve looked into this, the answer was under my nose the whole time, it’s my attitude, how my physical body is being affected.
    • being around other people and practicing moral requires the bottling up of emotions; Now how exactly, this is what got me inspired.
  • Everything should be treated as a learning experience.
  • “Indoctrination” of bigger ideas, aka the rhetoric “ideological indoctrination”
  • The conditioned elephant
  • We all have some form of Stockholm syndrome, childhood trauma.
  • What skills has one rally learned, and don’t use labels such as alternative facts.
  • We are manipulated based on how the environment interprets our behaviors. This is why we conform to “good” and “bad” – escape this social construct moral indoctrination – develop your own moral compass, policy of interacting with other people. [This is: Reference Number: 11]
  • Kids are scientists, but why isn’t this message well-known yet? Censored by conservative corporate media?
  • Ask yourself “Do you even know yourself?”
  • Innovation
  • I have the greatest tools in front of me, all I have to do is study myself.
  • Robot; We are all robots, I want to be aware of how we work.
  • Understanding imperfection
  • Feel different when thinking/experiencing certain experiences?
  • A common characteristic between scientists is that they control their own behaviors because they know how them themselves work, even though time constantly pushes them away; But here is the secret, regardless of feeling rushed, time is relative, so, knowing this manipulate yourself accordingly.
  • If you truly learned from mistakes and set the goal of being a scientist, you wouldn’t associate with anyone, no person, as that it self would be a mistake, a hinderance to learning process.
  • What lead the naturally born kids scientists away from the aspiration of pursing it? Pursuing morals? Yes. study the input/output, personally affecting, behavioral phase, gaslighting system.
  • Studying debate, specifically the ones that set the plans; Also study, what makes one pursue debating
  • Studying words that are a euphemism for a certain state of mind, used to manipulate plans set for future, consciously.
  • Success doesn’t document itself.
  • Predicting behavior vs. actually being the behavior, setting short-term goal, getting milked the @!$# out of.
  • restart your life
  • Take it as if you’ve explored a new level of tolerable violence
    • “Let’s do it again!”
  • Since everything we do is learned, train yourself to hate, hating making mistakes, as those feeling have to go somewhere.
  • List the natural emotions developed and expressed via body limits.
  • List the formula of can and cannot being communicated to you via environment, not via words. These words are placeholders in the attitude at constant.
  • List the level of planning it takes for subconsciously one to set the goal of thinking/feeling this thought in attitude and setting it as a plan.
  • The rhetoric “it’s supposed to feel bad, if it was easy, it’d be easily achievable and it wouldn’t be worth getting” – that’s why we are human beings, we should outgrow and evolve.
  • It takes time to put facts into words; The more specific to question it is, properties of information it is, no open minded expecting false trust, etc.
  • Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent
  • Sociology of Capitalism
  • Marxism
  • “Nothing is free” Nobody will tell you it, rather manipulate it, phycological warfare. Conservatism is free, like a battlefield, it’s a form of phycological warfare.
  • The word “translate”
  • Interpreting a Different language
  • Since, now I realize that everything can be implied to somethign else, and is connected in some way shape or form, I am using it for scientific studies. using it for learning. [1]
  • In order to declassify conservative phycological warfare piece of piece, I must suffer and study this.
    • Since life is learning, i must classify the different levels of learning.
  • Ideally use information for what this itself implies that you have normalized not thinking in terms of feelings rather are out of touch with reality. This means that words are stored as bigger variables than the variables of the properties of information.
  • What makes it possible?
  • Don’t be warry, it’s imperfection that you must s
  • Don’t throw away the manual, use it, it’s what most people don’t do and get straight to physically pleasing themselves without even knowing what they’re doing.[3]
  • “the [real] world doesn’t work like that” is an example of a false reality based on repetition rhetoric.
  • Asking the question: “how do you know what to keep in and out?” “how do you know who to trust?” trusting is a void.
  • As long as it’s possible to be experienced, you must study it. (sure, even death; only one way to find out) [Hint: use the words unaware, and the boat mind-concept in order for you to be aware of it.]
  • We are born built off of questions itself; It makes no sense to invalidate a question as equivalent as a stupid question. Therefore the only stupid question is why that asks why not limit and create a mental limit?
  • Comfort zones are formed by moralistic practice, literally getting comfortable
  • Comfort zones are formed by mistakes being made and NOT correcting them, which is staying at this house, yes.; Your body feeling bad was for a valid reason
  • Politics should be a humanitarian issue; No “hard work” rather make life easy to think
  • Know when to identify un-comfortability.
  • Conservative professions tends to be manual labor and feelings manipulation, these jobs will be going out of existsiance due to automation soon. Same thing with the need for religion.
  • Whatever you want from birth is your self-assigned feelings.
  • Whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay, it’s only natural.
  • Kung Fu is Everything We Do
  • There is only one way to learn what confusion is, and that is to confused and to learn from it.
    • Only when you are uncomfortable will you do it, or else you’ll be addicted to physicals
    • Inspirations, ask new questions.
  • Politics was a big inspiration (see: FB Post), I wanted to actually sympathize with them, not just imagine ideas.
  • the only way to do it is if you practice this thought process (see: awareness of only one thought at a time; see: mold fitting attitude mind-concept to prove that surroundings = phase = you)
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Language = Experience = Experience = Phase; This proving awareness and language of language, see: multi-tasking is using words to practice comparing words to experiences.
  • Intellectuals practice looking at history, considering history, as science experiments to learn from; most people don’t learn, clearly, since they still stay together, which is the problem itself.
  • Studying the process of deciding the process of what to deem as a mistake, studying the process of motivation.
  • Variable, human body, derive specifics
  • Represent, imply what morality does to you.
  • “If you want to live here, you must follow a certain set of rules” = Proving that desires are being emphasized and aware of via verbatim
  • Religion is practiced as a coping mechanism, reflecting on feelings of past actions actually
  • asking son one worded answers
  • “making a big deal out of it” is judging theoritical desires. (See: implied)
  • Knowing consciously how to set goals. (proving: awareness)
  • How to measure -> scientific method formula (needs reforming) -> testing limits in order to id formula to practice in order to identify limits.
  • Assigning hierarchy as good mood, or bad mood (planning to id. is mood over time)[1] [2]
  • Limits of expressing feelings, thinking, identifying, etc.
  • authors’ choice of words
  • Identify the energy it takes in order to be pro-cop, blue lives matter (and then judge it, vs. understand it).
  • “libertarianism is anarchy for the rich” meaning that in order to develop such a mindset you must be priliagaed or lucky, proving that we judge in theory or events.
  • Being imperfect is the perfect place to start learning from, because if you cannot get out of it implies that you are unaware of how to put feelings into words, which is the perfect place to start.
    • This will teach you thought processes like reflection thought process
    • skill set must go through this in order to develop these skills, phase must go through
    • development stages
    • everything is a form of statistics, data
      • Social science is all about how you interpret data (many possibilities, so, don’t stick to one goal)
  • Focusing (and pragmatically using) on what part of the word?
    • No mixing feelings.
  • engaging with others treating it as special, potential killer, are the problem not the solution (variable content identifying words, assigning feelings, one worded feelings words), invest
  • Classify the word: species as a form of judging ideas, like religion, too.
  • I didn’t want to be unaware and doing things off of feelings and feeling feelings.
  • politics inspiration: short-term conservatives, long-term leftist.
  • say what you really want to say (refer: setting boundaries, absolute freedom)
  • proving personally affecting[2] and special desires (unaware robots, idealism vs. pragmatism): having a person run for office representing a set of ideas.
    • Difference between idea and plan to chase proves awareness
  • unaware of rights limits and responsibility hidden curriculum (proving feelings to avoid, unspoken rules)
    • Lack of setting a plan, rather is a format of a reaction
  • Death penalty wanting to play with feelings
  • Study feelings if you don’t want to feel bad
  • Measure judging via reflection since you cannot do that in the moment.
  • nobody is planning to want to get an abortion, now
  • Study the behaviors of those who want not exceptions for abortions.
  • Interpret others’ moods as ridiculous mean that we are judging their reasons for being pro-choice and not accepting it.
  • Making fun of the person who is being made fun of
  • Programing behind experiences
  • taking responsibility for actions meaning that taking responsibility for being lazy?
  • Limits of formulating questions; Proving awareness? Are we subconsciously questioning ourselves?
  • The rhetoric of process phase and emphasizing: the nice way to put it is ending a pregnancy the other way of putting it is murder.
  • Assigning variables imagining process of the like: Store Variables with the TI-84 Plus Calculator
    • See: we are just now revving our engines, just getting started[4]
    • to find how to stop it you must find out how you got in to begin what how it was learned programmed
  • midlife crisis
  • being against abortion as apart of their identity rush died of smoking: proving that the routine on ones’ attitude is the moralistic practice.
  • how pro-life is passive aggressive towards people
  • why banning abortion as an atheist, being pro-life makes you proud as a hero.
  • Fact about feelings; Study feelings
  • God as an idea in your head
  • Wanting free healthcare and being lazy isn’t emotional rather a particular state of kind
  • If you’re aware of the actual changes, it won’t seem that special.
    • Dramatizing abortion as murder.
  • Why emphasize only other humans only for morality?
    • Not focusing on the air
    • Other people
    • Morality is an example of another form of language, merley respecting others is a form of loaded language.
  • Emphasis as man-made virus; also just because it’s man made does not means it’s unnatural; See: g marriage is unnatural
  • Conservatives isn’t about fiscal responsibility state of mind
  • Explain state of mind as a part of nature emphasize personally affects; When stating words you’re still expressing feelings and if interpreted, implied right we can identify your past experiences if we use another scale of interpretation of nature other than personally affecting.
  • Categorize words and only when it’s used as a invisible line
  • Aware of the changes imposed, can you even sympathized?
    • What Do Murderers Deserve By David Gelernter Analysis
      • Deserve is set by the scale of our human limits we use the scale we don’t study the scale; proving pragmatics.
        • This is why people feel the sanctity of human life at a set specific time, and not constantly feel it.
  • As you can see all falls under dome categories and not different this is called organizing experiences and only being aware of ones’ own attitude.
  • Nobody is completely emotionless
  • Death penalty to reproductive rights
    • Proves the difference in valuing it in the same way we do
  • Moralistic tolerance around others
  • Cute is only a criteria for identifying (judging) or experiencing proving that we can only sympathize with the idea of cute via verbatim: be cautions about being such words
  • Stealing is an example of judging an event and reaching a loaded conclusion vs. the word wires judging an event and rather judging only facts.
  • Democrats and kkk what does that mean bad name?
    • This is proof of how the labels of a part can be use pragmatically in the head (not for sympathizing)
  • Words are situations, as mentioned before ideas are only a part of the situations
  • Why is that a problem? Because I feel like it is.
  • Moral obligation is felt stored in feelings proving tolerance
  • We are being programmed by the second
  • Possibilities of wording sentence
  • Society says wrong criteria like murder proves bottling up feelings
  • Forced death or nature? ‘Natural’ causes?
  • Identify what are all of the theoritical possibilities
  • Crying it out phase – still don’t leave phase; Tolerating torture called life.
  • Expressing feelings desire via painting
  • possible ways to feel about abortion?
  • Why having manners (manners is tolerance) isn’t actually a bad thing (proving multitasking)
  • Debate tactics toleration proof plan out possibilities of arguments formulation words
  • What changes happened to what variable?
  • What it implies if you feel uncomfortable with abortion? because everyone is only the same.
  • Variable of nouns possibilities
    • We are only identifying possible experiences that are only able to be identified via one at a time. Proof that we are only focusing on said content.
  • Did you kill him or did the drugs kill him?
    • Proof of words used is word consciously considered.
  • Any applied sciences (all is a form of science, and blue collar bad) is an example of lack of understanding formulation – in touch with it.
  • They (proof of opinions are only theoretically speaking) could have done better.
    • Expecting, disappointing, are all forms of opinions
  • Academics have critical left wing views only because they can afford to perform them. As they are in the ivory towers.
  • The problem is poverty, not a lack of motivation. Focusing on what it is, not implying on what it’s not.
  • In order to develop this you must first be not proactive. This means not a scientific rather toleration plan, like morality. This is how people meet their wives.
  • Planning to identify thoughts as goals conclusions not work as conclusions.
  • Communication is called being alive
  • I am not one, I am many cells.
  • Set it and forget running in the background like the blocking sites apply on Google chrome.
  • Misinterpreted means to not be able to sympathize means to use other words. – We put on fake smiles, weather or not you realize it , proving tolerance required to be in society phase.
  • If you use the right math you will reach the same right conclusions, if not, then some other factor plays a role in the calculation process.
  • Pro con are examples of formula vs. content
  • Perform calculation conclusion is now awareness proven there
  • Misidentifying history as God; Proving everything is simple example, proving something about ones’ thought processes
  • If you have one mind-set adopts it will affect other areas like racism
  • Only subconsciously exploring what it feels like
  • Supply and demand are alternative variables – like alternative facts.
  • Not all opinions are equal see: Christian train of thought vs. Islam train of thought
  • Are words current behavior itself (form of expressing in theory)?[5]
  • cherry-picking facts logic.
  • Study how you ‘develop and set goals,’ which is literally constantly
  • Pro-life pro-choice debate clearly proves attitude as phase; More on this deciding phase, the fact that we change change feelings proves that we are constantly deciding our entire lives.
  • If the sanctity of life applies to life, that must mean that trees need governmental protection, and the very bacteria on your face – because, they too- are living things themselves.
  • I feel as if pro-choice isn’t something you flaunt, like pro-death penalty.
  • To practice the thought process of killings one vs. merely thinking vs. considering/being encouraged to do it.
  • Gun violence, like the death penalty is only to be expected.
  • Sympathizing with the pro-life thought process? Is it possible and is it “okay” if you don’t? because life itself is a constant change.
  • Just ‘means’ you need to learn more-> you assign this meaning to yourself.
    • No, other people, first, give you ‘meaning’ then you carry it on. other people give you morality, like God started it. like a snowball running down and stopping this cycle of abuse called life: See: anti-natalism.
    • goal set for tolerance, but how do you know how much to tolerate.
    • It’s like how other people tell you what your problem is, what you should change and you stand there confused, not taking it personally.
  • It’s either really good or really or really boring. Meaning that taking it bad is the same thing as taking it personally and concluding good feelings. See: criteria is feelings.
    • Being pro life criteria feelings is the same as being pro death penalty what is the criteria?
  • The rhetoric: “Don’t get me wrong
  • What is love? A: A state of mind, a feeling experienced when experiencing a certain criteria of events that must be aware of your; See: aware of why and pragmatic pressure.
  • The “You don’t know what’s best for you” is proof they’re trying to make you feel some way whilst being alive.
  • I know this feeling
  • Point out this “hey they’re trying to make you feel this way about it”
  • Only auth-right mind-set if you feel comfortable later in life, Children aren’t born as money-grubbing right-libertarians, rather are born scientists’.
  • Saying, calling something (a situation, in theory as a) “bad thing” just means something that situation needs to be changed (goal set). measured via alive focused upon and fear tolerance phase.
    • refer relationship to idea system
    • What makes a person develop the plan of identifying it as wrong.
  • Meaning is feelings interpret limits of experience limits of ones attitude.
  • The very fact that we have to use the death penalty is proof that it doesn’t work for deterrence itself.
  • Feelings developed stay alive
  • Murderers existence implies bigger problem
  • Status of the awareness of ones’ feelings is emotional awareness
  • Republican Logic: I should be able to torture people and get away with it.
  • liberals want to redefine marriage
  • being with others and not talking abut present tense changes enforces morality
  • Narrow-minded goal set: like taking an oath, under no circumstances, limits of voluntariness and giving in to peer pressure.
  • If you are really pro-life you’d be anti-war, feelings about this?
  • deliberate just means conscious emphasis not pushing limits rather form of fear
  • What we really want is being aware of what we want, since we constantly express the desire to still be alive.
  • moral spine/backbone
  • Possible reasons to live – [1] [2]
  • Why don’t phycologists have the heart to sentence someone to death? Proof that if you understand, you cannot judge.
  • Why is it called crime and punishemnet; Why are there different words for it? Proving syllables are physicals.
  • Does punishemnet harden people as claimed?
    • Punish them to make them productive workers of society.
  • Why other people can say one thing but reality of current situation is another; Proof of imagining, planning , verbatim is reaction.
  • What makes you think i can’t do both
  • Double negative wordplay: Bad at being bad, (bad is a feelings scale measummetn) means implies that you are good at being good.
  • All adjectives and non-specific nouns, adverbs are an example of loaded words.
  • interchangeable variables
  • “Monitoring” mental health
  • Pro-life is a state of mind of being unaware of what influence s your decisions (emotions letting influence, specifics of pro-life) from an unbiased scientists perspective.
    • Note: Science (is a process, a mindset that is to be sympathized with) is supposed to be interpreting natures’ behavior process which by nature if unbiased.
      • came to this conclusion only be questioning words.
    • What exactly is preventing your from killing others? Being aware of the specifics here.
  • Pro-life as passive aggression towards woman physically affecting, words are physicals, definitions are physicals.
  • Pride comes before the fall, is it possible to predict losses?
  • Facts about ones’ own attitude is called awareness of [own behavior]; This awareness does not come when talking with others, which is why you feel nervous.
  • Christianity is proof of not being aware of past and using for dogmatic pragmatics.
    • Questioning God as a part of Christianity?
  • “is God and morality and fear a coincidence?” I think not. refer to forms of being alive and able to identify other than focusing on sense, rather judging creating feelings.
    • there are no such things as coincidences. there are only specific observations.
    • “Characterized by it’s content” Like judging the definition of a noun and coming across the conclusion considering the definition of wires.
    • Definitions=sentences=information that is considered, focused upon.
  • The judges’ job is a clear example of putting feelings into words used as criteria for expressing via verbatim, but never completely because of peer pressure that comes with this naturally meaning fake smiles more than often.
    • Boot camp is a clear example of being personally affected and manipulated based on the way others; treat your behavior.
  • Identifying changes (in what)? Proving awareness here.
  • Believing in Free Will is an example of being unaware.
  • Christians only want to seem like manly men fighting (doing things) for keeping out the bad and “America Great.” This is what gives them meaning in life.
    • the truth is, the person who can resist this feeling of ‘doing’ and rather ideally push back against loaded words like save baby in the abortion debate and rather focus on the specifics.
  • Since words are used to learn, understand words.
  • Can only support the idea if you yourself came across it; This is why right-wing views are cancelled out by left-wing campuses and uni’s
    • Inspired from the question: What are all of the possible perspectives, ideally speaking, not pragmatically applying.
    • This is why academics are viewed as too idealistic to consider all theoritical possibilities as potentials.
  • The justice system disproportionately affects people of murderers
  • Just because they do it, doesn’t mean you should. What kind of logic is that? this is proof of encouraging’s flaws.
  • You’re obviously not dead rathe are still alive. So what specific state of mind are you in right now?
  • Identifying it as “saving a baby” (see: liberal logic picture) is an example of using a loaded goal oriented learning phase word : Saving and identifying a set of actions judging to be more specific as saving.
  • The whole point of the government is to control human behavior. Constantly subconsciously classifying how experience works
  • Use it for studying possibilities. Is using it to study learning.
  • Know how to learn; Know how to plan.
  • Categorizing of nature ideas is a thought process to you know.
  • “easier said than done” “well done better than well said” implying there’s a difference between saying and doing.
  • Reflecting is an example of “catching your breath”
  • “There is no such thing as a good reason”
    • Saying good implies comparison derivation format formula.
    • Words like good, are stored under comparison through process like cat is stored under noun on this worksheet.
  • predict human behavior (Plan for communication)
    • Also see: putting a plan into action requires pressure called capitalism and incentives
  • All of the possible pro-life arguments involve some form of passive aggression.
  • Thoughts are just words that are to be identified.
  • Liberalism, like pro-life, only works based on the comfortability of cooperation, this is why conservatives attitudes only make it worse.
  • Thinker vs. Dooer[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    • Solely thinking vs. solely doing vs. both
  • Pro-Hit and Anti-Hit take different amounts of energies.
  • The behavior of nature.
  • Contradictory words
  • Pay attention to when you feel bad. For example, do you only feel bad when you judge people? (TIP, Reminder, Hint: Feelings bad is feelings good)
  • How to I train myself to take it personally? seriously? and how do I train myself to control this? via alternative variables.
    • in order to take it personally, one must not be controlling feelings.
  • “Justice not revenge.”
  • Politics is a clear example of taking it specially and defining sane
    • Hint: Pay attention to when the words are used. And the possibilities of it being used. See: I will not do it because I will get yelled at, this is common but not sane mind-set.
      • “as long as you are alive”
  • Social justice (proves criteria and thought process) vs. justice (revenge)
  • They claim that I am only possible (focusing on) an elitist and never worked in the private sector and that’s why I am an elitist, I say that’s a good thing judging theoritical experiences, that I didn’t get hogwashed by manual labor
    • Know what questions to ask.
    • Sources: [1] [2]
  • Alive bias: pro lifers choose, develop feelings pro-lifers, freedom for me but not for thee,
    • Why do pro-lifers get to choose? (and others don’t); This is judging, also considering other info of ones’ lifestyle sympathizing.
    • And what does it mean to choose? (proving awareness of state of mind.)
  • “more accurately put”
  • Show your hatred for them by killings them
  • Words are used for planning and planning only.
  • Liberals just want a more specific lifestyle to be trained and used, not a vague, unfair lifestyle.
  • morality disrupts the all or nothing rhetoric.
  • feelings of sense of wonder
  • Morality is just toleration of feelings.
  • We are basically just robots, with feelings. Which still makes us robots, actually even more robotic, just use deductive reasoning to id. how feelings work; Proving awareness.
    • No need to emphasize “with feelings” part; Proving that feelings are programmed, by experiences, surroundings, nature, etc.
    • You must be personally affected to want to work, therefore, repubs are more feelings
  • Crime isn’t bad considering all as liberal parenting leads to criminals and scientists raised.
  • Understanding another persons’ feelings isn’t being emotional it’s being an unbiased heartless robot, non-judgmental. This is why liberals are robots and are actually the non-emotional, non-moralistic ones.
  • How it’s actually affecting you, is stored in complex feelings.
  • Taking care of yourself is a disciplined manner is also a part of taking care of mental health; No friends.
  • Normal =/= sane; does normal work actually imply insanity? (able to stigmatize proving alive bias)
  • Gut instinct
  • “How does the ideal system work?”
  • Prevent suicide, by making friends. Being aware of What it’s not vs. human limits.
  • Obstacle course = proves phase; developing feelings for; can’t develop feelings for if consciously planning to; cliff hanger feelings are just as bad as “click here to find out more” virus ads
  • How come rights are virtual.
  • “Computer (remote) controlled” is wrong (proving variables of r.c. car, remote, you are being emphasized), we are controlled by elsewise; we just must be aware that it’s only the surroundings that pressure us to not to resist, proving the fact that they control us. Refer to delicate feelings.
  • Humans limits form of id. Alive bias words all squares are rectangles not vice versa though
  • Abortion as a process or abortion as something to be judged? don’t set this (possible to think of an execute) plan.
  • you can only id abortion after you perform a certain process, proving bias.
    • Consider what you consider
    • Focusing on variables
  • The rhetoric “aware of how feelings work” “master” feelings
  • care about chasing morality and vengeance in the name of justice (as a goal)? or care about the person and treat them special.
  • it’s there you just have to find it; Proving identification.
  • the meaning of pro-life is the thought process of pro-lifer arguments.
  • Classifying ideas is a thought process in and of itself.
  • Capitalism is abusing robots, regulated capitalism is treating as a robot.
  • Identifying morality and being able to follow it is an example of a particular state of mind.
  • We create new (identify) words to explain reasons; See: correlation does not equal causations.
    • For example, it’s because it’s pragmatic plan not because it’s pink as a content word.
  • Body (variable)= perspective
  • in the same way it’s ironic for variables to be talking about variables, in the same way it’s ironic to the talking about internet references whilst using an internet reference [another reference] like criticizing capitalism whilst using capitisalism.
  • “i have no clue” meaning that I haven’t identified via pragmatics (proving ideal variable manipulation, proving planning to id. morality “I can’t think clearly”)
  • Caring about people since they are a part of surroundings
  • Cant help it rhetoric.
  • “Do what you say;” don’t be a hypocrite
  • “Feeling” vs “Knowing”…; Is feelings knowing? Knowing the feelings?
  • Like colors and feelings, you only recite the words know feelings that you have felt before.
  • More government =/= more authoritarian. Depends on P.O.V.
  • my body is looking for the, waiting for the perfect experience to teach me.
  • Life itself is a test and the constant variable is time.
  • Conforming to the economic systems. For example, Americans don’t want the Nordic model and thrive best in unfettered capitalism.
  • deserving to feel” is an example of deliberately withholding feelings meaning t’s a feelings thought process
  • Meaning: The whole point of this is to be calm and to not feel any feelings, to avoid that at ease.
  • the rhetoric: “I want to exist as an idea”
  • I am pro-life female because I want the gov to tell me to do the right thing in case i become a corrupted liberal female.
  • You are motivated by feelings
  • Refer mentally is physically, moana crossing the river and proof of feelings limits.
  • Lack of understanding; the “I don’t know anything” attitude is what is what breeds curiosity.
  • Refer mentally is physically, moana crossing the river and proof of feelings limits. Be aware of the information gained on lifestyle and use it for leaning phase.
  • Believing in right and wrong stops curiosity.
  • Proving the “Think according to nature” theory: see the word: signs (part of the how to understand feelings)
  • Know Something You Don’t [2][3] Possibilities, assumption,
  • Proving being aware of the past and how it changes feelings: How (referring to the past) white people systematically stole the blacks’ dignity (also see: by taking abortions right away you are taking away, what is, a part of a women’s’ dignity).
  • Hitting one interpreting as expressing anger – sometimes it takes years to get over this.
  • Caring to identify the answer whilst alive proves alive bias
  • Economic systems should not be classified as a part of (alternative facts) reality.
  • I chose to voluntarily with no influence phase
  • I do this because I have other else no other forced responsibly to do.
  • Using their freedom for convincing prolife groups.
  • What do the homeless actually learn?
  • Only perceived to be a dangerous threat
  • Dogma does something in the end even if you’re not aware of it’s end goal; This is why dogma is good.
  • This was you before; State of mind. Sympathize with your as self.
  • taking the bible personally vs. seeing it from a distance.
  • the goal is to be clam and stay calm forever
    • it does matter how you feel; see: considered information.
  • I am a progressive because I’ve seen the failure of conservatives ideas
  • Don’t (care to, want to, since everything we do it manipulation to want) talk about it the more you talk about it the more stigma it gets proving caring to identify. No contorted but surrounds
  • “unintentionally doing so”
  • The system out there, as we are an organism that is a part of the universe.
  • Libertarianism is a clear example of delusionalness of the definition of freedom.
  • You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.
    • Applying to prochoice debate; Why should we consider abortion any different than killing the bacteria cells on body?
  • Forms of admitting it, is based on interpreting behavior not ideas. How to interpret (scale used=phase) behavior?
  • Business and their tactics and free will.
  • How info is used = process of organizing (weather or not you realize it)
  • I am nothing but eroded rock, like a tree that has been cut down, basically; I changed.
  • We academics favor socialism because we are more aware than you and don’t take politics that seriously. Pointing to proof of privilege.
    • Don’t take politics that seriously, or look at the government as something scary.
    • Identifying ‘out there,’ (situation in theory, more often than you think, don’t be moralistic and unaware) all words are tools, of how the information is used in your head.
  • The problem with me is that i have no limits of learning. Laws are nothing but something you’re scared to learn from.
  • Think about how they think. what Influences lead you to be pro life.
  • The problem is you wanting to pursue the problem. Proof of identifying and dividing as variables here.
  • i am a conservatives when I do work, I am a liberal when I think.
  • I feel betrayed because I don’t think I deserve it!! Proving the theory of Justice = playing with feelings.
  • Someone else makes choices for you, they’re called lawmakers and lobbyists.
  • Procrastinating as an ideal and physical thought process.
  • A message to the next generation [1] [2]
  • Our brain acts as a voice recorder

Other inspirational notes, documented in another style:

Same thing with kids and being horrible and either commiting suicide or being a brainwashed capitalistic-supporting worker

Source: Archive

We are manipulated based on how the environment interprets our behaviors. [refer to reference number 11]

Your cluelessness is exactly what produces these feelings, in order to control this, one must be aware of the specifics.

Sometimes we all need a break, take these frequently – in the same way a spy cannot be distracted and must be on mission.

Inspirational Questions:

What’s the name of that mindset that makes one think in terms of good and bad, evil?

What are we really classifying/interpreting [as a part of nature]? [insert picture of brain neurons, this should remind you of interpreting style and pragmatic goal oriented interpreting style]

What were the labels meant to do? And are they really working at the right points?

What is the real reason one practices morals? [The phrase ‘real reason’ is what inspired]

Life is an experiment, so don’t worry.

What does the word concern really mean?

What ARE you even doing?

Mentally is a part of physically to, you know; Ever heard of neuroscience?

How to we adopt the mindset to develop the desire to learn more about the environment? Per say, as a little kid. And be curious, leading one to know, mentally about more things.

And how do we kill it? Ex. being so scared [yolo flaw] that we start judging events and get gaslighted due in resting phase. And we end up assuming things, implying that an opinion has been developed.

If you are not a walking brain, then you are a heap of emotions It’s either one or the other. ~ Ebenezer Suresh

Any and every opinion you have is actually a bad thing, it should be deemed as something that needs to be changed.

What does it take to judge a particular idea [as since only one thing can be done at a time]? And what are it’s variables?

Your developed opinions actually show a lot about the things you’ve learned.

We should know how to forget things on command.

What kind of energy does it take to assign mental limits? Such as rights to a person? How does it affect your sensitive senses level?

Learn from every situation

Facts are liberally biased

Compare it to perfect lifestyle

Scientifically speaking, what is really going on in the mind of a pro-lifer?

What are the effects of emphasizing certain facts? Refer to the squish mind-concept.

How did I learn in the past? All I wan to do is to identify my past events and to understand how that plays out in my daily life and understand why I feel calm when identifying the past events via verbatim in my head.

Why is it that one cannot do good-natured work when other people are watching to pressure them? Or to distract them? [1] [2] [3]

What does distract mean in terms of ones’ attitude?

What does the word ignored really mean?

Critique the middle class life

To Prove how we are constantly being hit by someone else by merely them being in presence.

To Prove how sensory pain receptors from hand paint the picture of attitude. If you’re not identifying the formula for ones’ attitude, you’re identifying the content and doing this is what creates these feelings, proof of this is people enjoying the content portrayed and sensed by human body senses whilst using a VR headset.

Alligators” eyes picture and how that is the same thing as our attitude.

What’s making you stupider?

The problem is, is that any form of authoritative violence is easy to be taken control of according to behavioral logic, we are like snowflakes. Violence comes in many forms and conservatism is a form of phycological warfare.


Just interpret the specifics of the experiences you’ve experiences; Just like a scientist does — you have a body with limited comprehension[*] abilities for a reason.

[*] Experiencing is comprehension.

Refer to how similar we are as a people to a computer

Knowing things subconsciously changes mindset, your job is to be aware of those changes.

Verbatim language is an example of what kind of behavior?; Classifying as behavior as nature is behavior.

People are a part of nature. Democrats are the real environmentalists.

Mood changes constantly [refer t. years mood swings] as time passes constantly.

Look at examples in your daily life and use the information gained, ideally to ask questions about it. As, no one can go anywhere without asking the right questions.

We conform based on the way surroundings affect us, this is called conditioning.

Since everything is a pragmatic goal, or a mere thought that is to be identified via a particular phase, state of mind:

Study: Religious children are less able to distinguish fantasy from reality

A mere theoretical idea is Just an idea is as good as a fantasy, a wish” – I get that now!!, other than that it’s a mere idea.

If ones’ goal is not specific, then they are not doing it right, it’s all mental – what setting specific goals represent.


Note: Is the term “YOUR GOAL” an accurate way of describing ones’ feelings, feelings formula? Or are they using this because of what they learned in the past? For comfort? For ease-of-access? Because the state of reaching the facts does not come without ‘hard work.’

Now I understand the significance of documenting the goal as a goal [documenting it is as good as doing it, just as “important”], as I am doing right now.

Another useful content in relation to the information above:

35 – It’s been well documented by numerous empirical studies over decades that individuals who have had extensive, strict religious training are not only more ‘responsive’ to religious authority, but to all authority; including governmental, [unprogressive people], corporate & educational. There appears to be a negative correlation between religious training and independent, critical thinking skills.

Source: This Archive Highlight // Commentary: Religion IS the opium of the masses.

One day, I’m going to look back and ask myself “has anything changed in terms of the facts?” I’m going to answer no. Attitudes work the same way. They’re not going to work unless YOU YOURSELF change

Why creating memories is actually a bad thing: The more you remember, implies the less you understand.


Look at the formula not the content.

Give me enough time to see through the propaganda

Just merely being able to know[1] makes a difference in ones’ attitude.

^ [1] – Due to the time relationship, the limits of predicting [setting manual labor goals vs. predicting mindset], and being gaslighted from curiosity at birth fallacy, one can only do one thing at a time, we don’t have free will of choice.

Setting manual labor goals is the same thing as looking everywhere but the place that should be looked at for the things. [1] [2]

Anything can be learned from. I truly believe this.

Remember, you’re using deductive reasoning to identify the implications of your current mindset and what it means (represents, implies) to the past.

Flawed Interpreting is like this: What information were you able to pick up?

Sometimes, I feel as if the flawed content that I am interpreting isn’t helping – they’re meant to help adrenaline-endorsed starters, once you get halfway across this course, you’re already burnt out.

You need [more] time [more than just an hour] to back up and see through their propaganda – Instead of being a part of their propaganda.

I knew that my intuition was right. I knew that I should study science – and since everything that can be studied is a science, including manipulation – I just knew I had to study sociology, neuroscience, to see, how, specifically, the masses are manipulated under the name of “freedom.”

This is how I feel about the interpreting styles practiced: if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all

It takes a certain level of “ignorance” to develop the desire want to complete this assignment.

What does it mean if one says “i wish i didn’t hear that?”

Your mindset, mood is like a state of mind, a conclusion that is to be reached, except you are a constantly-physically-running equation in this dimension called time. It’s like the state of mind: the enlightenment that is to be reached via meditation.

dimension called time

I should find more about this time and how it plays a role in the comprehension of things.

This must mean that reaching a conclusion, per say, in math, is a state of mind too! This must also mean that we are a part of this word.

Time passes constantly, so does ones’ mood.

Topics such as “political science” is an example of a particular mindset, a mood.

Don’t be ignorant to how it’s affecting you mentally, emotionally, as it’s the same thing as doing this [refer block 4 posts down]:

Don’t be ignorant to how it’s affecting you mentally, emotionally

Your feelings mean something, they are special

Your Feelings Have Messages for You (So Stop Ignoring Them)

CIPA Disease: When a Person Can’t Feel Pain – Verywell Health -> This is actually very dangerous, as if one was stabbed they wouldn’t feel the human body reaction to pain.

Jesus came for the poor, but, in truth, the real poor were the empty ones who just so happened to be rich.

All experiences experienced now implies what you have experienced in the past.

When you are a kid you ask “what is the use of learning this” and now when I am an adult I still ask “what is the use of learning this”

What formula do we follow from birth?

Just merely not being able to identify where you are, specifically, must be solved ASAP and not focus on doing things, as one must correct the mistakes and get back to being a kid. Specifically, just look at this specific point in time and document the emotions.

I realized that the term “growing up” and everything “in” it, a part of it, is really all just a part of the big lie rhetoric in action. [1]

If you’re not being catered as a human being, you’re being treated as the sheep.

I just noticed that in order to categorize vague words, one must categorize the nature of that words’ part of speech in terms of words, now the next question arises, how are words stored in the brain and are we made to learn them? [refer Chomsky’s Theory]

vague words

Could these types of words be a part of the big lie rhetoric too?

Stored in human body, awareness, and it’s relationship to ones’ attitude

Here’s an example of how we develop the I don’t want to learn from this attitude: How do we learn to learn to adopt ones’ mindset

Hate the very plan of hating things -> this is called an example of placing feelings accurately via words.

Why does our state of mind change as soon as we interpret something as such? For example, hearing your name cases you to turn heard; Is this being used to control us?

Adding more from block above: Does this mean that they are assigning a bigger meaning that what reality should be, identify how this s developed via gaslighting from birth.

You must be able to feel like you’re doing something wrong.

What is your guilty pleasure and how do you get rid of them?

Quit thinking inaccurately, that’s just as good as pretending you’re a kid and on a spaceship.

Most geniuses are evil, which is what makes them geniuses. [1] [2]

How does behavioral logic work -> based on teh amount of times the information is categorized, how the information is used in the head, body ideally.

What it is now, isn’t just what it’s interpreted as now [refer miniconcept, propaganda] rather what it was before too, who helped you, etc.

Other useful Notes:

I find it hard to copy and paste content, which is what I am required to do in order to document my findings in a categorized manner, on this page.

I want to do it out of necessity, not because it’s a burden, as that itself, saying something about myself mentally -> LESSON: It means that I am ignorant to certain thing about past, if I develop the desire to practice doing this.

I wish someone else could perform this manual labor task of organizing notes for me.

Note: verbs adjectives-> such as the word ‘organizing’

Using such words must be specific, there is no such thing as a vague word, only an accurate word or an inaccurate word and the time it takes for one to achieve that.

distractions: i don’t want them, it’s a part of nature though, and I was born sensitive to specifics

I need to make sure I use the right method for identifying thoughts, or else I will go on a miscategorizing spree again. TIP: Make sure to care to stop when necessary.

Because it’s about the how, not the what.

What feelings are good and what are bad? None is bad. All is good. Only if being used to learn.

Thinking about certain things should scare you. Don’t desensitize a person.

The problem is, is that at the time of being inspired, it seemed like good idea a good feeling because I was ignorant, now I just don’t feel it anymore, I get the vague content, I want to move onto the specifics.

How it actually affects your senses of vision [1] is the very study of science, which is just, specifying the categorizations.

I am too tired of this vague stuff, I now want to set specific goals to identify the specifics.

When you are a kid do you set specific goals, even though you don’t know the specifics, or do you, you just express it in baby language?


Use these words anytime, if you lose your train of thought.

Phase, interpreting style, gaslight

Stored in head, body

Personally affecting

[3] – we never focus on the mechanics, rather just divide the space and use it for something else.
unaware of what life has in plan for us then be aware of it, predict time; proving prediction planning and awareness.
[5] values is an example of an alternative variable.

Q: What feelings are you expressing right now? It’s not like you can have a therapost beside you monitoring your behavior every second.

moralistic Other people are exactly what makes it hard. keeping yourself in control, aka tolerance, bottling up feelings.