Freethought Notes – Documented 4/1/2022

Not all Asians are the same—here’s why thinking that way hurts them (

All Asians are not the same, and the differences matter – AMEC | International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (

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Children are Born Innocent – The Natural Child Project

are-children-naturally-innocent.pdf (

What exactly is the innocence of childhood? | Family | The Guardian

“Don’t give yourself too much credit.” – simple truths (

Do You Give Yourself Too Much Credit? – CPA Trendlines

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Why Are We Killing Each Other (

Why Do Black People Kill Each Other For Stupid Shit? | Onelovespace’s Blog (

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I Never Had a Dad | Denna Babul

The Effects of an Absent Father

Twin Sons of an Alcoholic Father | You Are The Prime Mover

we do things not because they are easy but because they are hard


Are Men Bigger Liars Than Women? (

What Made the Greatest Generation Great? – The Greatest Generation

lack of guilt | Psychopath Victims

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Always Do What’s Best for You (

What does the phrase ‘I only want what’s best for you’ mean? – Quora

Do What Is Best For You (

I want the best for you – Letter To My Ex

I Don’t Know What’s Best for You |

If I Were a Parent (

Although we are very good at feeling pain at the suffering of others, at least when it is presented to us forcefully (and bad ideology doesn’t get in the way), Nussbaum reminds us that human compassion, like animal compassion, has a tendency toward narrowness – preferring those nearby and similar over those far away and different – and also a tendency to be fickle and fleeting. Compassion can also lead to favouritism and the trumping of general moral principle, and can all too easily be inhibited by a desire to conform and obey authority. But most importantly for Nussbaum, human compassion faces a severe limitation that does not seem to be shared by animals, and to which we must be particularly alert: that is, our tendency to see certain others as disgusting, ugly reminders of our animal nature. It is the tendency toward disgust that produces social stigma and exclusion, doctrines of contamination and, at worst, acts of radical evil – subordination, humiliation and enslavement. Disgust, Nussbaum thinks, has its roots in the particularly human phenomenon of narcissism, the infantile drive to overcome helplessness through the subordination of others. Thus compassion by itself can be no guide to justice; it requires the stabilising and focussing structures of reason and principle, and most of all safeguards against our tendencies toward narcissism and disgust.

Wayback Machine (

Truth and Challenges of Being Doctor & a Parent | Intiva Health

I am a doctor, a public health expert and a mother. This is what people ask me, and what I tell them. (

13 Ways To Start a Conversation (With Examples) |

Rememeber, if you fail, nothing is really a big deal. We just need something that’ll keep us alive.

10 companies with the best workplace cultures (

‘I’m ready to die for Ukraine’ says 73-year-old army volunteer

parents acting as a government

Parenting Is the Parents’ Job, Not the Government’s – WSJ

Our Government Is Acting Like Alcoholic, Abusive Parents | Fox News (

The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense on JSTOR

Kids Don’t Deserve Poverty and Dysfunction | by Sugarfuzz | Outspoken by Sugarfuzz | Medium

Pseudobulbar affect – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

Matthew 13:12 Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. (

Is it better to have no friends than to have bad friends? – Quora

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Toxic Family: Letting Go of Family & Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members (

We’re All Children Now (

We Are All Children of God (

‘I don’t get paid enough for this’: Karen yells at Arby’s worker about root beer float proportions

What does it mean to know someone personally? – Answers

What Really Matters – The 7 Most Important Things in Life – HOME: Living in Greater Gainesville (

You Can’t Make Someone “Care” | Psychology Today


The so-called ‘labor shortage’ is actually a living-wage shortage • The Berkeley Blog


caught in the act, friend avoiding me, active euthanasia, Minority rights – Wikipedia, i don’t want to deal with life, using the death penalty more frequently, Stop Procrastinating – Wikipedia, trained to procrastinate, say no to drugs, blame it on responsibility, don’t want to give up, throwaway culture, everything is violence, life is pain, sold my life, easy being moral, extrinsic motivation is real, motivational magic, it’s all about having access to good resources, inspire yourself, the purpose of punishment, where is this taking me, caught lacking, pointless possibilities, for the sake of it, you don’t know the real side of me, stop treating it as if it were magic, if you wanted it really badly, memories matter, power of consciousness, learning the same lessons, Corrupted – definition of corrupted by The Free Dictionary, we all know it’s true, priorities, giving yourself too much credit, gym as a distraction from life, keep it to yourself, trade secrets, all I ever wanted as a balanced lifestyle, remember nothing is really a big deal, everything is just pretend, pretend to care, i’ll show you crazy, basics first, never had a father, tempting research, be your own dad, absent father, society and education, life for these moments, middle feelings, social feelings, social creatures, as if your life depended upon it, fake feelings, emotional facts, practical effects of following the rules, disciplined children, stay in your own lane, need a support partner, only a limited ammout of those, let me thru, pointless rules, ackwnoledge that your feelings exist, feeling of pain is real, it is not impossible to be perfect, impulsive, leaving my old life behind, take my place, for sure, ending chaper of high school, tired of school, I have to let you go, abstinence research, I am the researcher so I need to stay unbiased, smaller obstacles, thirsty, bloodthirsty, victim card, think about the victims, focus=very definition of cherry-picking, turn nsfw into a research project, study the parts of the body, physical needs come first, don’t apologize to a narcissist, welcome to the real world, giving you a job, unhygienic people, leave me out of this, sense of shame, laying low, give me another chance, don’t want to start yet, start back from the beginning, athletics, sacrifices must be made, lack of guilt or remorse, evil exists and it should be fought against, degrees, get into athletics, best culture, was met with backlash | English examples in context | Ludwig, unspeakable crimes, redeem yourself, american individualism culture is the best culture there is, everyone goes thru it, good for nothing, no steroytyping, become independent, Laid to rest – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, it does not come easy, the struggle keeps you alive therefore it is both bad and good and needs a balance, make it as hard on me, caught, Compassion fade – Wikipedia, limits of compassion, rewards of working out, i am a doctor and a parent, trusting authorities, I only want the best for you, bettering myself, I got what I deserved, break the rules, make it easier to be moral, just a bad day, not a bad life, a little out of entire life, don’t invest in it just yet, pataience, abstinence, it’s all about balance, I don’t want to have to reward myself for doing bad things, getting new friends, America is the land of opportunity, realize that inner feeling, cheating out of, don’t mess with the us, invest money in education not prisons, moral struggle, start from the beginning not somewhere random, trust issues with parents, parents acting as a federal government, not seeing any progress, can’t take it anymore, bottling up feelings from being expressed, stop being a child, you can afford to live in luxury because others have died for you, enforcable, I will go out of my way to kill you, I have the power to do as such, show them the bad side of you, pure luck, use the little you have, grow exponentially, start from the bottom, everyone has a story, my duty to protect, good way to put it, nature of the job, personifying the government, we are the government, self-governance, using death row inmates’ bodies for organs, good way to put it, only option, matured early, didn’t have a childhood, long term, feeling communication, not my loss, no place like home, people want to be led, people want to be like me, from failure to success, physical body, torture limits, have a heart, I appreciate your euthausiasm, I am just like you but a different version, we are all children, help those in need, I don’t get paid enough to care, school keeps me busy, working out is a priviliage, wish death upon me, help those in need verse, if unsure, priorities, stop trying to make me care, everyone is a salesmen including your school guidiance councelor, salesmen make society flourish, small-town community, im alive and that is what matters, stop being a burden, best of both worlds, random feelings of attachment, tell your feelings what to do not vice versa, restart my life, start from the beginning: aka. the basics, don’t start from somewhere, initiative, it can’t get any easier than this, labor shortage because of a wage shortage, medical torture, burden possible, reaping rewards staying stuck, representing our fears, recreate fear, I don’t want to have my mind changed, applying advice, deformed develop, rather die in peace than live in fear, can’t have it all, stop making me act as a child, skilled labor, half-baked, appreciate yourself, plenty of options, lifestyle starts young, holding it down, second nature, you have no idea, you don’t want to know, rare, scarce, what if we were all rich, i can’t tell a lie, the harder the work, i really like it, morally impossible, move on without them, it takes luck,

The harder it is to make a decision, the harder it is to look back from it

The best thing you can do is to change the mind of a sinner.
Anyone can be angry, but it takes some real energy to change that anger into something productive.

I want to be in a good place when I break the barrier. It’s no different than two married peoples wanting a good financial security before deciding to have a child to raise. Planning and self-control works!


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