Attitude Notes – Documented 7/24/2021

deasire in head interpreting nature’s behaviors
care to understand
making up policies as you go
pretending yuou are not u used to experince
most people are confused and don’t knw it (their attitude problem itself) which is the beauty of confusion, as being unaware is confusion

desire manipulation

is progressivism an attitude or idea based on perspective

measuring the changes in desire, transitions

desire=(pursuing in) attachment do not confuse

thinking that i think that i should id. and support the babies’ right to choose? define choose a word we use to say i trust with decisions for best

right wing behavior is predictable

implications like question are to be identified

nothing systematic

maintain growth realize that you are nothing special regardless of feeling and morality and confusions

aware of why, for you for others scientist, invest energy, vague specific end goals

scientist behavior (opinion) on things, feelings on topics
“listen to the experts”

how do feelings, people work? (for example, if you leave me I will feel bad) This is something that one mist be required to be aware of in order to know of

Measuring opinions specifically difference between opinions states of mind

you are the tool study yourself; and you don’t always have to be used as a tool by your employers.

its hard at first it’s supposed to be

by claiming brainwashing’s are the indirectly claiming that free will doesn’t exist?

i can’t help you if you want to be tortured only if you how the desires not to want to

are the American left and right anything different from each other that vastly or is it just the name/label that’s different?

police part of life no eve word free will or notes or no think

feelings now influence later

the more moral you are the less likely curious you areas

naturally developed desires

shame from the past , how do feelings work

physically go over there identify it, if you want to answer that question.

Answering the question: What do your feelings tell you?

Categorize using specifics

TIP: [be aware that] Other people control parts of your feelings; What influence does this have on ones’ desires [inspired from: feelings control desire]

Keywords: possible perspectives

Are you aware of your desires changing, transitioning? for example, convinced from being pro life to pro choice?

Virtually riding off the backs of others’ feelings is socializing; see: lack of understanding, care to understand.

Is God understandable, comprehensible?

It’s a necessary evil to keep some aware and others not.

how do our desires change work? When will you change your mind; For example, a car salesman asking you, at what price, right now, will you buy this car if I see it to you (reasonably)

policy feelings boring new; Why do we set new laws every few years?

Intended desires of the Republican fan base is moral outrage. See: gta advertised on Fox news.

moral label goals set of like left wing goals ideas

Rights wingers is more of a personality than it is an idea, a goal, a plan that is to be chased.

pursue in personalities’ existsiance over the passage of time?

What are scientist personality (and are the all the same)?

Thinking correlation, body correlation.

All pieces of information are physicals information, there is no such thing as an idea, an abstract ideas, only physical pieces of information and that is called hydroclxine, etc.

Speaking in terms of morality is a form of a scale.

You are your own person.

Unfortunately not everyone can become a scientist, and the ones that don’t are usually mad.

If your goal isn’t to understand a person, and rather are like a business man who just needs to sell 4 products before times’ up type of attitude.

encompass definition part of

you must like something by the second since you are alive, changing states of mind, matter over time. Like how rocks become eroded over time.

Which facts are you unaware of by this second?

Treat it as if it were the ‘real thing’; Meaning treat this experience as if it were a test. also see: thinking variables are something to be aware of.

Thinking in terms of rights

moral or aware present tense

What question are you answering? (right now,); Map out this thought process


i know myself i don’t need someone else talking for me on behalf of me

when someone says i want to die that means i want someone to like

What do your desires even mean? And I am not talking about interpreting your desires as a manipulative salesman trying to sell you oil, by being misleading, and manipulating desires to live, but rather what are you aware of your own desires, as a piece of nature, as a human being?

maintaining friendship; a friendship is a relationship to an idea conclusion that has to be maintained

moral connection is when both people are unaware and trust each other.

Making mistakes is the best only way to learn; This is how our feeling should be used.

using labels actually confuses a person. Don’t get used to confusion.

manipulation of desires (pushing buttons) but don’t hurt each other (respect still)

Also reminds me of: It’s okay to get mad as long as you don’t hurt others or hurt property or hurt yourself.

[how does it feel] Knowing what to change in order to want to (keep pursuing) become a scientist. if you want to really change, you must first know how and in order to

not significantly affected by politics = priviliaged according to someone elses’ mind. take it personally : their existence

applying scientific method thought process feelings

What do your feelings mean; theory: they have a hidden meaning

Theory: Republicans are so manipulated that they don’t even know how much they are manipulated.

What if we all interpreted each others behavior? A: we would be unmotivated for new, as since it’s proven over and over again that necessity is the mother of invention, and it takes feeling uncomfortable; Is facts something that you can stop, can you ‘get over’ facts and see from a different perspective, from a non-limited perspective?

“It’s just a perspective”

Liberal just means anti authoritarian or thinking that it’s okay to be authoritarian on the authoritarians for example parenting restrictions

Why doesn’t the right wing usually state the fact that they hurt kids?

controlled by surroundings moral connections; Right wingers think that they knwo everything, Which is why they are anti intellectual and hate academics and researchers and liberal scientists.

the nature of the right wing is Populism for the brainwashed satisfied working class’s

Left wing governments take care of citizens in the longer run whilst right wing ones let them to struggle and anyone who doesn’t conform is ridiculer as an emotional liberal, whose feelings aren’t validated (even though we all express feeling in some way shape or form); Proving controlled by surroundings, unaware part of me controlled by else trust.

Replace the excessive crap and make it a lack of crap

sometimes it’s better to be ignorant so that you can get some janitor work done.

Personals freedoms vs. economic freedoms.

judge (consider entire lifestyle as a form of idealistic info) by lifestyle not make decision to judge based on feelings since everything you do is a form of a decision

Being tempted to do something is a form of an opinion, development of an opinion too, you know

the fact that they don’t work hard enough isn’t the problem why they don’t work hard enough is, and due to Gop’s dogma, there isn’t any acknowledging this anytime soon.

Is a scientific concensious necessarily groupthink?

Tired of following rules

Does being a conservatives necessary automatically make one wrong?

Something else about social justice and considering WHAT.


I’m left wing party because I write for a living 

What should and shouldn’t you get mad at?

All of these things that aren’t specific facts are all in your head using as a conclusion not as a possible 

Aware of specifics

Right and left wing seem like a big deal because it’s respect only ideally

Right wingers are people who are personally affected by politics and not privileged enough to vote Democrat.

Right wing is only populism trying to get one to change desire into being passive and to not reach their full potential.

Body as something to go through don’t stand around

Act like a scientist would would a Jesus scientist do?

It’s only there because you think that it exists

What is the body looking out for?

They are as a part of the problem

You call it killing babies, I call is relieving stress.

Specific situations

Facts are a process of implications

What true liberals see as good is what conservatives see as bad the point is is that you cannot change our minds

Easily manipulate desires and blindly follow you: asking one to be a Republican is like asking one to turn into a scientist from that point

Only if one caress to value the complexity of the situation will they be pro choice or rather if they are simple they will be pro life

be aware of feelings programming

Left wingers want economic security.

Theoretically speaking socialism works; As a matter of fact, theoretically speaking, anything*n *anything within a limit that is works.

Liberals don’t like self control and we are quite aware of that, I’d like to see republican’s do as otherwise.

Who is the target audience when conservatives speak?

What do your feelings mean? also see: keeping them unaware of how is exactly how

morality is allowing yourself to be controlled by others; See: treat kids like scientist if you want them to become one.

naturally develop left wing desire when and if oppressed by right wing ideas. Expressing desires via verbatim or via action?

Pro life organizations are the problems themselves as they are the ones who perpetuate fear of women making their own decision (see: when fear starts phase); See: pro life ideas learned via peer pressure

motivation for living lifestyle

What is considered as a part of ones’ own mental health

Republican’s are in the unaware state of mind; calling it republican’s and politics dividing as using such words doesn’t actually change the contents of politics or make it special, this is why it should be okay for professors to speak about their political views in the classroom.

right wingers are used to authoritarianism; This is why they see the left wing ideas in action as authoritarianism instead (blind of their own bias considered of past events ideally); A clear example of this is when you ask the average 9-5 worker to change their lifestyle – they are rather going to say not because they are satisfied with their own lifestyle- in a passive state of mind vague behavior more often than they realize.

Using my own experience to conduct an experiment and writing my findings here.

Right wing is more about enforcing vague ideas (auth personality), rather than actually understanding why, as that is the only way society can move forward; See: necessary evil to feel bad.

How are humans programmed? Are we pro-programmed or make it up the second?

if you don’t want to do what you need to in order to achieve goals, then change what you want don’t change your goals.

I don’t want to have to ask more questions, I want it to just be given unto me- like a perfect experience.

politics is not big deal – it’s made up respecting each other

specifically why are we liberals as a part of nature– natural desire to want to have abortions’.

bored of vague

if only others cooperated along with the perfect plan, I wouldn’t be pressured to go to school, etc.

no need or struggle physicals lack of basic needs

goal only exist in head motivation to id and pursue goal attitude is the issue itself you are the issue then, but don’t know it yet (see: pro-life is the problem for stigmatizing the getting of abortions’)

personally affected and its’ relationship to being mentally affected

hierarchy exists in head and part irl.

what does nonsense require

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/21/2021

TIP: Know what you’ll be doing first, then perform it; experience it; via the curriculum- the point is, is to know what will happen.

^ This proves that nothing is really new, rather we just experience the event in action.

why specifically me as in why me lord

it tastes like [it] feels like [it] etc.

sense of [privacy]

need something to work on as a problem to fix like cops schedule as interchange variables

meaning is feeling attachment

wrong place wrong time

making sense of feelings

real reason for being pro life is feelings dopamine’s is produces problem solely in head

allowing self to want following policy

mapping out state of mind see it as a state of mind as a pov; look bad on paper (hitting in theory anything pragmatic) and bad on paper (socialisms good ideally state of mind); know the differences

How do you know, plan to change opinion later: means to look for new answers acknowledging the fact that you don’t know everything.

TIP: Follow curriculum, never make actual conclusions

The goal isn’t just to reach that state of mind for 1 or 2 seconds to receive a bit of a dopamine’s boost, but rather to maintain that until you die, and you can do this, (TIP HERE): VIA A SCHEDULE WITH INTERCHANGABLE VARIABLES, allowing yourself to want different things only at a certain time frame.

Science is just studying yourself, your own senses and how things: things as in atoms, particles, in specific, react to your existsiance (bodies’ senses) by the second.

Science is something that can happen to you not you happen to it

Set the goal to understand and you will have no feelings; As mentioned above if someone else gets in the way of you transferring info from surroundings, then that’s going to stop learning curriculum. Its like someone barging into science lab and coughing all over the place, the point is, is that it’s going to mess up some of experiments’ specifics.

Libertarianism and directly affecting

not all values are the same

not everyone values the same ethics – this is proof that we put feelings on a different matter here. Using this sentence will only help one become aware of the fact that we are only emotionally attached to said sentences.

does everyone have the same basic ethics

According to the definition of ethics (moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.), we are subconsciously actually constantly being governed by ideas of morality.

you don’t actually know this (are aware of this: because you cannot always put feeling into words) but you pretend more than you think that you do, for example when talking with others you delude yourself imagine physically respecting and pretend to respect them, which is deemed as actually respect someone since vague system and not nature reality system that’s how feelings work

you don’t actually touch anything; It has to do with measuring things existsiance of passage of events in terms of electrons.

check on scale unit of measurement

Feelings existing is proof that you are unnecessarily making a big deal out of something.

Always manipulated to want, possible desires, why do you think we need new lawmakers based on unexpected events that occur.

Does unexpected mean unaware since we are born scientists in the learning phase?

Being pro death penalty for the reasons of being confidence attached to the idea that it deters murderers is a personal problem not a pragmatically applicable problem, a problem that, potential murderers too, need to change themselves.

The drama, too, is a part of politics, it’s all intentional, and it acts as form or motivation or average people.

You see something as good and bad, it’s just that you don’t know it yet; For example liberals see being moral as bad and something that is to never to be engaged in (and will not change their minds about it), in the same way Republicans see murder as bad and would never even do it. And until republicans can acknowledge and sympathize with this liberal mindset, they will never be able to understand us.

Seeing it as a weakness vs. seeing it as a strength. For example, categorizing anti social behavior as a strength and not a weakness.

Liberals believe that merely being in the pro-life state of mind as something bad– as an infringement on civil liberties. They don’t want to change or have others change to be pro-life. See: seeing it as as state of mind, not as ideas or behaviors that are to be taken personally. Knowing when to take what personally.

Pro life as a form of woman abusing

And pro death penalty for born people is valid feelings to have.

acting in public is interpreted as vague behavior.

check on science fiction and nature of this specific physical realm

Check on “getting in the way of” Either you got in my way or I got in yours, is what morality is.

Conservative opinions are more opinionated, (need to measure public opinion here) meaning that they’re based on more feelings-related dogma. For example, they see the world in terms of property rights and not nature as nature. They use labels such as illegals to describes others’ desires, actions as divided.

by measuring opinions we are seeing how far you are deluded in your own world.

Saying I am an atheist is just saying I haven’t performed the calculation to conclude weather or not a God exists or not. It’s like saying I don’t know what the answer to 100×100 is because I am intimated (putting feelings into words here) by it’s large numbers.

In the same way one can submit and perform [2-proof that thoughts are just considerations] the thought of killing someone or not, the same thing with abortion, don’t act like a slave to ideas (aka the law that is supposed to be directly enforced)

Some things just aren’t meant to be, some contents are to be solely said and not written (at the same time, I don’t have 4 arms to do this you know!) and others are to be written and not stated

Fists speak (aka. violent behavior) (via behavior or paying attn aka. looking for to words) of peaceful voice speak

For me there is a difference in personal values and enforcing the contents of my values (see: labels don’t change contents of said person, only change what is as stored in your mind according to the nature of nature) onto others via the law; I am personally pro life, and but politically pro choice.

think in terms of possible definitions, think in terms of rights and wrong, think in terms of possible thinking in terms of. See: check on scale unit of measurement

Thinking in terms of variables, considering physicals subconsciously but not explicitly acknowledged via verbatim

Satisfied my only curiosity

Your feelings are my feelings

“It’s not there unless you think it is”

What if I was immune to stupidity, the only way to be this immune is if you didn’t have to be forced to experience it by time.

What are examples of: “You can’t be both”

Science is just studying yourself, your body, your own senses.

Keywords: Real, Fake, Bare Minimum, Set time aside for new things on schedule.

TIP: JSYK, wanting to write this itself is a form of an opinion itself. see below:

not do it unless pressured therefore it doesn’t become important or deemed as a necessary unless important, this is how you work as a human being, slight physical abuse

“how do you know?”

“You didn’t ask, [so] I didn’t tell” [1] [2]

Being aware of specific motivation=studying science.

How to organize ideas so that they don’t produce any feelings

Is it necessary to think this as of right now? And are you what you what you think? For example thinking of pro-life ideals, vs. being pro-life? Any differences here?

Keywords: Relationship between,

Only emotional attachments make you want things to stay the same

What does socialist mean to you? A: depending on who you ask right wingers claim facasism because it personally hurts their businesses, but left wingers claim anti facasism because it hurts their civil liberties.

Think in terms of possible experiences measuring experiences

“Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves”

time is something that is to be became aware of

Studying science is something that is to be specifically motivated by, what is nature motivated by?; And is science something that can be studied?

Are others a part of your body? When experiencing the living of life?

When confused, ask yourself: What are you experiencing, exactly?

“You shouldn’t be confused by specific facts, and if you are it implies that you are not willing to change to become a scientist”

I think that children need to be in science labs more than they need to be in school.

Asking questions requires identifying the variable that is to be ‘found out’ first.

What does the very fact that nobody is boring having friends or nobody is born wanting to have abortions imply?

What do your feelings depend on? is basically asking how do your feelings work

politics only exists because we respect each others desires and we treat each others’ desires as something different based upon it. we react differently based upon weather or not one is identifies similarly to us or not.

Everything you do, you actually only do for you, your feelings. Therefore, declining euthanasia is also done via done for the persons’ who declindes’ mental health

it changes, but what exactly is up for the people to decide.

Are the ideas shown in a negative light or is that the only way it can be shown, as in, is that the nature of the ideas? Eg, wanting to kill someone via the death penalty.

Thinking in terms of money or systematic influences.

all answers are answer’s to the question of why; for example, as a riddle, the answer is 45 what are the possible questions that lead to 45 as the answer?

Why do we define the word first? A: to avoid confusion

Proof that we are always manipulated to want as otherwise, as else: Stating: “i was a Marxist” vs. stating that “I wanted to pursue marxisms’ end goals”

“nothing is a big deal unless you make it a big deal” – and you won’t know how important it is, until it’s gone[1,2,3].

everybody feels, everybody feels the same way, etc.

knowing the value of money; This is proof that in order to make someone chase the goal of meaning, since meaning=short term feelings goal- basically an opinion.

“Value of a hard earned dollar”

stop dreaming

Thought Process= depends on the actual process of experiencing itself. therefore, by using words, we are actually describing theoretical thought processes and not the present tense.

Motivated to forms of living