Ideas that started it all:

1. On Universities’ Endorsement of Liberalism

Academic elitism

Political beliefs of academics

Robert Reich

Noam Chomsky

Sslavoj zizek

Jordan Peterson

“Most Liberal Universities”

secular liberalism

A Conversation with Jonathan Haidt

The Conservative Social Psychologist; Religious, listens to Rush Lam. and works a second job as a management consultant.

No Conservatives, Please–We’re Colleges

Survey shocker: Liberal profs admit they’d discriminate against conservatives in hiring, advancement

claiming that one must hear ‘both sides’ is like saying you must see a pedo in order to deem him as subhuman, the fact is, no I don’t, we don’t need to kill someone (at this point in history) to deem that as deadly, we already know that. Proof of remembering, part of lifestyle.

In the same way it’s impossible to argue for pro-life causes without using loaded words.

As a liberal, I say, that if you don’t reach a liberal conclusion then you are not considering something rightly.

As a liberal professor, I can happily say that I will be glad to teach conservative ideas, because that’s the exact reasons why I am a liberal to begin with.

Point in case number 2

Interesting critiques from conservatives:

Anti-Intellectual? Hardly…

All undergraduates should be force-fed Thomas Sowell quotes until they see sense

2. Conservatives in social science


Sociology was founded by a leftist

tip: debating=debating the process of the setting of goals, like the setting of laws, morals that are to be followed and cooperated upon.

Beto Chair Lecture: Dr. John Paul Wright, University of Cincinnati

What department has the highest average D:R ratio? You guessed it: sociology, at 44:1.

Interesting comment here from an outspoken left leaning sociologist. is founded by a PhD in sociology

Sociologists tend to look left if you compare them with the recent discussions on brain and free will.

And most right wingers are religious hence “free” market. Proving unawareness and personally affectance.


Why do conservatives see leftism as something scary? So scary they call professors stupid…

3. Intellectuals’ endorsement of Socialism

The selection of the personnel of the intellectuals is also closely connected with the predominant interest which they show in general and abstract ideas.

Why do intellectuals oppose capitalism?

4. Liberal Elites’ attitude, not caring about politics is a priviliage

Opinion: Not caring about politics is a privilege

If You’re “Not into Politics,” Your Privilege is Showing

5. [Part of the how to think series] “Knowing what you don’t know”

If You Regularly Use These 3 Words, You Have Higher Emotional Intelligence Than Most People Know what you don’t know, and be willing to admit it.