Freethought Notes – Documented 2/15/2022

put yourself in the shoes of God and make an obstacle course for yourself

Make a program that will make yourself think and it be physically impossible to do immoral things

The reason why the school is doing bad is not a valid reason to underfund them, it is a valid reason to help them. We do things because they are hard: the opposite of what you’d expect our feelings to be.

every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored


List of Phobias A-Z: Most Common Fears, Types & More

My Silence Means I Am Tired Of Fighting – Mind Journal

Was all they can do to – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Envy us – that’s all they can do

Is Paying Taxes Patriotic?

I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy – Idioms by The Free …

The Psychology of Victim Blaming – The Atlantic

Blaming the innocent for Mass Murderers | Canada Free Press

Why do the wrongdoers sometimes still succeed in the world?

By David. Do not fret when wicked men seem to succeed! Do not envy evildoers!

◄ Psalm 37:1 ►

Catch up to you – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Nothing that comes easy, lasts; And nothing that lasts comes easy.

I will take my time to succeed. It may seem as if I am lazy, but I will burst.

“Free” College Would Depreciate the Value of College Degrees Even More

my opinion on politics in a nutshell: some places should remain conservative and others liberal, as separate goals to be pursued/sustained

The US “labor shortage” is just a wage shortage


Great Employees Are Not Replaceable (

Do I have to pay taxes on forgiven student loans?

Can People Change? – Mindful

Military Spending’s Out of Control while Slashing It Could Easily Fund Medicare for All

Child welfare programme

How Did Something Come From Nothing? –

there is a clear gap | English examples in context | Ludwig

Cheating In College: The Numbers And Research

The Nation’s Teaching Force Is Still Mostly White and Female

Why the Teaching Profession Is So White and What We Can Do About It (


only in your dreams, why do men have a higher, it’s been so long since I’ve been happy, the pursuit of happiness, I am the government, the people are the govt – there is not the people vs. the govt., as an enlistee I am owned by the government so if you kill me I will be avenged, cop killer, quick get the gun meme, I hate remembrance, in the end it all worked out, it’s just a feeling, let it go, mentally stuck, A way of caring, scientists aren’t “nerds,” make it physically impossible, we all have some healthy dosage of the baby elephant syndrome, there is no easy to way to talk about human nature, made up for synonym, losing time, I am a limit, no laws, anarchy, protect me from myself, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen some stuff meme, hard to get, hard to please, start now, common fears, scared of monsters, tried best, start small, social protection, do now prevent jail later, life experience, practicalism, communication without words ted talk, only moral way, snowflake, meakling, Author’s purpose, literary devices, keep them stupid, unexpected, deceitful, it’ll come back to get you, reap and sow, reap the rewards, type of caring, don’t wait the fire does not last long, don’t thank me yet, misinterpreting, paying taxes is patriotic, death penalty as ritualized killing, safe place to sleep, keep from, looking from above, in memory of, kill for me, glad I changed your mind, try new things, no one is a victim, no such word should have been created to be used to describe such peoples, we’ve yet to know more about them, political personality, the nature part of, part of nature part of us, scientists for congress, stress relievers, give them credit, who will protect us, who will hurt for us, start off right, start off on the wrong foot, a new chapter, feel scared intentional, feel the Bern, I need more time, never enough, death row doctor, a chance for life, a stranger, hope you change, Content Word, missing adjectives, missing information, whole person, you begin when your pain begins, criminally insane, flesh desires, world desires, keep on going, forever is a really long time, longer than you can say long, something has got to be easy in order for the others to be harder, serve as a reminder, right to die, comes easy, give it your all, be willing to die for a cause, anything that’ll get the train moving, learned by myself, learn to cope, close to death, each individual, all by myself, curiosity is everything, someone has to be stupid to give us an example of who not to be, how you use examples, freedom to be stupid, do not get caught, veto, I’ve got a new friend, I’ve got a friend in me, natural feelings, someone to worship, correlation, unrelated correlation, placing guilt, p* as a drug, close to recovering, you are a king, I’ve seen some things, I’ve watched an execution, rural, student loan forgiveness, change what you can’t accept, change what you can accept what you can’t, people change, outside of school, learning is a distraction, distraction depends on the goal, artificial breaking point, someone take over me and do good using my body, people change, purpose of pain, remember someone is always better than you, play like you’re number 2 to stay number 1, purpose of self-control, ask and you shall find, morality is the purpose in and of itself, look deep within nature, nature changes your mind, you’re a natural, not giving my life up for someone else, taught to steal, esoteric, select enlightened few, return to god, treated like a baby, practical effects of thinking, you don’t get us, defense spending, in principle, there is a difference, thank the troops, thank me later, money for wars but can’t feed the poor, in the city, stop confusing the nature of you vs. how you use yourself: version of you, constant fear, tempt, married soul, free-range, kill me if you have to, social protection, deterrence, such a chad, investing in education, sign of trust, trust issue, confidence boosting exercises, public school, program your life, owned by the govt., it’s not magic, if I can do it you can do it, scientist in the military, constantly looking for new ways to improve, focus on yourself, never stops, keep building, get into the habit of, build good habits, build, automate it, overpopulation, make it easier, rural needs, physical barriers, intellectual disabilities, you comply because you want it to end, part of the problem, keeping my sanity, clear gap, limits on social media drugs, clearly in the wrong, here to stay, make your life easier by making it work for you, chasing social status, poor dressing like rich, fear of the unknown, utilize people, stop relying on that body, what else God, why are most teachers women, t pose assert dominance meme, inked ideas, from the comfort of your home, can’t afford to make any mistakes, doctor for the poor, glow up, worth it,

Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves

You Comply Because You Want It to End, but It Is Because of Your Compliance That It Will Never End

how the system works

We do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard

The more you dig into the rabbit hole, the harder it’ll be to get out of it so why not start now – as soon as possible? The nature of such curiosities is bad.

Ebenezer Suresh

What does science have to say about mass murderers? Are they born with any particular gene type? Any other similar characteristics?