Attitude Notes – Documented 9/11/2021

Turning school into the Marine corp

pro life is all talk and no action. Once the baby is out they dont care.

Labels are used only by idiots.

They are used in terms of classifying dead end conclusions.

For example,  classifying something as “secular polestrryzing” – that is a form of a behavior not an event that calls for the usage of labels.

labels are only used by those who take things personally and judge others

socially constructed loaded words like baby; how do i know they are socially constructed? its not self explanatory . therefore its a loaded word

Motivational force feelings

Accessibility is everything

Do not have access to the desire to murder

the limits of [insert noun here] is the definition of the word
For example, the limits of bad, is the definition of bad; since the definition of the word is the limit of the word.

In order to use the word, you must first understand it’s limits

Actions speak not words
This is why nature tells you what to do not vice versa.

the moral reality is hard to navigate

Block people irl

Access to school block school as well

Life skills is moral skills

Moral maturity 

Nature telling you to think otherwise 

No substute for hardworking

Work first then house

Or house first then work; this is what Andrew yang wants with UBI.

Why is it hard for some people to accept freedom and responsibility? If the right wing claims to understand the masses: it’s doing a bad job of convincing people.

it’s simple they say; it’s simple don’t murder people, but that seems a bit too oversimplified
What makes people want to murder others? What is the problem? And what is the solution to this problem?

Does your freedom depend on others moral cooperation?

your surroundings control you, but they are moral, meaning that they will not force you to shoot them in self defense: so why not take it further and program them to work for you instead of just merely being moral?

How to deliberately change what you want instead of being controlled by what you want?

Maturity is actually bad.

criminal by nature is a loaded word and is only a loaded word; Is it not self explanatory and there fore is a socially constructed word: like all vague words, stop one from pursuing curiosity and rather enforces dogma.

Everything is as easy as going back to the basics

I require motivation from others in order to study science, because if others don’t motivate me I will be neutral and have no opinions

it’s all about finding the right motivation

not making a big deal out of things is a part of mental health: not being moral is a part of mental health

speak in actions not just words: See nature talking to you.

Science is neutral; how you use science is not.

applied knowledge is power

making moral mistakes is what keeps one alive that reward and punishment phase

church is a form of government, as a matter of fact anything that you are obligated to respect other than natural law, is a form of govt. this is why rights are considered to be a form of self government.

don’t want to know; Did I ask?
if it’s not pure science I don’t care to know.

symbolize facts



science facts change as present-tense changes.

what do your surroundings tell your feelings to do?

an abortion a murder is a situation that is to be understood via curiosity; Unfortunately, many loaded words, adjectives are being used

your opinion on my opinion

Your opinion is my opinion

Pro lifers confuse their opinion with facts, opinion=goal; fact=acceptance about human natures’ behavior.

Morality is too simple

oppressing women

science is manual labor

I wish my parents were scientists

Nothing good ever comes out of being forced
forced to go to school

Theory: you will be attached to things you first disliked but forced to be around.

there is a word for that?!?!

an opinion is defined by it’s examples not it’s definition first, a fact is defined by it’s definition first then given examples.

We learn with examples FIRST then assign meaning NEXT.

as much as we don’t want it to be true: your past affects your present, that’s a fact: now, how big you exaggerate that is up to you

What if my room was programmed to turn on the lights as soon as that desire pops up into my head? Wouldn’t that reduce the need for manual labor and make life a whole lot easier

multiple factors, it’s not that simple; a one for all type of solution isn’t the death penalty for murderers.

Not all women work the same: this is why we are pro choice, since not all women adhere to the law.

if ideas were a person; For example, if your past was a person, what would you do it? Treat it like a bathroom towel?

if you deliberately try then it won’t work, it is something that must be natural: hence the rhetoric: “act natural”

moral controlling thoughts

morality is not a science as it does not apply the scientific method it is measurably more dogmatic; sharing same morals= sharing same thoughts at the same time

no such thing as an adult
Adult is a socially construct word, a noun, same thing with death penalty.

science and morals are opposite: since morals are the specific mistakes

How is nature programmed?

What does nature tell you to do? A: See the Conductors under the example in this picture
this is why it is valid being pro death penalty, as you think that you have control over your beliefs.

What does it mean to understand people?

see for yourself

I read charts better

I hate when people compliment me, so I’d rather prevent showing the average man; I hate this because it’s not helpful to the goal I am pursuing, it’s rather actually discouraging.

stop treating homeless people like they’re dumb, treat them like they’re smart and they will be smart
Don’t let homeless people control your attitude.
Stay calm and neutral always, if you cannot, then someone else is controlling your attitude.
Being uncontrolled is always dangerous

The one who fails is usually the most smartest, but just has undiscovered potential.
Stop chasing feelings that only exist in the mind.

don’t confuse someone elses’ goal (opinion) with facts: you are under no obligation to share someone elses’ moral goals

Check history if you can this is not not a priority option

There are physical barriers to everything, which is something I hate.

Pure curiosity


Don’t lower standard

What if all of this was organized and documents elsewhere

Life is killing me 

All is a distraction from science

Are feelings natural and subconscious?

I don’t want to resist my feelings

Sometimes the answers isn’t clear: but nature tells you what  to do

I’m glad I was poor it give me the opportunity to grow and say I came form the bottom and was self made.

No one is self-made especially with morality

Money depend on 

Do unto your kids what you wish your father had shared to you.

For example, motivate your kids to set goals to become a scientist.

My life is trial and error

What tells you to feel about it

Don’t desensitized it

Knowing history turns you into a liberal leaning from specifics

Experiments and history 

The effect it has on my feelings

I need to train myself to stay calm under pressure

It’s going to teach them to be better people

How does nature tell you to move on?

How does it send signals to tell the brain to feel sad?

Speaking isn’t just something that you can deny.

Professionalism and business

Not interested, or curious meme

Nature system

The sooner we get started the sooner we can finish

Morality beings us a whole new set of possibility. See: moral emotions

Origin of emotions, morality?

Effects of childhood on the rest of life

Understand Situation = understanding science

Nature complexity limits of the system 

School was boring that’s why i am really smart

Fostering curiosity: curiosity is to be fostered

Why don’t you just be immoral to the max by committing murder and dying

i don’t want be in this position

when life forces me to change to take initiative i will

everything has a meaninful influence in society, yes even suicide: some may see it as a good

Be yourself they say but they dont realize that we are all the same

Taking tests is unhealthy

tip: domt be satiaifed with stupid thingd

i am only survivinrg because of my curiousity

moral reward

Treat it like home

if the right wing was all about facts (of human behavior, political behavior) they wouldn’t feel the need to be mad at them. this is fact that they don’t like diverse political views.

Wasting potential 

Acting on impulses

Know my life before you execute me

Require experience: require solitude: no noise


Unequal opportunities

Hidden get

Given them to people whom don’t deserve them.

Moral society

Moral motivation for the poor?

Can’t expect them to be moral is not provided the bare minimum for them not to steal reasonable discipline and expectations.

Hidden potentials 

How did you learn to hate? A: school of hard knocks, life lessons, being scared on these streets, 

Likewise we do not murder each other and stay cooperative. I wish my surroundings do not cooperate wit me.


Titles book as a left wing professor; what’s do bad about being left wing and is the anger still all in the head?

Looking for inspiration as a euphemism for saying looking for a distraction from studying science; the goal I was born with .

I am my own moral authority I set my own rules

Do not by a hypocrite

Try to make your lifestyle routine work for you and not you work for it.

An influence is something you cannot control but must respect

When I am with others: I feel like I lose control of myself.

“Don’t know don’t care (to know)”

Categorize it prosperity

Academic behavior

Friend behavior

Moral language

I didn’t join any clubs as I didn’t have any friends to motivate me to go there.

I like my privacy

Hating liberal is apart of conservatives personality

Suicide is useful: we Benefit off of it somehow

Whatever you do be moral   

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