Freethought Notes – Documented 1/18/2022 -Version 2

Start now prevent later
the root of education is bitter

I keep subsconsiosuly judging but I don’t want to stop

The Myth of “The One”

can you request to delete pages you archived in the archive machine?

why don’t I sign up for online accounts? A: it’s too complicated

shouldn’t have touched nsfw contents but it was in the way of documenting my ft notes

This is because version 1’s post editor has glitched and now is quickly automatically alternating back and forth with some twitter link and I don’t want to deal with stupid technical and manual labor issues.

Why You Should Never Depend On Anyone But Yourself

Make your life dependent upon it, it’s like food to make

nobody knows the things I do alone…

After seeing the worst in human nature, I don’t think I have much faith, it’s as if I have Trauma and PTSD from war, but in this case it’s from seeing nsfw contents at a young age.

physicals sway opinions, everything else is an idea yet to be identified/discovered.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

― Ernest Benn

Only Let Yourself Make New Mistakes

Words that shouldn’t be a word, reference: how to create a word

Relearning there is a word for that

focus on what part of the effects

how to learn how to learn; metacognition, paradox, 

What are you doing when others are not around

*k* shaming

There is no possible way to fake this

What is a word for that blah you’re feelings

If I really wanted perfection I’d make it a convenient to attend an elitist all private school

Accept fate, trust source

It’s just an opinion

Learning How to learn, shouldn’t be a word, how to make a word, words imply and indirectly state criteria,

Learn how to learn in school

Stop trying to achieve perfection when you know for a fact it isn’t real

At a crossroad here again

I don’t want to stall myself

Your loss not mine

People reject what they can’t afford

No imperfection no notes

Jesus came for the military


Normal is a pretty low standard

Standard = subconscious

Keep thinking attract common sense is anecdotal evidence

Public school authoritarianism school teaches

All is temporary

Integrity should be cared about

Be patient

No thoughts left behind

It does not get better you just get used to it

You only see what you focus upon

Social order effectiveness human nature

Over achiever

No way

If you focused on protecting yourself all of the time you wouldn’t have any fun

In the same way they don’t care how you feel as if you protected your feelings all of the time then you wouldn’t have any problems to solve

Protecting feelings

This is what it feels like

I find it hard to pursue moral perfectionism as that implies that I would need to take more notes
However, I pursue moral perfectionism in other areas: such as not using social media, so I should treat my nsfw addiction the same.

From School Documenting Notes Session

never underestimate the power of virtually anything

Research lying and human nature

Medium gray area

Thanks for being hard on me

Common sense is anecdotal evidence

Save mistakes or attempt to correct them?

Physical effects exaggerated=feelings, drama queen

All feelings stem from dogma

Don’t trust, left me alone,

Trust as a social skills

Social “sciences”

focus on the feeling

focus on feelings not thoughts or vice versa – they are only ideas that “your body” has identified

The effects of feelings
What are thoughts and feelings? In order to define this you must first know it’s limits- to understand.

understanding feelings=understanding the limits of feelings/fear

All obstacles are physical objects that are over exaggerated

Vibes as a tag/category

Don’t focus on the wrong things, it will come automatically to you

indirectly judging too

do you have a plan to change or improve it why

So called protection, unless you have a systematic plan other than loud and violent

feelings virus

Decided for you

Fate is decided far before it happens you are merely the longer term effect in action – aware of it or not. Focus upon it.

Faith is believing before seeing (thinking) evidence is doing then thinking, believing

Opinion-belief, vague

name for feelings

“manuals are for losers”

Facts specific to when answer all possible questions to be asked

Science mag:

Everyone is not the same despite what common sense says

There is a formal diagnosis for everything

formal medical diagnosis

property rights

Social hierarchy

See: political compass test

stop imagining fake scenarios

imaginary=fake, it is literally defined as fake,be%20caught%20off%2Dguard%20again.

Displacing feelings is love it does not “come automatically” and isn’t magic and can be gotten out of

Is it possible to cure cancer? Is it possible to cure an “nsfw” addiction? Yes, if you see it as a problem, never lower standards for comfort, unconditionally here.

doctor is next to god

soldiers angels
soldiers are heroes

Soldiers are considered as pawns to some

Mother as a doctor, janitor a verb

Existing as an action, just be no change but just be

Participation trophies for just being


Doctor hierarchy

why do i imagine fake scenarios

It happens

recall bhoov dancing involuntarily at the sight of noise, that one scene event in the movie: home

Break rules by documenting notes is okay other purposes not, must have justified reason to keep social order effectiveness

How to build an artifical sense of urgency

Honestly, I don’t feel okay… even though it’s thought to be “normal”

Limits, stop using human nature as an excuse in the same way explaining why isn’t an excuse for letting a nsfw person who preys on younger ones go free.

Know the difference between a necessary evil and bad

iPhone Notes

One day I’ll be laughing at this and I want things to look back upon to laugh at. Like I am documenting events in blogspot.

Don’t take advantage

Literally and figuratively speaking here

Feel the pain now so you can rest later

It does not matter if it’s going to happen again, you still must keep integrity and high moral standards


Common sense requires stupidity, thinking and feeling correlation, feeling is doing, tabs tails linking, going against conscience, do you really want to pursue this, feelings had whilst doing are not focused upon as if they were you wouldn’t be motivated to do practically, necessary evils, getting mad if it’s not there, feelings are formally called what, common sense, learning how to learn, Layers to feelings, physically effect, did my deed, tradeoffs, being a mom is a job, you don’t want to know, that’s different, double standards, defenseless, (figuratively speaking,) me and you are like puzzle pieces that don’t fit, in a perfect world we wouldn’t need to live, greatness thrust upon them implies feelings are being shared upon to you via contagious feelings, can teachers tell if a student has a thing for another, came from nothing, self made, from humble beginnings, thinking brings us together, artificial sense of urgency, mistakes then back again after mistake, don’t lie to yourself saying that you didn’t make any nsfw mistakes along carrer and tolerate b.s., requires caring to focus upon, obstacle desires, can’t make myself do it, hidden talents, testing my patience, testing my feelings, working the system, only good faith, burn burn burn song, drug tolerance, how do scientists set limits, I should have felt this bad when I was documenting notes without headphones or in bad faith knowingly and keeping posts, set limits for your child, stop lying and saying that you feel fine, set up screen time limits for your child, mass psychology, common sense diagnosis, evaluation type, bad addictions, the myth of one last time, satire, figuratively “run” for president,

Dear nsfw contents, I may hate you, but I really miss you too. You’ll always have a part in my life.

> They think in situations where they are supposed to feel

Source: why intelligent people lack common sense

only pleasure forettign notes, area with more notes in two other areas, hitting rock bottom,

I feel so hesitant to let go solely because it’s hard finding these good sources again

Learned this in bad faith

Think of this as secretly collecting samples of contents that make me feel this way so I can study it and solve my problem. Don’t do this in bad faith.

Add this one (nsfw link, do not open with others around) to nsfw desires as well. I want to laugh at it when I get older. But forget this day.
if I am feeling bad about this, why am I not allowing myself to feel bad about the post I archived via BlogSpot titled inspiring examples in the archive machine? Why is the system so complicated?

This is how I developed desires, via bad faith.

Done secretively.

Should have never archived my nsfw from chats shouldn’t have even started as it lives with me for the rest of my life and will continue on as a disease that has been passed upon into via organs for generations to come. Like most people do.


hyperindividualism, yes that’s a real word, I don’t want to go to school too many distractions and obstacles, real science has not obstacles, content goal, conservative=survivalist lifestyle, middle class voting patterns, keep us divided, prevent start temptation, focus on what part of the effects, requires common sense, unteachable, a crutch people use is common sense, reviewing concepts, relevant as a goal word, target the root cause, take this as an example, protecting the defenseless, protect as a goal word, boy scouts awards, social interpretation, goal, try not to sz3ize it, take this as an opportunity, grief counseling, looking for trouble, only way to know, a day in my quote book, a day in my shoes, role model, focus on effects, only make mistakes, formula of thoughts, keep me occupied, no one knows what the future entails, perfection is boring, is science boring, perfection=no need for change, words can’t explain how I feel, conditioned feelings, go easy on him (way treated), class is a communist concept, discipline, comfort, informal, professionalism, ROTC, respect=tolerate the presence of, price, value, die for…, no shortcuts to successfulness manual labor is it, method matters, integrity matters, world police, Amorality, lying addiction, think about ideas, think about death all the time, death, life, and in between, and s8, Thinking too much, restricting yourself, thinking=restricting channelizing feelings, doing requires feeling not thinking, opportunity to help, formal legal, feelings goal, thinking correlation with physical, allow yourself to be lazy, outside motivation, build a lifetime resistance, psychological drug, your past does not matter here, acknowledge human nature, how do scientists set limits, this drive comes from small talk tolerance, that’s different, new problems, temptations, automatic, resilience, recognize the lives lost, traces of war, the scars never fade, the past never lies, the present is the past, bored of taking notes, channelize feelings, shouldn’t have to do this, pleasure, don’t let feelings goals change, don’t let feelings change your goals, resilient build in public places; for example no staring in public, use necessary evils to advantage, necessary evil force/violence, root of evil, in my way,