Freethought Notes – Documented 3/23/2022

Clip of quote: You can still do something about it. Clip of quote: You can still do something about it. Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. It’s available on the web and also on Android and iOS.
You can still do something about it.
You can still do something about it.

YARN | You can still do something about it. | The Irishman | Video clips by quotes | dbb395c6 | 紗 (

Are These Rules Worth Breaking? | Psychology Today

Which Rules Are Worth Breaking? (

> Punishment only results in a fear of being punished. This “…is not an effective deterrent unless there is a real chance of being caught.” Additionally, when a child feels ignored, punishment can act as a reward for poor behaviour (3).

Source for the above:,for%20poor%20behaviour%20(3).

Sometimes, it feels as if I am mentally being punched, my feelings are being punched or something, point is, something is happening to them.


Living in Your Own Lane – Strategic Renewal

Measuring Your Success By The Growth Of Others (

I can’t get any lower than this. No, this is not an emotional breakdown… | by Luis Copetti | Medium

How To Make Yourself Care (

Just for Youth… Christianity Isn’t for Wimps | United Church of God (

Following Jesus Is Not For Wimps — Bill Reichart

Guilt Versus Shame: One Is Productive, the Other Isn’t, and How to Tell Them Apart – WSJ

How do you stop yourself from doing something wrong that you are aware of? – Quora (

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (

The scientific reasons why men are more violent than women (

Use Your Strengths | Practice | Greater Good in Action (

Why Do Poor People ‘Waste’ Money On Luxury Goods? | Talking Points Memo

^ This is like asking me why do the poor do drugs? Well they don’t have access to anything else, so what other regulated sources of pleasure do they have?

Why You Should Shut Up When Poor People Buy New Nikes – Sociological Images (


Make doing the right things easy and the wrong things hard – Justin Thomas Miller

How do I repent of my sins? What are the steps? (

Why Do Poor People Have Kids They Can’t Afford ( — – Perfect people aren’t real and real people aren’t perfect

Where Emotions Get Trapped In The Body and How to Release Them (

How to Avoid Paying the Price for the Mistakes Other People Make (

Accident & Injury Lawyers | Don’t Pay For Someone Else’s Mistake

Subconscious Illusion: Old Fashioned – Justice (

The science of emotions

Why It’s Imperative We All Learn To Be ‘Emotion Scientists’ | KQED

Veterans in Congress | House Committee on Veterans Affairs Republicans (

Meet the 7 women veterans serving in Congress (

Karyn Polito, Lieutenant Governor |

Meet the 7 women veterans serving in Congress (

Vatican ambassador tells U.N.: ‘Without life, all other rights are meaningless’ – Catholic Philly

Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless – NRL News Today (

When is it my turn to be successful? – Unplugged Youth & Young Adults (

Why Rebellious Kids Turn Out To Be The Most Successful Adults (

It’s Not a Matter of ‘If,’ It’s a Matter of ‘When’ | HuffPost Life

Has Ted Cruz peaked? – (

Are you doing the right thing for the wrong reasons? | Articles | NewSpring Church

10 Things We’ve Been Doing All Wrong – AsViral

Many Americans Can’t Afford to Eat Right – ABC News (

Why Are So Many Poor Americans So Overweight? – Foundation for Economic Education (

The new face of poverty is fat (

Poor people are allowed to be fat – video | Opinion | The Guardian

Are You Sacrificing for Your Work, or Just Suffering for It? (

My dad was a doctor. So am I. Here’s what he taught me. | Novant Health | Healthy Headlines

The Number You Can Afford to Lose – A Lawyer and Her Money

Where to Receive Low Cost Health Care in Your Community |

“So when you start to practice your medical skills on somebody, you start to establish a doctor-patient relationship,” Bester said. “That means there are certain obligations. You have to seek the best interest of the patient, and you have to protect them against harm.”

Bester said the question is: Does the inmate become the patient?

“(The execution) is the state’s responsibility,” he said, adding some medical professionals worry the public would slowly lose their trust in doctors. “They should train somebody else to do that stuff. This is not what doctors do.”

The Nevada Medical Association has also previously stated in its ethical policy that physicians should not “actively participate.”

The American Board of Anesthesiology, which also certifies physicians, declined to discuss the topic because the “situation is outside of the Board’s purview,” spokeswoman Cristalle Dickerson said in a recent email.

Chief medical officer’s execution duties clash with medical ethics (

The doctor involved in the death penalty case: Dr. John Dimuro, DO | Las Vegas, NV | Healthgrades


Life Does Not Have an Undo Button | by Bruno (HE) Mirchevski | The Logician | Medium

Physicians, Medical Ethics, and Execution by Lethal Injectio (

Recognizing Our Humanity (

Is Too Much Passion In A Relationship Bad? – Style of Laura Jane (

When Does Discipline Cross the Line to Child Abuse? –

How to Deal With Racist Parents: 8 Steps – wikiHow

Laws are Only as Good as Enforcement – The Aleph Blog

They believe that smart kids automatically belong to the science and technology field, average kids go for commerce, and below average go for arts/sports. This isn’t true. They believe that, success is materialistic. That’s not really what success is, it just means to be able to find happiness as your pursue a career of own personal interest rather than being forced to go for what your parents think suit you best. Because the only person who knows you, is of course yourself.

What is wrong with Indian parents and society? | by Tonarsystem | Thoughts And Ideas | Medium

India’s obsession with marks even in a changing world | by Mitti Ke Rang | Medium

Surviving Indian Parents: 18 Ways to Stand Up to Insults, Criticism, and Emotional Abuse – Letting Go Coach | Closure Coaching – Vishnu’s Virtues (


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make an impact, independent man/woman, Keep them down – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, At bay Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster, bad potential, clear feelings, figuratively clear, too good to access, public access, self control is real strength, making fun of the disabled, don’t thank me just yet, life obstcale, from the bottom of my heart, truly want, we lost some people but it was worth it, moving on, being over it, getting over the physical body, physical pleasures, bad to worse, don’t be scared to take risks, microtransaction, sho your live, lip service, disturbing, overpowered, don’t try it, don’t think about, avoiding bad thoughts, can’t think of everything at one time, evil is theoritically possible, what makes it possible, make yourself care, trading gold for silver, unnecessary, shoe addiction rehab, we mean business, using the bad for good, using the lord’s name in vain, something to worship, know when to stop, drink responsibily, don’t even try it, it takes two to overcome an addiction, Accountability partner – Wikipedia, sarcasm, wait for me, I love power, don’t know what I truly want, overpowered by satan, remember your roots, stem from, you will have your time, displaced anger, scared to improve myself as it’ll go against the rules, lucky to be alive, stress reliever, do something about it, shame isn’t productive, alive to have kids, don’t be ashamed and think thru it, can’t move past this, can’t perform even the most simpled of functions, wasting time, accessibility to, good knowldege vs, bad knowledge, change coding, life is going too fast, stress ball, out of necessity, I don’t feel guilty, why do I not want better, I’ve got a life, kink, careless, reoffender, overpowered, the need to write, the need to learn, the need to change, do the small things correctly and the big things will automatically come, don’t worry about it, stop caring, stop being attached to it, forget all of what you’ve learned, something to wake up for, death penalty to nsfw contents, symbolically, clearly, this is different, mental abuse isn’t always clear, helpless, we’ll see when we got to that, you’re going to pay, I want to suffer, crossing the line, safe-wo, keep me in check, I need stress to keep me distracted, getting caught, lack of guilt, skinned, paradise, it’s all fun and games until, rule of law, allowed to restrict, limit feeling, quench thirst, satisfy curiousity, think about feelings don’t feel them, focus on thinking, not allowed to want to pursue or sustain it, system, equal and opposite reaction, punishement should fit the crime, life is torture, assuming they care, you must suffer, suppress feeelings, how many people suffer with nsfw addictions, how many people are like me, safe zone, that’s my labor, nothing is free, leave children alone, mother and child, never mess with a veteran, messing with success, it’s your life, never mess with a person, only one god, do men have trust issues, trusting the wrong people quotes, come back, making a comback, using strength for good, climax of life, social atmosphere, allowed to live, controlling addiction is contradictory, the only way you can like it is if you’re hooked onto the addiction, can’t be perfect, willfully make mistakes, stop them, can’t teach an old dog new tricks, private information, forced attached bd, human body filtering system, in principle meaning, make it hard to do the wrong, i have no friends and i like it, nothing worng unless you feel as if it’s wrong, what if everyone felt the same, paying for someone else’s mistakes, a body stuck in a mans body, leave loser friends behind, I want your life, old fashioned justice, I can’t afford to aim high, introducting children to science, scared of things that don’t exist, arficial fear, fake fear, hidden reasons, hidden behaviors, I like being punished, emotional science, Affective science – Wikipedia, closure, control your mind and master your feelings, both good and bad, not supposed to be science, don’t think about it, in order to block it you must first find it, step by step, this is why we can’t have nice things, feelings are real, conducting science experiments, knowing what to avoid, can happen to anyone, you could be next, you are all I have, mistakes prevention, trust the facts, all my friends I had for the clout not because they were someone to depend on other than family, I didn’t have a developed pro-frontal cortex, social safety net, the poor die in war, victim of circumstances, I would never, secure yourself firsts, moral cooperation, moral magic, someone loves you, you can’t succeed if you don’t survive, make your successfulness just as important as your survival, only choice, annoying, patience is not a virtue, good things come to those who do, using the rules, political views of a man, my turn to be successful, you laugh you lose, bullies are never truly successful, long term plan, I had to break some rules to get here since others weren’t playing by the rules, punishing yourself, heavenly songs, crossing the line as a human body, jesus died for our sins, poor died, organizing, Abuse of power – Wikipedia, only the strong survive, take it to your heart, deformed, practical solutions, infantry expendable, privileges in life, the world doesn’t stop for my broken heart, coming back home, back to where i was, follow the rules and you’ll be fine, get ready for, get crazy about it, make up some energy, hype it up, be a salesmen, in their shoes, remind yourself of your goals, hard work, personal space, settings of life, once and for all, recoverable, honored, thinking correlation with doing, All Walks of Life | All Walks of Life has been a leader in behavioral and mental healthcare in the Baltimore metro area, all walks of life, acting like an adult, for some it comes naturally, keeping power, starting off on the right foot, goes against my conscience, not as simple as you think, access to knnowledge, want the best for you, protect me from myself, actions, allow yourself to break the rules, stop rushing me, why do i want to fail, better yourself, lost time, addicted to bettering myself, didn’t see my meps friends ever again, sacrifice health for work, go to gym, postponing carrying out a sentence is called, If you can’t beat them, join – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, can’t do it for you, can only do so much, clear decision, put yourself in my shoes, low income doctor clinic, beggars can’t be choosers is a life lesson, better than nothing, remember the victims, remember the criminals and their causes, manly feelings, i can feel your pain thru the screen, why does it matter, sense of justice, music drug, stall, turn my life around, everything in my life I do for you, how to support the death penalty, public moral order, deserve to suffer, deserve feelings, man su on fab, medical execution, Complicity – Wikipedia, reoffender, on a molecular level, public executions, still in the process, saivng for the last moment, all or nothing, guarenteed win, the winner is decided before it actually happens, undo mistakes, downgraded in life, care about the self, point out the obvious, public morality, pushing boundaries, recognize humanity, something you can’t change… for now, wishing I was a different race, when does it cross the line, parents are racist, the law is about righting those wrongs not necessarily preventing them, the death penalty as a solution to poverty, allowed to feel sad, nothing short of meaning, the law is on my side, the law is only as good as its enforcement, think past using people for honor killings, if i ever lose my faith in you, susceptible to change, academic endeavor, I need new parents, be your own guide, be a man, i’ve got a lot to learn, race extinction, be closed-minded about your goals and what you want, you can want better than this, protecting criminals, too scared to scream, being too scared to get help is the worst possible place one can be in,

I can’t move on when I don’t have the bare minimum. For example, without the right to live, all other rights are meaningless.


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