Freethought Notes – Documented 4/28/2022

Why the Captain Goes Down with the Ship (

Why do I get treated like a subhuman cockroach? – Quora

Sure, anyone can change for the better, but the time lost is irreplacable.

I get mad when people who do bad things are rewarded. It is principally and morally unfair to those who do good.

Why does my friend want me to fail? | Mindset Therapy (

4 Subtle Signs That Someone Secretly Wants You to Fail | by Chris Wojcik | Better Advice | Medium

6 reasons why you secretly want your friends to fail (

Why We Like To See People Fail And How To Transform It For Good (

Why Everyone Wants You to Fail – Confidence Coach

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller – The Restaurant Boss

Overcoming Nature Deficit Disorder (

Humas Overcoming Nature – 1475 Words | 123 Help Me

How to Overcome Your Brain’s Fixation on Bad Things (

How to Break a Bad Habit (and Replace It With a Good One) (

^ Because something has to take it’s place

Why You Are Wrong To Believe You Deserve To Feel Pain (

5 Really Simple Ways to Make Changes Stick for the Long Term |

Why you need to stop being so nice — Erica Hanlon Coaching

Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You – Scientific American

The Problem with Keeping a Secret | SPSP

Should you come clean about your secrets? – ABC Everyday

What Do You Need Right Now? (

^ Not what do you need later, but what do you need at this moment

Why It’s Important to Admit You Need Help (

Why It’s Hard to Admit We Need Help | BrainLine

Facing the Fear of Admitting You Need Help (

How to communicate more naturally to people of a lower social class – Quora

Don’t Put People in Boxes – Media and Diversity Fall 2020 (

Study Says Cheating May Help You Get Ahead, But You’ll Lose More In The End (

“Winning” the battle but losing the war^^

Iran eye for an eye acid retribution (

5 Ways That Vulnerability Actually Makes You Strong • (

^^It makes you strong in the longer run^^

Play as a Team, Win as a Team (

How to Stop the Racist in You | Greater Good (

What is the difference between retribution, vengeance, and revenge? – Quora

I Need to Talk, but NOT to a Therapist: A User Guide for People on the Fence About Starting Therapy: Ruffin, Tierra W.: 9798596092318: Books (

Victims’ experiences and satisfaction with a family justice center | Emerald Insight

Unmet needs and service satisfaction of victim support for the direct and indirect victims of serious violence: Results from a cross-sectional survey in Taiwan (

single word requests – “trick” someone into loving you – English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

How To Stand Out When Looking For New Opportunities | Double A Solutions

Unfair Punishment | Prison Legal News

The victims’ views: satisfaction and closure | Joanna Shapland, Gwen R (

Why You’re NOT Selfish for Moving Away from Family (

Parents Just Don’t Understand | Psychology Today

A licence to parent? — ScienceDaily

Could you start your own police force? – Quora

Police Say You’re On Your Own – Preparing for shtf (

Let them do it for themselves. Teaching asthma self-management to children – PubMed (

Psalms 82:3-4 “Defend the defenseless, the fatherless and the forgotten, the disenfranchised and the destitute. Your duty is to deliver the poor and the powerless; liberate them from the grasp of the wicked. | The Passion Translation (TPT) | Download The Bible App Now

How to Love the Things You Hate – | Live a Life You Love

Bearing the Brunt of Someone Else’s Mistakes. Your Own Often Pale Into Insignificance. | by Georgina Dorrington | Medium

Why does being alone at home make me more productive? – Quora

I’m Most Productive When I’m Alone. | Getting Things Done® Forums

Interview Question: “What Are Your Long-Term Goals?” |

Shocking Confessions From Kids Who Wish Their Parents Would Die (

How emotions are made | Noldus

Parents Are Still the First Line of Defense | Cold Case Christianity

Never Be Ashamed of Seeking Help | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness


reasonable suspicion, why do I want to destroy things, half-understanding people, the worst thing people can do is desensetize you to immoral things, ready when you are, safety is a privilege, how to love, do without thinking, I just need a minute, catch my breath, socially awkward, weird, not going to hurt the defenseless, cheating yourself, creating my own place to stay, exploring the physical world, safely exploring, sometimes giving up is good especially if it’s giving up on bad things, new roots, new beginnings, new friends, change your surroundings, overcomming nature, give up on bad things, no rest for the wicked, I am just a man like you, I have the same feelings as you, keep is a secret, hiding behind all of that fear, pre reqs for living a good life, when bad people have access to knowledge, the world is unjust, justice is a balance of good and bad, the absence of bad, collectors item, seeking answers, seeking justice, you deserve better, no one is going to do it for you, consistiency, still growing, still developing, change does not have to happen now, long term changing plans, can’t sleep in peace knowing that people are after you/commited an immoral act, stop being too nice to me, keeping problems a secret, feelings control, where are you at emotionally, emotional phase, admid that you need help, research and diagnosis, avoid the bad, I survived, figurative language, hyperbole, emergencies only, even the failures are moving on, the Captain is the last one to get out of the ship, honorable sacrifice, the captain is the last to leave, The captain goes down with the ship – Wikipedia, criminals can change for the better without the use of lethal force, if you can’t do it then don’t complain, you must be thru the vulnerbale phase to get to the stronger phase, no scars in heaven, gave all I had, family man, fake feelings, no scars in heaven, even the failures are moving on, every strong person was once weak, this is why failure is a part of being successful, if used properly, I am not a robot, I am replacable, unpredectiable, invest in the best, could have been better, believe it or not, for now, lifelong struggles, temporary battles, lost the battle but not the war, why do good things happen to those who cheat, stop rewarding bad behaviors, utilize, I want to be caught and kind of not, I want to be punished, don’t get too attached people can change instantly, I’ve been hurt all of my life, I’ve been hurt but I’m still alive, most likely to succeed, parental disorder, imagining perfection, give up some to get some, eye for an eye for those who torture, procecdure, you are the average of your surroundings, decide who to trust, missing the small things, in order to be strong you must first learn to be vulnerable safe and weak, no place to rest, everything is exersize, I understand my dad now, mistakes are good instead of bad, redeeming early, given the change, take my life, play is safe, I’ll take my chances, stop making up excuses, how to stop giving up so easily, trying isn’t good enough, restarting, wasting time, always a part of my past, my brain’s fault not mine, higher level of consciousness, I stopped trying, I stopped caring, I gave in, I surrender, I am a regular person just like you and me, power struggle, controlling, serves as a reminder, just needed a reminder, pain control, Pain management – Wikipedia, everyday problems, normal people problems, Whiteness studies – Wikipedia, deserved privilege, get it out of good faith, stop putting people in boxes, not my problem but I am getting penalzied for it, a whole new society, different people play different roles, no one is stupid, why is vulnerability treated as a weakness when it is a strength, revenge vs retribution, not a therapist but, take the hits, this is why we can’t have nice, thank you for providing me with this opportunity, stand your ground, Stand-your-ground law – Wikipedia, creepy mythical creatures, there are millions of people like you, repeat after me, broken adults, deformed minorities, minorities are deformed people trying to become white, journey to whiteness, proud of race, the military raised me, how to have fun, how to love, behind closed doors and deep down I am a broken person, i don’t want to be a man, stop holdding sterotypes and prejeduces, i don’t like making people feel bad, hate towards morally bad things is good, don’t get too comfortable, harmless vulnerable, I hate being vulnerable, wealthy and humble, don’t flaunt, why do I have to be the one who has to undergo this and take one for the team, i have connections, moral equivilency, moral boundaries, everybody has their own problems, i never get attached to anyone, be your own cop, be your own person dont copy, the law of feelings, changing personalities, hate being vulnerable, do the actions for the govt. for me, let them do it themselves, why don’t criminals deserve human rights, still transitioning, stiffen the law, change mind longer term, defending the death peanlty, defending the defenseless, it’s not the end of the world, Doing the unthinkable – Idioms by The Free Dictionary, freedom to do right things, without limitations we would not exist, I am more productive when alone, I have no buisness, commited, do not shame, law school, shame does nothing, one of us, solidarity, I won’t let you go, parent’s dont understand my long term goals, long term changes goals, acting as law enforcement, I just don’t fit it, looks weird, dont fall in love with the thing you hate, it doesn’t get better you just get used to it, You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy, it does not get better, Forbidden knowledge – Wikipedia, long term plans to change, go out of your way to sentence someone to death,

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