Attitude Notes – Documented 7/25/2021

We don’t live in a perfect world, therefore we need the police, systematically speaking.

Right thing wrong reason doing a thing that they want me to do is exactly what I don’t want to do

Studying feeling desire change in this variable looker for when studying it

Republican desires are on the know what to avoid lost

Framework of religion

So tired of practicing morality I want to become a scientific 

Republicans are the ones who are emotionally attached to others’ fetuses and their money and all are passive so whose is really the emotional one here? And they want the liberals to respect them by turning into one of them.

Expressing desire and manipulation

If it’s hard first it’s not worth it, let it happen to you is okay to be lazy.

What else?

Desires to see anythitn else.

I know how my desire work change

Check in are yky what you want what to live as expreeeiny desire interpret from others pov accurately 

Not hit wrong motivation me

Desire to explain the specifics changes

Answering why are most scientist liberals don’t speak for scientists

Resorted my desire

Liberals and left wing ideas are for idealists hence why most journalists are democratic

Putting feelings into words: I don’t like feeling like this

Existing = Desire or existence of desires over time state of mind manipulation awareness no such word as (insert vague nouns here)

Find a way to demonize the poor

And one thing else: I need to do as else wise 

Scientists desire

You will only want to do such things if you’re tempted or addicted both with your forms of opinions

How circumstances influence decisions how are programmed and calculated be aware of these limits and be aware of the fact that if you were in a bad situation you will be forced to steal for sake of survival and he will also be forced to murder for sake of ego feeling the need to pursue ego – which Republicans take advantage and try to act like their heroes by putting you to death

Acknowledging the complexity of the situation

Right wing clean ups

You’re my naturally change is based on the gaining of new information for example scientist change awareness when getting new information this is not something that Hass to be deliberately done however it is not in the back of one’s mind subconsciously not deliberately indirectly and directly controlled

Psychology specifics of liberalism and liberals behavior ideas

Morals are ideas not behavior interpreting, they aren’t meant to sympathize rather to enforce extreme ideas touching back again: this is the very attitude problem; this is why I as a liberal claim the existence of conservatives is the problem in and of itself

Mechanisms systems desires

Understands desires changing

Emotionless liberal elite

Why are you feeling this way: you not being able to answer this question is exactly why you feel this way.

Life is all about discovering possible emotions feelings etc.

Life is a journey of possibilities and it will all end one day.

You won’t feel sad unless you’re manipulated to want to feel sad

I need to study exactly how practicing morality affects feelings

Yes most professors orient left but what does that mean is what does it imply what is implied past experiences

Politics is literally a made up social construct that only makes it a part of someone’s life do not judge solely me or who I am in my lessons based on my political orientation it would seem as if the right wing is far more judge mental and jumping to conclusions than anything.

Know what to avoid in order to prevent be tempted

Realize that the how is the why since after you know the how that will change your perspective of why

If you are not a liberal after college – you haven’t learned anything.

Stigmatize govt using tool peer pressure morals 

Conservatives don’t comprehend liberals end goals of civil liberties therefore they criticize showing again and again that they don’t care to understand

One thing else it’s about desirritnbsidss and black democrats desire manipulation  

Out of all of this you chose this?

Desired to express with possible expression since time passes by by the second and you must be expressing an expression by this time

Confusion is motivation

And so is feeling bad

Conservatisms Is populism And only populism

Virtually riding off the backs of

Thinking in terms of a vague words is thinking in terms of morality this is proof that thinking is what stops you thinking is what limit you thinking is what intimidates yourself

Theory: Practicing Religion is hurting you more than it’s helping you.

Success is a lack of crap not a load of motivation delibtertly: allowing me to control my own life.

Everything in nature itself is a form of motivation it’s a matter of being aware of the present tense

Deliberately measuring change In desires as a variable to look for.

Is the experience of the practice of morality the problem or the solution?

Conservatism isn’t something so special that it shouldn’t be discussed when during college classes, it’s just a mindset, attitude towards taxes and social issues at hand.

Conservatives claiming that i don’t want to be called that [that as in substitution for anti-intellectualism)

It’s pretty clear that all the Republicans do is fear-monger, and the funny thing is, is that seeing that correlation, that their base is actually (programmed and expected) to buy into their emotions. It’s like how GTA advertised it’s games on Fox News deliberately for moral outrage.

Applying formulas is like knowing what variables to consider

In order to avoid being tempted, you must avoid all physical contact with people.

using the info gained to care to find out more in terms of possibilities = curiosity

It is a necessary evil in order to keep some people in the bottom to work dead end jobs

Conservatives don’t like elites because they don’t influences them like the do to average people.

You are constantly setting and achieving the goal of pursing the maintaining of your personality over time

specific differences in opinions

Without the specifics you wouldn’t have the vague

opinions are always forced

only thing they can do is demonize the intellectuals it was expected behavior from the republicans

Should politics even be a word and questioning what’s the use of this word like what’s the use of the label god? Usually to describe whatever one doesn’t care to understand.

Mistakes are the motivation

Should wisdom even be a word?

Feeling like it’s a distraction

Employee as an interchangeable replaceable variables

Keywords: Possible opinions

Labels confuse us

Speak though behavior

being horrible at academics is a sign of a strength not a weakness

What does it mean if you don’t like it? What do those feelings mean?

Why are most people ignorantly to past childhood and talking down on it?

Is it true are libras and October born infj’s are the smartest people?

opinions are just a nice way of saying ignorantly and concluded

Opinions have no such thing as implications; Such as what does holding this opinion imply? It means that you didn’t ask enough questions to care to understand

This is why I claim that the emotionally attached right wing is the emotional ones.

Free you from yourself; An example of this is getting your best friend to stop being manipulated to want to do drugs. Do your desires work according to how nature works.

The problem is in the very misidentifying that section aspect of life as politics

Know that you are still susceptible and shouldn’t develop feelings was otherwise 

Make fun of peopel is right wing behaviors

Set goal and then achieve

Learn from slavery

One more tent and a kid 

Something you must respeience

Misinterpret can keep misinterpret – we are faking things more than often 

Are you aware of the many different types of thought processes ?

Feel the need to do something interpreting behaiife scale 

Never let a bike end eintelkfr

Intelligent sclerosis go down in the hole level end goal science beginning 

Is it a bad thing is politics is taken personally?

RePublicans not understand the difference between soul imagining that God exists and actually Moses same thing with imagining that not killing murders actually sanctifies the value of  human life

Just don’t get a hysuxlalt tempted and write down observations 

Conducting experiments isn’t anything different or “special”, the only thing that you need is a body, a human body in specific. Realize this. It’s not like you need to have a white coat and a notebook in order to want to start practicing it.

How to describe experiences in words?

Feeling changing like thoughts means feeling are a form of a thought process

Part of the process as expected demonize intellectuals


Show what not to be as an example used of

You only feel the need to write down ideas if they mean something to you, 

If they do not mean anything to you exist in space un-identified by you, physically correlation with mental thoughts; for example more restrictive surroundings is more restrictive thought – respecting, it’s all in head.

Are doctors scientists?

Consider = to categorize as mentally

Cops only exist in the head like god. And Republicans keep mentally handicapping themselves and trying to get close with people physically when they never wanted to into doing so as such.

Things wiring changes when  feeling feelings 

You can’t just magically know, you must be physically go to website and see info as symbolized.

Symbolism takes energy I don’t have. And if you can’t understand me then you don’t have enough curiosity skills or Interpreting skills.

Only if you’re not pressuring you think it comes in possible interpreting styles did you apply this to political realm as well if you were a solid liberal

Is Christianity an all or nothing thing?

Social justice also consider situation and circumstances whilst Judging as a thought process

What does being a liberal factually imply (in terms of experiences: it means you were not hurt or scare or got hands dirty) as facts about behavior or personally affect conservatives feelings and start going on more moral outrages?

Prevention of having to make such tough choices such

What does it mean to feel sorry for in a scientific context Since everything is specific not a big deal when seen like this

Using for pragmatics is a form of an emotional opinion as well. And journalists are idealistic and not emotional and can afford to give parts of income away.

What it is called when you don’t like or dislike anything?

The problem is that we can’t agree upon a solid definition for a word

Complexity is reality

Define free as in free market or free as in regulated freedom from debt 

Categorizing it as “don’t force your pro life morality on me”

Only possible opinions regarding this

Thinking in terms of possibilities = implications

Mutual feelings

The more you talk about it…

The more you… feel?

Pro life attitude is a part of the problem.

keep misintereting behavior as ideas that are needed to be enforced, it’s going to be a spiral with no end

Not all liberals are bad, or indoctriated, some could even be your best friend and you may not even know it.

Pragmatic Tip: policy is just repetition

Where do liberal ideas come from?

change entire lifestyle=change life itself

ideas or behavior

Thought process applied: if you cannot map out your thinking styles then it isn’t valid

Republican journalists end goal is to enforce moral outrage

NO matter how touch you are , you are still a softie on the inside

Free will is a guilt tripping mechanism we are programmed otherwise

morality is is just allowing it to directly affect you

Republicans see for simplification of solutions

politics is a part of scientific attitudes, social science, social science isn’t a part of attitudes

Facts are the same for everyone 

Using for respect only exist in head chase of that as a social constructs all words are social constructs most of them at least 

directly affecting type of word

questioning the usage of words


Attitude Notes – Documented 7/21/2021

TIP: Know what you’ll be doing first, then perform it; experience it; via the curriculum- the point is, is to know what will happen.

^ This proves that nothing is really new, rather we just experience the event in action.

why specifically me as in why me lord

it tastes like [it] feels like [it] etc.

sense of [privacy]

need something to work on as a problem to fix like cops schedule as interchange variables

meaning is feeling attachment

wrong place wrong time

making sense of feelings

real reason for being pro life is feelings dopamine’s is produces problem solely in head

allowing self to want following policy

mapping out state of mind see it as a state of mind as a pov; look bad on paper (hitting in theory anything pragmatic) and bad on paper (socialisms good ideally state of mind); know the differences

How do you know, plan to change opinion later: means to look for new answers acknowledging the fact that you don’t know everything.

TIP: Follow curriculum, never make actual conclusions

The goal isn’t just to reach that state of mind for 1 or 2 seconds to receive a bit of a dopamine’s boost, but rather to maintain that until you die, and you can do this, (TIP HERE): VIA A SCHEDULE WITH INTERCHANGABLE VARIABLES, allowing yourself to want different things only at a certain time frame.

Science is just studying yourself, your own senses and how things: things as in atoms, particles, in specific, react to your existsiance (bodies’ senses) by the second.

Science is something that can happen to you not you happen to it

Set the goal to understand and you will have no feelings; As mentioned above if someone else gets in the way of you transferring info from surroundings, then that’s going to stop learning curriculum. Its like someone barging into science lab and coughing all over the place, the point is, is that it’s going to mess up some of experiments’ specifics.

Libertarianism and directly affecting

not all values are the same

not everyone values the same ethics – this is proof that we put feelings on a different matter here. Using this sentence will only help one become aware of the fact that we are only emotionally attached to said sentences.

does everyone have the same basic ethics

According to the definition of ethics (moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.), we are subconsciously actually constantly being governed by ideas of morality.

you don’t actually know this (are aware of this: because you cannot always put feeling into words) but you pretend more than you think that you do, for example when talking with others you delude yourself imagine physically respecting and pretend to respect them, which is deemed as actually respect someone since vague system and not nature reality system that’s how feelings work

you don’t actually touch anything; It has to do with measuring things existsiance of passage of events in terms of electrons.

check on scale unit of measurement

Feelings existing is proof that you are unnecessarily making a big deal out of something.

Always manipulated to want, possible desires, why do you think we need new lawmakers based on unexpected events that occur.

Does unexpected mean unaware since we are born scientists in the learning phase?

Being pro death penalty for the reasons of being confidence attached to the idea that it deters murderers is a personal problem not a pragmatically applicable problem, a problem that, potential murderers too, need to change themselves.

The drama, too, is a part of politics, it’s all intentional, and it acts as form or motivation or average people.

You see something as good and bad, it’s just that you don’t know it yet; For example liberals see being moral as bad and something that is to never to be engaged in (and will not change their minds about it), in the same way Republicans see murder as bad and would never even do it. And until republicans can acknowledge and sympathize with this liberal mindset, they will never be able to understand us.

Seeing it as a weakness vs. seeing it as a strength. For example, categorizing anti social behavior as a strength and not a weakness.

Liberals believe that merely being in the pro-life state of mind as something bad– as an infringement on civil liberties. They don’t want to change or have others change to be pro-life. See: seeing it as as state of mind, not as ideas or behaviors that are to be taken personally. Knowing when to take what personally.

Pro life as a form of woman abusing

And pro death penalty for born people is valid feelings to have.

acting in public is interpreted as vague behavior.

check on science fiction and nature of this specific physical realm

Check on “getting in the way of” Either you got in my way or I got in yours, is what morality is.

Conservative opinions are more opinionated, (need to measure public opinion here) meaning that they’re based on more feelings-related dogma. For example, they see the world in terms of property rights and not nature as nature. They use labels such as illegals to describes others’ desires, actions as divided.

by measuring opinions we are seeing how far you are deluded in your own world.

Saying I am an atheist is just saying I haven’t performed the calculation to conclude weather or not a God exists or not. It’s like saying I don’t know what the answer to 100×100 is because I am intimated (putting feelings into words here) by it’s large numbers.

In the same way one can submit and perform [2-proof that thoughts are just considerations] the thought of killing someone or not, the same thing with abortion, don’t act like a slave to ideas (aka the law that is supposed to be directly enforced)

Some things just aren’t meant to be, some contents are to be solely said and not written (at the same time, I don’t have 4 arms to do this you know!) and others are to be written and not stated

Fists speak (aka. violent behavior) (via behavior or paying attn aka. looking for to words) of peaceful voice speak

For me there is a difference in personal values and enforcing the contents of my values (see: labels don’t change contents of said person, only change what is as stored in your mind according to the nature of nature) onto others via the law; I am personally pro life, and but politically pro choice.

think in terms of possible definitions, think in terms of rights and wrong, think in terms of possible thinking in terms of. See: check on scale unit of measurement

Thinking in terms of variables, considering physicals subconsciously but not explicitly acknowledged via verbatim

Satisfied my only curiosity

Your feelings are my feelings

“It’s not there unless you think it is”

What if I was immune to stupidity, the only way to be this immune is if you didn’t have to be forced to experience it by time.

What are examples of: “You can’t be both”

Science is just studying yourself, your body, your own senses.

Keywords: Real, Fake, Bare Minimum, Set time aside for new things on schedule.

TIP: JSYK, wanting to write this itself is a form of an opinion itself. see below:

not do it unless pressured therefore it doesn’t become important or deemed as a necessary unless important, this is how you work as a human being, slight physical abuse

“how do you know?”

“You didn’t ask, [so] I didn’t tell” [1] [2]

Being aware of specific motivation=studying science.

How to organize ideas so that they don’t produce any feelings

Is it necessary to think this as of right now? And are you what you what you think? For example thinking of pro-life ideals, vs. being pro-life? Any differences here?

Keywords: Relationship between,

Only emotional attachments make you want things to stay the same

What does socialist mean to you? A: depending on who you ask right wingers claim facasism because it personally hurts their businesses, but left wingers claim anti facasism because it hurts their civil liberties.

Think in terms of possible experiences measuring experiences

“Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves”

time is something that is to be became aware of

Studying science is something that is to be specifically motivated by, what is nature motivated by?; And is science something that can be studied?

Are others a part of your body? When experiencing the living of life?

When confused, ask yourself: What are you experiencing, exactly?

“You shouldn’t be confused by specific facts, and if you are it implies that you are not willing to change to become a scientist”

I think that children need to be in science labs more than they need to be in school.

Asking questions requires identifying the variable that is to be ‘found out’ first.

What does the very fact that nobody is boring having friends or nobody is born wanting to have abortions imply?

What do your feelings depend on? is basically asking how do your feelings work

politics only exists because we respect each others desires and we treat each others’ desires as something different based upon it. we react differently based upon weather or not one is identifies similarly to us or not.

Everything you do, you actually only do for you, your feelings. Therefore, declining euthanasia is also done via done for the persons’ who declindes’ mental health

it changes, but what exactly is up for the people to decide.

Are the ideas shown in a negative light or is that the only way it can be shown, as in, is that the nature of the ideas? Eg, wanting to kill someone via the death penalty.

Thinking in terms of money or systematic influences.

all answers are answer’s to the question of why; for example, as a riddle, the answer is 45 what are the possible questions that lead to 45 as the answer?

Why do we define the word first? A: to avoid confusion

Proof that we are always manipulated to want as otherwise, as else: Stating: “i was a Marxist” vs. stating that “I wanted to pursue marxisms’ end goals”

“nothing is a big deal unless you make it a big deal” – and you won’t know how important it is, until it’s gone[1,2,3].

everybody feels, everybody feels the same way, etc.

knowing the value of money; This is proof that in order to make someone chase the goal of meaning, since meaning=short term feelings goal- basically an opinion.

“Value of a hard earned dollar”

stop dreaming

Thought Process= depends on the actual process of experiencing itself. therefore, by using words, we are actually describing theoretical thought processes and not the present tense.

Motivated to forms of living

Attitude Notes – Documented 7/16/2021

studying history is considering history; History is whatever past events, weather that be 30 years ago or 1 second ago. I have a feeling white religious people use this to cover up history.

How about you ask a person in poverty and not just criticize them behind their backs

Constantly asking myself is there anything that I can learn from this? remember, it’s he feeling that say as otherwise

I find it really hard to channelize my feelings onto typing

be the bigger person
for my ways are greater than your ways, how to measure desire means how to become aware of desires
what is to be considered ideally alive bias

energy invested feelings as a phase

“how to organize ideas”

application of the death penalty; application of [said idea]

doing more harm than good taken personally or not

forcing me to not to commit murder


ready to move on

an opinion that is to be changed and practicing the changing of opinions as ideas

we can only share a limited amount of opinions together as long as we are in the passive state of mind, we cannot share ideas civilly

laws are existent to give the middle class some ego for following it and the more one pushes it the more conservative the become

how you work in relationship to how nature surroundings system works is something that is to be became aware of

atheisms as a behavior not an idea
properly read the bible is the greatest force of atheism there ever is

using religion as an excuse to get rid of bad past is what the whites are trying to do.

you don’t need to know the goal in order to chase it for example like what you’re doing right now; see: vague system

not agreeing means not wanting

I don’t want to agree to disagree

[one more thought here]

Scientists life=lifestyle=interchangeable variables

Since I am constantly learning new things I don’t know how to organize them

Long-Term goals passive aggressiveness

acting on ocd urges

The end goal of Republicanism is to get you to follow something that’s not even there: as described by your pov as ‘freedumb’

is curiosity a form of behavior that is to interpreted as such?

Is curiosity a form of depression? And what does this have to say about categorizing something?

Acting on feelings, how much of your life is controlled by others. See: others deem it as bad so what, but rather care about your surroundings because it personally affects you.

Gives people an excuse to be stupid.

the very thing that is good to liberals is bad to conservatives, They see it as a weakness, whilst we see it as a strength.

dividing judge or interpreting a a part not apart of nature

is working out a form of bottling up feelings?

are you your political views? see: many sides, personalities

Rules only exist if one engages with them ignoring how they were set to begin with.

if republicans try to act smart claim that they are making things more complicated than what it is and are not considering, ideally, what should be considered.

What Democrat means to an actual isn’t what it means to toxic religious republicans.

Definitions are what is considered definitions are the criteria themselves

Keeping republicans mad is a part of their lifestyle which is what motivates them to work their jobs.

There is a reason why we have different words for equal and same.

Most republicans are unaware of how they themselves even turned into republicans to begin with

Conducting business, like negotiation with others is being in this middle state of mind (be aware of this) where you can share civil opinions only (since if it were violent opinions as expressed you wouldn’t be able to share it via verbatim, rather it’s be the fists that would be talking)

Scientists know how people turns into republicans including social scientists

it’s just an opinion is like reminding someone that it’s just a game indicating that it shouldn’t mean much to one anyways. It’s reminding someone that it’s all in their mind, being motivated to support cops, etc.

Considering for evolution,

Categorizing it as a ‘funny website’ is inaccurate, as deeming a site as something that is funny is based on your feelings, like social constructs stored in forms of fear, only exist in the head.

Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean that the rest of the bodies’ senses don’t sense it.

questioning the authors’ choice of words

Keywords: consider, complex

the whole point of science is to be immoral. Which should be deemed as a good thing.

Why specifically care to identify the meaning of this vague word? This is proof of energy to identify is feelings used, the misplaced feelings, as deemed by you, you must see this as a problem that is to be changed via motivation.

knowing what to variables to look for, motivation, reaching conclusion,

“perfect with flaws” reached perfection, and now what?

“Acting on urges”

How to think developing no opinions

Is your career like your college, is it decided for you? long term effects or short-term effects

If your dream job is to do nothing as a goal then that’s the goal, that’s it, that’s the end, no other form of motivation

Rules (other than natures’ law) don’t make sense because they’re not supposed to

Can you think of all forms of possibilities at once?

Consistency, constantly, maintaining status, motivation,

virtually ride off the backs off..

I’d be even more proud if we didn’t have govt. as a form of a necessary evil that would be an even bigger achievement.

Learning knowing what to look for, setting policies, considering all possibilities,

Questions to ask about location

even the decision of making the decision of getting a better life is done via pressure itself, unless it’s not

Fake pastors are just as bad as non-fake pastors, non-fake pastors are a contradiction

I treat my whole life as a tests run experiment

Setting rules and following them vaguely interpreting behavior here, is a complex complicated process

Mind already made up is Republicanism, if you can change into multiple moods, states of mind or rather are more aware then you are a liberal

What makes you scared enough to even consider this as a form of a realistic possibility?

Schedule for systematically thinking, interchanagale varibesl

When is it okay to do what?

What make it wrong?

What gives you the green light to do as otherwise?