Freethought Notes – Documented 1/25/2022

ft notes 1/25/2022

Admissible vs. inadmissible evidence

“In bad faith”

Addicted to idealism

Some define the states role as a form of freedom, freedom to not to work and get money

Practical and rather vague as it implies you are still searching for information, gathering knowledge.

Death penalty as a threat but as a form of proactive self-defense. For example, yelling at intruders and giving the condition of either leaving and no one getting hurt or refusing to leave and getting shot or hurt in some way shape or form.

How does one learn to support the death penalty? A: Life, not academics, but life.

Humans need to tap into something to worship it.

Not an observation, represents desires, effectivensss, not everyone thinks the saem what if that very criminal is motivated by the death penalty

Deterrence is self-defense formula

Passive aggressive self-defense

Human nature – can’t be perfect all of the time; Hence why communism only works in theory. Practical effectiveness is something completely different.

Define “peace” – as society itself is a form of consistent passive aggressiveness

Description (adjective), language, effectiveness, blaming, choice, how did you learn it, esoteric, purpose of learning, control our feelings, practical motivation, purpose of learning is to stop practicalism (academic is theoretical), free will, thinking about thinking, learning about learning, moral self-control, measuring, all thinking is measuring, what is thinking, goal-setting, there is a word for that, expect the unexpected, method, off the grid living, effective multitasking are two words that do not describe each other, wishing you well, taking tests are boring, artificial motivation, suitable for goal, I am not a good at test taking, death penalty as ritualized killing, honor killing, rhetorical question, inevst in me, racism is in their genes, people only mirror how they’ve been treated, focus on it’s implications not the practical goal set, practical value, 

the only reason why you trust is because you don’t know why you trust, you’re trying to find a valid reason, when there is none

Deductive reasoning sense

rural areas lifestyle

waited my entire life for this moment

Mentally trapped

False sense of security

How do teachers feel?

Why isn’t the goal to change our minds to be impractical?

If public schools aren’t good, then you should make them better and not completely defund them.

look at what you’ve done

look at what you made me do

everyone is not the same

everyone is not your friend

Saying vs. enforcing

Avoid bad feelings

Avoid temptations by going to an all boys school

cause of feelings, willfully ignorance

Using the word “Murder” is an adjective

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