Why I am still not documenting the ideal system in a perfect manner, just yet:

I don’t know the post format formula and in order to know this i need to be Enlighted, in order to be Enlighted I need to be imperfect first then.

it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it; depict my mindset in words, how i feel.

the hard part is in organizing said information.

In order to do as such I must practice the perfect learning curriculum, which I cannot and still must practice the flawed curriculum. The best I can do now is to brainstorm my thoughts and document them for the sake of keeping focus in turn keeping my interest in neuroscience- everything is science all will lead you back to this point of using deductive reasoning – working for other people is a mistake that most people don’t realize – just because you’re normalized to engage in demoralizing actions, don’t keep it like this.

Don’t be like one of those people who practice the pseudoscience working out.

Don’t be so manipulated that you want to cut off your own head.

It’s either all or nothing