From Unaware to Aware: The Journey

Current Project I Am “Working On”: How we use words is our very reality (and the physical limits of our very reality) in the way we are what we eat think and focus on. [project: mental is physical?]. Formula for formulating words, sentences = formula for all.

The words that exist vs. the words we interpret all get mixed up because of being personally affected and when our body, mentally naturally tries to repair itself, we are still gaslighted. We use the leftover energy gotten from and use it to identify something as a bigger meaning. All identified whilst being specifics to facts.

the words we interpret all get mixed up

The journey on the way back the home state of mind (home is in the heart, not an actual home location, the location is you, you are looking for you, don’t be under the nose) is going to be rocky.

The why is motivated by a set of facts. The whys’ content is a fact, but the way it’s gained, stored is an opinion, as it’s personally affected.

I am creating a series where I make it easier for my and my attitude to describe my very state of mind and document how I learn new states of mind – via words, so that it’s easier for me to identify it.

So basically, I am redocumenting the ideal system notes. As since in the same way a person takes care of health – one must also take care of the mental is physical brain.

Taking care of health as a the best is a form of being ripped.

The more I realize the role words play in life, the more aware I become of words the more I can use them to describe my very thought processes:

Words = Life, we words work
  • Don’t just say clean windows, say an example of clean windows
  • Don’t just say thinking of [insert limits ideas here, based on limits of attitude which is our body, limits of time reached to think, aware of this] say imaging this.

Vocabulary is important. Vocabulary used it the very life used, as life is the very act of learning.

Realize the limits of your interpreting style and you will then be on that level where you can invest your feelings on a higher standard, refer that boat in water mind=concept.

We are all trained to be lazy from birth, escape this phase. all or nothing. don’t take no for an answer, not even from yourself.

Being aware of ones’ limits:

Being aware of ones’ content and focusing in the ‘middle’ phase: [feeling word = middle]:

An example of misplaced feelings, from imagining process, thinking process identifying a mental image:

You’ll soon start to realize and interpret that a lot of labels are useless and rather just a mere interpreting style.

This can be used as building blocks.

Feelings are specific, just lie our surroundings you know, and it’s up to you to place them right.

Popping out ice cubes is the same thing as emphasizing facts.

An example of a ‘stuck in attitude:’

An example of a clean attitude:

The latter ofc.

To Do: create a formula for describe things; For example, every action has a [based on definition, what the thing actually is]

You’re not gaining as much information you need because of the flawed interpreting style, refer input/output system. Everything is deductive reasoning.

An example of not being on track of learning phase:

drop in the middle of nowhere‘ and bigger meaning assigned from past energy – the very energy used to gaslighted.

Mentally this and physically this as mental thoughts can be represented in the physical realm too.

Your body is the very attitude which is the very variables in and of itself.

How does it feel like to be unaware and how did you get out of that lifestyle? Asking questions to myself, the secret is in the very language used as the surroundings are language.

You must work on this system in order to stay wanting to chase science specifics of the limits of comprehension for reforming the scientific method and the limits of this physical world – which I heard the universe is constantly expanding.

I now notice words like title, etc, are just feelin words, the way the author wants to organize their work.

What does it imply when a fact is being emphasized? A bad learning curriculum is being practiced, properties of info aren’t being considered. This is why it’s dangerous to be gaslighted.

Making sense and weather or not to be a liberal or a conservative is based on the human limits, as we are all puppets to environment, there are invisible likes that uphold us that we are sensitive about, like air, feeling air.

Classifying vague words on the wheel set.

If you ever get confused with mental limits, make sure to focus on declassifying morals and how it’s learned and what makes it possible to think these thoughts.

Identify what way sentences should be formed in order to make sense. What variables should I be looking for in order to classify the limits and what does thinking these thoughts imply as I am interpreting human natures’ behavior.

When using words you’re using them to identify surroundings, weather or not stored in words because of properties of information misplaced from bad learning curriculum as life is a phase of actions experience be aware like take care of heath perfectly not just in the middle. Some scientists are buff and smart.

All feelings indicate a mental thought process and no matter what it is, can be expressed in words, the more ideal the more focused on said content not being able to have enough time to id. time. Therefore the more the properties of information are messed with, you can only identify this based on feelings.