Attitude Notes – Documented 7/22/2021

thinking in terms of is an example of a scale, using a scale to interpret it as good and bad

conservatives don’t know how to raise scientists, rather they know how to raise good blind workers

anything that is thought up of as a big deal is a false delusion, the truth is, nature itself isn’t actually a big deal, you must just have to be in touch with it

businesses don’t want employees becomming as deemed as ‘too smart’ for example, scientist don’t work as janitors and only a small number of PhD’s work as janitors

money doesn’t mean much to a new born kid but it does to an adult, what does this have to say about morality learning and good and bad
people do what they do for personal satisfaction alwaus, weathor or not they know it; for example, marraiage is all about chasing the illiusion of love and it keeps going

abortion is murder, okay and?.., think in terms of sympathizing with a murderers state of mind

using labels but we are only a part of natures’ system ideally speaking
*something else here

perspective of you perspective of me – as meaning much to me or not

think in terms of states of mind or good and bad as the scale, units of measurements

feelings IS (emotional) attachments, meaning that it’s the only thing it can be.

employees are like interchangeable car parts, variables, you get one and throw another one back in

it doesn’t work unless you don’t want it to work.

the law as a limit

i don’t [want] to [care] about anything else but studying science itself and in order to do this i need people to leave me alone and stop bothering me and reaching dead ends
refer to scientists study science for personal satisfaction of curiosity, their feelings only considered, not others, rather only care to id. specifics

objectives, task

treating 20,000 pixels in a screen very specially

tip: take everything seriously means to take everything specifically

thinking in terms of property rights or personal freedoms (sense of privacy), known as civil liberties

map, map mentally

What if this world was solely ideally?
A: no limits=no nothing as everything is a limit, either as a social construct , like hierarchy or otherwise; And because we are only imagining something that doesn’t exist irl, realize this.

Specific necessity to travel all the way to Mexico for one ideal piece of info? No. This is clear proof of ideal variable manipulation
This is also why I claim that identifying the specific motivation for the passage of time is studying the specifics, the science itself. Applying the scientific method thought process.

Specific energy:= Specific science facts;
I am motivated to pursue science not to pursue talking to others, talking to others is too boring and requires energy that I don’t have, anymore.

“Imagine wanting to be a normal person” /s; Deeming as normal is deeming it as based on what you’ve personally seen, not actual reality, your feelings, a made up word, not reality, realize it’s true meaning and what such behavior implies regarding your caring to understand as the goal itself.

everything comes with sacrifice; for example, good talking skills may mean (imply) that you have bad science skills

it may seem boring and unmotivating, but the only way to go it up; Your feelings are the best indicators, if you have to be pressured into doing it, as a dogma not considering past phase as a piece of idealistic information, then it isn’t worth it.

Me, as a scientist, am bored with practicing talking skills (performing the real thing is also a form of practicing), therefore, after knowing all of the possibilities, am willing to move onto newer things.

What is conservatives end goal in calling out leftist hypocrites; Are they trying to make people react, feel bad, like ameture reaction videos’ as posted to YouTube.

glad that the [issue is resolved], glad that the bad people (as deemed by us lefties) feel bad, etc.

What reaction do you expect? A: A change in heart?

Republicans want reactionaries which is why the sit and wait for left wing reactions, they’re like 10 year old’s who’ve just found out what reaction videos even were.

skilled in identifying ideally; This means that one must first have the energies to do so as such.

Mixing feelings with others

Pursue in the same personality [1] [2]

ideally I’d be a left libertarian, solely for personal head experiences, (see: always doing for you, weather or not accepting to realize or not), practically I’d be a right libertarian

Why would you want to pursue such goals?

Waiting for the perfect experience.

Your feelings implies, determines what the actual facts; as a scientist what they feel when performing experiments

Theory: surroundings control feelings

in order to achieve this goal what are the requires skills?

When does your body know how and when exactly to feel bad, it’s like it has a mind of it’s own- a mind system that is yet to be identified, to become aware of; religion tries to explain this, how our feelings work

no satisfied with vague answers.

feelings attachment requires unawareness of specific facts process. This is what most people choose, hence why only a small number of people are infj’s.

“I don’t want to develop feelings, opinions”

morality is a form of an opinion, and opinions, by nature cannot be right or wrong, rather what is tolerated and what isn’t, accepted and what isn’t.

Right and wrong is whatever works for cooperation

wrong doesn’t classify as set of action verbs as behaviors it describes a set of ideas.


IRL GOAL: keeping desire to be scientist

I want it to come to me, happen to me, I don’t want to happen to it; But not all experiences are perfect.

By feeling that it’s boring you are actually comparing

What’s stopping you from actually understanding? A: morals.

TIP: never develop the love for driving

I see conservatives as people that are to be murdered, not to be cooperated with; In the same way the see terrorists as.

If you want to be like a scientist, then you must act like a scientist; What does it mean to act like a scientist?

“it doesn’t make any sense” A: “it’s not supposed to make any sense”

Ask yourself: “How exactly was this learned?”

Conservatives reach dead-end conclusions, as if there is no other possibilities, us open-minded liberals know that we don’t know all of the possibilities and mentally handicap ourselves from thinking as elsewise.

nobody is spoiled, that describes your point of view, not the facts about another’s state of mind.

Conservatives cannot separate facts from feelings. they don’t know where to draw the line between the definitions.

Q: Do conservatives make a big deal out of politics (treating it like religion and personality) because they are personally affected by it, or because or another reason; for example, business owners typically lean rights because they need to keep their employees happy being stupid (working for them, from a more aware standpoint)

from a Marxists pov, business owners want people to have kids as the more kids that are having the more passive workers they have, according to their behavior. See: not every smart person has the desires to chase desires for the common good and stay calm; See: evil genius

This is why I calm that every kid should take the psychology classes when young, not wait till already exploited and then take such classes, thinking in terms of feelings, not rights, laws or dividing based on how nature works as a form of an opinion.

Feelings motivates the average person, the person who is too lazy to think in terms of possibilities.

This also explains why they take a neutral word like liberally and make it a perojatitive terms

by calling something bad and good you’re only stating that they are the people that need to change, and not your own attitude about and rather you are personally affected by their behavior.

The only way to understand something is if you ask and care to answer questions.

Therefore, answering the question: How to understand, you must ask questions, care to find the answers and change your minds based upon it.

it is not a good thing to get used to physically pleasing things.

the process of defining an opinionated thought process requires awareness of feelings and previous thought processes practiced.

The problem with the law is that isn’t not specific; But that’s because it’s not supposed to be, any form of murder is unacceptable; Therefore law=/=science

inspired from studying opinion; science is just studying your own lifestyle.

Politically pro choice personally pro life mindset

Opinions are content-heavy. “goods ideas” proves that ideas are based on contents.

how do liberals make you feel, dear conservatives, because your emotional enough to the point to deem them as a problem, so therefore, the problem is personals, as it’s based on personal feelings.

It makes my skin boil not necessarily you are bad (assigning bad to you, as that’s only done in the had, solely in the head; see god as an idea, not irl, like unicorn), rather my feelings tell me that your presence feels bad to me. Basically acknowledging the fact that the changes are in ones’ own feelings, not the outside.

nothing is really unnecessary by natures’ motivation to continue to exist, (See: black holes universe sucking up theory), this proves that it’s all only in the perspective of one, and it only exists in the head.

opinions are just how you divide nature and not focus on the feelings changing or the grammar of expressing via verbatim like yelling you are stupid, assigning stupid to you.

Reinforcing the fact that making mistakes just means that you have something more to learn.

Republican ideas can work in some situations and liberal ideas in others. Neither is inherently bad for any situations.

Why don’t we all become scientists?

Considering others’ feelings (hint: everyone expresses feelings constantly , it’s just used for pragmatics)

Or respecting others’ desires to want to live.

Politics only exists because we respect each other; this is why I don’t like to respect republicans, because they are only contributing to a part of the problem.

be aware that opinions are just feelings attached to ideas, therefore, proving the existsiance of feeling as thought processes.

demonizing liberals’ is all a part of the process of changing your feelings and normalizing it

Life tip: Unless they’re trying to kill you as the only possibility, you’ve got no reason to worry, feel bad, feel like you’ve need to change, to id something as

Theory: Conservatives don’t raise scientists, liberal parenting does.

It’s a possibilities that must be experienced meaning that it’s just a matter of time.

If you’re not judging a person when in person with them then you’re talking about imginatitive ideas.

Don’t judge a person based on one experience, rather judge their entre lifestyle, only if you are curious and brave enough to physically ask such questions you will. Don’t be a lazy thinker.

Liberal indoc. doesn’t even make any sense.

Like using the word indoc. as a vague word, like using the word God and baby (see: making up new language, non of this hypothetically speaking crap) to describe whatever you don’t understand, as the same exact passage for 2k years.

Why not live an immoral life? This is why republicans are more susceptible to using loaded labels.

Conservatives are only conservatives became of the feelings, because if s** felt bad then they wouldn’t have it.

Convinced by the words or tone

forgetting feelings means to deliberately not consider it, which is a contradiction

Measuing bias=how off it is from current present-tense experience, as this is how feelings work, are correlated, based on.

sometimes i hate studying because the information takes physical effort in order to attain

Why does practicing morality give some people the energy to live? A: they are misplaced feelings from not understanding science. You just have to be aware of the meaning of your feelings; see: answer to what do scientists feel when conducting tests.

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/16/2021

studying history is considering history; History is whatever past events, weather that be 30 years ago or 1 second ago. I have a feeling white religious people use this to cover up history.

How about you ask a person in poverty and not just criticize them behind their backs

Constantly asking myself is there anything that I can learn from this? remember, it’s he feeling that say as otherwise

I find it really hard to channelize my feelings onto typing

be the bigger person
for my ways are greater than your ways, how to measure desire means how to become aware of desires
what is to be considered ideally alive bias

energy invested feelings as a phase

“how to organize ideas”

application of the death penalty; application of [said idea]

doing more harm than good taken personally or not

forcing me to not to commit murder


ready to move on

an opinion that is to be changed and practicing the changing of opinions as ideas

we can only share a limited amount of opinions together as long as we are in the passive state of mind, we cannot share ideas civilly

laws are existent to give the middle class some ego for following it and the more one pushes it the more conservative the become

how you work in relationship to how nature surroundings system works is something that is to be became aware of

atheisms as a behavior not an idea
properly read the bible is the greatest force of atheism there ever is

using religion as an excuse to get rid of bad past is what the whites are trying to do.

you don’t need to know the goal in order to chase it for example like what you’re doing right now; see: vague system

not agreeing means not wanting

I don’t want to agree to disagree

[one more thought here]

Scientists life=lifestyle=interchangeable variables

Since I am constantly learning new things I don’t know how to organize them

Long-Term goals passive aggressiveness

acting on ocd urges

The end goal of Republicanism is to get you to follow something that’s not even there: as described by your pov as ‘freedumb’

is curiosity a form of behavior that is to interpreted as such?

Is curiosity a form of depression? And what does this have to say about categorizing something?

Acting on feelings, how much of your life is controlled by others. See: others deem it as bad so what, but rather care about your surroundings because it personally affects you.

Gives people an excuse to be stupid.

the very thing that is good to liberals is bad to conservatives, They see it as a weakness, whilst we see it as a strength.

dividing judge or interpreting a a part not apart of nature

is working out a form of bottling up feelings?

are you your political views? see: many sides, personalities

Rules only exist if one engages with them ignoring how they were set to begin with.

if republicans try to act smart claim that they are making things more complicated than what it is and are not considering, ideally, what should be considered.

What Democrat means to an actual isn’t what it means to toxic religious republicans.

Definitions are what is considered definitions are the criteria themselves

Keeping republicans mad is a part of their lifestyle which is what motivates them to work their jobs.

There is a reason why we have different words for equal and same.

Most republicans are unaware of how they themselves even turned into republicans to begin with

Conducting business, like negotiation with others is being in this middle state of mind (be aware of this) where you can share civil opinions only (since if it were violent opinions as expressed you wouldn’t be able to share it via verbatim, rather it’s be the fists that would be talking)

Scientists know how people turns into republicans including social scientists

it’s just an opinion is like reminding someone that it’s just a game indicating that it shouldn’t mean much to one anyways. It’s reminding someone that it’s all in their mind, being motivated to support cops, etc.

Considering for evolution,

Categorizing it as a ‘funny website’ is inaccurate, as deeming a site as something that is funny is based on your feelings, like social constructs stored in forms of fear, only exist in the head.

Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean that the rest of the bodies’ senses don’t sense it.

questioning the authors’ choice of words

Keywords: consider, complex

the whole point of science is to be immoral. Which should be deemed as a good thing.

Why specifically care to identify the meaning of this vague word? This is proof of energy to identify is feelings used, the misplaced feelings, as deemed by you, you must see this as a problem that is to be changed via motivation.

knowing what to variables to look for, motivation, reaching conclusion,

“perfect with flaws” reached perfection, and now what?

“Acting on urges”

How to think developing no opinions

Is your career like your college, is it decided for you? long term effects or short-term effects

If your dream job is to do nothing as a goal then that’s the goal, that’s it, that’s the end, no other form of motivation

Rules (other than natures’ law) don’t make sense because they’re not supposed to

Can you think of all forms of possibilities at once?

Consistency, constantly, maintaining status, motivation,

virtually ride off the backs off..

I’d be even more proud if we didn’t have govt. as a form of a necessary evil that would be an even bigger achievement.

Learning knowing what to look for, setting policies, considering all possibilities,

Questions to ask about location

even the decision of making the decision of getting a better life is done via pressure itself, unless it’s not

Fake pastors are just as bad as non-fake pastors, non-fake pastors are a contradiction

I treat my whole life as a tests run experiment

Setting rules and following them vaguely interpreting behavior here, is a complex complicated process

Mind already made up is Republicanism, if you can change into multiple moods, states of mind or rather are more aware then you are a liberal

What makes you scared enough to even consider this as a form of a realistic possibility?

Schedule for systematically thinking, interchanagale varibesl

When is it okay to do what?

What make it wrong?

What gives you the green light to do as otherwise?

Thought Processes, like formulas, are all about applying it. And since we are constantly alive, we are constantly applying the formula of following the man-made, identified as Gods’ laws.

apply the slope formula m=1-(-5)/7-2

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/15/2021

I understand myself (aware of and not free will applicable here) enough to know that I am not indoctrinated, I rather ask questions and care to find answers and don’t use the vague label God to describe whatever I don’t know the complexity of

Any label that is vague is dividing nature and therefore, when used in a sentence should be classified as an opinion.

‘defunding the police’ is a valid feelings since police don’t exist in head and pro police is the existsiance of police by nature which is an emotional response to criminals behavior considering the past and how such an idea was formulated.

what is being interpreted=what is being considered as a form of thinking variables here

morals are form normal people to practice vaguely interpreting behavior

it’s not a law if it’s not enforced

“developing desires”; since we are all the same, it has to do with how aware we are of being a carefree kid again, consider information to be a kid again, that’s what you really wanted to be.

The word kicking would mean nothing to you if it wasn’t attached the images of a person kicking someone, as that’s how memories stick. That’s a part of how feelings work.

abortion ‘saving’ a woman’s’ life is deemed based on her mindset and manipulating her desires, aka. solely mentally or based on her not just dying.

being honest with yourself admitting that you don’t know how this world started is much better than making up lies and believing it. it’s only a possible hypotheis.
this has to do with considering the past facts and identifying facts as a process, content of variables

opinions are always involuntary, there is no such thing as a voluntary opinion (or a completely voluntary opinion) and if there is, it’s called interpreting as curious behaviors

Republicans are the most simplistic confusing creatures I’ve ever came across.

interpreting behavior as thoughts, lack of isn’t a solid reason, rather it’s whatever it’s not type of reason

curiosity is what you are looking for, as the end goal; all others are just some form of fear as a turning point.

understanding deeming as from his p.o.v.
deemed as stupid

taking it personally without threatening

consider all possible ways to fail and do anything BUT THEM with it in mind

desires and identifying to pursue

taking is reacting

you’re actually mad at yourself

lack of motivation is a form of motivation, and if you deem this as an issue, make sure to not spend as much energy wasting it on others.

“how do I justify… [insert views here]” A: You don’t.

categorizing definitions using your own definitions

Remember, that’s solely just how they themselves interpret your behavior.

When I study public opinion I laugh because it’s as if I know how exactly they can get out of such a trace it’s just that they do not care to be aware

How your feelings work is something, a system that is to be aware of

avoiding the development of opinions the bible is mentally used as an excuse to hurt people

all opinions are forced, that’s exactly what makes them opinions

it’s about the process of reaching the conclusion

I feel like right wingers want problems to solve to make their life meaningful. Which is why they’re pro-cop. Republicans are the real useful idiots.

Special scientific

Know that it’s just a point of view that you have adopted, just connected it to past events factually implying by interpreting the present-tense accurately.

Connecting past events to present events is science studying, this proves the theory that studying the present tense is the same thing as studying the past tense (only in head, ideally remembering)

How come average people virtually somehow benefit from scientists work, so don’t call all liberals bad.

Describe the cop mindset via verbatim or via behavior that is to be interpreting using the right scale; i don’t want to use words anymore, I’d rather just use my own behavior and explore without the use of words and needing to organize them on paper, which is just reorganizing molecules to where it ‘makes sense’ via words to me.

Making a big deal out of nothing

“I don’t need to be a scientist to know that this is wrong” and this is exactly what is wrong with ones; own attitude – it’s the very fact that they’re unaware and they are rather kept unaware, which is what makes it good.

What lead you to consider

Atheism is a form of behavior not ideas.

If you cannot use the information gained by other people in order to resist and get then out of your way, then you are being controlled by them, virtually, like a hypnosis process, or you are being physically harmed. See: cooperation behavioral phase. Using and interpreting the information like a psychologist, not a regular normal person, and remember normal doesn’t exist but in your head, so stop treating yourself like that.

In order to debate a republican, you must first consider their entire lifestyle, and no, it’s no cancel culture, and even if it is, deeming it as bad is only based on your feelings.

Whatever possibility it is, you’ll still be alive at the end of the day

Liberals’ may take up majority of criminals, but they also take up majority of scientists, professors and intellectuals in general.

It’s not just about achieving the goal it’s about constantly pursuing and maintaining the goal. Curiosity alive bias

What is the end goal that is to be sympathized with, attachment with? And why must it have an end goal to begin with.

Republicans have a far more stigmatized view of govt.

Republicans express feelings and don’t even know it. “patriotism”

Add: “Priorities” to keywords

Using the word baby to describe a bigger goal or using the word as the goal itself.

Vague words are loaded by default and nature. See: consider what to make formulate the word (of baby), this is called questioning authority and the very fact that you blindly use such a word is proof that you didn’t question authority.

For some, it’s okay to use religion to justify ignorance, as for that very some, said people it’s the only way to keep them working.

Women are humans too, not just the baby in her stomach, don’t abuse her and leave her alive.

What is the end goal of being mad? To push more negative societal energy around?

“Only one way to find out” as a rhetoric.

Everyone feels uncomfortable, it’s just how you act on that uncomfortanitiy that changes everything, either run away for a better life or stay here and delude to conform to opinionated realities.

Stuck is a state of mind

Open-minded just means that you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know everything and have something still more to learn more about.

What formula do you use in order to categorize new events. For example, If I am “free” at this time will I do something new.

Theory: Republicans like problems

Check on Supporting abortion rights as a state of mind, and supporting abortion rights by not speaking about it.

expecting ideally categorizing

set policies, boundaries first, consider possibilities,

pro lifers pre-set goal isn’t to understand murderers, rather to push their goal and dogma and abuse the fact that we can still stay alive under the guise of religion and religious freedoms.

Responsibility is often used in synonymous with punishemnet

the goal should be trying to identify the desire and how it’s developed and stopping a person from even willing to do so as such. Meaning murder shouldn’t be done because of fear of punishemnet, rather because of caring for others’ health in such a manner. See: all is a form of health.

Something about how life started and considering it.

Study how scientists are raised.

Everybody should learn sociology and psychology at a young age and realize that it’s others that are the problem and not fall victim into marrying others.

Using your own words to categorize words.

it’s a feature not a bug in the same way shyness acted upon is a strength not a weakness

Social scientists are left wing because they know the real reason why right wingers are right wing, and examine how each of them can immediately become aware of their own bias.

Republicans perpetuate violence, and they know that they perpetuate violence – business owners know exactly what to do to keep their employees down.

Business is just another necessary evil, don’t spend your whole life wasting time on it.

Right wingers want to use their freedom into tricking others into thinking that they have freedom; This is where considering the past comes in handy.

Care to considering the specifics of how, not solely just the what. Is this what makes one think in terms of vagueness.

The label: “none of your business” is a loaded label since it doesn’t stop kids from asking more questions and using the information gained for pragmatics.

only experience what is required. changed from only do what is required in order to stop feelings from developing.

people turn right wing as soon as they start taking things personally.

“Should kids be forced to be alive” : this is proof that all and any forms of opinions are forced.

Process of existing.

Authoritarianism comes in many forms and your views on the govt. only play a small role in this; Interpret my behavior accurately please.

Scientists are, study science scientists for personals satisfaction not necessarily to contribute to society; taking nothing as a big deal; Scientists are just professional kids; See: why specifically me, using me as a robot, ofc I am going to be emotional, since I am not reaching my full potential, as that’s my feelings mean religious free will nut.

What role do others play in the development of your desires? Be aware of this.

by lack of stupidity, smartness is inevitable to come. It’s all just the form of a lack of stupidity.

what if we interpret ideas instead of behavior; What does that have to say about our behavior?

Anything new that is [insert characteristic word here]

Making fun of someone (see: treat like a scientist) is also a part of the lifestyle influences, weather or not you know it. This is why I claim that Republican business owners want to keep their employees stupid enough to stay as employees.

Theory: Religion is used to make people stop considering the past and questioning authority, and believing in free will is focusing on the present-tense variable that doesn’t exist. This is why it is used by many white people since they don’t want to be shamed for slavery and their ancestors responsibility.

Theory: in order for something to mean much to you, it must be manual labor,

Keywords: addicted to living

Calculation requires manual labor, weather that is more ideally or more pragmatically.

Keeping people unaware and mad is a part of Republicanism

be glad that republicans like Ben Garrison exist to entertain the Republican Party since they are the ones feeding energy to the republicans

just because you have no laws regarding it doesn’t mean it’s not existsiance; See: Canada no laws regarding abortion. Leads me to think what if we had no laws regarding murder?

We are not on the same page, we left wingers ideally used the govt. as somethign different, not necessarily forced.

Determining weather or not a fetus deserves to live is an example of an alive bias. Your behavior shows that you just want to act like a Hero to babies – no matter how much you try to make it look like as otherwise, since you are motivated by others.

Is it true that just because we are unaware of it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have an opinion on it’s existsiance? Since opinions are the very need of using vague words themselves

stop reinvesting energy into more vague situations, try to understand the situation, the only situation that is able to be understood- the present tense.

As a sociologist my goal is to understand how regular peoples’ attitude compared to the standard of scientists’ attitudes compare.