Freethought Notes – Documented 1/27/2022

ignoring brings practical knowledge ignorance of specifics

it’s there, even if it’s not acknowledged

Human nature stops me from being myself

Play by the rules of make the rules

You can’t stop a drug addict when in the moment, that’s why you wait at their weakest point – when they’re sober. In the same way cops don’t catch criminals in the act, rather at their bases.

8 Signs You’re in Survival Mode (and How to Escape)

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. -Bruce Lee

-Bruce Lee

Respect Goes a Long Ways on Both Sides of the Badge

treating them equal isn’t going to make them equal since we all started from different backgrounds

look like a human but not a human = deceiving, assumptions (trust) can be deceiving

If You’re Looking For A Sign, This Is It

“There is no try”: The wisest quotes from our mentor, dear old Yoda

all thinking is planning requires thinking and thinking requires planning; focus on one part of the effects

Where have you been my entire life?
I need this button that will block access to everything on touch so that it’ll go against my desires and give me something else artificial to worry about in place of NSFW desires.

Losing control, my sense of control over my desires

I am stuck between chasing perfection and systematically realizing that it is not going to work as of human nature

Is speaking loudly in public an individual’s right or a nuisance?

It’s Tempting to Mask Your Emotions, but It Won’t Do You (or Anyone Else) Any Favors

You’re Not Allowed To Have Feelings

Why Shouldn’t Men Cry?


learning disability, implications, tradeoff, modern problems require modern solutions, bearable, requires bad for good, doctors want you to be sick, its hard feelings, working out my feelings, don’t trade, in order to get better it must have gotten worse, practical feelings, thinking and feeling at the same time, cause of feelings, know your worth, is making people hard to kill a form of a mental illness, all humans are not equal (we all have our own mental illnesses), represents mental damage, brain damage, mental is always physical symbolized, don t want to know, back and forth, confused about limits, law limits, artificial limits, I don’t even know who you are, not being challenged enough, common reason why people procrastinate, common reason why people fail in school, you’re not special, you’re one among the many, treated like a human being, treated humanely, human execution, change, avenge me, honor fallen soldier quotes, very reason to be happy, find a reason to be thankful, honor fallen police officers, I have a breaking point and I am not afraid to admit it, Thin Blue Line Flag, law enforcement officers, indirect judgement, whatcha going to do when we come for you, gave up my life, how to change your mind, with the bad comes the good, my mind acts as a measuring tape, measure how you measure, check your checking, think (filter) before you think – it’s not hard you’re doing it right now, all humans are not equal, do your part in society, trust issues, you are a snake, deceitful, there is a difference in, there is a difference in feelings, there is a difference between a mistake and an accident, feelings are completely conscious, choose to feel, we do things not because they are easy, need something to play with or be attached to, trust motivation, creating words, no mercy, easier said than done, creating feelings, feelings are to be created, teach me and I learn, reprogram feelings, people depending on the government, you decide, use words for studying, opinion writing, language of actions, things I find nice, a button to turn me on, can’t lose progress, trust yourself, dirty doctor, moral men, workaholic, unconditional, workaholism, focus effects, Work–life balance, daily dose of artificial energy, PANIC BUTTON block everything again, learned via bad faith inadmissible evidence, practicing breaking rules is going to continue bigger, how am I supposed to trust you with bigger things if you can’t do smaller things correctly, it looked better in my head, teach me and I learn, commoner, not allowed to show feelings in public, justified feelings, why do people love their children, I am doing this because I don’t know what I am doing and to find out more and to set a goal, Human limits are different for everyone both physically and mentally, everyone is different, common human characteristics, this is my only time, time to rest, understanding what someone is feeling, understand=aware of limits, practical effects, regulated morality, steps, pre-reqs, life transition, role model, sad sad life, p* is an indirect comparison, all insults are figurative, living __, words are __,


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