More Helpful Notes

Question from the parts of speech as all can be traced back to information (imply, understand what it implies, don’t be focused on the content that you don’t understand ideally, this means one is being physically using), ideally speaking, physically, they are being gaslighted from learning process and using a flawed process and are in the phase of recovering and using that energy to identify bigger words [refer placement mind-concept].

Level of attitude is the body itself, as a whole.

You are a part of nature, you like are an eroded rock, a fossil.

Are you even awake, aware? If so, how specifically? Or are you too scared to go there and using much physical energy staying in comfort zone trained from childhood?

Make sure to answer all 5’s and 1’h when questioning the language, parts of speech level of attitude interpreting language.

Know what it is to avoid pursuing, seeing that very thing at this time.