Freethought Notes – Documented 1/28/2022

use=treat; How to treat people=how to use people

Learn from the best to be the best not the worst

Change your experiences change how you set goals
Think outside of what you know, you only know what you know

allow vs. let vs. force vs. voluntary vs. involuntary, measuring voluntary and involuntary

At what age can a child understand love?

honor the people who sacrificed for you

The probability of you existing at all comes out to 1 in 10 2,685,000 — yes, that’s a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes! Binazir concludes that the odds of you being alive are basically zero.,odds%20of%20you%20being%20alive%20are%20basically%20zero.

made up concepts using words

Can “blue lives matter” be put into an academic lesson and put into books?

2022 Thank You for Being Part of My Life Quotes & Messages

What if there were no such thing as involuntary muscles? Is my mind an involuntary muscle? Direct control.

If only people were like robots – having clear buttons to press to do a particular action, this is why they say every child is different and parenting is hard, different kids’ styles method outcome
We are not all meant to have the same results

Same goal different methods

Life is Already Hard Enough Purelanders

10 Most Common Mental Illnesses And Disorders

Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol – Brookston Beer …

Why Do Some People Talk to Themselves? – Exploring your mind

do criminals have a potential to change?

Do Most Criminals Change For The Better After Getting Out of Prison?

Can people change? Namely, can criminals reform?

My beliefs depend on evidence, the evidence does not depend on my beliefs (preset bias, what you see depends on what you look for).

Are Some Criminals Incapable of Changing?

Why Moral Psychology is Disturbing

“can’t stop the feeling

Massachusetts euthanasia laws prohibit the practice of mercy killing, but allow for the withholding of artificial life support under certain conditions. Euthanasia Statutes in Massachusetts The main provisions of Massachusetts laws are listed below, with links to related articles and resources. FindLaw Newsletters

Massachusetts Euthanasia Laws – FindLaw

People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf

George Orwell


human intelligence measure comparison, a lie is anything that would break trust, white lie, unpredictable life, style, be the brave, do what others cannot do [2] (comparing here), one-size-fit-all education, soul left my body, human connection, effective, feelings moving, reward intellectualism, something else with a mind concept that feels like lines in the middle of my head, I do not support your right to be stupid, free dumb, show your support, activist, respecting bad decisions is a part of being bad, bringing awareness, activism, debate between to take notes or not to take notes, don’t be afraid to give up the bad for the better, ritualized killing, requires trust, requires risk, leave everything you have and follow me, calculated risk, debate goals=debating the better necessary evil goals based upon practical effects and evidence, getting in the way of work, justified sexism, nothing to feel bad about, life is a blessing, trade secrets, forcing does not last long, goal violence, politicizing politics, keeping them in power, putting others before yourself = respecting authority, moral balance, measurable variables, academic, change mindset, moral feelings, using the word to describe itself, practical effects of morality, assumption = trust, love, what’s the word for that, formula of thoughts, good morality, bad morality, moral practicalism, thinking and feeling, just exist, needs goals and objectives, keep them scared[2], good fear vs. bad fear vs. necessary evil, civilized, discouraged, encouraged, artificial energy/motivation, physical effects, define violence, passive aggressive, war against cops, accept human nature, metaphor, hyperbole, literary devices, mental tools, loaded words, mental illness, last resort, moral change mind, goal: change mind, salespeople, money as practical motivation, meant to be perfect, focus on people, police aren’t real, emphasizing characteristics, why draw the line and stop questioning there, dogma, curiosity isn’t dogmatic it’s the opposite, websites about abortion vs. websites who set the goal to be for it or against it, opinion or exist as is, use for a goal, set the goal to observe its existence, using for a goal, from bad to worse, bow and arrow quote, strive for perfection in everything you do, strive for perfection, improve upon, law and order, mental model, more harm than good, meant to be together, meant to be perfect, life isn’t meant to be perfect, devolution, never ending cycle, feelings cause feelings, need a good source of freethinking notes other than school and nsfw contents, find interest in something else, the very reason why you want it should be the reason why you don’t want it, invested into, how is it possible to get here, pride comes before the fall, real life, decide emotions, if you like it you need to change it not purse it, change what you want to like, stomach doing backflips, personifying people, wish you harm, personification, absent father, guns aren’t all bad rather badness is based on how it’s used[2], don’t deserve guns, sense of urgency, there is no way to go back on wasted time, learning lessons, we are the problem and solution we can act like both, you won’t be able to get h* if you don’t want to like to get h*, it’s not what it looks like, require problems, mental boundaries, symbolism in everyday life, lose something, don’t think that, satire, problem to solve, long term investment, permanently solve problems=death, Vague Goals, practical effect, in principle, requires learning from a distraction, personality, productivity, requirements, relearn, taught, laugh, taught from a distance, okay and, sensitive issue, changing behaviors, parts of personality, hard love, you’re better than that, honor the law, due diligence, how am I supposed to know, replace, require, my biggest fear is that someone will understand me, showing your fear, behind anger is fear, that feeling of closeness connection, adjectives, reflect, freedom, annoying, opinionated, you did this, Works for me, efforts, the science of interpretation, content, focus on effects, learning is a tool, double-edged sword, death penalty equivariant to putting dog down, lack of resources, usefulness of useless, morally disturbed, purpose of prison, over exaggeration, necessary evil feelings, comfort, convenience, transition to middle class, skeptical, you aren’t a number, shared interest, needs limits, access to harder live, access to easier life, source of both good and bad, Stockholm syndrome, I am the law, the rules don’t apply to me,

If the killing isn’t done in self-defense, it’s a form of ritualized killing, honor killings, sanctity killings.

Is lack of trust a form of self-defense, some people aren’t humans

Be glad we don’t know everything and have limits as if we did, we’d be bored

nsfw desires start to come after you’ve gotten used to societies basic rules and don’t want to be anti-social genius anymore

Rqanariin laught form a disturbed

Goody two shoes

How are nsfw desires learned?

Relatable rhetoric: “I need some drama in my life”