Freethought Notes – Documented 2/5/2022

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If the goal is to make one feel bad, you’re succeeding at it. Good and bad depend upon the goal, nothing is good and bad itself. Good and bad describes how something is handled, used, treated. nothing is ever bad in nature meaning its the only way it can be used.

Life is a constant battle between good and bad

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

Desmond Tutu

Meaning: do not be desensitized to it. You are a part of the bad if you do not react accordingly. Have that sense of urgency.

“Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious!”


Do We Live in an Unjust World? | Harvard Kennedy School

How to tame the voice in your head: Leanne Pilkington

not all humans are the same

Why “Assuming” Might be Your Most Dangerous Daily Habit

Have You Heard of the False Consensus Effect?

‘I’ve Got Your 6’: Texas Woman Starts Initiative To Show Support For Police

Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol – Brookston Beer …

Question: What Percentage Of High School Students Vape?

The Anti-Anti-Smoking Brigade – Contemporary Thinkers

The Anti-Smoking Brigade

How to Progress in Life

“Life is an obstacle course. You succeed at one thing and then you move on to the next. When an obstacle is tough, you try harder. When an obstacle is insurmountable, you change course. But you never sit down and refuse to finish.”

― Bethenny Frankel, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life[2]

Comparing apples and… pears

How We’re Not All The Same – The Odyssey Online


Drug Use in Religions –

Imagine A Color You’ve Never Seen Before

What are the limits of human vision?

If you are able to forget it, it was a cherry-picked piece of information

Ebenezer Suresh

If you are able to forget it, it probably wasn’t important anyways.

Ebenezer Suresh

‘Being in the middle of things’

Intelligence and Wisdom: Five Important Differences


What not to do (irony): How do I stop curiosity?

2013 NRA Annual Meetings: Bobby Jinda

I am pro-gun-control for the purposes of drawing moral lines and convenience.


purpose of using words, Good and Evil, relearning, restarting life, in a battle between good and bad, moral instinct, denial, looking back and laughing, looking is feeling, looking back and looking forward, put a price on it (human life), the value of human life is the money spend on an execution, political animals, animals in Washington, Don’t give ’em any ideas, don’t give them any ideas, relationship between thinking feeling focusing and doing, feeling is doing, Causing pain or suffering, since I am not my feelings: make the pain go away, your effects still live on after death, effect my feelings, God helps those who help themselves, I am society, I was that person, “I AM” Activity – Wikipedia, never die out, needing religion, forming opinions is never done voluntarily at first, Education reform, consider myself as a sociologist, purpose of thinking, everyone does it fallacy, do what others won’t, moral norms, commoner, everyone does this, intellectualism, cover your past, bad natured, done in moderation, right dosage, Jason from PVCC, stop assuming people are the same, opinion is another word for measuring ones’ degree of ignorance, secret, purpose itself, purpose of justice, comprehension of fear, ready to move on, morality is a self-fulfilling prophecy: effects of thinking, anti-smoking, progress in life, listen to anyone, open to listen, Obstacle Course, survival as an obstacle, start somewhere, just do it, predict your own behavior=predict the future, potential, distraction, life is a logical fallacy: the cherry=picking fallacy (See: purpose of thinking), pleasure, put it a label on it, put a ring on it, opportunity to be poor and grow up, no easy way to say this, when I was your age meme, differences on a molecular level, informal education, I don’t learn via formal education, discipline oneself, comparing apples and pears meaning, comparing apples and oranges, evolving generation, investing feelings and time, recreate the feeling, Metacognition, make it feel good, it’s just a feeling, devalue, sensation, head freezers, stop doing drugs, people are drugs, sanctity is a drug, all forms of obstacles are unnecessary for a goal but without them how else would we be convinced, defining control, attempt, before I forget, benefitting off the blood of our loved ones, bored of love, I don’t need a doctor, medical, misguided, purpose of using words, the purpose of punishment, looking past, looking forward, fundamentalism, the scientific method is wrong, clarity in life, limits of thinking, limits of the known, explore, empowering individuals, biased, sane feelings, guilty pleasure, allowed to care, I want to stop caring, changing moods, I don’t know because I don’t want to know, everything is an obstacle, everything is boring, I hate being in the middle of things, your level of comprehension makes you a subhuman, make your phone work for you not vice versa, smart people glasses, senators with glasses, immigrant, need something to hate, keep some places conservative and others liberal for different purposes, don’t stay in the south for an education, your loss meaning, why need, don’t get left behind, pawns, life is not for everyone, used as a pawn, pleasing as a survival mechanism to escapee from deadly boredom, give my life up, the law does not work for all, set your own purpose/goals, don’t come to the south for education, unconditional moral support, taking a break is a part of progressing, increase progress, slow progress is better than no progress, poverty turns people into monsters, elitist doctors, organ harvesting, punishable by death, conscience, bad faith, inadmissible evidence, not everyone is like you, real feelings, public morals, common moral goals, sustain life, purposes of, used, god turns bad into good, midlife crisis, chasing feelings, having fun, go in life, keep in touch, protect, all out, grey area, dead feelings, only morals, moral consequences, limits of morality, it’s not hard to miss, back and forth life, honor the dead, order, comprehend, stopping curiosity, mature in life, create own purpose by focusing what is important, focus formula, at least you’re not poor, know any better, moving forward in life quotes, late bloomer, go against my bad self, public opinion, creative formula, not everyone is like you (not normal),

One-size-fits-all law system

No one in their right mind would do this, which is why you would want to prevent someone from transitioning to being sane to insane.

The problem is that I feel uncomfortable living here and I can’t study properly due to animosity that is thrust upon me.

I seek the death penalty for those who have prevented me from learning. The purpose of this is to prevent the development of any other murderers of dreams.


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