Analyzing behaviors – the real reason why I act as such, not ideally/goal-oriented (fear-motivated), rather identifying facts via unbiased curiosity

From now on, I will be interpreting the events I experience via the variables of my 5 senses and the 6th sense of the brain executing the thoughts over the passage of time.

This means that I will have to stop interpreting content and taking things too fast to think through, rather interpreting them by studying the event I am experiencing. Using my senses, being aware of how i am consciously an subconsciously interpreting my pulses as such, and moving on.

[other note (ignore this)] To do: Understanding manipulation; Phycology behind the process becoming a socialist, this is why I am a libertarian socialist. Map out feelings. Use Quora to see the information I documented under // This should be done after you understand how to interpret things accurately. Scientific thought process, analytic philosophy. In order to accurately interpret these events as theoretical ideas motivated by fear of interpreting style, I must first study how to think, how to interpret (yes these are vague terms)


There is only one way to find out, and that’s to test it, we are constantly testing things, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to change and you shouldn’t fear death. Thankfully, the people from the past have done most of the violent word, so we don’t have to worry about stabbing each other to test each others’ bodies’ limits.

– Ebenezer Suresh

We consider new information and reflect on the past events we experienced and think theoretically about other events, but we never focus on the present, how we currently process information in the current passage of time, we are never aware of what we think, make sure to classify information gained as variables and not react like the soldiers to do hierarchy rather; This is party due to Stockholm syndrome and practicing morals whilst around other people.

Symbolism is called being delusional.

I’m getting tired of identifying how we interpret things.

Don’t depend on anyone else for goals

If it were easy, nothing would be worth finding. Our limits bring out the best in us.

Subconsciously set goals.

What you actually learn is to conform and be unaware (refer this Chomsky quote); Ignorance is surrounding control.

Measure the amount of symbolism used and how the events connected together.

Measure the amount of limits that should be pushed in order to reach such a conclusion.

map out ideas and measure amount of energy it takes to comprehend such an idea; Remember, to understand idea, goal (subconsciously-set goal: like grief), one must sympathize according to how the human being limits work. For example, saying I don’t want as a kid then changing attitude/state of mind as an adult.

Trace back till when you first gained the information you learned till today, then apply the human nature principle, the human limits bias, pushing limits and setting an ideal variable is what makes one stupid. Only if one pushes limits will an ideal variable manipulation be created.

To understand the idea, you must not copy everyone, like a baby or practice a monkey see monkey do type rhetoric, one must understand the phycology behind it.

I only follow morals, as defined by society, because human nature says that, if I don’t, I will most likely die by another human being because I hurt their feelings and also because then only will people stop annoying me.

How to teach someone responsibility instead of saying “get a job” that’s like saying “stop being depressed” to a depressed person.

You environment constantly teaches you, there is no need to explicitly ask the theoretical question. If you do, you must be symbolizing, in order to theoretically think one must have fear to set goal of thinking idea.

Social stigma is a form of phycological warfare, as it imposes a mental limit pushing human being limits, and not only respecting human being limits, rather mistaking human being limits for mental limits, considering both.

“I wasn’t taught this” isn’t an excuse; Either learn that you need to be taught this and think accordingly to time passage, or leave.

– Ebenezer Suresh

Without flaws, you wouldn’t be here, things aren’t perfect, and that’s what makes me appreciate it. That’s exactly what it perfect.

No matter what, we always learn from history, reflect think accordingly to reality or think theatrically about events (past, present, future events)

Categorize events based on it’s content, you process information constantly, think accordingly to reality.

If you’re going to express feelings, at least be aware of the involuntary muscles, which are the thought processes being interpreted as such (apply human nature principle).

Don’t be pressured via the religion and the totalitarian governance of social stigma, that’s freedoms’ hidden agenda.

Patterns are the formulas

Linguistics ideal system event system and human being thought process.

Everything is a science, stop falling victim to social stigma, be strict when defending rights, be libertarian-like.

Ebenezer Suresh

Nobody but you can do the right thing

Don’t do the right thing for the wrong reason, if someone else taught you independent you learned to be a conformist and that they didn’t like you doing that.

“Everything You’ve Done So Far Has Been Leading Up to This Point”


Don’t fall victim to any form of fear

Think according to the present, if not thinking about theoretical event you are fearful, if thinking about past events you are learning or regretful, or curious. How these feelings formulate? Is up to be to identify, now.

Focus on the feeling not the thought. Learn to separate the feeling from the thought- deem this as human nature. Learn to do things on your mental command only. You are an independent libertarian. Learn where this thought process starts and ends.

I don’t want to hold grudges as that implies that I am depending on someone and don’t understand. Same thing with all good feelings. Same logic. It’s all fake love. Make sure you’re smart enough to reach this conclusion.

Heartless. Yes.

Since I feel animosity and I feel bad for not talking to my friend if I’m around him, I shall actively look to avoid all direct relationship with anyone I knew. I am not going to depend on anyone emotionally. I am going to become a scientist.

I will not be a victim to social stigma.

If I must go out, I shall not be lazy and understand why I must do to the extent I must do.

Real reason. You will thank yourself. And other should understand if they love you.

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