About “Feelings”

My whole life, I’ve been taught not to listen to feelings, just to find out that our feelings is the very how formula to learn science.

Study the change because I am the change that is being studied as we can only study so much with limits body; Why do we feel more at peace when aware of our limits? A: Because feelings are the truth.[1]

[1] Your Feelings Have Messages for You (So Stop Ignoring Them) – don’t even do this, just for a bit, you feel those bodily changes.

Exploring limits of body is like following a snake to see where it goes except in this case it’s a thought process. In the same way energy travels through a circuit – like it does in a computer.

Mental limits vs. physical limits, how did we learn them, specifically? [refer conditioned elephant]

Interpret it accurately based on level of emotions then it’s rights.

It’s like riddle you must solve and if placed rightly, you can move onto the next level, same thing with ones’ attitude.

What is the formula for measuring things? Our very levels of attitude, which are used to identify actions, content, etc.

If not applying the formula, or using any formula and leaving the feelings up to subconscious execution, then you are being confused and unaware and letting ‘Jesus take the wheel’ mode.

Why ideas cannot be specific to time-> because they have to be imagnied.

Measured the feelings in words.

You should decide when you take a break, or else your boss if just going to milk the crap out of you.