Freethought Notes – Documented 1/20/2022

Ft notes from schooling

taking advantage of, no shortcuts to success,

it’s external therefore it’s not my fault (See: external motivation) we are all puppets

Keep me busy a job is the best social safety net

Grey area

Why not? False equivalency

All complex concepts can be broken down into simple concepts and basic psychology, it’s just that one must have the moral patience to learn and document all of this

To learn means to change, can you afford to change?

Get back to where you were sane, start thinking clearly because no one can think clearly whilst under the influence of drugs, that’s literally attempting to do the impossible.

Republican politics focus on the wrong things

keep integrity

Nothing is 100 percent foolproof and science isn’t ever settled

We are all imperfect in our own ways

Go easy on me stop introducing bad things in my life and expecting me not to fall into the trap

Examples of words that should not exist

I’ve yet to make seperate posts for certain important concepts like the one mentioned right above. I think this is where the nsfw desires come in handy.

Looking at thoughts in the head is a form of physical thoughts

Don’t have the heart to do something bad: this education is called moral education, learning to feel guilty against one’s own will.

Evidence for a fine-tuned universe everything is nothing something is something

I need to stop getting angry at nsfw desires as it indirectly helps me document these notes. It’s as if nsfw desires are my moral motivation.

Protect your mind from stupid people, it’s contagious.

Why do I feel like everything is an obstacle?

God is not comprehensible

Mental illness is when you symbolize things

How could you not care? Blame it on human nature

Blend in with surroundings

Suffering for others

Leftist as an adjective

Why can’t it fall  into place perfectly? Why does it take effort? Why can’t I ever be lucky?

Good and bad will always be there you yourself must respect the bad and move on, there is no viable way to take down the entire internet effectively and easily just because you feel uncomfortable about it

Better yourself than others

Listen to the warning signs

Take it slowly

Solely think or do what you think

A flaw is based on how someone uses it

Treated equally, rewarded.

Reward curiosity not artificially

For me science was a way of indirect self-help by focusing on curiosity i forgot my desires for nsfw contents

if you could read my mind you wouldn’t be smiling

if you could read my mind you would be in tears

indirect effect=effect not being focused upon or aware of changes of

brain surgeon

How ben carson began interested in brain surgery

There is no easy way to say this

I need you for moral support

not allowed to be smart

i have a mental illness

i have a mental illness and i need cats now

i have a mental illness let me die

Trying new things, take care of it, show respect

how to tell people you have a mental illness

how to tell people no

how to tell people to shut up nicely – if i were to know how to do this a long time ago, I would use the same methods to get myself out of school and not engage in such dogmatic practices.

how to stop people from taking advantage of your niceness; What if niceness is actually rudeness?

describing how to describe, adjective, self-explanatory parts of speech, 

Inner thoughts

How To Politely Tell Someone To Shut Up | Ask Beard Strokings #5 – YouTube

figurative language medicalizing moral things, moral issue or health issue, type of problem is the problem, moral perfectionism objectivity

How to Politely Tell an Extrovert to Shut Up – Introvert Social Skills

How to care about people

It just kinda happens

I feel honored that people actually feel comfortable around me. It’s as if I am not a hideous monster anymore. Thanks for the feeling!

I want to retire

Moral freedom=making it hard to be immoral, preventing it from the beginning

On a vast scale

Don’t come to the south unless you like manual labor

How to use people?

letting it benefit others, moral cooperation, moral education

Why do I keep doing this?

I am not going to let you die

Have a bit of dignity.

arrogance is required, it’s an unfocused upon and unspoken rule


trick your mind into being creative, understanding it’s limits, getting over it, how to tell people to shut up nicely,

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