Freethought Notes – Documented 1/18/2022

I wish magic were real

Not to go back to my Anti natalist phase but, I hate this meat suit – And I find that very relatable

back when I was serious about getting out of addiction, I spent long hours documenting notes, because I didn’t have the distraction of going to school

There is no one size fits all for life and for some people even learning morals don’t work which is why they get the death penalty to reincarnate themselves.

Is School a Waste of Time?

No such thing as a bad feeling, only feeling bad

Can a lesson be made out of this

Logic in attempting to change human behavior

Forced trust

Saying “Stop resisting” is like telling a depressed person to “stop being depressed” there is a reason why there are advanced degrees for that

Lack of self control no excess of bad contents made conveniently accessible to younger students

The cause of these thoughts is that I am in the nsfw phase but in the sfw only area and not willing to go. At least I put it in writing. I should want to add more barriers physically so I don’t get mentally distracted but I don’t have the power to block sites router wide.

Something I forgot in between here

The only thing I trusted for a long time and it was dependable was that I was conditioned. Reverse conditioning. Focus on how to learn.


No such thing as anti abortion only make it harder to get one


Confusion is curiosity

Stalling myself at this point in time

“Abuse” not using properly, the content is fine untouched but it’s the way I use it which stems from the way others use me.

My life ain’t worth much but it’s worth something

To focus on is to cherry pick and most thinking is cherry picking so cherry pick good things only!

I want to stop changing

I don’t know why I do this or want to do this

It’s as if only had things keep happening to me giving me the bad puzzle pieces and it being all wrong

I don’t know how to express myself

It’s all fuzzy in my head right now

I hate staying in this body

I hate this bodies needs

I am not in control of myself

Everything feels like an obstacle- being morally takes too much manual labor, too much of a big deal, and a need for change. Why can’t I effectively do that an easy way? Is the only way a harder way?

These are like petty  technical issues

Mental health is for everyone

Ruin trust

Everything is reprocessing me

Mental Bandaid

Make it easier on me

Show your skillls

I hate these feeling inside me telling me not to

I used to do corny generic things but at least it was out of good faith

How did you learn about us?

I used to think that I needed more drugs but now I see that comfort and drugs are the problem

Slave to our emotions


Ability to change

I want to be able to sleep forever

I fell ill to a social ill

The poor are more likely to kill people


stop resisting, requires leadership, stop having unrealistic expectations of feelings be practical not idealistic, usefulness of a closed mind, everyone is ignorant to something, science is not boring, ready to learn mindset, pre set bias, resisting change quotes, change for the better, adapt, cause of thoughts, don’t want to be alone, avoiding bad conditions, avoiding distractions is like avoiding school and work to study science, quick do it before the feelings attack again, have a sense of urgency, here to stay, storms come and pass quotes, nothing is permanent even the bad or good, maturity, comfort, focus upon, expecting feelings, moral goals, social utopia, bad conditions adjectives list[2], stop feeling bad for outgrowing[2], nobody can save you but yourself, take it personally, it’s your fault, need to feel guilty about staying in society, program your own feelings, natural impulse, logical behavior, questioning the process of learning, be proactive, don’t wait till you need to, do without being told to do, put yourself in a situation synonym, ever wonder how I think these will be the last notes I need to take but I end up taking way more and it’s continuous,


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