To Do:

  1. Decide what one should and should not want
  2. How does formulating science-fiction phrases affect ones’ perception of reality? [Tip, Hint: That hidden line, formula, like the equator.]
  3. Explain why these two sentences mean the same thing and what that has to do with human nature, perception and nature’s connection to each other variable.
  4. Make an “examples of content words” post
  5. Set a daily motivational quotes script, or an app on this phone, to help me stimulate thought into identifying the feelings system.
  6. Interpreting the interpretation style takes a whole new level.
  7. Study when you are able to do what, not just focus on the content of the what, channeling feelings even further flat, not horizontal.
  8. Study feelings during the getting act score and interpreting score game system phase.
  9. Types of definitions (used) is perspective; hint: being able to practice reading this itself is a perspective too.
  10. Identify the formula of how to express the goal of actually understanding sentences.
  11. Study how news titles dramatize of only emphasize a part of the story in the form of ideas.
  12. We need everyone’s help to stop pollution; part of the studying wording end goals, thinking about thinking process,
  13. Notice the correlation between your experiences, setting and using definitions (words are defs’).
  14. Get curious about (about: subject) identifying the process of practicing morality (growing up just acting in public quote), fear-mongering control (see: adopting liberal mindset, born liberals), unawareness, developing opinion, and more possible feelings that are yet to be documented as I come across more of them.
  15. Compare the scale, unit of measurements used to develop friendships, unaware of past, and physically affected therefore only directly considering the present tense as pressured
  16. Be motivated to notice the similarities and differences in the expressing of opinions (via verbatim and behavior); Proves that opinions are motivated to be identified with feelings attached; Becomming aware of opinions.
  17. find out how opinions work are developed
  18. consider who was killed as a form of considering information
  19. life’s goals is to find out how feelings are programmed, and studying science is finding out jhow feelings are programmed
  20. keep desire to be scientist predict plan
  21. Do a test: in a situation when you’re supposed to be happy for someone, force yourself to not say anything, not react, and see how they feel.
  22. Listen to conservatives rap or r/conservativerap
  23. Add Flickr photo feed to this website
  24. Add tumblr post feed to this website
  25. List down common euphemisms
  26. Goal: to find out the limits of using deductive reasoning; Using the words, only.
  27. goal: to study how our desires change: and it is required that you must not use a science lab
  28. Get back to being a scientist from this position
  29. Describe you own feelings via words
  30. check the files tab to see if my google drive has documented the pdf
  31. study the effects of morality